Saturday, December 15, 2018

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitics Review: Saturday December 15

By Dr. David Pence and A. Joseph Lynch

                                      Category Confusion and American Incoherence
                                                                                   on race & sex... 
A black male athlete(Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, Heisman trophy winner as best college football player in 2018) and a black male pop star(Comedian Kevin Hart forced out as host for Oscars) were shamed and derided by the gender ideology press police for past "homophobic" remarks. They performed Soviet style confessions in partial reparation.  At the heart of modern American culture is the category confusion that sexual distinctions and racial discrimination are birds of a feather. Sexual distinctions and the differentiation of public brotherly love (male groups) from private married love(male-female couples) is at the heart of Christian culture. Many words and expressions that maintain these forms of love as distinct from each other are today condemned as  "homophobic".  On the other hand, racial discrimination is our nation's original sin which we have shed much blood to expiate.  One set of distinctions is very good and the basis of sacral life. The other type of discrimination is very bad and should be discouraged. The university, media and corporation based diversity industry has this exactly backward as they accentuate "race" and obliterate gender.  No one has suffered from this confusion more than black men. The Christian goal of interracial brotherhood and shared citizenship has been bypassed by the white dominated feminist elite and the rich well connected homosexual media, performers, and clergymen who are their cultural allies. Two members of the white media, Stephen Colbert(saying President Trump was a mouth holster for Vladimir Putin) and Mika Brzezinski (saying Secretary of State Pompeo was "a butt boy" for The Saudi Crown Prince) are not suffering for their own much cruder much more recent remarks.  They both understood (and they were absolutely correct) that it is an insult of the highest order in the male honor code to accuse a male in authority of being on the receiving side of homosexual acts. Their vulgar points made, they did not apologize to the high status males but to the "LGBTQ community" they may have offended. The black guys who got thrown under the social approval bus used the word "queer" (odd or strange) instead of "gay"(carefree or joyful) to describe homosexual males. Young homosexual identifying males(15-24) have suicide rates 4-7 times heterosexual males in the same age cohort. Accurate speech is banished when Category Confusion reigns.  

                                                                   ...on borders and citizenship.         
America's Catholic bishops are probably not the most reliable authorities about boundary issues. The Catholic Church demands Baptism before Communion to maintain the integrity of the Church's communal sacramental life. Unfortunately no Catholic prelate or Catholic civic leader has understood the same necessity for formal entrance into our communal life as a nation. None have argued for intact borders to protect US citizenship. They are betraying Catholic immigrants. The sooner we establish clear limits on intake we can address the more pressing problem of fully integrating the 11-20 million illegal immigrants who are here working and going to church with us. Every living organism from an Amoeba to a Nation must control both rate and type of entry into its interior life. This is called homeostasis in biology and is a requisite for life.
Pre-Trump immigrants came to our country with an unspoken approval by authorities. A certain number of them need to be jailed or deported. The great majority of them need to come into the light of full citizenship or legal residency. We cannot solve that problem until we drastically reduce the million a year legal immigrants and thousands of illegals who are diluting our confused national identity. We can't invite people into citizenship if we have no country and if we don't control our borders we will not have a country. Mexican President Santa Anna (1794-1876) saw that problem 150 years ago when he warned Mexicans their lax immigration laws would soon forfeit the State of Coahuila and Texas if they allowed unlimited English speaking, Protestant worshipping, sometimes slave-holding immigrants into their northernmost state. No doubt if President Trump quoted his Mexican forerunner, the whole exercise in historical analogy would be twisted into some act of racism. Since our own interracial credentials are well established, we are glad to provide this historical service at AOA. (One Catholic bishop who has written eloquently about  immigration as a spiritual question of citizenship is Archbishop Gomez of Los Angeles).


