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Religion, Nations, and Geopolitics Review: Saturday December 29

                                            By Dr. David Pence and A. Joseph Lynch 

                                 American Nationalism is Christian Nationalism.                                   

From Brazil to Russia to Iran to Turkey different nations are emerging with their religions at the core of their national identities. Nations are spiritual covenants. Their religious ties to the transcendent allow their  full expression as political cultures. The Protestant Reformation is the religious culture that produced the American  nation. It produced a unique culture of recognizing the sovereignty of God and the liberty of men. Baptists needed religious liberty to worship God in Anglican Virginia. That free space for worship would be used by Jews, Catholics and centuries later Muslims to build large religious cultures amidst a Protestant majority. Religious men were free as communities to recognize the sovereignty of God and worship Him. This respect for the sacred fostered bonds of affection among fellow citizens. Loving one's neighbor was made concrete in the fraternity of citizenship. The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Men (FOGBOM) built a network of cities and states which made everyone safer and more productive.  Our roads, sewer systems, electric grid, clean water piped to74 million shingle family homes---all of this is a fruit of political agreement and hard work. We all live today deeply embedded in 3 centuries of Christian agreement. Our media is post Christian but our physical  infrastructure is Christian to the core. Our University professors are atheists but the University is a Christian fruit---so is literacy. Our lady leaders and their gelding party boys can mouth their gender inanities because Christian men have provided so many layers of protection they cannot see the predators outside.  

Harvard University First Seal--for Christ and Church

   The baby boomer presidents tore America away from our ever reforming Christian culture. They  combined the most extreme Enlightenment goals of religious indifference and individualism to their own sexual revolution against the customs and mores which had defined the Republic they inherited. They have now  culturally ruled for a longer period than the Israelites wandered in the desert. They have ruled several decades longer  than Mao's cultural revolution which started about the same time.  Their rule has overturned the Sovereignty of God and enthroned the autonomy of the individual. We are left an atomized and tribalized republic.  Like the Chinese cultural revolution, the sixties students cultivated hysteria and mob rule against  established authority. They took over the Universities, as well as  the legal and medical professions.  In Christian America the old line protestant churches fell first. "Smash Patriarchy" meant first and foremost, "Resist the Fatherhood of God". The Universities, media, professional clerics and law profession have mounted an attack against the sinews of Christian civilization--the sacred bond of male female marriage and the sacral brotherhood covenant of masculine citizenship. Religious Americans have been mute against this assault because we too seek approval in the social status system of the University, the established print and visual Media, the legal profession, and the medical profession. We too want to get along with the female minister on Sunday and the female human resource department during the rest of the week.

Christian civilization sacralizes male and female distinctions while downplaying racial and class differences. The diversity ideology does just the opposite. Christian countries make demands on all the men in the group to defend the group. This forms a protective bond of duty among the men regardless of their religious way of worship.  This is the fundamental bond of politics-it is male and territorial.  It is a holy brotherhood.  It is stronger than drugs, the alternative to racial tribalism and gives religious and historical significance to our masculine sports culture. It is a beautiful form of love that dare not speak its name. It is under vicious attack. It is a treasured custom which has made our borders safe and freed European and Asian nations from racial empires. The male protective national identity is attested by two centuries of our war dead-overwhelmingly young and  male. Maybe we should thank them for their service by honoring their short lives acting out a sacrificial male sex role. The patriotic masculine  protective custom has millions of beneficiaries but almost no articulate defenders. The fact there are women in the military is irrelevant. Women have helped the male fighting force since loading rifles on the frontier.
It is a great unfortunate paradox that the men least likely to defend the patriotic tradition as inherently masculine  are those who have risen to the top of military command. Exactly the men who should best explain the masculine character of national  military duty and Christian tradition are the least able. Like Catholic Bishops socialized by their internal gay lobby, our American military leaders have been severely compromised because  they sought feminist approval for career mobility and social acceptance. The generals who make it to Washington cannot talk the talk of soldiers in the barracks or battlefields. The all male brotherhood of battle is the ultimate "locker room talk" that must be banned. Everyone can mouth raunchy sexual topics but no-one can speak the high and chivalrous language of masculine Christian  knights.  The big lie that those who favor sexual distinctions in customs, practice, and law are "racist" must be exposed. The nation- an armed territorial male covenant--  is not racist by nature. Nations can define citizenship in a way that enforces racial discrimination.  Japan does that. Many of our early states did that. Christian America does not do that. Our territorial bond is our antidote to racism... not its expression.
The nation is a deeply biblical form of agreement under God. It should unite us at home and give us a new way of relating to nations abroad. Our Christian nation has become an atheist empire abroad as we leave American foreign policy to a discredited establishment of Social Darwinists, crusading sexual revolutionaries, imperial democracy advocates, and careerists. Instead of militarily encircling and threatening the regional powers of China, Russia and Iran, we should relate to them as fellow nations with their own civilizational communal lives and as fellow humans with spiritual souls. A Christian foreign policy is not pacifist. The Christian sword is meant to be held by many nations. There is One Body of Christ but many languages and nations. America is a Christian nation; so is Russia and so is Brazil. The Christian sword was divided before Christ was incarnated.  That happened when the Tower of  Babel was stopped as the first globalist building project.
 The Christian sword is a tempered blade used for protection by a mature man disciplined by loyalties to God and country.  We must wrest it away from the moral pygmies who keep us in war around the world. Lady Lindsey Graham and little Marco Rubio have joined Nicki Haley, Madeline Albright and Hillary Clinton in their hysterical war talk sending American manhood  to fight their endless wars to further their partisan careers. Their warmongering against our old allies from World War II  is a disgrace to a Christian nation and a betrayal of our fighting men. Let there be peace on earth and let the largest Christian country be a force for diplomacy and peace not boycotts and bombing raids against smaller but still sovereign nations.

The sexual revolutionaries have mounted a war against men--magnifying real sins into capital crimes. In the name of individualism, their courts have castrated the male legislative institutions of states and local policing institutions of cities. They have prevented states from outlawing abominations like abortion and sodomy. Indeed these violations of nature are subsidized and treated as status symbols.  In explaining why the empire had collapsed, Augustine told the Romans that some of their customs left men ineffectual or foolish. That will not destroy a city. Other customs though put men in service of evil spirits. Those customs no matter how cherished will ruin a people. The feminists have to shriek when accusing men of our crimes, our faults and our many disagreeable habits. They have to shriek because a calmer atmosphere would lead to a broader examination of both male and female behavior. When the dogs are yelping to tree the fox there is no time to consider the crimes of the bloodhounds. In a calmer environment what crimes would cry to heaven?  It is not good if a man slaps a woman but is it really as vicious a crime as a mother aborting her innocent child? Unresolved Moral Guilt leads to Moral Outrage at smaller crimes to conceal the deeper sins. Every man a brute and rapist and every woman a victim and sinless truth teller are threads of the same tapestry.  


  This Christmas season we are once again presented with the reality that God became man and man has a spiritual soul and destiny.  His deepest relationships with women are built around sacred monogamous marriages. His deepest relations with men are meant to form the religious bond of brotherly love under the Father and be publicly expressed in the civic brotherhood of nations. May the Catholic nations of Latin America and the Protestant nations of the US and Canada respond to the joy of this Christmas season  by reversing the sexual revolution and reconsecrating our selves and our nations to the Sacred Order. The atheists have had their turn. The Golden Calf has stirred our people to frenzy for long enough. Let us thank God for dwelling among us. Let us give Him a holy nation in which to dwell.  America will become great again when we give honor and glory to God by repenting our transgressions. Christianity is an ordered system of loves which will bring peace to mankind and expulsion to the Evil One. America as a nation is a brotherhood of men protecting a territorial community and its customs of religious worship, free work, sacral marriage and male citizen soldiers. We must reassert the ordered sexually distinctive loves that spring from Apostolic Christianity and define the American nation.  Only then will we "achieve and cherish  a just and lasting peace among ourselves, and with all nations."


