Friday, January 8, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JANUARY 9

By A. Joseph Lynch


Today's edition of Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review is a reflection on this past week, a week we fear will mark the first of many dark days to come.

Tuesday's election in Georgia played out as we all expected. The Governor and his secretary of state continued to bow to Democrat demands to weaken election integrity, and both Republican senators lost. Neither stood by the president this past month, neither called for election integrity or reform ahead of the elections, and both have been booted out of office. In the end, neither deserved to win. Kelly Loeffler was a crony crook who is accused of insider trading during the pandemic's outset. Purdue was a spineless coward. While it is highly likely the Georgia legislature will take up election reform, it is too little too late to save the Senate from the far Left. Senator Joe Manchin of all people may be the Republicans last best hope. But we're not holding our breath.

Wednesday morning we woke to the news that the Democrats would flip the Senate and by mid-morning we learned that Mike Pence would refuse to fight. Like a true coward he waited to release his decision until moments before the joint session was held. In his statement he claimed he couldn't choose whose electors to count - so he went ahead and counted Biden's. In doing so he became a modern day Brutus in the Senate and perhaps the most reviled Republican in the nation. Rather than "not choosing" in order to send the electors back to the state legislatures, Pence would do no more than give a brief two-hour debate for each disputed state, but all knew there were not enough votes to make a difference. Though some Republicans stood up for what was right, other establishment Republicans like Lindsay Graham would speak against the President and refuse to address the legitimate evidence of election malfeasance. The GOP establishment struck back. Pence, the GOP establishment, and the Democrats made a total mockery of American democracy. If the halls of Congress were desecrated on Wednesday, they were first desecrated by cowards like Mike Pence, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsay Graham. 

Ahead of the joint session, President Trump rallied tens of thousands of supporters near the capitol. His speech once again laid out the evidence of fraud in the November election. At the end of the speech he asked the protestors to march on the capitol, not to attack it, but to "try and give [the moderate Republicans] the kind of pride and boldness that they need to take back our country." The protestors marched and videos have emerged showing Capitol Police welcoming them into the Capitol building. We don't know what sparked things, but soon after a fight broke out with the police within the Capitol. Despite what the media says, nothing was organized and details are somewhat scarce. Though the protesters lacked weapons and organization, Senators and Congressmen took cover. What later emerged were pictures of a man in horns standing in the halls of Congress, another man with his feet on Pelosi's desk, and another man - who hasn't voted since 2002 - carrying off her podium. 

As "violent" protesters go, this seemed pretty tame. In fact, it was more peaceful than the "mostly peaceful" BLM protests that for the last six months burned buildings and killed people across the nation. While a few appeared to die from heart attacks or other ailments, one person was shot and killed - an innocent peaceful protestor shot dead in what appears to be a police officer firing blindly into the crowd. But not a single media outlet is going to speak out on her behalf. No one will be allowed to protest over her killing. No, it was a police killing but the media makes it sound as if the protesters shot her. Besides, everyone is too busy condemning Trump and the protestors whose voices have yet to be heard. Of course, every Republican condemned the hooligans in the Capitol, but has any Democrat condemned BLM? Indeed, did anyone describe it as a seditious assault on democracy when armed Black Panthers stormed the California state capitol in 1967? Not long ago the Huffington Post defended it.

What are we to make of the protest in the Capitol? The Left is using it to declare all out war on Trump conservatism. They want to expel any Senator or Congressman who objected to the contested states. Trump has been permanently banned from Twitter. Senator Hawley lost the publication of a new book. Conservatives across social media are being de-platformed. Parler - the censor-free version of Twitter - has been told to clamp down on conservatives or be removed from Apple's app store. Steve Bannon has been banned from YouTube. The great purge is beginning and the Left will see to it that many heads will roll alongside the President's. Remember when everyone said if Trump went after Hillary following his 2016 victory that he'd be no better than a dictator if he punished his political opponent? What we're about to see will be that on steroids. 

Meanwhile on the right there are calls for secession. While some conservatives like Pat Buchanan see the storming of the Capitol as a "desecration", others compare it to the Doolittle Raid or the British bombing of Berlin in World War II. Both were tactically meaningless but both pushed the Japanese and the Germans to overplay their hands. The Doolittle Raid pressured the Japanese to launch the disastrous Midway campaign while the Brits' attack on Berlin led to Hitler's failed air war over Britain. The swift action now being taken by the far Left in DC, some say, shows how scared they were by Wednesday's events. It revealed how weak and impotent they really were. For a couple of hours it was revealed that the emperor had no clothes. We all know Biden did not win the election. Can the far Left in DC, the media, and Big Tech really stop determined Americans from standing up amid lockdowns, economic stagnation, and repressive censorship? What happed at the Capitol revealed how little credibility and strength the crooks in Washington have left. 

Trump protesters poked the bear and the bear is striking back in order to give the appearance of uncontested strength - but it will only make them look petty and small. Pence is under pressure to use the 25th Amendment to remove the President (a coup by another name). Pelosi is pushing for a second impeachment - and it is not at all unlikely that both houses will move to ban President Trump from holding office in the future. Meanwhile cabinet secretaries Betsy DeVos and Elaine Chao used the protest to quit their posts. So much for women's loyalty. And the women were not alone. Bill Barr proved himself to be a total joke and swamp dweller when he accused the President of committing "a betrayal of his office." Absolutely pathetic (and don't ever expect to see the Durham report). Despite all this, President Trump has unseated Obama as the most admired man and now enjoys a 51% job approval.

Nevertheless we at AoA believe it a grave mistake for President Trump to quit campaigning after Election Day. The fight had to be fought and won in the contested states - and he absolutely needed to have three rallies a day to bring pressure on the state legislatures to act. Campaigning only in Georgia for two pseudo-Republicans in a rigged race was not going to do it. And here we are.

It's hard to tell what comes next. Pray for the President. Pray for the nation. Pray for deliverance from the evil that surrounds us. For now dark days are here to stay...

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