Saturday, December 18, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 18

by A. Joseph Lynch


EU IDEOLOGICAL COLONIZATION: The European Union can't help but impose the sexual revolution on the Christian nations of eastern Europe. It's top court has ruled that Bulgaria must accept immigrating homosexual "parents" and their "children" into the nation. The European "rights" body has told Hungary that it's ban on homosexual propaganda in schools is yet another "rights" violation. Poland has lost billions of EU cash because it dares argue that its national judiciary should be independent of EU courts. All this is what Pope Francis calls "ideological colonization." The atheistic nations of western Europe are colonizing once more, but this time they are colonizing eastern Europe - not with troops or settlers but with their radical ideology. Viktor Orban of Hungary understands this. When will Poland, Bulgaria, and the nations of the Bucharest Nine alliance wake up and see that they have a clear enemy to resist - and that enemy is not Vladimir Putin.

NO CLARITY ON HOMOSEXUALITY: As one Catholic diocese in Michigan has announced it cannot dispense sacraments to unrepentant homosexuals, the Vatican apologized for temporarily removing a link to a pro-gay advance website from its own website. Where's the clarity in Church practice concerning homosexuality? 

POPE FRANCIS TURNS 85: Pope Francis has reached the age of 85 - the same age as Benedict XVI was when he retired. Though Francis appears to running strong, how much longer can he hold up as Pope?


BIDEN'S ENERGY WAR: The cost of energy is skyrocketing in America, yet few remember Biden's own admission during the 2020 campaign that he planned to destroy the US energy sector. And that's exactly what he's doing. In less than one year he's driven up energy prices by shutting down the Keystone Oil pipeline as he considers closing another, he's pushed for high costs on oil and gas companies, and banned fracking on public lands. We're not suprirsed to hear that US shale producers are venting frustrations at Biden's destructive energy 

LOSING HISPANIC VOTERS: Panic can only be sinking in among Democrats as they lose support from Hispanics nationwide. It appears that ethnic demography may not work in their favor after all. More from Dr. Steve Turley

ECONOMIC WOES: The US economy is in shambles. In an effort to boost a recovering economy last winter, Biden pushed more money into the system and drove up inflation. We're now seeing inflation hit points unseen in four decades. How will the Democrats fix it? Print and spend more money than ever before. 


PUTIN'S DIPLOMACY: Putin is a serious leader intent who understands that the United States and its allies would see his nation reduced to third world status at best or, at worst, partitioned and destroyed.  In some ways Putin is a microcosm of Russia's reemergence, having himself gone from moonlighting as a taxi driver to now the nation's powerful leader. And as a man who is used to playing weak hands, he's masterfully playing his much stronger hands. In recent weeks, he personally went to India to strike major deals with with Hindu nation, held a summit with Xi Jinping, made further diplomatic moves in the Mideast, and is now making demands on the US and its allies concerning NATO. The US and its allies, however, still act as though it was the 1990s when they had all the power. The skillful actions of Russian and Chinese leaders have undermined the status quo for good and its time America and its allies wake up to the new reality on the ground.

GERMAN POLITICS: As we mention last week, Germany has a new leader - the liberal Olaf Scholz. Scholz has in his first days in office overseen a delay in the approval of the Nordstream 2 pipeline (sending energy prices through the roof) while pledging support for Ukraine as a Russian gas transit state, encouraged more immigration to Germany, and is allowing German students to be bullied and shamed over their vaccination status. The only work being done in the German legislature, was a rearrangement of seating so that center-left party didn't have to sit next to a conservative party. We expect little from the new German regime.

BRITISH POLITICS: Boris Johnson might soon be out of a job following a shocking conservative loss in an off-year election. This comes amid reports of Johnson's staff joking about a Christmas party they held as the rest of the nation was in lock-down. The prime minister is also reportedly suffering from drinking problems - which reminds us of another national leader named Boris. Aside from Brexit, Johnson has done little to forward a conservative agenda in Great Britain. He's locked down the nation amid the pandemic, thus upending its fragile economy following Brexit. He's failed to protect its borders from immigrants crossing the channel while sending support to "protect" Ukraine's borders. He's angered the Russians and Chinese - while annoying Washington - by sending military vessels into Russian and Chinese waters. He's even overseen a UK contribution to the war on Christmas. We're not surprised to hear that he may soon be facing a vote of no confidence in the UK parliament. Time may be running out for Mr. Johnson.

THE RISE OF CHINESE NATIONALISM: An excellent short video on traditional Confucian nationalism emerging in China from Dr. Steve Turley.


NASA SHIFTS FROM SPACE: Anyone who remembers the space race, studied the history of NASA, or watched movies like Apollo 13 can't help but have an enduring respect for NASA. Yet gone are the days when the men of NASA took man to the moon. What has NASA become? What is it up to now? According to one new outlet, NASA will spend more time focusing on climate change than space. How the might have fallen.

VIGILANTES NEEDED: The drug war in Mexico continues to rage - and a new force is rising to resist the cartels: armed vigilantes. One town in Mexico received 500 such men, armed and ready to protect it from the cartels. Far from "vigilante justice," this act of protective fraternity is an image of republicanism at its finest. When armed men of their nation rise up as a patriarchal fraternity to protect it, only good can come.

NO JUSTICE FROM CRIMINAL JUSTICE? "Catch and release" no longer refers to illegal immigrants apprehended and let go. The phrase can now be said about lefist DA's running most of America's cities. The alleged Waukesha killer, Darrell Brooks, was released on $1000 bail after it was said he attempted to commit vehicular homicide, only to plow through a crowd of innocents during a Christmas parade. We've now heard about a New York man who committed armed robbery, but was released by the DA and promptly found a new victim shortly thereafter. And let us not forget the Antifa member who used a weapon to attack the office of a conservative state legislator, who not only was released by the DA but given his weapon back. All this comes as liberal judges throw the book at pathetic, groveling January 6 rioters. It seems as though the more contrition the rioters show, the longer their sentences are. It's high time these DA's are held accountable and the hypocrisy in our justice system ends. 

BIG TECH PUNISHES TRUTH-TELLERS: According to Twitter, those who say that the vaccine does not prevent transmission of the coronavirus will be punished. We somehow doubt, however, that Twitter will be punishing the CDC, the NIH, or Dr. Fauci, all of whom say exactly what Twitter is now banning.

CHRIS WALLACE LEAVES FOXNEWS: Good riddance to the Trump-hating Chris Wallace, who leaves FoxNews and heads to... CNN. Wallace follows Jonah Goldberg and Chris Hayes as yet the most recent neocon, Never Trumper to leave the network. The best news is that the departure of neocons from FoxNews points to the emerging dominance of Tucker Carlson, the best voice on cable news today. 

