Saturday, December 19, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19

by A. Joseph Lynch


LET US DREAM: Pope Francis has released a new book entitled Let Us Dream. One book review labels Francis as the holy father of "fraternity" - a topic which seems to be at the heart of both this book as well as his recent encyclical. 

VATICAN UPHOLDS BAN: The bishops of Knoxville's decision to temporarily ban Communion on the tongue has sadly been upheld by the Vatican. Most dioceses permit the practice but ask priests to clean their hands after. Some research, however, suggests that Communion on the tongue properly practiced is safer than in the hand. It is certainly more reverent.

CHURCH-GLOBALIST UNION? Pope Francis has become the moral voice behind the Council for Inclusive Capitalism - a union of some of the world's largest business organizations. More from Francis skeptic, Taylor Marshall.


SCOTUS LET DOWN: All three Trump justices sided with Roberts and the liberals to reject the Texas election lawsuit by hiding behind standing. While there are other election-related cases pending, it seems likely the courts will stay out and leave it to Congress to act.

DUELLING ELECTORS: Seven states have sent votes of dueling electors to Congress for the January 6 election certification. It will only take one Representative and one Senator to throw the certification into chaos - but Mitch McConnell has turned his back on the president and asked all senators to refrain from fighting. Of course, VP Pence will run the show that day - and he could very well refuse to certify the results. 

BARR RESIGNS: Bill Barr is out but his replacement is a Barr hire. Barr's reluctance to act on voter fraud, his slow-walking the Durham investigation, and the fact that he kept hidden a years long investigation into Hunter Biden meant he had to go. 

MACHINE ANALYSIS: A judge ordered the release of an independent forensic analysis of the Dominion voting machines used in a Michigan county - machines that brought about a 68% error in the vote. According to the report, there was intentional fraud at play with the Dominion machines. The report concluded: "However, based on the preliminary results, we conclude that the errors are so significant that they call into question the integrity and legitimacy of the results in the Antrim County 2020 election to the point that the results are not certifiable. Because the same machines and software are used in 48 other counties in Michigan, this casts doubt on the integrity of the entire election in the state of Michigan.”


SECOND IRAN ASSASSINATION: Israel is suspected of making it's second drone strike assassination of an Iranian in the span of a week. This time the hit came on the Syria-Iraq border and the target was a senior member of Iran's Revolutionary Guard. Recall that it was the Revolutionary Guard that led the Islamic fight against ISIS in both Iraq and Syria yet Israel and her allies have worked tirelessly to fight them.

SAUDI DEATH SQUAD: It's being reported that the Saudis requested diplomatic immunity for a Khashoggi-style death squad it planned to send to Norway as it searched for a Saudi critic. Thankfully the Norwegians turned them down - but it shows the ruthlessness of the Saudi regime which fights for itself rather than the Salafism it spreads abroad. The former hides behind international treaty while the later is condemned - yet both are forms of international terrorism.

ISRAEL & THE ARABS: Israel is making further inroads with the Arab world. This week Morocco has joined the growing list of Arab states to enter ties with the Jewish nation. More from Caspian Report about the developing relationships. 


HUNGARY DEFINES PARENTS: Hungary boldly revised its constitution to define parents as one man and one woman. More on this as well as other insight on Christian Hungary from Dr. Steve Turley.

LINCOLN EXPELLED: San Francisco plans to remove the name of Abraham Lincoln - the president who freed black slaves - from a city high school because "he did not demonstrate that black lives mattered to him." This week Trump appointed the members of the 1776 Commission, which aims to promote patriotism in our schools.

SOCIAL MEDIA WALK-BACK: With the election behind us social media giants Twitter and Facebook are pulling back changes they made which benefited Biden. Twitter, for example, announced: "We're switching back. You can now choose to Retreat or Quote Tweet the way you did before." They got what they wanted, now they're walking back the changes.

INDIANS NO MORE: Cleveland is giving up it's 105 year old baseball team name after next season. Why "Indians" is so offensive is apparent to no one. Perhaps they'll change it to the Cleveland "Native Americans" for the 2022 season.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5

by A. Joseph Lynch


NEW CARDINALS: Pope Francis has officially named thirteen new cardinals in the latest consistory - including the notorious and crooked Wilton Gregory of Washington D.C. The current number brings the 128 eligible voters in a papal election (eight above the traditional 120 max). At this point Francis has appointed 73 (57%) of the cardinal electors while 39 (30%) were appointed by Benedict XVI and 16 (13%) remain from St. John Paul II. 

SCOTUS SUPPORTS CHURCHES AGAIN: Justice Barrett is making a huge impact in favor of church worship during the pandemic. In a rebuke to the governor of California the Supreme Court has sided with a church that disregarded the governors draconian shut down of churches.

MORE DENVER PRIEST ABUSE: Another nine priests have been added to list of credibly accused sexual abuse in Colorado. This came as Colorado authorities sought their own version of the Pennsylvania grand jury investigation. It is highly likely these priests would have been left unnamed had the state not intervened. One of the abusers preyed on the homeless - and even had a shelter named after him until his abuse became publicly known. We hope more states follow Colorado's footsteps.


FLIPPING STATES: It remains to be seen how this election will end. The Trump team has organized public hearings in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia aimed at making their fraud case to state legislators and to the citizens of these particular states. The hope here is to pressure the legislators to decertify their state's election results. It's uncertain if this will work, but as of this weekend it feels like the ball is moving forward on this front. The Trump team has also gone to court in hopes of throwing out enough ballots for Trump to flip three game-changing battleground states. In Wisconsin the Trump team has identified around 221,000 votes that were cast by mail without the necessary legal documents. Throwing out these votes flips the state. In Arizona a court-ordered sampling of ballots revealed a 3% pro-Biden fraud rate that would far exceed Biden's margin of victory. In Georgia new videos have emerged that appear to show the hidden handoff of an election USB device as well as counting hidden ballot boxes in the middle of the night. Meanwhile Pennsylvania appears to be headed to the Supreme Court where it will likely flip the state to Trump. 

LOSE-LOSE IN TWO COURTS: As mentioned above, the Trump team is taking the election to court - but they haven't been successful everywhere. Cases are headed now to the Nevada supreme court and - likely - headed to the US Supreme Court. Both supreme courts in Minnesota and Pennsylvania, however, have ruled against Trump's case - but neither one one on the merits. Both courts have ruled that the cases came too late to be settled in court. Legal scholars have noted, however, that had these lawsuits been filed before the election - as both courts asked - the lawsuits would have been dismissed for failing to show any harm had been done to the president. The setup in these liberal dominated states courts was a lose-lose for the president from the start. Thankfully he doesn't need Minnesota and it appears likely the US Supreme Court will deal with Pennsylvania.