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Religion, Nations, and Geopolitics Review: Saturday December 22

By Dr. David Pence and A. Joseph Lynch

President Trump, General Mattis, and the Emergence of  a Nationalist Foreign Policy. 

President Trump is withdrawing US troops from Syria and reducing the 15,000 Afghan mission by 7000 men. (Joshua Landis from the University of Oklahoma is probably the best commentator on Syria in America. He shows the key role of Turkey in this move. We apologize that RT was the only news source for Landis analysis.)The foreign policy establishment represented by Lindsey Graham and Bob Mendenz are apoplectic. They should be. Secretary of Defense James Mattis has resigned stating his reasons in a principled letter.  General Mattis said the President deserved a Secretary of Defense who shared his policy goals. There are not many men around who will fit that bill.  Very few men who have advanced in the military or foreign policy establishment in the last 30 years advocate the Trump nation to nation approach. General Mattis was very clear in stating his own views about strengthening alliances, confronting malignant actors and being wisely wary of competitors. His positions are the conventional wisdom of the last several National Security Strategy reports. (We discussed this a year ago in Globalist Generals and a Nationalist President). These conventional "bipartisan" Western goals are not the President's.
 President Trump as a nationalist wants to establish more nation to nation relations. He understands in the Mideast that it will be nation states-Turkey, Iraq and Syria that establish order where ISIS once reigned free. His desire for strong nation states to establish order in the region is in contrast with Israel which often prefers failed or civilly divided states as neighbors.  President Trump does not agree with the last three National Security Strategic assessments which saw Russia as "a revisionist power" who along with China "want to shape a world antithetical to our values and interests." Trump does not see grand strategy as the three encirclements of Russia, China and Iran. He is unfortunately very aggressive in isolating Iran. He has Republican and military support for his aggressive anti Iran coalition joined by the Saudis, Sunni Gulf kingdoms and Israel. (Hopefully this one large contradictory emphasis will be exposed and reversed by the Khashoggi--MbS affair and more investigation of the Saudi role in the 9/11 attacks.)   Trump has never wanted to encircle Russia and he is open to a competitive great power relation with China instead of a South China Sea "containment of the emerging enemy" approach. The US foreign policy experts and the "western alliance" globalists all oppose his instincts.
Most military men have been educated in the West vs the Rest worldview.  This is also true of British and Australian foreign services who want the English speaking West to prevail over a multilingual multi civilizational alliance of the great nations. {One of the reasons Fox News is so schizophrenic in its coverage of Trump is that as a news organization, they have no cultural feel for American nationalism. Their Australian roots(and their overloaded English accented white boy commentators representing "the West") have favored a "Western values, Anglo modernist white individualistic" synthesis over a territorial American nationalistic multiracial religious working man accent.
 There are almost no Fox, CNN, ABC or PBS commentators who could explain(much less advocate) the alternative vision of China, Russia and the US bandwagoning rather than confronting, encircling and power balancing. President Trump doesn't have a Kissinger to explain the larger Nixon like realignment he is formulating. Unfortunately there are no Democratic Senators who can overcome the hate Trump movement to join him in a serious  antiwar initiative. This is the bitter fruit of partisanship that found no Republican senators aiding President Obama in his reluctance  to bomb Syria and his bold initiative with Iran.
 President Trump has resisted his own party and our failed military strategists. For his first two years in office he needed loyal military men in his top offices to protect his office even more than promote his policies. Now he must initiate or perish.  He needs fellow citizens, educated journalists and statesmen to follow his lead in learning from the history of the 20th century to formulate an American nationalist foreign policy.  It will take us all to break the stranglehold  of lobby funded careerists like Sen. Robert Menendez, ambitious presidential candidates like Senator Marco Rubio and honest but mistaken patriots like General James Mattis. This is especially true in applying nationalist perspectives to Mideast foreign policy. 
 (Addendum 12/23/2018: General Mattis in his resignation suggested late February 2019 as his departure time. President  Trump a few days later said it would be Jan 1. The media exploded that Trump was "forcing Mattis out early". When a high ranking  subordinate tells his commanding officer he doesn't agree with his policy but he'd like to stay an extra two months, no commander in chief worth his salt would comply. In a corporation the human resource department would accompany you to your desk and get your personals as you surrendered internet access and are terminated immediately.
 Ask Harry Truman about the duty of Presidents to maintain civilian control over popular generals. The Hate Trump Psychosis has the Left cheering for the globalist military network continuing unwinnable wars in Syria and Afghanistan  against  an elected  President trying to extricate us. These are wars about national governance that our military can't win... but can't bring themselves to leave. Our officers need the authority of an elected president to bring the troops home. We all need the foreign nation states of  Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan to establish political compromise and military control in their respective countries. Order follows from strong nation states in agreement about their shared boundaries. Every American nationalist and every left wing anti war progressive should be singing together: "Thank God for President Trump." )    


A NEW INNER CIRCLE NEEDED: Pope Francis governs by trusting top allies for advice and delegation of tasks. The effectiveness of his governance depends on how well he discerns the trustworthy. Unfortunately several top cardinals who have won his trust must be convincingly exposed as part of the problem not the solution.  In America they include Donald Wuerl and Blasé Cupich. In Honduras it is Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga. If seminarian abuse isn't enough, here is a widow.  The Honduran bishops denyMaradiaga right hand man is out. All from July, 2018.

TURN YOURSELVES INPope Christmas Message: To abusers he said, "Turn yourself over to civil authorities and prepare for Divine Judgment."  He thanked journalists for uncovering crimes. He also condemned "the infidelity of those who betray their vocation"..."they hide behind their good intentions to stab their brothers and sisters in the back to sow weeds, division, and bewilderment. They resemble Judas Iscariot who betrayed Jesus Christ and did not repent. They find spiritual and intellectual excuses to continue on their path to perdition."  He still concludes that the light of Christmas is greater than the darkness of corruption.

MARSHALL AND MICHAELInterview Taylor Marshall and Michael Voris - very interesting profile. His momma's lesson on abortion was a key and the faith of his dad and their loyalty to Notre Dame. On Pope Francis, all three of these good men are off base. Voris has an impressive  background as an investigative reporter. He is one of the very few authentic reporters on the depth and details of clergy corruption. His own grievous lack of filial piety toward the Holy Father is matched by one of the co hosts who seems to revel in the  "resist authority" zeitgeist. The EWTN hosts are also guilty of stabbing the Pope repeatedly in the back while ignoring the investigative work and crimes in their own dioceses. There is no courage in attacking the Pope while running from the local stench that cries out for expose.  It is a difficult task to combine filial piety, fraternal correction, and the necessity for an exorcism  of the huge cancerous homosexual network from within the apostolic fraternity.  It is a difficult necessary task which will  require many talented, courageous and prudent bishops, priests, and laymen. Bashing the Pope is no way to establish patriarchal fraternity. Investigating by name and offense the diocesan networks and corrupt religious orders is essential. This effort will be lay led at first.  They will have an effective place to bring evidence when serious bishops appoint diocesan Eliot Ness like promoters of justice to coordinate the inquisitions.  Michael Voris is a very wounded warrior but he is a warrior in a time of war. His betrayal of Pope Francis just when we need to unite many Catholics against our most corrupt clergy is sowing great confusion. Marshall Taylor is a good teacher swallowed by his own pomposity in betraying the Pope. Both of these men are opening to an alliance with Catacomb Catholics who oppose Vatican Two, the Luminous Mysteries, the Novus Ordo, and Pope Francis. This is the wrong coalition. These men can not  provide a glue for a priestly fraternity and a Maccabean brotherhood of laymen. Their misdirection is feeding the power of chicken hawk enablers like James Martin. The Pope must be our axis of unity not a paternal punching bag.