FRANCIS AND HOMOSEXUALS IN THE CLERGY: Pope Francis and the Gay Mentality influencing the Church. The Pope has never been the gay advocate his US media detractors have painted. Fr. James Martin has been very clever and devious acting as if he is the pope's man on these questions. The Catholic Thing, the Catholic World Report, and Crisis magazine as well as the EWTN World Over Papal Lynch Mob have been obtusely dense about the pope's clear teaching on homosexuality as an intrinsic disorder and homosexual acts as sinful. The cowardice and negligence of American Catholic journalists to expose the homosexual networks in their own dioceses (only Michael Voris has done his local journalistic duty) while disparaging Pope Francis at every turn causes great confusion among American Catholics who look to them for Catholic news.

AUTHENTIC SYNODALITYSynods real and imagined - Adam Deville, a man who has studied the East.

THE COUNCIL OF NINE SHRINKS AGAIN: The C9 - and now there are six. The Council of Nine Pope Francis has used as his ruling and reform body lost some members after all had finished their first five year terms. Pope Francis wrote to Pell of Australia, Pasinya of the Congo, and Errazuris of Chile in late October thanking them for their service no longer required. Pell has apparently been found guilty in Australia and Errazuris is under heavy suspicion in Chile. "Given the phase of the Council's work, no new appointments are expected at present."

RELIGIOUS DEMOGRAPHICS OF ARGENTINAArgentina and inter-religious Dialogue. 400,000 Muslims;  200,000 Jews; 15% evangelical; Most others Catholic, 44 million people.

LOSING PROPERTYThe Looting of Catholic Property - how old feminists in religious orders are cashing in Church property. Looks like the Protestant Reformation land grab.

NICARAGUAOrtega and his regime lean on Churches treating the wounded - death threats to bishops and vicar generals have muting effects.


YEMENSenate speaks clearly on Yemen - their best resolution in several years.

ENERGY DISCOVERYTexas Energy Find - Real News that will supply seven seven years of all US fuel..

TUCKER CARLSON INTERVIEWTucker Carlson interview with German magazine. From the interview with 49 y/o Fox TV commentator. Every night 2.8 million viewers watch his show. 3.2 million watch Sean Hannity. The three major networks ABC, NBC, CBS in May 2018 had 8 million, 7.5 million, and 5.5 million nightly news viewers. CNN has about a million prime time viewers. Carlson on personal success, revolution in America, and nation states:
What is your key of success?
The key is to not go crazy. 
How do you stay sane?
I worry about it a lot and I self-consciously try not to go crazy. I spend the morning at home with my wife, usually in bed drinking coffee. 
Not reading news?
No, no, no. I wake up at 7:30. My wife brings me a cup of coffee. She gets back in bed. She takes the dogs out and we sit and we talk for two hours.
{Carlson interestingly does not mention his four children. His home was recently attacked by left wing opponents and he is not advertising}  
You have two dogs?
Yes. Two dogs. They sleep on the bed. Two Spaniels. Great dogs, Meg and Dave. I sit and I keep my world small. I don't go anywhere. My brother lives two blocks away. My high school roommate lives three blocks away.
I had lunch today with my father as I do every week, the same club we've been eating lunch at every week since 1985. Yes, I just keep it small and keep normal people around me.

How close to a revolution is your country?
By revolution, let me be clear, I don't think that we're anywhere near an outbreak of civil war, armed violence between two sides for a bunch of different reasons... Testosterone levels are so low and marijuana use is so high that I think the population is probably too ... What you don't have, prerequisite fall revolution, violent revolution, is a large group of young people who are comfortable with violence and we don't have that.

Do you think Europe is going to be able to get in control of migration? We have 28 countries in the EU. And Switzerland is not a member?
So smart, so smart... You know why? Because they're mountain people. Love them. You know why? Because they're suspicious, that's what I like about them. [laughter] The EU has been doomed since the first day because it's inconsistent with human nature. The reason we have nation states is because people wanted them, it's organic. A nation-state is just a larger tribe and it's organized along lines that make sense. They evolved over thousands of years. To ignore it and destroy it because you think that you've got a better idea, is insane!
ANTI-SEMITIC WOMEN'S MARCHWomen's March against Trump - No Jews need Apply.