IT DOESN'T ADD UP: Patrick Basham in The Spectator gives some compelling reasons why the 2020 presidential election is so puzzling and why fraud seems to be the only answer to explain it.

DUCEY FLIPFLOP: At a news conference on November 18 Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey made the following statement about when he'd certify the election results: “There are legal claims that are being challenged in court... Once those are adjudicated and the process plays out, I will accept the results of the election.” The McCain supporting, establishment Never Trumper, however, went ahead and certified the results this week as state legislators were holding a committee hearing on the evidence for fraud in the Arizona election. 


NASDAQ DIVERSITY: G.K. Chesterton feared the union of what he called "Hudge and Gudge" - big business and big government. The two have become increasingly allied in America. NASDAQ - part of Chesterton's "Gudge" - is imposing diversity quotas on its listed companies of face harsh consequences. Conservative voters think they can vote this problem out or eliminate it by a judge's verdict yet there's little to stop businesses from doing the work of "Hudge" on their own. The same will likely be true of the COVID vaccine. "Hudge" (big government) won't force you to get it, but "Gudge" won't let you buy groceries if you don't.

FEMALE FOOTBALL KICKER: Vanderbilt University is being lauded for its "progressive" football team hosting the first Power 5 female football kicker. The move is of course as ludicrous as asking women to fight in combat. Sure Ms. Fuller is likely safe from injury, yet what will happen in the even a return kicker makes it past her special teams companions and she is expected to make the tackle - and if she gets injured will the return receiver be blamed (or should he tackle himself to make the play more fair)? Title IX - which effectively mandated women's sports - helped the majority of young men, whom the nation needs physically fit in case of war, out of college sports and left flimsy and flabby. Is one female kicker worth the potential price our nation might face in a time of war?  

JOHNS HOPKINS CENSORED: A statistician at Johns Hopkins found that that the overall death rate in America has not increased during the pandemic. Dr. Genevieve Briand explains that a decline in cardiovascular-related deaths has offset the deaths from the coronavirus. Of course, her research has been censored. She nevertheless stands behind her work and if you'd like to hear what she has to say, you can watch the presentation on her findings

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 28

by A. Joseph Lynch


President Trump's battle for re-election is headed to two courts - the court of judges and the the court of public opinion. The former hopes to overturn illegal votes at best or nullify state elections at the least while the latter seeks to pressure GOP-led legislatures to intervene on the president's behalf. The key states include Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, and Nevada. Here is an update on most of them:
  • Pennsylvania: Another battle took place at Gettysburg this week as state legislators, led by the veteran Senator Doug Mastriano, met to investigate potential election fraud. Since then a resolution is being put forth to all state legislators to retake control of appointing presidential electors. Pennsylvania lawmakers also approved a resolution demanding an audit of the vote. Meanwhile two state judges have placed an injunction on state certification of the presidential election results. The second judge ruled that it seems highly likely that the Trump team would win their case. It is being reported that 2.6 million votes were counted in Pennsylvania without getting the mandatory signature verification required by law; that 682,000 votes were counted without Republican observers (also required by law), and than an estimated 630,000 votes were counted that arrived after 8 PM on election night - all votes the Supreme Court is likely to throw out. We are also hearing that a mere .3% of mail in votes were rejected when the national average is 3%. Not a singly mail in vote appears to have been thrown out in Montgomery County (Philadelphia).
  • Michigan: After it was found that some 3/4 of the Detroit precincts had irregularities in the vote, Detroit Republicans at first refused to certify the election results - until the livestream they were on cut out and their families threatened. After that they approved certification but within 24 hours rescinded it based on the threats and the false promises of an audit. Despite their move the state board voted to certify the results. It remains to be seen if courts may rule to certify the results without counting Detroit - which would give Trump the win in Michigan. Meanwhile a new lawsuit from Sidney Powell reveals some cities had voter turn out at 100% or higher. North Muskegon, for example, stood at 781.91% turn out
  • Wisconsin: In the state of Wisconsin a recount is wrapping up as tens of thousands of votes have been flagged for review by Republicans. Under state law absentee ballots can only be submitted by voters who have requested them in writing. It now appears that 40,000 ballots in Madison and 60,000 ballots in Milwaukee lack records of such requests. If these votes are thrown out - which could happen over the weekend - Wisconsin flips to President Trump.
  • Georgia: President Trump will hold his first post-election rally in Georgia and we hope this is his first of many. Allegations of election fraud of election malfeasance in Georgia continue to mount. Sidney Powell's recent lawsuit alleges 20,311 votes from ex-Georgians who had moved out of state and could not legally vote. Still unexplained is the fact that Georgia had six times the number of mail in votes from last election yet had a tenfold drop in their mail in rejection rate (a mere .24% of the mail in votes were rejected). It appears Atlanta did not vet the mail in votes as the law required. 
  • Nevada: One problem we've seen in state after state is the unusually high number of ballots made out to Joe Biden alone. In Nevada, for example, 1,327,394 ballots were cast down ballot while 1,405,376 ballots were cast in the presidential election. That's a difference of 77,982 votes - likely all for Joe Biden. Biden leads Nevada by 33,596 votes. On Thursday a Carson City judge will hold a hearing regarding evidence of election fraud. The evidence will include the testimony of fifteen witnesses along with arguments regarding Agilis - the signature matching machine that was more or less unused on Election Day. 


EX-CARDINAL SUES: Ex-Cardinal Becciu is now suing the magazine that helped launch an investigation into his financial maleficence. Seeking $10 million euros, Becciu claims the magazine damaged his reputation and cost him a chance at becoming Pope. What future Pope, we ask, would sue a magazine for $10 million euros? Becciu claims the money will be donated to charity. We have no doubt he charity will be run by one his relatives. 

USCCB ISSUES FAUX WARNING: The US bishops have come out of hiding to "warn" Biden about his stance on abortion. For a group who remained utterly silent at best, or anti-Trump at worst, does anyone believe they'd really hold Biden's feet to the fire if he wins the election? Recall this is also the same bishops conference that has not once run a national collection in support of the pro-life movement. 