WHAT'S IN A NAME? The Ukrainian government nears passing a new law that would force the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to add "Russia" to its title since it recognizes Patriarch Kiril as its spiritual head and prays for him accordingly in the liturgy. Under the new law, Ukrainian Orthodox priests would be banned from visiting and ministering at Ukrainian military installations. Meanwhile the "Ukrainian Orthodox Church" title would be transferred to a schismatic church separate from Kiril. After Christmas the Ukrainian parliament will begin to consider a law that would be used to transfer church property...


PRESIDENT-LED REFORMReal Criminal Justice Reform - a Trump-Kushiner bipartisan triumph. The First Step Act.   The Trump consensus in 2020 will not be forged by a plea to "suburban women". It will be a nationalist "work and protect" appeal to black, brown, yellow, and white men to come together as fellow citizens and strengthen our common identity as Americans again under God. Men bond by territory even more deeply than race, class, or party. Christianity orders us to be brothers.  Each particular nation gives men a practical historical and territorial form to express and live out the public love of brotherhood. Public interracial cross-class brotherhood is as fundamental a form of Christian love as male-female marriage. It turns out the nationalists pay more attention to the imprisoned males than the feminist lavender coalition on the left or the war party tough on crime gang on the right. This was a serious reform that made a reality out of two favorite chants: "black lives matter" and "love trumps hate".  It was bipartisan in the best tradition. There is a group of Democrats who could help him considerably in both his infrastructure building agenda at home and his empire dismantling abroad.

FAREWELL WEEKLY STANDARDWeep not for the Weekly Standard.

NAZIS IN AMERICA? A famous German reporter for the country's largest newspaper came to America to find the rural supporters of Donald Trump. He wanted to show the Nazi specter that is alive and well in small town America. Actually the largest ethnic group in America is German if you don't lump all the Hispanics. The State of Minnesota has the 4th largest Germanic proportion (38%). The German scribe came to Fergus Falls, Minnesota and spun quite a yarn. Trouble is those Minnesota yokels found out about his fairy tale. The rural-big city divide found the truth tellers from the country exposing the big city reporter who has lost his job. There really aren't a lot of cryptic Nazis in Fergus Falls but there is a William Tell-like resistance to tyrants and liars.

APOLLO 8 AT 50: This Christmas marks the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Apollo 8 mission - the first time man orbited the moon. When three American men made the journey, they brought their Bibles with them and delivered a Christmas message the world would not have heard had the Soviets beat us there first.


ISIS IS GONE - TIME TO GO HOMEThe US is in Syria to help Israel against Iran. Time to leave? 
UNITED ARAB EMIRATESExcellent review of UAE and their young ruler MbZ who is a serious influence on Saudi MbS. The UAE is aggressively pro-monarchy, anti-populist, and anti-Muslim Brotherhood. They see Qatar and Al Jazeera as an enemy.

MORE LITTLE WARS TV: The guys from Little Wars TV teach us this week about little-known yet pivotal battle from the American Revolution at Princeton.

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Religion, Nations, and Geopolitics Review: Saturday December 15

By Dr. David Pence and A. Joseph Lynch

                                      Category Confusion and American Incoherence
                                                                                   on race & sex... 
A black male athlete(Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, Heisman trophy winner as best college football player in 2018) and a black male pop star(Comedian Kevin Hart forced out as host for Oscars) were shamed and derided by the gender ideology press police for past "homophobic" remarks. They performed Soviet style confessions in partial reparation.  At the heart of modern American culture is the category confusion that sexual distinctions and racial discrimination are birds of a feather. Sexual distinctions and the differentiation of public brotherly love (male groups) from private married love(male-female couples) is at the heart of Christian culture. Many words and expressions that maintain these forms of love as distinct from each other are today condemned as  "homophobic".  On the other hand, racial discrimination is our nation's original sin which we have shed much blood to expiate.  One set of distinctions is very good and the basis of sacral life. The other type of discrimination is very bad and should be discouraged. The university, media and corporation based diversity industry has this exactly backward as they accentuate "race" and obliterate gender.  No one has suffered from this confusion more than black men. The Christian goal of interracial brotherhood and shared citizenship has been bypassed by the white dominated feminist elite and the rich well connected homosexual media, performers, and clergymen who are their cultural allies. Two members of the white media, Stephen Colbert(saying President Trump was a mouth holster for Vladimir Putin) and Mika Brzezinski (saying Secretary of State Pompeo was "a butt boy" for The Saudi Crown Prince) are not suffering for their own much cruder much more recent remarks.  They both understood (and they were absolutely correct) that it is an insult of the highest order in the male honor code to accuse a male in authority of being on the receiving side of homosexual acts. Their vulgar points made, they did not apologize to the high status males but to the "LGBTQ community" they may have offended. The black guys who got thrown under the social approval bus used the word "queer" (odd or strange) instead of "gay"(carefree or joyful) to describe homosexual males. Young homosexual identifying males(15-24) have suicide rates 4-7 times heterosexual males in the same age cohort. Accurate speech is banished when Category Confusion reigns.  

                                                                   ...on borders and citizenship.         
America's Catholic bishops are probably not the most reliable authorities about boundary issues. The Catholic Church demands Baptism before Communion to maintain the integrity of the Church's communal sacramental life. Unfortunately no Catholic prelate or Catholic civic leader has understood the same necessity for formal entrance into our communal life as a nation. None have argued for intact borders to protect US citizenship. They are betraying Catholic immigrants. The sooner we establish clear limits on intake we can address the more pressing problem of fully integrating the 11-20 million illegal immigrants who are here working and going to church with us. Every living organism from an Amoeba to a Nation must control both rate and type of entry into its interior life. This is called homeostasis in biology and is a requisite for life.
Pre-Trump immigrants came to our country with an unspoken approval by authorities. A certain number of them need to be jailed or deported. The great majority of them need to come into the light of full citizenship or legal residency. We cannot solve that problem until we drastically reduce the million a year legal immigrants and thousands of illegals who are diluting our confused national identity. We can't invite people into citizenship if we have no country and if we don't control our borders we will not have a country. Mexican President Santa Anna (1794-1876) saw that problem 150 years ago when he warned Mexicans their lax immigration laws would soon forfeit the State of Coahuila and Texas if they allowed unlimited English speaking, Protestant worshipping, sometimes slave-holding immigrants into their northernmost state. No doubt if President Trump quoted his Mexican forerunner, the whole exercise in historical analogy would be twisted into some act of racism. Since our own interracial credentials are well established, we are glad to provide this historical service at AOA. (One Catholic bishop who has written eloquently about  immigration as a spiritual question of citizenship is Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles).


FRANCIS AND HOMOSEXUALS IN THE CLERGY: Pope Francis and the Gay Mentality influencing the Church. The Pope has never been the gay advocate his US media detractors have painted. Fr. James Martin has been very clever and devious acting as if he is the pope's man on these questions. The Catholic Thing, the Catholic World Report, and Crisis magazine as well as the EWTN World Over Papal Lynch Mob have been obtusely dense about the pope's clear teaching on homosexuality as an intrinsic disorder and homosexual acts as sinful. The cowardice and negligence of American Catholic journalists to expose the homosexual networks in their own dioceses (only Michael Voris has done his local journalistic duty) while disparaging Pope Francis at every turn causes great confusion among American Catholics who look to them for Catholic news.

AUTHENTIC SYNODALITYSynods real and imagined - Adam Deville, a man who has studied the East.

THE COUNCIL OF NINE SHRINKS AGAIN: The C9 - and now there are six. The Council of Nine Pope Francis has used as his ruling and reform body lost some members after all had finished their first five year terms. Pope Francis wrote to Pell of Australia, Pasinya of the Congo, and Errazuris of Chile in late October thanking them for their service no longer required. Pell has apparently been found guilty in Australia and Errazuris is under heavy suspicion in Chile. "Given the phase of the Council's work, no new appointments are expected at present."