FAILING DEMOCRACYDemocracy in the world - Nations don't need it if it looks like us. No journalist is more adroit at bringing the map of the world and lessons of history to his writing than Pat Buchanan. He was drummed out of the respectable foreign policy conversation by the neo-conservatives who ran the Republican party foreign policy after George Bush senior and James Baker were set aside as well. That's why the "respectable foreign policy discussion" ends up allying with the world's most murderous monarchy in the name of defending "the West and our democratic values." Any honest discussion of the role of Israel in all of this leads to a shunning - the fate of both Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Patrick J. Buchanan.

FRENCH UNRESTThe Revolt in France is the Provinces against the eco-globalist-cities. It shows there is lots of fuel for a fire.  If there was good leadership, there is lots of fuel for a nationalist renewal.

THE TECH WAR ESCALATESChinese tech executive arrested in Canada. She is the daughter of the company's founder. Her crime is lying about efforts to dodge U.S. sanctions against Iran. This is a radical tightening of Iranian sanctions as well as an escalation of tech wars between the U.S. and China. If the new battlefield is cyber space  a missile against a Chinese citizen has been fired by the U.S. Why Huawei? by Al Jazeera-the network from Qatar - a good source. Will the Chinese  dominate the 5G (Fifth Generation of cellular technology) market? The Five Eyes(the great white intelligence alliance) are together again at targeting Chinese technology dominance. Listen especially to Andrew Leung of Hong Kong. China is a nation too. Can this arrest be defended by any serious nationalist? If we boycott a nation do we think other nations must follow us? Something seems very mixed up about this whole affair. UK gets a concession from Huawei.    Profile of Meng Wanzhou: 46 y/o mother of four. Seven passports. Two homes in Vancouver. Billionaire father is founder of Huawei so her storybook rise from receptionist to CFO is a bit more "nuanced." Her tie to her father was not widely known since she had changed her name to Mother's name at age sixteen. (Her mother was her father's first wife.)

CRIMINALS OR COMBATANTS? In 1993, A Pakistani killed several CIA members in Virginia and escaped to Pakistan. He was hidden in Afghanistan, captured by the US four years later, returned to Virginia, convicted of murder and died of lethal injection in November 2002. He was tried in state courts instead of federal courts because Virginia had the death penalty for the crime he would be charged with. George Tenet was CIA director. The model of terrorists as rogue individuals committing crimes not acts of war has been deeply in place and in error from the beginning.

SALAFIST QUIETISTSA new strategy of the deadly religious ideology.

DECLINE OF MODI? Hindu nationalists lose three states in India - the first sign of Modi weakness.

VIRTUE OF NATIONALISM - A REVIEWSam Goldman of Modern Age reviews Yoram Hazony Virtue of Nationalism. He is one reviewer who thinks to report that Hazony learned his nationalism at his father's knee. Aeneas the founder of a city that spawned an empire would approve.


PSYCHOLOGY, THE SOUL, AND GODHow Psychology is rediscovering  God.  It always seemed that men who didn't believe in the soul shouldn't be in charge of teaching "psychology - the study of the soul." This professor teaches us that in the 19th century, the American educators were actually studying the workings of mind, emotion, and behavior trusting there is a God and a human soul as well.

THE LAST GENTLEMANJordan Peterson - a psychologist who believes in the inner life.

SOLZHENITSYN AT 100Solzhenitsyn's 100 birthday - a short  reflection.

LITTLE WARS:{Repeated from last week because we believe this type of learning is going to play some central role in our efforts at Men and Maps and AOA.} Military wargames came into wider use after they were used by the Prussians to pre-plan and simulate the 19th century wars of German unification. Many wargames used by militaries were extremely complicated. In this short video on the modern history of wargames, the presenter explains the importance of author H.G. Wells, the Grandfather of Wargames, who created ways to simply the games and expand their use to a much broader audience. Wargames can be excellent tools for teaching and engaging history. Learn a military lesson from the men of Little Wars TV by watching their video on wargaming the Battle of Antietam which marked the bloodiest day in American history (bonus: Little Wars TV video battlefield tour).

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