ORTHODOX LEADER DIES: Patriarch Irinej, the head of the Serbian Orthodox Church, has died after contracting the coronavirus. Irinej had been patriarch since 2010, when his installment was held in Kosovo as a sign that the Serbian Orthodox Church still believed the breakaway province was part of the Serbian nation. Irinej argued that Kosovo "has never in history belonged to the Albanian state." Yet his greatest criticism was held for the globalist-atheists of western Europe, saying that, "our biggest problem is not our centuries-old neighbors, the Albanians, but ‘developed’ Europe and the West in general."


RINO'S, GLOBALISTS, & NEVER TRUMPERS: Carl Bernstein revealed a list of twenty-one secretly "Never Trumper" senators who may - usually - vote in line with the president but who would not shed tears to see him leave office. Included on the list is Senator Pat Toomey - who recently announced he would not run for re-election, and who has called on Trump to end his contested election efforts. As the courts are on the precipice of handing the president major victories, Toomey hilariously claims Trump has run out of legal options. Meanwhile Chris Christie, who prepared Trump for his disastrous first debate, is calling Trump's election contest a national embarrassment and former Secretary of Defense "Mad Dog" Mattis wants to see the "America First" foreign policy ended. The swamp Trump fights is not merely filled with liberals and radical leftists but also with "conservative" RINOs, globalists, and Never Trumpers. It's impressive Trump got as much done as he did in four years.

NEW SCOTUS ASSIGNMENTS: Supreme Court justices received new circuit assignments this week with key conservative justices overseeing many states Trump has taken to court over election fraud. Barrett is now over Wisconsin while Michigan is under Kavanaugh, Alito over Pennsylvania and Georgia under Thomas. Arizona and Nevada, both within the "Nutty" Ninth Circuit, must pass through Kagan in order to arrive at the Supreme Court.

THE THOMAS COURT: Amy Coney Barrett joined with Clarence Thomas and the three other typically conservative justices to halt New York's draconian restrictions on churches and synagogues. John Roberts - once once again joined the liberals - dissented, revealing the court is very much moving away from being "the Roberts Court" to being "the Thomas Court."

UNCALLED HOUSE RACES: There remain only eight US House races that have not yet been called - and Republicans lead in all eight. The 2020 red wave might not have retaken the House, but it may well leave the Democrats with a meager four seat majority. What's more, census redistricting appears to favor Republican states, which should alone swing the House back to the Republicans in 2022.


ISLAMIC FRENCH CHARTER: President Macron is threatening French Muslim who refuse to accept radical French secular atheism. Under the threat of being labeled "enemies of the republic," French Muslims must reject the idea that their faith has any role in their political views and celebrate the acts of anti-Islamic blasphemy (i.e. the anti-Islamic Muhammad cartoons) as expressions of French "republican values" (if blasphemy and anti-religious bigotry is a value, we'll pass). French Muslims will also face homeschooling restrictions - because homeschooling avoids the atheist indoctrination of French schools. Parents who break the new rules would face six months in prison and harsh fines. Sadly conservatives are rejoicing. They should be appalled.

IRANIAN ASSASSINATION: Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, Iran's chief nuclear scientist, has been assassinated - gunned down in broad daylight just east of Tehran. This brazen attack is just the most recent example of (highly suspected) Israel's flagrant violations of sovereign national boarders. Just last week Israel struck Shia militias - not ISIS terrorists - in Syria. While we strongly support Israeli's right to exist - even a one state solution - these strikes are not acceptable.

GOING NUCLEAR: The Saudi foreign minister has said once again that the Saudis will pursue nuclear weapons - as well other gulf states - if Iran is allowed to acquire them. Saudi Arabia - a radical Wahabi state - should in no way be allowed to have these weapons. It should go without saying that it would be better for Iran to have nuclear bombs than the Saudis and their supporters among the global Wahabi terror movement. Meanwhile the Saudis - who are taking their oil public with an IPO - look weak as their oil infrastructure was hit for a third time. As a result the Saudis had to push back the IPO. More on this from the Caspian Report.


COVID EUTHANASIA: In Canada and elderly woman was killed by her doctor - not because she had contracted the coronavirus but rather because she feared loneliness in a potential lockdown. The story is sickening and is a sign of toll the harsh lockdowns are taking on our sanity.

COURT SUSPENDED: As Minnesota continues to deal with its crime amid the defund police movement, the state's Judicial Council unanimously to suspend criminal trials until February 1. Societies need just use of authority in order to thrive - unfortunately Minnesotans are dealing with the unjust abuse of authority in the strict state lockdowns while criminals increasingly go free. 

NO PARENTAL CONSENT: In a nation that observes strict laws around healthcare - like HIPAA - should we not be shocked that DC now considers bypassing parental consent laws to administer vaccines on children without their permission? As more and more authority is being ceded to power hungry politicians we are not surprised. 

QUARANINE EFFECTIVENESS: A recent study conducted by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the Naval Medical Research Century tested the effectiveness of lockdowns by imposing a harsh lockdown among volunteer military personnel. The result revealed the harsher lockdowns were actually less effective.

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

The New Religious Bigotry in France

President Macron is giving Muslims an ultimatum - celebrate the state-endorsed blasphemous cartoons of Muhammad or be declared enemies of the Republic. Although religious conservatives cheered the latest anti-Muslim policy, little do they realize these actions could lead to Christians persecution in the future. To learn more, we invite our readers to check out our newest video on The New Religious Bigotry in France.

Saturday, November 21, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 21

by A. Joseph Lynch


TRUMP ELECTION PRESSER: Rudy Giuliani and Sidney Powell led a press conference on Thursday, giving an update on their teams legal plans moving forward. Billed as akin to an opening statement in a court proceeding, the team laid out their general claims. While Giuliani stuck to more traditional election fraud arguments, Powell has led the charge on claims regarding electronic voting machines and nefarious foreign intervention - which she says will be proven in the next two weeks. Here are nine key points from the press conference. 

DEBATING FRAUD: Lawyer Robert Barnes gives a very measured yet solid defense of Trump's legal defense in this discussion-style debate hosted by the liberal M. Tracey.

WHY TRUMP WON: Our own Religion, Sex, and Politics channel explores the arguments for fraud and briefly examinees Trump's path to victory. 

HERE IS THE EVIDENCE: A crowdsourced website - Here is the Evidence - is aggregating publicly available items of voter/election fraud evidence that would be admissible in court. The treasure-trove of information comes as a well-sourced, monumental effort well worth looking at for information on fraud allegations. 