RELIGIOUS DEMOGRAPHICS OF ARGENTINAArgentina and inter-religious Dialogue. 400,000 Muslims;  200,000 Jews; 15% evangelical; Most others Catholic, 44 million people.

LOSING PROPERTYThe Looting of Catholic Property - how old feminists in religious orders are cashing in Church property. Looks like the Protestant Reformation land grab.

NICARAGUAOrtega and his regime lean on Churches treating the wounded - death threats to bishops and vicar generals have muting effects.


YEMENSenate speaks clearly on Yemen - their best resolution in several years.

ENERGY DISCOVERYTexas Energy Find - Real News that will supply seven seven years of all US fuel..

TUCKER CARLSON INTERVIEWTucker Carlson interview with German magazine. From the interview with 49 y/o Fox TV commentator. Every night 2.8 million viewers watch his show. 3.2 million watch Sean Hannity. The three major networks ABC, NBC, CBS in May 2018 had 8 million, 7.5 million, and 5.5 million nightly news viewers. CNN has about a million prime time viewers. Carlson on personal success, revolution in America, and nation states:
What is your key of success?
The key is to not go crazy. 
How do you stay sane?
I worry about it a lot and I self-consciously try not to go crazy. I spend the morning at home with my wife, usually in bed drinking coffee. 
Not reading news?
No, no, no. I wake up at 7:30. My wife brings me a cup of coffee. She gets back in bed. She takes the dogs out and we sit and we talk for two hours.
{Carlson interestingly does not mention his four children. His home was recently attacked by left wing opponents and he is not advertising}  
You have two dogs?
Yes. Two dogs. They sleep on the bed. Two Spaniels. Great dogs, Meg and Dave. I sit and I keep my world small. I don't go anywhere. My brother lives two blocks away. My high school roommate lives three blocks away.
I had lunch today with my father as I do every week, the same club we've been eating lunch at every week since 1985. Yes, I just keep it small and keep normal people around me.

How close to a revolution is your country?
By revolution, let me be clear, I don't think that we're anywhere near an outbreak of civil war, armed violence between two sides for a bunch of different reasons... Testosterone levels are so low and marijuana use is so high that I think the population is probably too ... What you don't have, prerequisite fall revolution, violent revolution, is a large group of young people who are comfortable with violence and we don't have that.

Do you think Europe is going to be able to get in control of migration? We have 28 countries in the EU. And Switzerland is not a member?
So smart, so smart... You know why? Because they're mountain people. Love them. You know why? Because they're suspicious, that's what I like about them. [laughter] The EU has been doomed since the first day because it's inconsistent with human nature. The reason we have nation states is because people wanted them, it's organic. A nation-state is just a larger tribe and it's organized along lines that make sense. They evolved over thousands of years. To ignore it and destroy it because you think that you've got a better idea, is insane!
ANTI-SEMITIC WOMEN'S MARCHWomen's March against Trump - No Jews need Apply.


FAILING DEMOCRACYDemocracy in the world - Nations don't need it if it looks like us. No journalist is more adroit at bringing the map of the world and lessons of history to his writing than Pat Buchanan. He was drummed out of the respectable foreign policy conversation by the neo-conservatives who ran the Republican party foreign policy after George Bush senior and James Baker were set aside as well. That's why the "respectable foreign policy discussion" ends up allying with the world's most murderous monarchy in the name of defending "the West and our democratic values." Any honest discussion of the role of Israel in all of this leads to a shunning - the fate of both Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Patrick J. Buchanan.

FRENCH UNRESTThe Revolt in France is the Provinces against the eco-globalist-cities. It shows there is lots of fuel for a fire.  If there was good leadership, there is lots of fuel for a nationalist renewal.

THE TECH WAR ESCALATESChinese tech executive arrested in Canada. She is the daughter of the company's founder. Her crime is lying about efforts to dodge U.S. sanctions against Iran. This is a radical tightening of Iranian sanctions as well as an escalation of tech wars between the U.S. and China. If the new battlefield is cyber space  a missile against a Chinese citizen has been fired by the U.S. Why Huawei? by Al Jazeera-the network from Qatar - a good source. Will the Chinese  dominate the 5G (Fifth Generation of cellular technology) market? The Five Eyes(the great white intelligence alliance) are together again at targeting Chinese technology dominance. Listen especially to Andrew Leung of Hong Kong. China is a nation too. Can this arrest be defended by any serious nationalist? If we boycott a nation do we think other nations must follow us? Something seems very mixed up about this whole affair. UK gets a concession from Huawei.    Profile of Meng Wanzhou: 46 y/o mother of four. Seven passports. Two homes in Vancouver. Billionaire father is founder of Huawei so her storybook rise from receptionist to CFO is a bit more "nuanced." Her tie to her father was not widely known since she had changed her name to Mother's name at age sixteen. (Her mother was her father's first wife.)

CRIMINALS OR COMBATANTS? In 1993, A Pakistani killed several CIA members in Virginia and escaped to Pakistan. He was hidden in Afghanistan, captured by the US four years later, returned to Virginia, convicted of murder and died of lethal injection in November 2002. He was tried in state courts instead of federal courts because Virginia had the death penalty for the crime he would be charged with. George Tenet was CIA director. The model of terrorists as rogue individuals committing crimes not acts of war has been deeply in place and in error from the beginning.

SALAFIST QUIETISTSA new strategy of the deadly religious ideology.

DECLINE OF MODI? Hindu nationalists lose three states in India - the first sign of Modi weakness.

VIRTUE OF NATIONALISM - A REVIEWSam Goldman of Modern Age reviews Yoram Hazony Virtue of Nationalism. He is one reviewer who thinks to report that Hazony learned his nationalism at his father's knee. Aeneas the founder of a city that spawned an empire would approve.


PSYCHOLOGY, THE SOUL, AND GODHow Psychology is rediscovering  God.  It always seemed that men who didn't believe in the soul shouldn't be in charge of teaching "psychology - the study of the soul." This professor teaches us that in the 19th century, the American educators were actually studying the workings of mind, emotion, and behavior trusting there is a God and a human soul as well.

THE LAST GENTLEMANJordan Peterson - a psychologist who believes in the inner life.

SOLZHENITSYN AT 100Solzhenitsyn's 100 birthday - a short  reflection.

LITTLE WARS:{Repeated from last week because we believe this type of learning is going to play some central role in our efforts at Men and Maps and AOA.} Military wargames came into wider use after they were used by the Prussians to pre-plan and simulate the 19th century wars of German unification. Many wargames used by militaries were extremely complicated. In this short video on the modern history of wargames, the presenter explains the importance of author H.G. Wells, the Grandfather of Wargames, who created ways to simply the games and expand their use to a much broader audience. Wargames can be excellent tools for teaching and engaging history. Learn a military lesson from the men of Little Wars TV by watching their video on wargaming the Battle of Antietam which marked the bloodiest day in American history (bonus: Little Wars TV video battlefield tour).

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitics Review: Saturday December 8

By Dr. David Pence and A. Joseph Lynch


POPE FRANCIS SPEAKSHomosexuality in the Priesthood - the Pope is speaking. Who will listen and gather round him to impress this as the central impediment to reform? Remember that Cardinal Roger Mahoney used his time at the USCCB conference in Baltimore (November 2018) to push for deeper affectivity among bishops. It is all about affectivity and brotherly love - that is for sure. Pope Francis' answer to homosexual affectivity in the priesthood or religious life? "Not that kind of affection!"  Every manly American bishop and priest should answer the thoroughly corrupt Roger Mahoney the same retort. We need fraternal affectivity, Roger, but NOT YOUR KIND OF AFFECTIVITY.  Christianity is a movement to restore man to the Father by building a public brotherhood of fathers in the Apostolic Church and among the territorial nations. The mission of the Apostles and the duty of bishops today will be the theme of the January retreat of the American bishops. That is exactly what they should be praying about and discussing with each other.
"Rise up o Men of God, 
His kingdom tarries long, 
Bring in the day of brotherhood, 
and end  the night of wrong."