Saturday, December 11, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 11

by A. Joseph Lynch


FRANCIS DEFENDS CHRISTMAS: Pope Francis called out the secularists in the European Union who are attempting to remove "Christmas" from the season's vocabulary. He cited his term, "ideological colonization" - the idea that secularists are the new colonizers - and called the war on Christmas "anachronistic" because it's been done many times in the past (Which is the same argument Vladimir Putin made against "progressivism" in terms of race and sexuality. What we're trying now, the Soviets tried - and failed - in the past.). Francis was also very strong in how he considers the nations within the European Union. He rejects uniformity between the nations, the destruction of national sovereignty, and an EU that can force its policies top-down on member nations. Here are his full remarks on the subject: 
"You refer to the European Union document on Christmas... this is an anachronism. In history many, many dictatorships have tried to do so. Think of Napoleon: from there... Think of the Nazi dictatorship, the communist one... it is a fashion of a watered-down secularism, distilled water... But this is something that throughout hasn’t worked.
"But this makes me think of something, talking about the European Union, which I believe is necessary: the European Union must take in hand the ideals of the founding fathers, which were ideals of unity, of greatness, and be careful not to take the path of ideological colonisation. This could end up dividing the countries and [causing] the European Union to fail. The European Union must respect each country as it is structured within, the variety of countries, and not want to make them uniform. I don't think it will do that, it wasn't its intention, but be careful, because sometimes they come, and they throw projects like this one out there and they don't know what to do; I don't know what comes to mind... No, each country has its own peculiarity, but each country is open to the others. The European Union: its sovereignty, the sovereignty of brothers in a unity that respects the individuality of each country. And be careful not to be vehicles of ideological colonisation. That is why [the issue] of Christmas is an anachronism."
JUDAISM AND HINDUISM: If you haven't watched, don't miss out on the livestreams over at Religion, Sex, & Politics from our very own A. Joseph Lynch. The past two weeks Lynch hosted a livestream on Judaism and another on Hinduism. The presentations are part of a series that not only examine the major religions of the world, but also place these religions within the context of geopolitics and the plan of divine providence.

NOTRE DAME DISASTER? France plans to "modernize" the historic church, which was brought to near ruin in a fire in 2019. Taylor Marshall weighs in.


WAR ON CHRISTIAN RUSSIA: In a short interview with retired Colonel Doug MacGregor, Tucker Carlson asks another question no one else will: Is the American-led efforts to defeat Russia based on the fact that Russia today has returned to its historic Christian roots?

TRUMP FOR SPEAKER? While unlikely, if Rep. Matt Gaetz gets it his way he'd see Donald Trump elected as Speaker of the House after the GOP reclaims its control next year. And yes, it's possible for this to happen even if Trump doesn't run for a House seat. It's a long shot, but we'd welcome it if there were prospects for the impeachment of Biden and Harris.

MANDATES ON HOLD: Biden's push to force vaccine mandates at businesses across the country has come under fierce attack from the courts. And now two Democrat in the Senate - Tester and Manchin - voted with Republicans to overturn Biden's mandate. And as Dr. Fauci says that the term "fully vaccinated" will soon be redefined to include boosters, the tide may soon be turn against the growing powers of the government as American's reject the overreach.


PUTIN-BIDEN SUMMIT: Despite neocons and neoliberals playing Chicken Little regarding Russia, Russia poses no threat to Ukraine. Its troops are stationed over a hundred miles away from the Ukrainian border and will only activate in response to a Ukrainian attack on the Donbas or if the US/NATO involves its troops or weapons in Ukraine. In the past week we've heard the head of NATO reject NATO involvement in Ukraine and as a result of the Putin-Biden virtual summit Biden has announced that US troop deployment to Ukraine is "not on the table." What's more, Putin brilliantly took advantage of the summit, called for by Biden, to demand a treaty that will limit NATO expansion eastward and the "Findlandization" of Ukraine. Putin and Russia clearly came out on top this week.

NEW GERMAN CHANCELLOR: The era of Merkel's Germany has ended. And with Olaf Scholz, the new Chancellor of Germany, it appears the nation is leaning further left. The NY Times asks if Scholz can advance the left across Europe.

"DEMOCRACY" SUMMIT - A RESPONSE: The US hosted a so-called democracy summit aimed at currying favor with some nations while snubbing others. China and Russia - which both practice some form of democracy - issued a joint response to the summit. It's well worth the read.


AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION UNSAFE? One wonders why more Americans have died from the coronavirus under Biden's watch than under Trump's, especially when Biden has had multiple vaccines available throughout 2021. We believe the sheer amount of pressure to vaccinate, the total lack of vaccine and virus transparency, and media censorship have all contributed to "vaccine hesitancy." The latest act of censorship comes once again from Twitter, which has flagged the American Medical Association website as "unsafe" after it posted vaccine research that our big tech overlords didn't like. So much for "trust the science".

FACILITATING MURDER: John Chisholm, Milwaukee's far-left Soros-backed district attorney, had previously let alleged mass-murderer Darrell Brooks out of jail on $1000 bail after alleged attempted vehicular homicide. Why such a low bail? Thank the philosophy of critical race theory. Back in 2007, Chisholm admitted his philosophy would lead to deaths: “Is there going to be an individual I divert, or I put into treatment program, who’s going to go out and kill somebody? You bet. Guaranteed. It’s guaranteed to happen. It does not invalidate the overall approach.” And after two parents were charged because their son committed murder, can we see some charges on Mr. Chisholm? 

MEDIA HYPOCRISY REVEALED: We all know the mainstream media exists to protect the political establishment and their allies. This is just as much true of FoxNews on the right as it is for CNN on the left. The left, however, has taken some major beatings as Chris Cuomo was fired from CNN (a scandal which might see the downfall of Jeff Zucker, the head of CNN). And now with the guilty verdict of Jussie Smollett - who faked a hate crime to help his career - is further revealing the leftwing media as it did everything it could to give credence to his lies, particularly because they played into their anti-Trump narrative. 

Saturday, November 27, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 27

by A. Joseph Lynch


TERROR IN WISCONSIN: Darrell Brooks, Jr. has been arrested for using his SUV to plow through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin. The suburb of Milwaukee had fallen prey to the far left takeover of the justice system as Brooks was out on a mere $1000 bail after allegedly attempting to run his girlfriend over with the same SUV he used to murder at least seven people in the parade. Brooks, a BLM supporter and amateur rapper, sung about being a terrorist and seemed to call for violence against white people. He may also be a sex offender and child sex trafficker. Although the local authorities resist calling Brooks' act of mass murder an act of terrorism, it's not hard for a citizen with common sense to disagree. Even a BLM activist has pointed out that Brooks' actions might be the beginning of "the revolution" - but what revolution? The war on working class whites? The creation of a new black nationalist nation? Brooks should be the living proof of the dangers of ethnic/racial nationalism in America and the BLM movement that pushes it.

BIDEN'S CABINET DISASTER: Although Biden receives his fair share of criticism, the level of incompetence among his cabinet members and closest officials is something of a marvel. Buttigieg is too busy calling America's infrastructure racist to fix America's commercial transportation system. The Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, has no idea how much energy America uses. Merrick Garland, the US Attorney General, is eager to weaponize the DOJ against concerned parents and investigative journalists. The head of the joint chiefs, General Mark Milley, embraces woke ideology while seeming to admit to back channeling with a potential US adversary. Jake Sullivan, Biden's National Security Advisor, appears to be caught up in the "Russiagate" affair. And last - but certainly not least - Biden's own VP, Kamala Harris, holds the record for the least popular VP in decades with a shocking 28% approval. If his goal was to surround himself with imbeciles, then bravo Joe Biden, you succeeded.