MAIL IN VOTE STEAL - IN 1864: The 2020 election isn't the first to be affected by mail in voting. Back in 1864 mail in ballots were part of a plot to defeat Lincoln.

THE RED WAVE: With three Senate seats still in the air (one in Michigan and two in Georgia), Republicans have already kept 50 seats - and with promises from Manchin (D-WV) that he will not support court-packing, Republicans can be fairly sure such shenanigans in a possible Biden administration will not happen. Meanwhile in the House, Republicans won all 27 House races listed as 'toss-ups' — and then some. The polls were so far off base that it makes you wonder if there might have been election fraud in the presidential race after all. If the election is in the end determined by a House delegation vote, the American people would have spoken insofar as they just gave Republicans control of 31 state delegations of the total 50.  

TROOP REDUCTIONS: President Trump and the acting Secretary of Defense, Chris Miller, have announced new troop reductions in Afghanistan and Iraq. Around 2,500 troops will remain in both countries. Miller, a War on Terror vet, declared his intention to see the wars end in his first address to the military. "We are not a people of perpetual war," Miller said. "All wars must end." For some reason the "peace voters" were all for Biden - the man who is considering the deployment of more troops overseas. Of course, the establishment wings of both parties support more wars - it's outsiders like President Trump who think otherwise.


EU BUDGET BLOCK: Poland and Hungary, with strong support from Slovenia, are vetoing the EU budget - which requires unanimous member approval. The budget includes "rule of law" language aimed at conservative nations - like Poland and Hungary - which could be used to deny them EU funds. This is but the latest crisis facing the EU. Coronavirus lockdowns alone led German economists to project a 5% contraction in the German economy. Europe may be headed to an economic downturn worse than 2008.

RARE EARTH PRODUCTION: There are almost twenty rare earth metals/minerals that are of strategic importance for a nation's economy and military. China has many in abundance and was able to undercut the world's prices to such a degree in the 90s that many countries stopped mining/producing them. According to this article on the subject: "Between 2015 and 2018, the US imported about 80 per cent of its rare earths from China, but in the first half of this year its purchases fell by more than 35 per cent year on year..." In its conflict with China the Pentagon is investing in rare earth processing facilities in order to alleviate US dependence on China. According to geopolitical analyst Peter Zeihan: "There's nothing rare about [rare earth elements] - they are produced as a byproduct of many mining projects. The challenge is processing and separation. But if you build those facilities first, you can spin up production from nothing in just a few months.

US IN TAIWAN? Conflicting reports say that the US military is returning to Taiwan for the first time since 1979. Such a needless action would certainly draw a strong response from the Chinese and we hope the reports turn out to be inaccurate.


IRREVERSIBLE DAMAGE: Abigail Shrier's book, Irreversible Damage, criticizes the rise of transgenderism in teenage girls. The book was recently pulled from Target - but in a surprise culture war win the book has been restored for purchase. See Shrier discuss the book with Joe Rogan on the Joe Rogan podcast.

MORE CANCEL CULTURE: If President Trump loses the election expect the Left to continue the assault on the president and his supporters. Representative Bill Pascrell of New Jersey is already calling for prosecutions while folks on Twitter, like David Atkins, are calling for "reeducation" programs for the 75+ million Americans who voted for the president. 

DECLINE OF MINNEAPOLIS: The murder rate in Minneapolis has skyrocketed since the death of George Floyd - a 50% increase over 2019 - as dozens of police officers leave the force. Despite the loud cries of BLM, the violent crimes and robberies are hitting Minneapolis blacks the hardest. Sadly it is all but certain that things will get much worse in Minneapolis before they get better.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Why Trump WON - and How He Can Still WIN

Election Day has come and gone but the race is not over yet. As the race heads to court and to statehouses, it's important to learn more about the allegations being made by the Trump team. So we invite our readers to check out our newest video on Why Trump Won and How He Can Still Win.

Saturday, November 14, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 14

by A. Joseph Lynch


MCCARRICK REPORT: At long last Rome's report on McCarrick has been released. The massive tome of a text requires further study, but Rod Dreher offers some excellent preliminary remarks and notes with sadness how things might have changed had Catholic laymen come forward sooner.

MCGIVNEY BEATIFIED: Fr. Michael McGivney, founder of the fraternal order the Knights of Columbus, has been beatified and is now one step away from sainthood. The beatification Mass was held in Hartford, Connecticut and his beatification comes as both the Knights of Columbus and their namesake come under harsh criticism from the Left.

FRANCIS CALLS BIDEN: Despite the ongoing election litigation, Pope Francis joined a plethora of world leaders to prematurely congratulate Joe Biden


ELECTION UPDATE: Dr. Steve Turley provides an excellent election update and Trump's multiple paths to victory. The mainstream media thinks the race is over, but check out the gambling websites - they know it's not over until the Electoral College - or the US House of Representatives - elects the next president.

HI-TECH ELECTION ROBBERY? A lot is being said about the Dominion voting stations and software and whether or not "glitches" (which only favor Biden) are stealing the election from President Trump. One report indicated that for a mere $4 memory chips and seven minutes of privacy with a voter machine could yield a stolen election. In September it was reported that memory chips used to program Philadelphia's voting machines... were stolen.

VOTE-RIGGING AND THE BBC: As the mainstream media refuses to take witness evidence of election fraud seriously, we invite our readers to look at the the 2016 BBC article on election fraud and see if anything looks familiar. Trey Trainor, the Chair of the Federal Election Commission, says he thinks election fraud is taking place. Will the media cover that?

IDENTIFYING VOTER FRAUD: While election fraud is usually described as a partisan machine that swings elections by generating fake or fraudulent ballots, voter fraud is typically described as an individual who knowingly votes illegally. A group of Trump supporting tech gurus are pouring over the data to find illegal voters - and their findings thus far may make a huge difference.

NEVADA SIGNATURE VERIFICATION: Nevada used the coronavirus to abandon all election safeguards this cycle. They opened the door to universal mail in voting, ballot harvesting, and all but dropped signature verification requirements. One man reports that Clark county election officials accepted his signature... on eight different ballot envelopes

AG BARR AND FRAUD: AG Bill Barr has opened the door to election fraud investigations after stonewalling within the DOJ. Here's why this is a game changer.

ESPER OUT: President Trump has fired his Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, and replaced him with Christopher Miller, a former Army Ranger and Director of the National Counterterrorism Center. Much of the civilian leadership at the Pentagon was soon replaced with those seemingly more loyal to the president. Was this done because Trump needs support to quell unrest in a second Trump term? Or does the President need the support as he brings more troops home from overseas? Or both? Time will tell.