PROMOTERS OF JUSTICE AND LAYMEN DIGGING DEEP: Investigations of the homosexual corruption among Bishops and priests in America is best done by fellow Americans. Bishops interested in reform should appoint promoters of justice who will work with various independent investigators and other promoters to produce serious reports about the corruption in both local presbyteries and national/regional networks. This video by Michael Voris showing the historical roles of John Reardon of Detroit, Joseph Bernadine of Chicago, and Theodore McCarrick of Washington DC is a very good start to the kind of historical understanding that must inform local investigations. This short ten minute video is a prime example of why serious investigations around the world  must be done by local laymen, priests and bishops. The locals know the local graveyards best.

Rome is necessary to laicize and punish but each diocese and conference must prepare the dossiers of the individuals and networks who have to be removed. Local bishops can suspend and shame.  Local juntas of laymen and priests can begin investigations to aid the still unappointed promoters every diocese needs. The promoters of justice and their staffs should watch movies about cleaning out corrupt police departments and national spy agencies finding traitors within. They will be good training films.

MODERNIST REVOLUTIONARIES TURN ON FRANCISAmerica Magazine and James Martin misread the pope and then dismiss him because he is not a psychologist. It is time for the conservative Catholic media to circle the pope and AMPLIFY his remarks. For those of us who have never dismissed the Pope, these comments are very consistent with what he has taught in all his major writings on sexual identity as part of the created order. He has always treated gender ideology as an imposition of colonialism and an anti-ecological approach to God's gift of creation. That is not the language of American conservative Catholic capitalists but it is the way our Pope from the South explains what we all know is the fundamental teaching of the Church on sexual order and sexual abominations.

FRANCIS IN THE MIDEAST: Pope Francis will visit UAE in February as the first pope to visit the Arabian peninsula. Fraternity and Brotherhood is the theme.


PRESIDENT GEORGE H.W. BUSH (1924-2018), RIP: President Bush grew up in a culture when the elites were still nationalists and the sons of the elite were expected to join all the males of the nation in military service. George Bush was a patriot and a statesmen. He and his lifelong friend James Baker brilliantly continued the American Russian peace making foreign policy that led to the reunification of Germany. They were opposed by Margaret Thatcher and the Brits. They were creating a new world order based on peace between the great nations who had been allies in WWII and then enemies during the Cold War.  He had been ambassador to China and was opposed to the "Contain China" crowd. He and Baker were committed to ending the old alignments and making strong relationships with Russia and China. The baby boomers who followed them never understood the new relationships among nation states that was necessary to replace the bipolar world of the West vs Soviet Union/ Communist China bloc.

A generational leader Bill Clinton and a fiscal conservative Texan Russ Perot who warned of "a great sucking noise" ( jobs being lost to Mexico and poorer countries) made Bush a one-term President. We are all the poorer for that. His grandson George Bush wrote this: "Finally, my grandfather was thankful for his God. Gampy once said: "God is good, but his love has a cost: We must be good to one another." It was his faith and his love for others that drove him, that fulfilled him, and that led him to a calling in public life." 
Father and son. Two presidentsBeautiful eulogy by his eldest son.

MORE EULOGIES"We are here in the House of the Lord..." James Baker eulogy in the Houston church. Historian Jon Meacham eloquent, humorous, patriotic and penetrating opening eulogy. The Catholic biographer knew the heart and soul of his Episcopalian subject. It is striking how different funerals are when we bury a man who prayed and believed. Senator Allan Simpson talk was also very funny and instructive. He ended with a pointed practical instruction by a statesman and a believer. Pat Buchanan on the world George Bush left behind and the baby boomer presidents who sat by President Trump at the funeral.  Gorbachev remembers real Russian collusion. 

 Reba McEntire sang the Our Father. The priest anointed the body in a flag draped coffin. The brown skinned grandchildren said their prayers for the patriarch. Funerals are meant to stop us from the everyday to reflect on the whole. What a gift to us all from President Bush and those who loved him.  

ELIZABETH WARREN - A PROFILE: A very interesting profile of Elizabeth Warren who actually made her way to political office by understanding and talking about the very real debt problem facing young two income families in the US. She became "famous" because of an appearance on the  Dr Phil TV show.  The problem of "family formation" is one that Steve Bannon and Tucker Carlson talk about as well. They should have a friendly discussion with Senator Warren.   This article gave me a very different view of the Oklahoman from Massachusetts.


FRANCE, CATHOLICS, THE RIGHT, AND THE NATIONA very encouraging article about how deep the French are thinking about the globalist troubles that surround us. There is something brewing in the Church's eldest daughter. American patriots can learn from the French again. From the New York Review of Books Article about the communal Catholic strand in the French Right by Mark Lilla. (The Lilla link leads to his web page and a terrific interview with a very well informed articulate German woman interviewer.) Lilla is America's most articulate liberal defender of the national identity of citizenship over the clientele identities of smaller grievance groups. Listen to the whole interview. At the very end, his discussion of symbols, civic memory, the blood of patriots and a national loyalty of the heart (not just constitutional rationality) is quite missing from the academy and media where he somehow still survives. Here is his own religious biography up to 2005.

From the article on France:
"Continental conservatism going back to the nineteenth century has always rested on an organic conception of society. It sees Europe as a single Christian civilization composed of different nations with distinct languages and customs. These nations are composed of families, which are organisms, too, with differing but complementary roles and duties for mothers, fathers, and children. On this view, the fundamental task of society is to transmit knowledge, morality, and culture to future generations, perpetuating the life of the civilizational organism. It is not to serve an agglomeration of autonomous individuals bearing rights.

Marion Maréchal used to be difficult to place ideologically. She was more socially conservative than the National Front leadership but more neoliberal in economics. That’s changed. In her speech at CPAC she spoke in culture war terms, giving La Manifas (a 300,000 people protest against changing the nature of marriage)  an example of the readiness of young French conservatives to “take back their country.” And she described their aims in the language of social organicism:

"Without the nation, without the family, without the limits of the common good, natural law and collective morality disappear as the reign of egoism continues. Today even children have become merchandise. We hear in public debates that we have the right to order a child from a catalogue, we have the right to rent a woman’s womb…. Is this the freedom that we want? No. We don’t want this atomized world of individuals without gender, without fathers, without mothers, and without nation."

If all French eyes are not on Marion, they should be. Marion is not her grandfather, though within the soap-operatic Le Pen family she defends him. Nor is she her aunt (Marine Le Penn), who is crude and corrupt, and whose efforts to put new lipstick on the family party have failed."
EMERGENCE OF NATIONSNations out of Empires. One of the better descriptions of the different nations emerging from WWI. The author describes himself as "a lifelong student of presidents, history, and sports." 

THE YOUNG AUSTRIAN NATIONALIST-POLITICIANSebastian Kurz and Austria. Sebastian Kurtz and Catholicism. Kurz was born in 1986. He is the youngest head of government in the world. He was elected Austrian chancellor in December 2017. Austria has 8.7 million people (1/10 of Germany). 90% speak German but they are a nation of their own. 75% are Catholic. The next largest ethnic group are Turkish. When he was Austrian foreign minister, Kurtz added the duties of "Social Integration" to his office. Like Orban of Hungary, Kurz sees the Christian Europe of Nations as an alternative culture to the European bureaucracy of autonomous individuals. There was a famous movie about an Austrian nationalist who stood against the Anschluss of the Germanic Reich. He sang this love song to Austria just before his family  escaped the oncoming Nazis who were destroying national borders in the name of racial empire.

SAUDIS AND CHINESE IN HORN OF AFRICAThe role of Ethiopia. 105 million people 63% Christian/33% Muslim. The one nation of Africa whose nationhood did not spring from colonialism. The second largest army in Africa. A new Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed - openings to democracy may unleash mobs as likely as republics.

SUDANESE IN YEMEN: Saudi Princes get the black guys to kill the Shiites; the role of Sudan in the war on Yemen. 