US OIL RELEASE: Biden has pushed forward with the release of some 50 million barrels of oil after he failed to gain much traction with other nations to do the same. It's been reported that 50 million barrels of oil will only support 2.5 days of America's oil usage. Meanwhile OPEC has threatened to cut production by whatever amount is released by the US and those nations cooperating with the US. In the end, Biden has helped to deplete our strategic oil reserves, angered OPEC, and made no impact on the energy crisis.

MORE COVID DEATHS IN 2021 THAN IN 2020: Despite the vaccine rollout that began in January, more Americans have died from the coronavirus in 2021 than died in 2020. One might wonder what good a vaccine mandate will really do, not only given these numbers, but also when one considers the emerging omicron variant spreading outwards from Africa.

FOXNEWS RESIGNATIONS: Trump-hating Jonah Goldberg and Stephen Hayes have resigned from FoxNews over an upcoming Tucker Carlson special on the January 6 Capitol Riot. Carlson continues to be FoxNews' best host and investigative journalist. We applaud the resignations and look forward to the upcoming special.

Saturday, November 20, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20

by A. Joseph Lynch


INTRO TO WORLD RELIGIONS: If you haven't watched, don't miss out on the livestreams over at Religion, Sex, & Politics from our very own A. Joseph Lynch. This past week Lynch hosted a livestream on world religions - the first in an eight-part series that not only examines the major religions of the world, but also places these religions within the context of geopolitics and the plan of divine providence.

VATICAN LOSING MONEY: The Vatican took a loss of $135 million on a scandal-plagued London property deal. The lost money of course comes from charitable donations by the faithful who never intended their donation to go to shady property deals. The scandal has already seen the indictment of ten, including one cardinal.

WOMEN WEARING VEILS: An excellent defense of women veiling in church from Dr. Taylor Marshall.


NOT GUILTY - RITTENHOUSE RELEASED: After a tense courtroom battle that included an astounding number of alleged acts of prosecutorial misconduct and a potential rogue juror or two, Kyle Rittenhouse - who had killed two in self-defense and wounded a third during last year's Kenosha riots - was found not guilty on all counts. Most reasonable lawyers believed this case should never have been brought, especially when video evidence clearly shows his innocence. Yet the far left has weaponized the office of district attorney throughout much of our nation, meaning more and more cases like Kyle's will be brought. One expert self-defense attorney is now recommending states pass "Kyle's Law", a law that will help restrict DA's from weaponizing their prosecutorial powers for partisan witch hunts. 

PARTISAN WITCH HUNT: Speaking of partisan witch hunts, as the Left implodes in the polls, all they can do is double down on their partisan witch hunt aimed at President Trump. The congressional commission on January 6 - a total joke of a commission - has now arrested Steve Bannon. Does anyone else remember when the Left warned Trump against legally pursuing Hilary Clinton, arguing it would make America a third-world dictatorship that weaponized the state to wage war on one's political opponents? 

BIDEN-HARRIS UNPOULARITY: The left-leaning polling outlets Quinnipiac and USA Today are giving poor marks to Biden and Harris. According to Quinnipiac, Biden now stands at a dismal 36% approval, while USA Today reports that Harris' approval is much worse at a mere 28%. Harris is the most unpopular vice president in decades, fairing worse than Dick Cheney. Now that's saying something. Meanwhile, "Big Tech" is seeking to prop up their partisan allies by hiding dislikes on Biden's WH YouTube videos (which receive massive "ratios" of dislike-to-likes).

US ECONOMIC WOES: Inflation in the US is skyrocketing. Projections for October predicted an inflation rate of about 5.9% in comparison to October 2020. The number was actually 6.2% - and many believe the number is much higher than that. It was the highest increase in decades. It's now said that the new infrastructure bill will ensure inflation continues through the midterms next year.  Meanwhile Pete Buttigieg - the homosexual transportation secretary who has no experience in transportation or commerce and is just now returning from a two month vacation - plans to focus on the "racism" built into America's infrastructure while admitting supply shortages will continue. And the woes continue at the pump as gas prices climb higher while Biden considers "helping the environment" by closing yet another pipeline. Prices are skyrocketing and shelves are emptying, but rather than fix America's economic woes, Biden and Buttigieg can do nothing but print more money, complain about racism, and place environmentalism above the needs of ordinary citizens. It's not so much that they seek to directly harm America, but rather that they can only think in terms of these economic and social categories. Ideology limits one's vision and reduces his conception of reality. Biden and Buttigieg are clearly held captive by their ideologies.


WAR ON RUSSIA CONTINUES: Although members of the GOP have a better plan for US domestic policy, they are still totally off base when it comes to Russia. Republican war hawks are demanding the US send troops and weapons to Ukraine - an act certain to cross a Russian "red line" - and sanction the new Russian pipeline to Germany (partly at the behest of Ukraine). The pipeline gives Russia the ability to bypass Ukraine, which will ultimately destroy Ukraine's economy as it depends on Russian energy transit fees for cash while siphoning off gas from the pipelines for energy. Europe, however, is dependent on Russia natural gas and depleting its reserves as the new Russian pipeline sits empty awaiting the EU's (delayed) approval. Any US sanctions or further EU delays put the people of Europe in jeopardy as the harsh winter approaches. It should be no wonder why France announced it will resume building nuclear power plants. Meanwhile the US has reactivated its hypersonic missiles in Europe for the first time in decades while indicating that in a future war with Russia the US will go nuclear more quickly than in the past. Why the belligerence against Russia? NATO (and Secretary of State Antony Blinken) claims the Russians are building up forces in preparation for a Ukrainian invasion. The problem is that both the Russians and the Ukrainians are denying any such build up!

BELARUS-POLAND BORDER CRISIS AND THE UK: The West recently attempted to overthrow the pro-Russian government in Belarus (a coup attempt seemingly organized by the US and UK). Given this it comes as no surprise that Belarus is taking advantage of the EU's pro-immigrant stance by attempting to release some 3,000 migrants into the EU via Poland. Poland is up in arms (literally) and perhaps rightfully so. Meanwhile the Russia-hating Boris Johnson of the UK - who foolishly asked the British people to sacrifice their winter heat and power in order to help Ukraine - has accused Russia of attempting to destabilize the EU and has sent UK troops to help "defend" Poland. This come as thousands upon thousands of migrants illegally enter the UK by crossing the English Channel from France (last week over 1,000 crossed illegally in just one day). Where are the troops to defend the UK? Where are the calls to punish France for "destabilizing" the UK through weaponizing its migrants? 