HOLDING CONGRATS: Although many world leaders have congratulated Joe Biden - now including China's Xi Jinping - many have not. This includes Bolsonaro of Brazil, Obrador of Mexico, and Vladimir Putin. They know well enough to wait for the litigation to end before extending hands to Biden. Sadly many of Trump's allies have turned on him - Borish Johnson, Netanyahu, Orban of Hungary, Duda of Poland, and the treacherous Saudis. One may wonder if the Biden team committed any Logan Act violations to wrack up so many premature congratulations.

HIDING TROOPS: Jim Jeffrey, the outgoing US envoy to Syria - and fierce Never Trumper - admitted the troop count in Syria is "a lot more than" the number the White House believes. In his treasonous-sounding comments Jeffrey said, "We were always playing shell games to not make clear to our leadership how many troops we had there." Even after four years of Trump's efforts, this is another sign the swamp runs deep.

NOGORNO-KARABAKH PEACE: Russia managed to strike a peace deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan - but not before the Azeris captured the Armenian-held territory's second largest city of Shusha. The peace comes as a major defeat for Armenia as Russia sends 2,000 peacekeeping troops to the region for the next five years. The war, which seems to have been started by Azerbaijan, brings Armenia further into Russia's sphere of influence while Turkey seeks to sway its Turkic cousins in Azerbaijan into Turkey's orbit. More about the conflict from Caspian Report.


CANCEL CULTURE CONTNUES: Last month actor Christ Pratt came under fire by the cancel culture warriors for the sin of not giving Joe Biden a fundraiser. Meanwhile, should Biden win, there is already a call to establish a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to target Trump supporters.

DOWNFALL OF FOX: Since it betrayed Trump on Election Night, FoxNews' ratings (and share price) have been in freefall. Historian Larry Schweikart gives us a short history of FoxNews' leftward turn and why it's day of reckoning has come. Conservative readers of AoA might consider switching to OANN (One America News Network) and Newsmax.

DEFUND THE POLICE: In LA this has meant the LAPD had to dissolve its sexual assault unit. Are these the kinds of cuts BLM called for?

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 7

by A. Joseph Lynch


Despite our best hopes for a clean fight on Election Day, America now finds itself in a contested election amid a wide variety of election fraud claims. Election Night began with an apparent repeat of 2016 with President Trump outperforming himself, particularly in Florida, Ohio, and Texas. Even the New York Times believed North Carolina seemed a lock, along with Georgia. Trump also held massive leads in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. It seemed a landslide was at hand. Then Arizona, trending Trump, halted the counting of votes and FoxNews declared the state for Joe Biden. All of a sudden, Wisconsin alone would not be enough from the rust belt for a Trump win without Arizona. Then vote counting was halted in Georgia and the New York Times dramatically switched its projects to a Biden win. As America went to bed, Trump's rust belt lead was holding and the betting odds website now swung betting odds to President Trump.

Yet it seemed like something else was going on.

In the middle of the night a dump of Joe Biden votes were dropped in Michigan and Wisconsin. We've heard Republican polls watchers had been sent home for the night, told that counting would resume in the morning. But the counting continued and by morning the states were being declared in Biden's column. We soon learning Republican poll watchers were being barred from entry in Pennsylvania as Biden votes flooded the system there as well. By Friday Pennsylvania too had slipped away. Georgia likewise tipped Biden, but outstanding military votes all but assure Trump will carry the state. As of writing this column Arizona hangs in the balance but it seems possible Trump will win the state. Meanwhile North Carolina locked down its count and will not announce the final numbers until next Thursday. In Nevada, upwards of 6000 voters are being accused of voting illegally, and there are widespread reports of dead voters turning in mail in votes. The election has become a chaotic mess.

If Arizona, North Carolina, and Georgia end up in Trump's column, the president will still need a minimum of ten electoral votes for a 269-269 tie in the Electoral College. This means reversing his vote deficit in either Wisconsin, Michigan, or Pennsylvania. All tall order, but one that could happen through statewide vote audits, especially in Wisconsin. Meanwhile the Supreme Court is preparing to review a Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruling that might just invalidate this year's mail in voting statewide, effectively handing the president a win. President Trump can also pressure the GOP-held legislatures in Georgia, North Carolina, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania to buck the final election results and send Trump-friendly electors to the Electoral College. It remains to be seen what will transpire in the days ahead, but we are sure for a rollercoaster finish to this election season. We pray the president can muster the forces necessary to secure victory and that justice will be served. Or as Archbishop Fulton Sheen said, "Evil will have its hour, but God will have His day."


SYSTEM GLITCHES: A county in Michigan detected a software glitch that resulted in nearly 6,000 votes wrongly given to Biden. It turns out that 47 other counties use the same software and that thousands of votes might have been misallocated. What's more, it's being reported that most of the disputed swing states also use the software (called Dominion). Meanwhile lawyer Sydney Powell is alleging that two CIA programs - Hammer and Scorecard - were used to alter election results. All this requires further investigation.

RED WAVE: Joe Biden might have profited from many ballots which were, aside from a check by his name, left completely blank (which is a telltale sign of election fraud), but down ballot the Democrats were decimated. It appears as though Republicans will hold the Senate and gain seats in the House. More from Red Eagle Politics. At the state level Poltico is declaring Republican victories are giving the party "a decade of power" at the local level post-census. 

THE POLLS WERE WRONG: The polls were off by such historic highs that one might wonder if they were intentionally wrong. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

ENTER SCOTUS: In keeping with Pennsylvania law, Justice Alito has ordered all ballots that were received after 8 PM on Election Day be segregated and counted separately from the ballots received before 8 PM on Election Day as the Supreme Court prepares to intervene. Please read the article from Alexander Macris to better understand the legal situation surrounding Pennsylvania, the Supreme Court, and why Trump will win in litigation.

THE DEAD VOTE: Dying in 2011 has not kept world boxing champion Joe Frazier from voting in Pennsylvania this year. Multiple cases of dead voters are being found in Nevada, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Rich Baris of the People's Pundit has been breaking down the numbers on this and other cases of possible election fraud in videos on November 6, and November 5.

HAD NO CHOICE: According to The Atlantic, a federal court in North Carolina "had no choice" but to hold new elections after a small amount of fraud was found in a federal election. If tens of thousands of Biden ballots are tossed this election, will Democrats beg for a new vote? 