PRESSURE ON THE SAUDIS: Muhammed bin Salman is now toxic to a longtime Saudi apologist - Lindsey Graham. Since President Trump has embraced MbS, the Democrats are suddenly in lock step against him and the war in Yemen. That is all to the good. The creative nationalism President Trump has brought to American foreign policy is being turned against our participation in wars in Yemen and Afghanistan. Right now there is one Achilles heel and it is our support for MbS and the Saudis. Whatever path it takes to break this alliance so we can look at what really has happened to us over the last 20 years will be well worth it. The Ambassador from Saudi Arabia is not much help in this crisis (Bruce Reidel on The Crown Prince's tough diplomatic task. His brother is not a lot of help here in US.). Senators, Money, and Saudi Laundering. There are long time Saudi apologists turning against the war in Yemen and MbS. That is a good start but not enough. Senators who have not examined the relationship of Saudi Arabia to Salafism and Sunni terrorism  may pose as great foes of MbS. Good enough. But the deeper question is why we support Wahhabi Islam's favorite cover state. This has made our Mideast strategy incoherent for two decades.


SPANISH NATIONALIST PARTYThe strongest  showing yet  for a party dedicated to strong national identity against regional autonomy movements, an end to laws imposing radical feminism, a stricter regulation of immigration, a return of Gibraltar from the Brits, and a celebration of bull fighting and hunting.

INDIA: A civilization for sure, but is it a nation? This article does not address that but it does remind us of the cultural ways the other Asian giant may be a more significant force in the future than the narrow calculations of mercantilists now measure.

GOOGLE FRIENDSHIPThe friendship that made Google huge. A great article about two men, coding, search engines, and why two heads are often better than one.

PRESIDENT JACKSON: Andrew Jackson, standing armies, and citizen militias.

LITTLE WARS TV: The Germans invented wargames in the 19th century to help think though battles and campaigns before they were fought. In 1913 H.G. Wells wrote a book of war game rules, Little Wars, for civilian gentlemen to war game for education and recreation. A modern day group of men, many of whom are veterans, created a very educational YouTube channel, aptly called Little Wars TV, dedicated to teaching history through war games. Here is their short introduction to war games. And in this video, the men recreate the part of the modern day Battle of Fallujah (a battle in which some of the players took part). While giving a serious reflection on their combat and discussing the issue of creating an educational game replaying a battle that living veterans have fought, the channel keeps each battle simulation light-hearted with the losing team suffering some playful humiliation (in the above video they had to eat an MRE from 2004).

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitics Review: Saturday December 1

By Dr. David Pence and A. Joseph Lynch


         "No place for that kind of affection."        A fuller set of answers from new book interview.

DEATH OF BISHOP MORLINO: Bishop Robert Morlino of Madison Wisconsin died of a heart attack this week. Here is a priest reading an August 18 letter from Morlino to his diocese about the abuse crisis. It is a bracing letter. RIP.

CLERICALISM AND SODOMYA chilling historical narrative by a priest from Florida.

HONDURAS: The caravan to the US began in Honduras. Where are the nation's fathers? Where are the authorities to care for the people fleeing their country? There are 9.5 million Hondurans. Half are Catholic; 35% Protestant. The people flee when the civic and religious leaders have failed. Here's what some of the highest Catholic clerics have been up to.

Every diocese and every national conference needs a purging. There can be no purging unless there is serious investigation. Serious investigation does not need Rome except in the serious investigation of Rome. In fulfilling this investigative and reporting duty, we must salute the work of Michael Voris and his group at Catholic Militant. Every diocese needs a similar serious investigative group without the breathless visual reporting. First make a dossier--the forum for its best publication is not always weekly public consumption.
American Catholics should first live the joy of the gospel and carry on our communal life of worship, ordered love, useful work and acts of mercy. At the same time fraternities of laymen, priests and bishops should communicate and gather to name the traitors in our midst. This must happen at the local level first. The New York and Washington Catholic media elite should spend  their time exposing the huge homosexual networks in those two dioceses and quit tearing down the Holy Father.
Kill the Father, Pope Francis should resign, Impeach President Trump! These cries come from the demonic sexual confusion set against the patriarchy of God, the apostolic fraternity of the priestly Church and the masculine character of civic rule. The Pope says there is a Satanic element in the desire to destroy the fraternity of the bishops with the Pope. He says the Accuser wants to expose the faults and failures of bishops (including the Bishop of Rome) to tear down the whole structure. That is absolutely true. It does not mean  bishops should never be exposed, removed and condemned. The Catholic right yells, "He is calling Vigano the devil." Vigano's overreach in calling for Pope Francis to resign was a deceptive distraction from the letter's far more important exposures of evil. Maybe the Evil One can stain even a truthful letter and the self serving pride of Vigano was a portal of entry.
 The Vatican should have shut down the American bishops's lame attempt at new procedures.  It is not going to be a lay committee who will reform the church. It is going to be bishops truly speaking personally and directly to the traitors among their local bodies.  There was a tiny tiny hint of that at the last Bishop's meeting. A lot more honest accusations are needed and soon.  Let's hold on the new "policies". Patriarchal fraternity is the Apostolic form Christ laid as the foundation stones of His Church. A renewal of that male public form of fatherly and fraternal love will reform the priesthood.  It will be a reformed synod of bishops with the pope. It will be a presbyteral synod of priests with a bishop. It will be a few monks and a new abbot in a monastery. It will be a household or province of reformed Jesuits or reformed Dominicans calling out others those depraved orders. It will be brotherhoods of laymen and priests telling the truth and building the bonds of brotherhood which are the antidote to homosexual cliques and clericalism. These public brotherhoods are the path and the model toward a reformed  apostolic priesthood which remains the icon of the Father's love for the Son and the template for the nations.
Catholic men avoid building Catholic brotherhood in our own parishes and dioceses because it takes commitment and will surely lead to conflict. It is much easier to play the Wizard of Oz in the world of TV, You Tube,  and blogs. It is easier to decry the Father in Rome than gather men face to face to investigate and then confront local priests and the local bishop.  It is not obvious how to light up  the homosexual dens masquerading as religious orders in one's own county. But it must be done and not by the Pope.  Let us fast and pray for courage. Let us light a thousand local fires and pull back the rifles aimed at Pope Francis.



MIDEAST CONFERENCEVery good discussion on Mideast at conference sponsored by The American Conservative telling the difference between friends and enemies. They seem clueless on religion but many of the participants know the area they are covering very well, especially Joshua Landis on Syria and the Iraqi expert, Abbas Kadhim from Johns Hopkins.

PEACE TALKS IN AFGHANISTANAfghan government and Taliban begin talks. This could be the beginning of the end.

FIGHTING CONTINUES IN SYRIAStaying in Syria to fight Iran. A nationalist foreign policy would treat Syria as a nation with the right to make its own allies. Loving one's country leads to one set of policies. Hating some other country leads to another. We have adopted the shared hatreds of Saudi Arabia and Israel for Iran. This is the neocon policy that Jeb Bush, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Lindsey Graham, and John McCain all have advocated. President Trump is more bold and forthright than them. He is no less horribly wrong. Where is the anti-war Left when you need them?

SAUDI HISTORY: Caspian Report on History and Nature of Saudi Arabia. They do these kind of presentations very well. A good introduction to understand the country. Less than half an hour. The showdown with Saudis will be over Yemen. That is the right first objective. A senate resolution to defund the war.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICEAmerican soldiers look at "thank you for your service" and the militarization of American foreign policy. Also conscription, volunteer army, and the loss of a republican notion of the citizen soldier. A terrific discussion from needed voices. It would be great if Fox News would use some of these guys instead of Canadian, Australian, and British "conservatives" and in laws from the Weekly Standard to generate serious American commentary.

WOMEN IN COMBATGeneral Stanley McChrystal is against Robert E Lee and for women in combat. A lot of crew cut veterans are going to become gender warriors as they try to get the Democratic nomination for President.