BOSNIAN SERB INDEPENDENCE? The leader of Bosnia's Serb region of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, is calling for greater independence of his people and closer ties with Serbia and Russia. War-torn Bosnia was once a part of Yugoslavia and is to this day divided into three ethno-religious groups: Croat Catholics, Bosnian Serbs, and Bosnian Muslims (known as Bosniacs). On paper each group has its own semi-autonomous powers but all three have largely let federal control exercise these powers. Dodik, however, is calling for Bosnia to follow the laws as written - and he has the backing of Serbia and Russia. It's no longer the 1990s. Strong, Orthodox Russia will play a role to defend its Orthodox allies in the Balkans.


LEGITIMIZING PEDOPHILA: A "nonbinary" university professor in Virginia recently argued that "minor attraction" (also called pedophilia) isn't always immoral. She's currently been placed on leave following righteous outrage at her remarks. This is but the latest attempt to legitimize pedophilia - and sadly it will not be the last.

NO-NONSENSE IN RUSSIA: Russia continues to show it's serious about protecting the sacred in Russia. A couple has been sentenced to ten-months in prison for photographing themselves performing a simulated sex act with Moscow's grand Cathedral of Christ the Savior in the background. The Russians understand that a culture of life is a culture of protection - and the first thing to protect is the sacred.

NO CONTEST: A "gender-fluid" teenager in Virginia has pled no contest to a second allegation against him of sexual assault in a girl's bathroom. The case marks renewed calls to protect young girls from boys entering their bathrooms under the protection of "trans" rights. As we saw in the bogus prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse, leftist control of state powers is used not to protect the innocent but rather to ensure the innocent can be preyed upon by allies of the left. Further proof of this weaponization of political power and institutions came as an FBI whistleblower revealed the DOJ activated its counterterrorism division against parents who protest matters like "trans" teens preying on their daughters. Everything the Left falsely accused Trump of doing is in reality being done by the Left. The midterms can't get here quick enough.

PROJECT VERITAS VS THE FBI AND THE NYT: Project Veritas - perhaps the only true investigative reporting outlet in the country - is in the middle of a lawsuit against the New York Times for defamation. It appears there is some collusion between leftist partisans in the US Government and the New York Times as the FBI recently raided Project Veritas and subsequently someone in the government leaked private communications between Project Veritas and its legal team. Would it be at all surprising for leftwing members of Biden's Department of Justice to use a bogus investigation to take information from Project Veritas and give it to the leftwing NYT? The lawyer for Project Veritas thinks it quite possible. Again we see the weaponization of state institutions to favor the Left and its allies.

NO PFIZER VACCINE DATA UNTIL 2076? The FDA wants to wait to release Pfizer's vaccine data... until 2076. Hiding data for the next 55 years makes us doubt this will make people feel better about getting the jab.

BUTCHERED DURING BLACK MAGIC RITUAL: A man turned to black magic after his wife left him not long after their wedding. But during the dark ritual the man was butchered by the occult practitioner whose help the man had sought. One might describe it as "black magic gone wrong" - but the reality is that black magic can never go right.

Saturday, November 6, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6

by A. Joseph Lynch


RELIGION, SEX, & POLITICS LIVESTREAMS: If you haven't watched, don't miss out on the livestreams over at Religion, Sex, & Politics from our very own A. Joseph Lynch. Thus far there are one hour long presentations on the Mass, the Bible, the Eucharist, and Evangelization. Next week, in honor both Veteran's Day and Dr. Pence's birthday, Lynch will be hosting a livestreamed Men & Maps presentation on Geopolitics in 2021.

BIDEN MEETS WITH POPE FRANCIS: Rumors swirled that Biden was pressuring the Pope to say Biden's stance on abortion was in line with Catholic teaching - so the Pope cancelled all live press coverage of the meeting. What was said between them behind closed doors is up for grabs, but judging by his botched answer to a reporter's question about his discussion with Francis on abortion, Biden's answer seemed rehearsed and likely untrue. Also stemming from the meeting was #poopgate. According to rumor around the Vatican and Rome, Biden had a "bathroom accident" during his papal meeting.


STEEL DOSSIER SOURCE ARRESTED: The Durham investigation was supposed to be complete before the elections... in 2020. Yet as the 2021 elections are in the rearview mirror, Durham's investigation marches on. It now has taken a perhaps explosive turn as the source behind Christopher Steele's infamous dossier has been arrested as part of the investigation. Some suggest he is the type of defendant a prosecutor would hope to flip. We'll have to wait and see.

2021 ELECTION RESULTS: Not only did the Republican Glenn Youngkin win an astonishing victory in Virginia, but Republicans won state elections for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. The GOP also won victories in New York - and a New Jersey truck driver spent $156 on his successful campaign to unseat the longest running Democrat Senate president. While many Democrats are arguing that their candidates weren't liberal enough, far Left candidates fared far worse than their mainstream establish Democrat counterparts. Even the "defund the police" movement in Minneapolis failed at the ballot box. If this is a sign of things to come, the GOP is in for a very good year in 2022.

GIVING UP ON WHITE WOMEN? The Democrats used racism as a means to push white women to vote blue in 2020. Indeed, they were emotionally manipulated, and told that they were bad people and racists if they didn't vote for Democrats. Flash forward a year later. Young white girls are coming home from school asking their mothers if they were born evil because of their skin color. Other girls are being sexually assaulted by boys allowed into girl's bathrooms. White women are having enough of it. They're even turning on BLM (which polls show no longer has positive support from white women). Yet rather than see the 2021 election results as repudiation of their BLM-CRT-Transgender policies, Democrats are doubling down and even calling for the abandonment of white women to the GOP - hardly a winning strategy! The red wave is coming.

TRANSPORTATION BREAKDOWN EXPLAINED:  A Class A truck driver with twenty years of experience explains the problems going on at our ports.


ABIGUITY OR INCOHERENCE? The US has long embraced a policy of "strategic ambiguity" in its formal relations with Taiwan. But as the US has doubled down on a more hawkish position regarding the island, Pat Buchanan points out that we are now entering an era of "strategic incoherence" in American foreign policy.

PUTIN ON RUSSIA-UKRAINE HISTORY: To better understand the history of Russia and its connection - or even unity - with Ukraine, we suggest reading this recent essay by Vladimir Putin.

ENVIRONMENTALIST SUMMIT AND G20: World leaders gathered in Glasgow to meet about the dangers of global warning. It was such a pressing issue that VIPs, including Jeff Bezos, flew on 400 private jets while Biden cruised Rome in an 85-car motorcade. Indeed, Biden seemed so concerned with global warning that he fell asleep during the climate summit. Biden's American leadership was also on full display during the world leader photo session of the G20, where Biden's position in the photo was a clear depiction of America's leadership in the world - at the periphery, not the center.

Biden's place in the picture is at the bottom left
Biden can be seen at the bottom left - an excellent depiction at the peripheral role of America's leadership in global affairs under this administration. 


RUMBLE BUYS LOCALS: As leftists take over the nation's mainline institutions, conservatives have attempted to create their own parallel intuitions free of censorship. Rumble was built as a censorship-free, pro-content creator video site to counter YouTube, while Locals did the same as a counter to the crowdfunding site Patreon. Now Rumble has bought out Locals and brought the two under one umbrella. But does this endanger both sites should Ruble ownership one day be taken over by the left?