GOP LEGISLATURES: Republicans control both houses in the legislatures of North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and it is the state legislatures that validate election results. If necessary, President Trump's evidence of voter/election fraud could lead these legislatures to overturn election results or call for new elections. 

DEMOCRAT MACHINES: Although Biden performed below Obama and Clinton across the nation - he had the worst performance in Texas of an Democrat in US history - for some reason he performed better with blacks than Obama in Milwaukie, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. It's clear to any honest American that this doesn't pass the sniff test. These cities are Democrat controlled machines who used the virus-induced mail in voting system to corrupt the voting process. They've had a history of this. Just last May a south Philadelphia judge took bribes to stuff ballot boxes for Democrats. What we're seeing now might take the cake on historic fraud.

MAIL IN SWING BY STATE: Everyone anticipated Biden winning the mail in vote, but by how much was an open question. According the chart below, Pennsylvania and Michigan saw their absentee ballots swinging to Biden by far higher margins (57.7 points, 37.9 points) than states like Minnesota or Georgia, which went to Biden over Trump by just under 5 points. Very odd.

FIVE STANDARD DEVIATIONS: According to one chart, voter turn out in Wisconsin was five standard deviations above the historic norms. Highly unlikely.

Sunday, November 1, 2020

Why Trump CAN Win

We are less than 48 hours away from Election Day and many of the polls have President Trump down, just like 2016. We at AoA, however, are more bullish about his chances. We invite our readers to check out our newest video on Why Trump CAN Win.

Saturday, October 31, 2020

Election Coverage Coming Soon

With the election arriving on Tuesday, we are postponing this week's Religion, Nations, and Geopolitics Review while launching a presidential election video this weekend. We invite our readers to return in the next 36 hours for our take on President Trump and the election.

Monday, October 26, 2020

The Truth About Pope Francis and Gay Civil Unions

We invite our AoA readers to watch the latest video from the Dr. Pence inspired YouTube channel Religion, Sex, and Politics. Click on the picture link below or the following link to watch the new video: The TRUTH About Pope Francis and Gay Civil Unions

Saturday, October 24, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24

by A. Joseph Lynch


FRANCIS ON CIVIL UNIONS: Pope Francis made headlines this week after apparently approving gay civil unions. Much of what has been said is getting debunked. For more, watch our explanation video from the Religion, Sex, and Politics YouTube channel.

VATICAN-CHINA DEAL RENEWED: The controversial deal reached between the Vatican and China has been renewed. While we at AoA have supported efforts between the Vatican and China to reach an agreement, we recognize that not everyone agrees. Here are two criticisms of Ostpolitik by George Weigel, one from this year and another from 2016. This what Dr. Pence said of the 2018 Vatican-China accord:
All bishops are now in communion with Rome. This will be one of the two most important achievements of the Francis papacy. Francis understands the importance of treating China as a nation and a great civilization. To understand China is to understand their great fear of disorder and their historical tendency to consider religious practice and loyalties as a source of rebellion. Of course the Pope's masterful diplomacy has been criticized by the individualistic writers of the "West". They know not of what they speak. This is an essential form of public fraternity which is a fruit of Christian brotherhood. People with no memory of the Taiping Rebellion and the bloody wars of the 20th century have no appreciation of the importance of representatives of nations and the Church making institutional agreements. May this serve as a template for agreements among Americans, Russians, and the Chinese as nations. The tired voices that criticize Pope Francis for enacting the "failed policies of Ostpolitik" do not understand that the initiatives of Pope John Paul II rested on the previous conciliatory work of OstPolitik and Vatican II. There is a similar cartoon history of how the US won the Cold War which downplays the significant contribution of Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski  as well as the Nixon-Kissinger China opening that anti Communist conservatives bitterly opposed.  From all the tired voices, the least reflective criticism comes from George Weigel who wrote a great biography of John Paul II. The great war against Satan is the war of ordered loves vs chaos. The Vatican-China accord is a huge step toward ordered love. 
SPIRITUAL ILLITERACY? Bishop Grech of Malta has accused faithful Catholics of "spiritual illiteracy" for wanting to receive sacraments - especially the Eucharist - during the current pandemic lockdowns. Grech has argued that, "The Eucharist is not the only possibility that the Christian has to experience the mystery and to meet the Lord Jesus." It sounds like Grech might be the illiterate Catholic in this regard. True, Catholics can "meet Jesus" in other modes, but meeting Him in the Eucharist is the highest and most profound way in which the faithful on Earth can encounter the living Christ. There are sadly many illiterate Catholics in Europe and North America - but those who understand the reality of the Eucharist and the sacraments are among the Church's most literate believers.


THE FINAL DEBATE: President Trump and Joe Biden debated for a second and final time this week. The debate was much more controlled than their first outing. Trump hammered Biden on multiple fronts, and Biden seemed to be off his game from the start. Indeed it was Biden, not Trump, who brought up Giuliani and the emerging Biden scandals thanks to his son, Hunter. As the night wore on, Biden looked at his watch, echoing the moment when George HW Bush lost the 1992 debate doing the same thing. In the final moments of the debate, Biden inadvertently took Trump's baiting question regarding the oil industry by saying, “I would transition from the oil industry, yes." These words may have just cost Biden the election. In the wake of the debate, Trump raised a record $26 million. And better than money, Rasmussen released its daily tracking of presidential approval among likely black voters. As of yesterday, Trump is at a personal record of 46%

BIDEN SCANDALS EMERGE: The October surprise has dropped on the Biden family as the contents of Hunter Biden's laptop begin to emerge. Images and text messages apparently reveal a depraved lifestyle by Joe's son, but particular focus has been placed on a shady business deal that Joe seemed to have via Hunter with China. We've been told that the most damaging evidence will be revealed tomorrow, so we expect more information to come. Tony Bobulinski, ex-business associate of the Biden's, made a public statement corroborating the China scandal and is being interviewed by the FBI. While it's still uncertain how this might impact the election, the "laptop from hell" will haunt Biden if he wins and may play a role in his eventual removal from office.

BIG TECH SCRUTINY: In the wake of Twitter and Facebook's attack on the NY Post's damning story about Biden family corruption, both social media giants have been called to testify before the Senate. Meanwhile Google has been hit with an antitrust case by AG Barr. Little will be accomplished before Election Day, but something must be done to regulate big tech if Republicans win next month. Big tech is clearly attempting to tip the balance in Biden's favor. Should we be surprised that the NY Post story has been locked down by Twitter and Facebook when Joe Biden has hired Jessica Hertz (a Facebook executive) and Carlos Monje (a Twitter executive)? Joe Biden seems to be the only American who can physically call Twitter or Facebook with his problems... and make them go away.