BRITISH COLLUSIONWhy British intelligence is so against a release of documents in Trump collusion matters. They will show deep collusion of British and Australian intelligence in Trump dossier. Brennan helped because he hated Trump. The Brits helped and led in many ways because they do not want a US-Russia alliance which would downgrade their role in the world. It is very hard for conservative media to understand white Anglo speaking "allies" can be enemies to our nation.. It took a real American nationalist like Donald Trump to expose the rift between the interests of the British Empire and the American nation.


MEDIA COVERS NATIONALISMPowerline discovers Nationalism. Great! A talk by Israel's greatest public intellectual - Yoram Hazony, author of The Virtue of Nationalism. Hazony is unlike most public Jewish intellectuals in America. Hazony believes in a living God and worships Him. He not only thinks and writes. He prays. His thinking is a fruit of his ongoing submissive posture toward G-d and his careful reading of Providence in history. The talk is excellent and the questions from Yale students are very impressive revealing even more about Hazony's project. The last question he fields is on God and nationalism. He contrasts empiricism, Protestantism, and nationalism vs. the universalizing rationalism of the Enlightenment. Stay for it all. Another short talk by Hazony to a Jewish think group: God, Nationalism, Conservatism, Judaism.

A FRENCH NATIONALISTCharles DeGaulle and the Nation.

A HUNGARIAN NATIONALISTProfile of Viktor Orban of Hungary. There is no-one in Europe as clear as the Hungarian leader that Communism and Secular Liberal Democracy are fruits of the same Enlightenment tree. Christianity, nations, and marriage are the forms that cultivate the sacred bonds which elevate human life as a participation in a sacred order. Orban loves Christian Europe as a Europe of nations. He considers liberal democracy an enemy of the higher goods and advocates Christian democracy (or "illiberal democracy"). The "disenchanted cradle of western modernity" has given us spirituality without religion, fluid genders, and open borders. Christianity develops through a culture of patriarchal religion, territorial nations, and monogamous heterosexual marriages. One is formless and leaves us with autonomous individuals. One has forms which prepares us for the sacred bonds which lead to Everlasting Life. 

ISRAELI SJW'SDavid Goldman on the replacement of Judaism with Social Justice warriors. A brilliant faithful analysis culminating in the nation of Israel as the paradigm of a sacred covenant under God.

THE KERCH STRAIT: Democratic loving peaceful Ukraine against Russian thugs? Maybe Not. Russia considers the Kerch Strait to be inside territorial Russia. They expect any ship passing through to apply for permission. For them this was like an attack on Crimea proper. For   Ukraine both Crimea and the waters off its coast are part of Ukraine. A deliberate provocation before an election the present president was losing. The US media can't be troubled by details. They have an explanation. "Putin is like Trump. He is a bully." No more story needed. Pat Buchanan has a little more historical approach asking Why should the US fight for Kerch?


SACRED KINGSHIP: A Chicago lecture on the sacral nature of kingship by Francis Oakley. Legitimate political leadership must maintain the body politic in harmony with the Cosmic Order.

CONTROLLING INSTITUTIONS: Cultural traditionalists can win the baby war but if we don't control socializing institutions like media and schools, the atheistic moderns will beat us through our own children coming of age.

DEGENERACY IN HIGH PLACESJeffrey Epstein and Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta story by Miami Herald. Sexual degeneracy in very high places - let's make a deal.

CASUALTIES OF THE SEXUAL REVOLUTIONLast Tango in Paris(1972). What happens to women who participate in real or simulated sex scenes on camera? Does it damage them in a far more substantial and lasting way than male counterparts? The firing of David Edelstein as film critic for his "butter joke " on the death of Bernardo Bertolucci reminds us of the rape screen in Last Tango which was added to the script and foisted on the 19 y/o actress Maria Schneider by 48 y/o Marlon Brando and Director Bertolucci. There was not "real penetration" but the scene was filmed and shown to the world. Bertolucci wanted authentic fear and tears from his actress so he didn't tell her what Brando was going to do to her in that scene. Her tears and terror were real. Her humiliation was real. Her subsequent acting and moral life was in shambles. A lot of very hip people think Last Tango in Paris was "an important movie." This is not a "me too" moment but a time to reflect on the horrible consequences of the sexual revolution which unveiled what is meant to be covered and sacred. 

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitics Review: Saturday, November 24


Fact: The New York Archdiocese Commission that uncovered the abuse of a minor by Theodore McCarrick offered financial compensation to victims in exchange for a promise they would not sue the Archdiocese.

                                                                 THE US BISHOPS 
                                                        AWAITING THE MACCABEES
They sold the young boys for harlots. exchanging a young girl for the wine they drank... Announce this to the nations. Proclaim a holy war! Alert the warriors! Let all the soldiers report and march. Beat your plow shares into spears and your pruning knives into spears. Let the weakling boast, "I am a warrior."   Joel 4:

Cardinal Vigano was right about the infestation of the Vatican with a homosexual subculture but he was very wrong about the influence of Theodore McCarrick on Pope Francis.  However the influence of Donald Wuerl and Blaise Cupich on the Pope  is undeniable and pernicious. They are his most trusted American advisors. One significant contribution American laymen and priests could give the Church and Pope is to make a serious case against both of these men.  The evil of these men has not been properly and definitively exposed. That has not been done yet.

On the diocesan level, each Bishop should appoint a cleric as promoter of justice in his diocese. He can use lay and private investigator techniques as well as direct interviews and chancery records to assess the worthiness of every priest in his diocese to offer Mass and remain a priest. Any priest who has committed pedophilia(sex with a minor under 18)  or incest(sexual relations with a family member) or sodomy(sexual relations with a male of any age with or without consent) should be barred from any priestly sacramental acts. Procedures should then be initiated for laicization and loss of any benefits or privileges of the priestly office. The initial act of authority is a duty of the local bishop--not a lay committee and not the Pope. The higher authorities are needed to formalize laicization.
(Pedophilia, Incest and Sodomy should be clearly delineated in Canon Law as " by the act separation offenses" (graviora delicta) against sacred orders. These desecrations of the fatherhood, filiation and fraternity of the Apostolic Priesthood are more profound trespasses than the current misguided approach of classifying  these depravities as individual failures in "keeping the sixth commandment". That formulation is a serious "category error."

Pope Francis is urging retreats and face to face encounters among bishops so a truth telling separation can occur between the Petrine apostolic priests who have failed but are reforming themselves vs the Judas priests who have defiled the sacred bond and must be expelled. There can be no integral apostolic fraternity until there is a violent separation and exorcism of the many evil clerics. To avoid these acts of separation and punishment in the name of priestly unity and affection is an evil form of clericalism which must be rooted out.
The bishops do not owe abuse victims sympathy or a role in decision making. They owe them a purified priesthood. This will take courage and acts of authority; not sympathy and acts of service. The February worldwide meeting of bishops needs a template of bishops in some nation calling each other out by name. The 197 US dioceses and 2900 worldwide dioceses need an example of a bishop who starts cleansing the priesthood of his local church. The February worldwide bishops' meeting is not coming too late because "the Vatican has no sense of urgency." It may be coming too early because no Donald Trump Bishop has yet found his voice nor has a Philippine like diocese found Duterte's punitive sword.
Our bishops are still having difficulty accusing one another by name--starting with Rembert Weakland. Not a one was brave enough to confront Cardinal Levada or Cardinal  Mahoney face to face when they dared to speak at the Baltimore Conference in November, 2018. Not a single bishop  was sharp enough to ask Cardinal Cupich who was winking at  "sexual acts by consensual adults" if that is his euphemism for sodomy. His fellow bishops were not agile  enough to use his speech as a signal to declare adult consensual sodomy by a cleric as an act that forever separates a man from the holy act of consecration. (Cupich removed a famous Latin Mass priest in Chicago for just that sin).  Cardinal Cupich should be asked  how many Chicago priests have desacralized the collar and altar by committing sodomy since they have been ordained. It is a big number in Chicago. It should have been a big issue in Baltimore. The Lord commanded the apostles to do as He had done after washing Judas from the group. Local bishops know the local offenders much better than the Pope or any committee he might appoint. Papal or Vatican authority is needed for laicization but investigation and ritual separation is part of the oversight duties of local bishops. Laymen should be feeding clerics with well documented dossiers on local Judas priests so that conversation among priests and bishops can begin in every diocese.