SCHOOL LAP DANCES? Officials at a Kentucky high school are in hot water after images appeared of a highly sexualized school pep rally. It's simply another sign of the corrupting influence that the Left is having on our public institutions, and a driving factor behind more mom's voting for conservatives in local, state, and national politics.

PFIZER VACCINE DATA FALSIFIED? A whistleblower has come forward with evidence that must be investigated. More from Zerohedge.

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 30

by A. Joseph Lynch


PAPAL COLD SHOULDER: Joe Biden is so unpopular that the Catholic leader of the United States is getting a bit of a cold shoulder from Pope Francis - who has decided not to have any live press coverage of their meeting. 

AQUINAS ON THE UNNATURAL LAW: Dr. Scott Hahn gave an excellent presentation on law, the natural law, and the law of sin - or the unnatural law. We highly recommend watching.

LAST RITES DENIED: A Catholic statesmen in the UK was mortally stabbed - by what at first glance seems to be a Salafi extremist - during a local town hall event with his constituents in a church. But in an act more egregious than the assassination itself, the police would not allow a Catholic priest to give him last rites - thus jeopardizing the man's soul in his final moments. Their reasoning? Despite having the assassin in handcuffs, possession of the murder weapon, and multiple witnesses attesting to the attack, the police feared the priest would contaminate the crime scene. One can only suspect an anti-Catholic and/or an anti-conservative bias at play. At least The Guardian is demanding that the reception of last rites be a codified under British law as a right.

NO GODFATHERS ALLOWED: The small Sicilian city of Catania, Italy is banning godfathers for the next three years over the way the selection of godfathers is used to make mafia connections. Is this the best solution? One would think a limit - such as a family member - be temporarily imposed. Nevertheless, the fact that the mafia is effectively destroying the vital role of godfather in the lives of Catholics is a sign that the mafia is still winning this war. A nation steeped in the mafia already has a weakened fraternal life - but bishops who respond in this way are only weakening the Christian bonds of patriarchy and fraternity within the Church as well. 

ANGLICAN BISHOP CONVERTS: Michael Nazir-Ali, a British-Pakistani who was formerly the Anglican bishop of Rochester - and often critical of his church liberal teachings - is crossing the Tiber and coming home to Rome as a Catholic priest. The well-known cleric's conversion is not merely a great boon for the Church, but a sign that the Anglican ordinariate set up by Benedict XVI may pay huge dividends down the road.


NOT HYPERBOLE: Biden said this week it is "not hyperbole" to say that Democrat control of Congress - along with his presidency - are all on the line unless they are able to pass some spending bill.

REMAIN IN MEXICO RETURNS: After ending the very successful "Remain in Mexico" under President Trump, Biden has allowed the country to be overrun by migrant hordes and now plans to resume Trump's policy.

FAUCI'S HOUSE OF HORRORS: Dr. Fauci is embroiled in yet another controversy as it was recently discovered the NIH was unnecessarily allowing dogs to be slowly eaten alive "for science". As Jon Stewart reminded us on Colbert's late show, too many scientists are happy to do the abhorrent in the name of science. Sometimes doing so harms more than just dogs. The current pandemic might be proof of this.


PUTIN ON THE DANGERS OF WOKISM: Vladimir Putin reminds us all that "woke" ideology is not new. It was tried in 1917 Russia and in the decades proceeding followed. It was a disaster in Russia and he warns us to not let it happen here. More from Putin with Dr. Steve Turley commentary can be viewed here.

SUDAN MILITARY COUP: A military coup has overthrown the government in Sudan.

RISING TENSIONS: The US and its NATO allies are ramping up tensions with China and Russia. As the US seems to signal its support for Taiwan's independence, the Taiwanese government opening stated US troops are on the ground on the island. Meanwhile, Turkish drones assisted Ukraine attack a separatist artillery unit and temporarily seize a town. Given Turkey's membership in NATO, this means that NATO forces have actively assisted Ukraine inch closer to war with Russia.


FEMINISTS STERILIZATIONS: An increasing number of young feminists are having themselves sterilized. If demographics is destiny, conservatives with large families are destined to supplant the anti-human Leftists and their self-destructive acts of body mutilation. 

FIRED FOR BEING WHITE: A federal grand jury has awarded a man $10 million after they found his employer - seeking to promote "diversity" - had fired him for being white and replaced him with a black woman and white woman. It's very good to see the courts - and ordinary citizens - apply civil rights laws equally for all citizens and warn employers of what is to come if they apply critical race theory in the workplace. 

MOVIE "SHOOT": Alec Baldwin killed the cinematographer and wounded the director of his new film, Rust, in an accidental shooting on set. Though an accident, it is entirely possible Baldwin will be charged, not only because he was the shooter, but also because his role as producer leaves him liable for safety on set. What is going under reported is that the armorer - who is in charge of set weaponry - is an inexperienced 24-year old woman (who allegedly on a previous film handed an unchecked gun to an 11 year old). Under her watch, no fewer that three gun misfires have taken place on the set of Rust

Saturday, October 23, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 23

by A. Joseph Lynch


UNDERSTANDING THE BIBLE: We invites our readers to watch the newest livestream class from Religion, Sex, and Politics entitled Understanding the Bible. The one hour class provides excellent information on the nature of divine revelation, the biblical narrative, and how to interpret the Bible.

MILITARY ARCHBISHOP ON MANDATES: Archbishop Broglio, who shepherds Catholics in the US military, has declared conscience rights of Catholics in the ranks who now face off against the Biden-imposed vaccine mandate. This comes as Biden is not only threatening nearly half of the military still unvaccinated, but is also threatening unvaccinated SEALS - perhaps America's healthiest men - with a lawsuit to repay the costs of their training.

TURKSON DEFENDS BIDEN: We were no fans of Cardinal Peter's Turkson's seeming campaign for the papacy back in 2013. His defense of "Catholic" Joe Biden on Holy Communion makes us all the more weary of this African cardinal.


SHARED ACCOUNT: Hunter and Joe shared a bank account which could leave Joe holding the bag for any criminal actions Hunter might have taken with the assistance of that bank account. What are the odds this will be investigated by Congress once the Republicans sweep into power next year?

#FREEDOMFLU: Corporations like Southwest Airlines are coming under increasing pressure as workers apparently call in sick over vaccine mandates, effectively costing the company millions of dollars. Some on the left are calling this, perhaps the most peaceful of peaceful protests, domestic terrorism. For its part, Southwest has caved to the #freedomflu and abandoned plans to put unvaccinated staff on unpaid leave.

INSANITY IN CHICAGO: Almost half of the Chicago PD are unvaccinated and at risk of losing their jobs. Leftist mayor, Lori Lightfoot, is doing what leftists do - calling them insurrectionists. She is also abusing the emergency support service by requesting suburban police ready themselves to step in as she considers wiping out half of her police force. Some argue the vaccine mandates are doing exactly what defund-the-police movement failed to do.