FRENCH TEACHER KILLED: A French history teacher was brutally decapitated by a Muslim (who bribed students to identify their teacher) after the teacher used Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Muhammad. Macron said that the teacher “embodied the Republic.” Others - including Church Militant - praised France for standing up to Islam by projecting Charlie Hebdo cartoons of Muhammad on a government building. What we must recognize is that these images are a deep form of blasphemy to Muslims the world over. Using free speech as an excuse to commit anti-religious, bigoted, blasphemy is not the appropriate use of free speech. The killings surrounding the cartoons was not justified - but neither is glorying in an assault on the religion's nearly two billion adherents. 

ARMENIA-AZERI WAR: The fight between Armenia and Azerbaijan continues as Islamic Turkey supports their Islamic-Turkic cousins and Russia supports Armenia. Rumors swirl that Turkey has sent anti-Assad Syrian militants to help the Azeris while Armenia condemns them for civilian destruction - including an attack on a historic Armenian church. Here is a short video about the origins of the conflict from Caspian Report.

WAR WITH CHINA? A major arms deal between the US and Taiwan is threatening to bring war to the region. President Xi Jinping has instructed the military to prepare for war.

SUDAN-ISRAEL RELATIONS: Sudan has joined the UAE and Bahrain in normalized diplomatic ties with Israel and we are told several more Mideast states are preparing to follow suit. Although it it's been a remarkable achievement by President Trump, we fear the aim is to build a regional anti-Iran coalition rather than seek long term regional peace. If this is the case, the diplomatic accomplishments may be much more short term than we might think.

Monday, October 19, 2020

Men vs Women: Five Key Differences

We invite our AoA readers to watch the latest video from the Dr. Pence inspired YouTube channel Religion, Sex, and Politics. Click on the picture link below or the following link to watch the new video: Men vs Women: Five Key Differences

Saturday, October 17, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 17

by A. Joseph Lynch


BECCHIU UPDATE: Cecilia Marogna, who we reported on last week, has now been arrested for embezzling $560,000 through her deals with disgraced ex-cardinal Becchiu. Reports are now emerging that Cardinal Parolin has been removed from the Vatican Bank's oversight board. Stay tuned for more updates.

YOUTH BEATIFIEDCarlo Acutis, a 15-year old daily Mass goer who set up a large online database of Eucharistic miracles, has been beatified. The youth died of cancer in 2006 and is being hailed as a model of holiness for today's youth.

CATHOLIC BARRETT TESTIFIES: Judge Amy Coney Barrett testified this week before the Senate Judiciary Committee. Barrett went toe-to-toe with Democrat Senators, even "revealing" her notes by holding up a blank notepad. Pro-Lifers should be happy to hear how Barrett understands the notion of "super-precedents" - and how Roe v. Wade is not one of them


WHO WILL WIN: It's hard to believe the polls. Pollster Steve Deace explains why the polls are wrong - even the conservative leaning Rasmussen poll, which had Biden up by 12 points. Rasmussen's model was based on Trump garnering only 76% of the Republican vote - even through Trump is polling at 94% approval among Republicans according to Gallup. George H.W. Bush took in only 73%  of the GOP vote in 1992 - but that was because of Ross Perot siphoned off the vote. Can anyone really believe Trump would do as bad? Given the "shy voters" unwilling to say for whom they'll vote, peripheral questions seem to indicate a Trump victory. According to Gallup 56% of Americans predict Trump will win. According to a FoxNews poll, 49% of Americans believe their neighbors are secretly voting for Trump. A local bakery in Pennsylvania has predicted the past three elections through cookie sales for each candidate. This year Trump cookies are outselling Biden cookies 3-1. It's not scientific, but one would think these are all strong signs of a Trump victory. 

ARE YOU BETTER OFF? Gallup has been asking voters for decades if they're better off after a presidential incumbent's first term in office. 44% of voters said yes under Reagan in 1984, 38% under Bush in 1992, 47% under W. Bush in 2004, and 45% under Obama in 2012. President Trump just set a new record with 56% of voters saying they are better off now than four years ago. Biden has since told these voters to vote for Trump.

NO SHOW IN ARIZONA: Biden and Harris made their first joint campaign event this year in Arizona. There was only one problem: none of their supporters showed up. In the weeks following Labor Day, Trump drew over 250,000 people to his rallies while Biden drew a measly 84.

MORE MAIL IN VOTE ISSUES: There is no shortage of stories related to problems with mail in voting. In California a mail thief made off with ballots as he raided mail boxes. A postal worker in New Jersey as been arrested for dumping ballots. 50,000 defective ballots were sent to voters in Ohio. Pennsylvania has rejected 372,000 ballot requests while a Pittsburgh mailman was arrested for stealing mail. In Kentucky over 100 absentee ballots were found in a dumpster. Voter fraud aside, Newsmax points out the user error risks of voting by mail - risks that Democrats are embracing.

ENDING LOCKDOWNS: As Democrats tout the World Health Organization and continued lockdowns, the WHO is now warning against lockdowns. Will Democrats heed the warning?


DAY OF RAGE: As America observed Columbus Day, Leftists attack Columbus and the American nation during their self-proclaimed "Day of Rage." More statues were toppled, including Teddy Roosevelt and the freer America's slaves, Abraham Lincoln.

LORD OF THE RINGS UNVEILED: Lovers of Tolkien's world are wary of the new billion dollar Amazon TV series based in Middle Earth after reports of nudity and sex planned for the show. Fan's of Tolkien want his vision, not the twisted vision of George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones

BIDEN EMBRACES TRANS: At his town hall this week Biden embraced the trans movement - even among minors. The Washington Post reminds us how Biden has always moved leftward with the sexual revolutionaries in his party. Anyone who thinks he'll be a moderate on these or other issues is sorely mistaken.

NBA THROWS IN THE TOWEL: It appears that the NBA might be moving away from BLM following their ratings free fall. More from Steve Turley.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Spirits vs Souls: What's the Difference?

We invite our AoA readers to watch the latest video from the Dr. Pence inspired YouTube channel Religion, Sex, and Politics. Click on the picture link below or the following link to watch the new video: Spirits vs Souls: What's the Difference?