"When thy glorious disciples were enlightened by the washing of the feet before the supper, then the impious Judas was darkened. " Eastern Holy Thursday Liturgy

The Second Vatican Council was not a Council of the Laity. It was a Council about the Apostolic Church bringing the Word and Eucharist to the Modern World.  It was about the brotherhood of bishops as an Apostolic Church being a light to the nations. It was about the well formed sacramental priestly Church asserting itself in the middle of the 20th century to meet the Pentecostals of the South  full of the Spirit but in search of Confession and the Mass. The Council was a Council of Bishops in communion with the Bishop of Rome. It was an ecclesial act of masculine priestly authority in a world searching for meaning after centuries of war, revolution, and skepticism.
 In his diocese surrounded by his priests or in a synod accompanied by his fellow bishops, the main actor in rebinding humanity to Christ is the Bishop in apostolic fraternity. If a single bishop would grasp his apostolic identity and respond to the disgrace of priestly desacralization like Phineas or Mattathias Maccabee, both the sacral Eucharistic office of the bishop and the fruits of Vatican Two would be truly revealed. Pope Francis is pushing his Bishops to be men in face to face fraternity. This is the proper form of patriarchal fraternity-- not lay reform committees.  Pope Francis will be as surprised as we are when a few good men respond to his challenge.    A lot of "the first" will turn out  last.
Let us fast and pray that something new happens when the American Bishops go to pray together in January. By going to Chicago, they will be gathering at "the scene of the crime" for there was no cleric more central to the homosexual desacralization of the Catholic priesthood than Chicago's  Cardinal Joseph Bernadine(1928-1996).


CRIMINAL JUSTICE REFORM AND IMMIGRATION: Forget the suburban women, the new nationalists have to go into the inner city and get the males. A real beginning is criminal justice reform to reverse the disastrous Clinton triangulation scene. Next is insuring that citizens without college degrees can get a living wage doing manual labor. This can only happen by stopping the swamped market in labor created by porous borders.

BANNNON AT OXFORD UNIONSteve Bannon explains the 2008 bailout and the populist revolt - a perspective not often shared of America's "bailing out the elite." Presidents Bush and Obama are not sinister. They were over their heads. Both were pliant to winds much stronger than their own sailboats could ever manage.

TRUMP AND THE SAUDISPresident Trump on Saudi Arabia. The virtue of President Trump is the clarity with which he explains our policy. The tragedy is that he is continuing the incoherence of supporting the Kingdom which is the protector of the Salafist Sunni leaders who are responsible for terrorist jihadism. President Trump once advocated closing our borders to Muslims "until our representatives figure out what the hell is going on." We have not yet figured that out and President Trump has allied himself with the religious movement that beheaded Christian men on the shore of the Mediterranean and killed 3,000 of our own on 9-11-2001. Israel has no interest in our understanding this more clearly because they want us in an alliance against Iran. President Trump is carrying out the logic of the foreign policy establishment that President Obama resisted. This is a huge strategic blunder about foreign policy which calls for a correction by the Senate. Instead there is an obsession with investigating the person of the President and threatening impeachment by the House. Our attention is misdirected; our allies and enemies are confused.   See more below on MbS and the murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

THANKSGIVING DAY WAS ON NOVEMBER 22: Here is how Woodrow Wilson consecrated the day in 1918:
“Wherefore, I, Woodrow Wilson, President of the United States of America, do hereby designate Thursday, the twenty-eighth day of November, next, as a day of thanksgiving and prayer, and invite the people throughout the land to cease upon that day from their ordinary occupations, and in their several homes and places of worship to render thanks to God, the ruler of nations.
Don't call it "Turkey Day"Remembering John Kennedy - our religious countryman when liberals could still be masculine.


RUSSIA'S JOURNEYFrom Orthodoxy to Atheism, back to Orthodoxy.

US AND CHINA IN EAST ASIAChina and US naval dominance East Asia.

NATIONAL FINANCESMoney, Currency, Gold Silver and Nations. A ten-part series: the secrets of money - a gold-centered introduction. A good way to start thinking about money and national currencies.

Khashoggi and MbS
There are very few leaders in the Mideast who think public life should not be organized around the religious culture of the dominant population. Israel has recently declared itself as  a Jewish nation.
Iran under Ayatollah Khomeini was trying to organize a larger Muslim ummah than the Iranian nation. The sobering war with Iraq and negotiations with multiple nations and civilizations while dealing with the enmity of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the US had driven subsequent Iranian leaders to understand Iran as Muslim but also a particular Shiite nation among the nations.  A central dispute between Sunni Muslims about the future of Mideast political organization has been a "republican" form of Islamic rule vs the monarchical principal. Muhammed bin Salman and Jamal Khashoggi were on different sides of this dispute. Qatar (TheWahhabis of the Sea) are on opposite sides of this dispute  with Saudi Arabia(The Wahhabis of the Land).  Al Jazeera, the most successful of all Arabic media empires, has reported favorably and honestly about mass movements against royal families or military dictators.  Shutting down that news outlet is a major demand of the Saudi led boycott against Qatar.  The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt was a good example of a mass organized movement of non Royalists who honestly won an election and then were overthrown(by the el Sisi military coup). The Saudis opposed the Brotherhood and financed the coup. Qatar media aired the grievances of the Brotherhood.
 The advocates of Sunni purification and monarchical rule are the Saudis and UAE. Egypt has joined them in an "anti populist" coalition of rulers. They have found Israel as an ally in their stance against Iran which supports most popular grass roots movements to restore Islamic rule. Many of the popular movements in Sunni majority countries  are more tolerant of the Shia populations than the Wahhabis and Saudi royal family. This is noted in countries with significant Shia minorities--Pakistan, Turkey, Afghanistan and Syria. None have joined the Saudi attack on Yemen's Shiites(the Houthis) or the blockade of Qatar.
Jamal Khashoggi was no "western liberal."  He believed in the Muslim revival without the excesses of MbS in Yemen, hatred of Shiites  and stoking war with Iran. He knew where a lot of bodies were buried. He favored popular movements and elections including the work of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Muhammed bin Salman (see Islam and Mideast section)saw him as a formidable ideological foe. If Khashoggi's death opens the American press and public to see the incoherence of our support for MbS and the Wahhabi front, his death will not be in vain. The greatest obstacle to such a reassessment is the temptation of the press to look at this only in terms of another chance to bash the unique perverseness of  Donald Trump. This will obscure two decades of failed policy, religious blindness and strategic incoherence. 


ATHEIST-HOMOSEXUAL HIJACKING: Why have American schools and the Democratic Party become so militantly homosexual and anti God? Profile of AFT head - Randi Weingarten. Born in 1957. Cornell University (BS) and Yeshiva University (JD). Considers herself very religious. President UFT 1998-2008.  AFT President-2008-. Came out as Lesbian 2007, partner psychotherapist Liz Margolies. Now with female rabbi, Sharon Kleinbaum. "Married" Mar 25, 2018.

Hillary Clinton and AFT Weingarten's  "Rabbi wife". 
Picture of Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer's daughter's wedding.

ABORTION DECLINEAbortion rates drop in US last decade. In 2005 20% of pregnancies in the US ended in abortion. In 2015 it was 15%. There were 320 million Americans in 2015. There were 640,000 abortions. Black babies were aborted 3.5 times the rate as white babies. Guttmacher Report.