DEFENDING TAIWAN: According to a former US Marine Corps intelligence officer, the US cannot defend Taiwan from China, and it knows it. Yet bumbling Biden continues to make gaffe after gaffe regarding US commitment to the island. It's good to know that China is not taking American belligerence seriously as they know they will have total dominance of the Taiwan Straits should an invasion of Taiwan ever take place. At this point, how can anyone take Biden seriously on any major issue?

FUNDING GAIN-OF-FUNCTION: The NIH has changed its story on coronavirus gain-of-function research. It turns out it did fund this form of biological weaponry and Dr. Fauci lied to Congress.


THE EU STRIKES BACK: The globalists in the EU have struck a series of blows against conservative populist-nationalists in eastern Europe. First the the center-right chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz, resigned amid a corruption scandal, then the conservative leadership in the Czech Republic fell from power in national elections. Poland is in a struggle with the EU to retain national sovereignty over its own lands. The sights are now on Hungarian president, Viktor Orban, who faces re-election challenges next year

GEORGIA EX-PRESIDENT ARRESTED: While the weapons manufacturer turned-Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, continues to press Russia's red line by "leaving the door open" for Georgia to enter NATO, the globalists in the EU and America are stoking revolution in the small nation on Russia's southern border. The Russia-hating, Georgian ex-present, Mikheil Saakashvili, who was in exile after warrants were issued for his arrest, mysteriously returned to Georgia and was immediately arrested. The time was everything. He arrived just ahead of national municipal elections in hopes of stirring unrest. While the party in power narrowly won the elections, the party of Saakashvili is rejecting the results. Political chaos in Georgia makes the tiny nation one-step closer to collapse and political reorientation away from Russia.

MAPING WORLD CONFLICTS: Where are the world's current conflicts taking place? See this map to find out.

SILVER TRADE VISUALIZED: Silver is not only a precious metal in its own right, it's used in electronics and the renewable energy industry in addition to jewelry. We invite our readers to examine this chart that visualizes the silver trade.

WHICH NATION IS BEING SERIOUS? American military and political leaders were "stunned" to learn of China's new hypersonic missile tests. Their response? Slap the four stars of a full admiral on a man who identifies as woman - with no previous military career - then declare "she" was the first "woman" to be a four star admiral in the US Public Health Service. Which nation is being serious about using its military to pursue its best interests?


SUPERMAN GOES WOKE: The full scale, woke, SJW assault on America's superheroes continues as DC Comics announced that Superman will be bi-sexual. They followed this up by replacing "the American way" from his motto with "a better tomorrow," while rebranding the "motto" as a "mission statement". Our superheroes remind us of who we are, what we are called to be, and against whom we must fight. As such, these cultural heroes must be attacked and repurposed by the leftist cultural coup.

BORIS JOHNSON THE PRIDE FLAG: Boris Johnson's government is taking a stand against the new transgender-BLM version of the gay pride flag. No he's not banning the "pride" flag. He wants to fly the "traditional" pride flag. Because "conservatives" will conserve whatever liberals imposed on the world twenty years past.

NAVY ENGINEER, WIFE, ACCUSED OF ESPIONAGE: The Maryland couple are under arrest for attempting to sell our nuclear secrets. A BLM sign can be seen outside their home's doorway. 

TRANS RAPE IN VIRGINIA: As Virginia prepares for its gubernatorial elections next month, reports are emerging of a Loudon County school district covered up for a transgender boy who assaulted - and allegedly even raped - school girls in the girls' bathroom, to which he has complete unfettered access because he "identifies" as a girl. We hope Virginia wakes up to the next level of sexual chaos being imposed on us by the left.

"SPOOKY" IS A RACIST NOW, TOO? Scotland's National Theater has declared "spooky" a racist word. It joins the long list of words, objects, and actions that fall under what we would call racial pareidolia - seeing racism when it isn't really there.

Saturday, October 9, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 9

by A. Joseph Lynch


MAKING MASS MEANINGFUL: This week the Religion, Sex, & Politics YouTube channel hosted its first livestream class entitled Making Mass Meaningful. We invite our readers to watch the presentation and join the channel for the next class on Thursday, October 21 at 7 PM (central time) featuring a presentation about Sacred Scripture.

FRENCH SEX ABUSE REPORT: A new, 2,500+ page report from France has revealed that some 330,000 French youth - 80% of whom were underage boys - were sexually abused by more than 3,000 Catholic priests and by church employees since 1950. It is another stunning revelation of homosexual pederasty within the Church's hierarchy that must be dealt with or risk the total collapse of (what's left of) the Church in Western Europe.

SWISS GUARDSMEN RETREAT: The vaccine insanity plaguing the Vatican is claiming victims among the Swiss Guard, the warrior men willing to lay down their lives in order to protect the Pope. At least three guardsmen have been forced to resign - perhaps the first to do so in centuries, if ever - because, given their health and high survival probability, they refuse to take the experimental COVID vaccines. It's a tragic moment for the Swiss Guard that could be used to press forward with certain plans to add women to its ranks.

SERRA STATUE INSTITUTIONALLY TOPPLED: The statue of Junipero Serra, the Catholic saint who evangelized and served the native populations of the west, was toppled first by anti-Christian rioters and has now been institutionally toppled by Newsom and his far-Left Democrat allies in California's statehouse. And replacing it will be a statue to the Indians with no mention of the charitable services rendered to them by great men like St. Junipero Serra. The saint has been doubly desecrated. God help California.  

JORDAN-SYRIA NORMALIZATION: Relations appear to be on the mend between Jordan and Syria after their leaders shared a phone call for the first time in over a decade. The two countries are moving forward with normalization and it appears it is the next step towards the war's end. Turkey is under pressure to make peace as well. Rumors are swirling that the Turks may give back Idlib province to Syria, return Syrian refugees, and sponsor global Syrian reconstruction efforts... in return for the Syrian government clamping down on Syrian Kurds. Time will tell, but with the 2023 elections nearing the horizon, Erdogan is hard pressed to end the war that Assad has clearly won.

DUTERTE RETIRES: Rodrigo Duterte will not be running for vice president after all. Instead, he surprised the world by announcing his retirement from politics. Despite indicating his daughter would run in his place, it appears she will keep her sights set on running for mayor of Davao (the Philippines third largest city). While we're glad to hear she will not run for president, we wonder what is to come of Duterte and the path forward he set for his nation.

PORTLAND FD GETS BULLETPROOF VESTS: Firefighters in bulletproof vests. This is what you get when a city cancels its police while its civic leaders abdicate all authority to govern. 

PHILLY OUT OF CONTROL: In another out-of-control city, Philadelphia police could only look on as street racers ran donuts around their squad car - and even danced on top of it - outside of city hall. 

CITY AS ESCHATON AND SACRAMENT: Considering the Christian theology surrounding the city, the current chaos in the cities is truly demonic. Be it Revelation's depiction of the holy city come down from heaven or St. Augustine's City of God, the city is a central image in Christian theology. In order to reflect on this reality, we invite readers to listen to a talk from the Thomistic Institute entitled The City As Eschaton And Sacrament.