Saturday, October 10, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 10

by A. Joseph Lynch


FRATELLI TUTTI: Pope Francis has just released his newest encyclical, Fratelli Tutti (On Fraternity and Social Friendship). We will provide AoA readers with more analysis soon, but we invite you to read the full text before reaching any conclusions.

BECCHIU UPDATE: Ex-cardinal Becchiu, the corrupt chief rival of Cardinal Pell, is alleged to have sent $700k to an account in Australia. Could the money have been used as part of an attack on Pell, who was wrongfully convicted of abuse? More from Taylor Marshall. Another report alleges he embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars to a female intelligence expert who spent the money on handbags and shoes. We certainly expect more to come from this story.

SCANDAL IN NEW ORLEANS: It was revealed that two priests have been arrested after involvement in heinous sex scandals. One priest, Travis Clark, was caught committing BDSM sex acts with two women on the altar of his parish church. He had just recently been appointed the new chaplain at a local Catholic high school after the former chaplain, Pat Wattigny, was arrested for preying on a young male student at the school. The investigation on Wattigny has been going on for months, and the information about Clark was only ascertained through court records. Rod Dreher rightly condemns Archbishop Gregory Aymond for his silence and for treating the situation like a bureaucrat rather than an episcopal-father. He hits the nail on the head. Bishops today act much more like CEOs looking out for the corporation rather than protective shepherds looking out for the flock.


VP DEBATE: In this week's Vice Presidential debate, Mike Pence masterfully defeated Kamala Harris and earned his place on the Trump-Pence ticket. More commentary from Taylor Marshall. Pence was particularly effective in hammering the Biden-Harris ticket on court-packing, taxes, and fracking. Harris did herself few favors with her eye-rolls, demeanor, and penchant for lying. It's hard to tell how much it will impact the race, but Pence's calm-yet-strong message should help people on the fence vote for the president next month. 

TRUMP'S POLLS: At first glance the polls should frighten many a Trump supporter. Even the conservative-leaning Rasmussen has Trump down by 12 points nationally among likely voters. Yet a closer look at the swing states - the states that will decide the election - reveals that Trump is polling better now than he did at this time in 2016. And the most accurate poll from 2016 has Trump and Biden separated by only 2.6 percentage points. Gallup, another very accurate poll from 2016, revealed its findings when asking voters if they are better off now than four years ago. 45% said yes under Obama and 47% said yes under G. W. Bush in 2004. Both went on to win re-election. Gallup announced that Trump has set the record with 56% saying they are better off now than four years ago. Gallup also revealed that 56% (compared to 46% for Biden) believed Trump is a "strong and decisive" leader. So while some polls spell doom and gloom, other very accurate and important polls give the president a good dose of hope in the home stretch.

25TH AMENDMENT... FOR BIDEN? Although Pelosi seeks to pass a law under the 25th Amendment that would allow Democrats another way to remove Trump from office, the president believes it's really aimed at later removing Biden should he win next month.

BIDEN'S INFOMERCIAL: NBC recently gave Joe Biden what amounted to be a nationally televised one hour infomercial. The town hall meeting in the battleground state of Florida featured "undecided" voters who sounded an awful lot like Biden supporters. In fact it was revealed that sister network MSNBC previously featured some of the "undecided" voters as self-identified Biden supporters.

2ND DEBATE CANCELLED: The story of Pence's decisive victory over Harris in the VP debate was overshadowed by the Debate Commission's unilateral decision to make the second debate virtual. One might think the time was intentional. In any case, the debate has since been cancelled due to the president's rejection of sudden change. It might have been a good move as the "neutral" moderator was a former Biden intern. Yesterday Bob Dole responded to the problems with the supposedly non-partisan Debate Commission, comprised of both Democrats and Republicans, by saying he knows all the Republicans on the commission... and none of them support President Trump. It's time for an entirely new way to run future debates.

TOOMEY RETIRING IN 2022: Pennsylvania senator, Pat Toomey, has announced he will not seek re-election in 2022. We're not surprised. Toomey is a fiscal hawk - which according to trends in the GOP under Trump - is a voter bloc less and less a part of the new GOP voter core. While 2022 is a long way away, the 2022 Senate election map looks to another tough year for Republican.


CARAVAN CANCELLED: Another wave of Latin Americans headed north to the US has been stopped... in Guatemala. As the president continues to build the wall, his arrangement with Mexico and the nations of Latin America is an effective wall to itself.

SYRIA DECEPTION: Leaked documents reveal how UK-US intelligence helped push a deception regarding the war in Syria, particularly in painting a rosy picture of the Salafi/Wahhabi terrorists as freedom fighters against Assad. We are not surprised. We've already covered the Assad chemical attack as false flag operation meant to push Trump into war against Syria. Readers should also recall that the infamous Mr. Steele of the Steele Dossier was a part of UK intelligence. Neither British intelligence or Salafi extremists (Saudi Arabia included) ought to be trusted.

ARMENIA-AZERBAIJAN WAR: Over three hundred have died in the latest battle over Nagorno-Karabakh, an Armenian enclave within the Shia-Muslim nation of Azerbaijan. A tentative ceasefire was just reached. Learn more about the two nations in this AoA Map on Monday post.


YELP YELP'S "RACISM!": The crowd-sourced, business review site, Yelp, is making a stunning move that could have a chilling effect on American businesses. Now anyone who accused a business of being racist - perhaps it failed to post a BLM sign - will now be labeled online as accused of racist behavior. What could possibly go wrong with such a policy?

NETFLIX INDICTED: The streaming service Netflix has been indicted by a Texas grand jury due to its sexualized depiction of underage girls in the lewd movie Cuties. Netflix was forecast to gain 500,000 new subscribers in the third quarter, but due to the movie fall out, Netflix looks to lose 2 million subscribers - and that was before the indictment. 

RIOTERS FREED: The Far Left extremist DA in Portland is dropping charges on hundreds of rioters. This is precisely what has kept the riots going. While one would hope the current mayor is voted out office, sadly the woman who is beating him at the polls is the Antifa candidate. So much for Antifa being just an idea.

MICHIGAN PLOT DERAILED: A plot to kidnap the governor of Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, was stopped by law enforcement. Although the media wants to portray the group as far Right, pro-Trump extremists, at least one co-conspirator, Brandon Caserta, is an anarchist who has called Trump a tyrant. It remains to be seen how this will impact the coming election, but Whitmer was just rebuked by the Michigan Supreme Court over her emergency powers abuse. With an agitated populace under the governor's thumb it would be no surprise to see Trump win big in Michigan next month.