ARE PARENTS DOMESTIC TERRORISTS? Attorney General Garland is seeking prosecute (and persecute) parents and teachers who question the propaganda being imposed on school children via public education. This comes as thousands of parents demand an end to masking and the teaching of (racist) critical race theory. Garland may have a vested interest in the battle, however, as his family is in the business of selling critical race theory materials to schools.

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, OCTOBER 2

by A. Joseph Lynch


RELIGION, SEX, & POLITICS LIVESTREAMS: Our YouTube channel will begin weekly educational livestreams on Thursday's at 7 PM, beginning with a special event on October 7 entitled Making Mass Meaningful. Visit the channel, subscribe, and ring the bell to be notified when we go live.

IS GOD A "THEY"? The Jesuits are at it again. With transgender nonsense all the rage, it comes as no surprise that some are making renewed calls for gender-neutral pronouns for God. Yet God is "He" because gendered language is based in reality. One of the two most fundamental realities in the Christian faith is that "God became man" in Jesus. Not merely "man" in the generic sense, but a man in the gendered sense. To deny the maleness of Christ or the use of gendered male pronouns for God is heresy - and it stems in large part to the gender confusion so rampant today. Indeed, a further defense of gendered language for God is a key strategy we can use to reject the gender confusion of our times. 

ITALIAN PRIEST ARRESTED: Further clerical filth within the Church has been revealed as an Italian priest is arrested for selling date rape drugs at gay parties, and stealing tens of thousands of dollars from the Church for his gay lifestyle. Yet had it not been for the crimes, would this priest's open homosexual acts - which include throwing lavish gay parties at his home - have been revealed? We hear time and time again from Catholics that "we all knew" about a particular cleric's homosexual lifestyle, but when will Catholic laity step up, get word out, and see these clerics removed long before they get into the kinds of criminal behavior we're seeing? The clerical pedophilia scandal may be in the rear window, yet the homosexual sex scandals are clearly still ahead of us.

THE VATICAN COVID CONNIPTION: Despite teaching that the dignity of the human person requires that no one be compelled to take the vaccine, the Vatican is now not only requiring visitors to be vaccinated but will no longer pay unvaccinated employees their salaries. What happened to all that talk about the "dignity of the human person" and paying just wages? But are these so-called "green passes" really necessary to ward off the pandemic? According to Israel's Minister of Health caught over a hot mic, no: 'There is no medical or epidemiological justification for the COVID passport, it is only intended to pressure the unvaccinated to vaccinate."

"APOSTLES" OF NY "CATHOLIC" GOVERNOR: The new "Catholic" governor of New York says that those who are not vaccinated are not following God's will and that she needs "apostles" to preach the good news of the vaccine. At what point do vaccine enthusiasts form their own cult? Indeed, the band Kaiser Chiefs seemed to run their own evangelical-style worship service for the new cult at a recent concert. Words like "clean" associated with the vaxxed and "unclean" with those who are not, connote religious language which can easily be weaponized by the godless - be it COVID hysterics today or Nazis in the past - to criminalize, dehumanize, and even eradicate those deemed "unclean".


MARINE JAILED, MILLEY FREE: An outspoken critic of America's military leadership has been jailed for demanding accountability over the botched Afghan withdrawal. So far this man is the only person facing any repercussions over Afghanistan. The marine commander tried to resign his commission in protest only to be arrested. Meanwhile, in testimony before Congress, General Milley argued he couldn't have resigned in protest last summer because our thirteen soldiers who died during the bungled withdrawal couldn't resign. Did he ever stop to think that had he and other top military brass resigned last summer then maybe these Americans - and later Afghani civilians he bombed - would still be alive? And after defending his - perhaps treasonous - backchannel communications with the Chinese, when will Milley be put in the brig?

BIDEN AGENDA IN SHAMBLES: Democrats have passed legislation that will keep the government funded into December - yet in doing so have lost leverage over the "progressive" wing of their party. Because of this, demands are being made from the far left that both the $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill AND the $3.5 trillion social spending bill be passed. Standing in their way are rock solid "no" votes from senators Manchin and Sinema (who is coming under massive pressure from Arizona Democrats to cave). As it stands, it looks like nothing will be moving forward anytime soon... and the clock is ticking down on an October 18 default on the national debt. More from Dr. Steve Turley

ARIZONA AUDIT REPORT: Last Friday afternoon the company auditing the 2020 election in Arizona's Maricopa County released the results of its work. That morning, however, the media spin machine began releasing reports that the recount portion of the work only found that Biden won... by more votes than the official tally. What wasn't reported were all the inconsistencies discovered in the actual audit. These inconsistencies include: 
  • 23,344 mail-in ballots voted from a prior address
  • 9,041 more ballots returned by voters than received
  • 17,322 duplicates of early voting ballot return envelopes
  • Voters potentially voted in multiple counties
  • Allegations of deletions by Maricopa County voting officials
  • 86,391 voters have no identity match
The results of the Arizona Audit have even led one Trump-hating British commentator to admit: Trump was right, the election was rigged. More on this from Dr. Steve Turley.

HUNTER'S LATOP FILES AUTHENTICATED: Investigative reporter, Glenn Greenwald, recounts how the Hunter Biden laptop story - 2020's "October surprise" - was suppressed by the CIA, the media, and big tech in order to cover for Joe Biden and his drug-addict, money-hungry son Hunter. The New York Post - the nation's oldest newspaper - was even locked out of Twitter for a time over its coverage. It turns out that the laptop was neither "hacked" nor was it "Russian disinformation" as we were told. Politico, which big tech and media outlets considers "privileged" enough to publish its stories without censorship, is confirming the laptop emails - including an email about "10 for the Big Guy" and access to high level officials in China (both alleging payouts to Biden for access). A recently leaked email revealed Hunter would, in exchange for $2 million, essentially use his father's influence to release billions of frozen Libyan assets. It was clear a year ago that cover was being given for Hunter and Joe, but why the change in reporting now? Is this part of the pressure campaign on Biden to step down?


CASPIAN REPORT ON AUKUS: Caspian Report offers its analysis on the AUKUS fiasco that is dividing the "Western" alliance structure.

2021 SCO SUMMIT: While the US is busy alienating its allies, Russia and China have been busy integrating the Asian landmass under their leadership through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization ("SCO"). The recent summit not only saw the involvement of major leaders Xi Jinping, Putin, and Modi, but it also approved the entry of Iran. In doing so, China and Russia hope to alleviate Iran's economic woes and incentivize it to give up on nuclear weapons. As Biden and the the neoliberals/neoconservatives only plan for war, Russia and China are hard at work to create economic prosperity and peace in Asia.

TESTING PROPGANDA: In taking emergency use authorized vaccines, every vaccinated American has become a scientist's guinea pig for testing. But testing experimental drugs isn't the only thing governments have been testing during the pandemic. In Canada, the military used the outbreak as an opportunity to test propaganda on the Canadian people


WARNING ON FOUNDING DOCUMENTS: According the National Archives, documents such as the US Constitution and the Declaration of Independence might be "difficult to stomach" and have received a warning label. To be sure, this is one of the multi-pronged attacks on America and its identity. The Left's vision for America requires a revolution, one that would require new founding documents. Warning labels is just one step towards eliminating our founding documents from civics classes (or what's left of civics classes) and further calls to create a "new" America with new founding documents.

DENZEL WASHINGTON ON GOD AND MEN: A good news article reporting on Denzel Washington's recent talk from a Baptist conference called The Better Man Event

GENDER REVOLUTIONARIES MARCH ON: With fewer than 50% of the people voting, the tiny (supposedly Catholic) European country of San Marino has voted to legalize abortion. Meanwhile Switzerland is legalizing gay marriage. Liz Cheney, the Trump-hating neocon daughter of Dick Cheney, now says she was wrong to oppose gay marriage. "The West" continues its downward spiral

Saturday, September 25, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 25

by A. Joseph Lynch


RELIGION, SEX, & POLITICS LIVESTREAMS: Our YouTube channel will begin weekly educational livestreams on Thursday's at 7 PM, beginning with a special event on October 7 entitled Making Mass Meaningful. Visit the channel, subscribe, and ring the bell to be notified when we go live.

FEMALE SWISS GUARDS? A new barracks is under construction for the Swiss Guard in Rome, but the barracks are being built to house women as well as men. It's reported that Francis himself was not aware of this, but it's obvious sexual revolutionaries are running wild in the halls of the Vatican.

FIGHT FOR MONTENEGRO: Orthodox Christians in Montenegro are Serbian Orthodox, yet Western forces have worked tirelessly to reorient the small nation away from its Serbian mother church. Hopes are to split the church in Montenegro in a way that the Ukrainians split their church from the Patriarch of Moscow. When the local archbishop in Montenegro died from the coronavirus, both his episcopal successor and the patriarch consecrating him had to be flown in by helicopter and shielded by police as pro-Western protestors blocked all roads to the church.

SPOTLIGHT - ILLINOIS ORGY: More excellent - if disturbing - reporting from Church Militant. This time uncovering an alleged orgy that took place among clergy in Illinois, including the current Archbishop of Omaha, George Lucas. Lucas had appointed an investigation into the allegations years ago - an investigation that did little investigating into Lucas' involvement while exposing virtually everyone else who took part.

CHINA'S RELIGIOUS REVIVAL: There's a religious revival going on China, especially in terms of Confucianism. 


BIDEN'S BAD HOUR: Biden had a very bad hour during the afternoon of September 17. According to the AP, it was all within the span of about an hour that the Pentagon admitted to killing ten innocent Afghani civilians in an airstrike Biden pressed, the FDA rejected COVID booster shots for most Americans, and France recalled its ambassador following the botched AUKUS rollout. Things are going from bad to worse for this administration.

BIDEN APPROVAL TANKING: Quinnipiac now has him at 42%. Newsweek is reporting that voters believe Trump was a better president than Biden. Rasmussen now has Trump beating Biden or Harris in 2024. McLaughlin polling says the same. All further signs Trump will soon announce another run for the presidency.

FEDS AT J6 RALLY: A recent rally held in Washington DC on behalf of those wrongly imprisoned after the January 6 Capitol Riot was bit of a dud as Trump himself rejected if for hear it was being used by his adversaries to instigate false-flag riots that would be pinned on Trump. As it turns out, it appears more police and obviously undercover federal agents attended than supporters of the "J6" political prisoners. 

FAUCI FUNDING RUN WILD: After apparently lying to Congress about funding "gain of function" research - which is arguably tantamount to creating bioweapons - on novel coronaviruses in China, reports have emerged that Fauci also funded "gain of function" research on the far deadlier MERS-like (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) coronavirus. 


US AND THE SAUDIS: Robert Mueller, former FBI director who ran a sham investigation into President Trump, is being sued for covering up alleged Saudi involvement in 9/11. Meanwhile the US is pulling air defense weapons from Saudi Arabia as it works a deal to run maintenance operations on Saudi aircraft still involved in a genocidal war against the Houthi of Yemen. As the US-Saudi ties weaken, Saudi Arabia is looking increasingly to the Russians, Chinese, and Indians.

AFGHAN CORRUPTION: The Taliban have seized over $12 million in cash and gold from the homes of former government officials - a further sign of the rampant corruption of the former government and yet another reason why it collapsed so quickly.

INDIA'S GRAND STRATEGY: As China spreads its influence across Eurasia, India pursues its own grand strategy. More from Caspian Report.

EU ARMY? The fallout from the AUKUS rollout continues as the French demand retribution for being denied a role in the alliance and losing billions in a cancelled submarine deal with the Australians. Fearing that the French might torpedo Russian sanctions in the coming weeks, Biden humiliated himself in a recent phone call with French leader Macron and even tacitly approved an EU army that could one day replace NATO. From the Joint US-French Statement: "The United States also recognizes the importance of a stronger and more capable European defense, that contributes positively to transatlantic and global security and is complementary to NATO."


COVID HYSTERIA: A leaked Zoom call between hospital administrators revealed the level to which they would lie in order to push COVID hysteria. Meanwhile Project Veritas is revealing more about vaccine coverups.

"RACIST" VACCINE PASSPORTS: In a move we all saw coming, New York's vaccine passports - which are necessary to take part in society - are being branded "racist" as the number of a blacks and minorities who are unvaccinated are far higher than whites. BLM - an unlikely ally - plans to lead an "uprising" against the passports. It will be very interesting to see how this plays out.

TEXAS HEARTBEAT LAW UPDATE: Now allied with Satanists - who recently made abortion a religious ritual - in their opposition to Texas' fetal heartbeat law, abortion proponents are doing everything they can to resist while the law prepares to go before SCOTUS. The new "Catholic" governor of New York plans to bring Texans to her state for abortions. Other states are looking at travel bans to Texas while at least one Hollywood film project is cancelling its Texas production. Now we learn that a Texas "doctor" has performed an abortion to test the law. He's now being sued under the law's own provisions.

AOC'S MET GALA HYPOCRISY: AOC was recently blasted for wearing a "tax the rich" dress at a gala where each person had to pay $30,000-$50,000 a ticket to attend. And none of these attendees wore masks (something that even leftist Bill Maher found hypocritical). She apparently couldn't tell she was a walking billboard for hypocrisy. What are the chances that someone hob-nobbing with the ultra-wealthy will really "tax the rich"?  What's more, the designer of the AOC dress apparently is a tax "deadbeat", owing taxes in multiple states and hit with 15 tax warrants since 2015. 

MASKLESS EMMYS: Much like AOC and other celebrities at the MET Gala, the Emmys featured the country's out-of-touch celebrities crammed into an indoor event with no masks. One comedian, Seth Rogan, made jokes about it. "Rules for thee but not for me" is the name of the game for America's wealthy, liberal elites. They're laughing at us.