Saturday, November 6, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 6

by A. Joseph Lynch


RELIGION, SEX, & POLITICS LIVESTREAMS: If you haven't watched, don't miss out on the livestreams over at Religion, Sex, & Politics from our very own A. Joseph Lynch. Thus far there are one hour long presentations on the Mass, the Bible, the Eucharist, and Evangelization. Next week, in honor both Veteran's Day and Dr. Pence's birthday, Lynch will be hosting a livestreamed Men & Maps presentation on Geopolitics in 2021.

BIDEN MEETS WITH POPE FRANCIS: Rumors swirled that Biden was pressuring the Pope to say Biden's stance on abortion was in line with Catholic teaching - so the Pope cancelled all live press coverage of the meeting. What was said between them behind closed doors is up for grabs, but judging by his botched answer to a reporter's question about his discussion with Francis on abortion, Biden's answer seemed rehearsed and likely untrue. Also stemming from the meeting was #poopgate. According to rumor around the Vatican and Rome, Biden had a "bathroom accident" during his papal meeting.


STEEL DOSSIER SOURCE ARRESTED: The Durham investigation was supposed to be complete before the elections... in 2020. Yet as the 2021 elections are in the rearview mirror, Durham's investigation marches on. It now has taken a perhaps explosive turn as the source behind Christopher Steele's infamous dossier has been arrested as part of the investigation. Some suggest he is the type of defendant a prosecutor would hope to flip. We'll have to wait and see.

2021 ELECTION RESULTS: Not only did the Republican Glenn Youngkin win an astonishing victory in Virginia, but Republicans won state elections for Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. The GOP also won victories in New York - and a New Jersey truck driver spent $156 on his successful campaign to unseat the longest running Democrat Senate president. While many Democrats are arguing that their candidates weren't liberal enough, far Left candidates fared far worse than their mainstream establish Democrat counterparts. Even the "defund the police" movement in Minneapolis failed at the ballot box. If this is a sign of things to come, the GOP is in for a very good year in 2022.

GIVING UP ON WHITE WOMEN? The Democrats used racism as a means to push white women to vote blue in 2020. Indeed, they were emotionally manipulated, and told that they were bad people and racists if they didn't vote for Democrats. Flash forward a year later. Young white girls are coming home from school asking their mothers if they were born evil because of their skin color. Other girls are being sexually assaulted by boys allowed into girl's bathrooms. White women are having enough of it. They're even turning on BLM (which polls show no longer has positive support from white women). Yet rather than see the 2021 election results as repudiation of their BLM-CRT-Transgender policies, Democrats are doubling down and even calling for the abandonment of white women to the GOP - hardly a winning strategy! The red wave is coming.

TRANSPORTATION BREAKDOWN EXPLAINED:  A Class A truck driver with twenty years of experience explains the problems going on at our ports.


ABIGUITY OR INCOHERENCE? The US has long embraced a policy of "strategic ambiguity" in its formal relations with Taiwan. But as the US has doubled down on a more hawkish position regarding the island, Pat Buchanan points out that we are now entering an era of "strategic incoherence" in American foreign policy.

PUTIN ON RUSSIA-UKRAINE HISTORY: To better understand the history of Russia and its connection - or even unity - with Ukraine, we suggest reading this recent essay by Vladimir Putin.

ENVIRONMENTALIST SUMMIT AND G20: World leaders gathered in Glasgow to meet about the dangers of global warning. It was such a pressing issue that VIPs, including Jeff Bezos, flew on 400 private jets while Biden cruised Rome in an 85-car motorcade. Indeed, Biden seemed so concerned with global warning that he fell asleep during the climate summit. Biden's American leadership was also on full display during the world leader photo session of the G20, where Biden's position in the photo was a clear depiction of America's leadership in the world - at the periphery, not the center.

Biden's place in the picture is at the bottom left
Biden can be seen at the bottom left - an excellent depiction at the peripheral role of America's leadership in global affairs under this administration. 


RUMBLE BUYS LOCALS: As leftists take over the nation's mainline institutions, conservatives have attempted to create their own parallel intuitions free of censorship. Rumble was built as a censorship-free, pro-content creator video site to counter YouTube, while Locals did the same as a counter to the crowdfunding site Patreon. Now Rumble has bought out Locals and brought the two under one umbrella. But does this endanger both sites should Ruble ownership one day be taken over by the left?

SCHOOL LAP DANCES? Officials at a Kentucky high school are in hot water after images appeared of a highly sexualized school pep rally. It's simply another sign of the corrupting influence that the Left is having on our public institutions, and a driving factor behind more mom's voting for conservatives in local, state, and national politics.

PFIZER VACCINE DATA FALSIFIED? A whistleblower has come forward with evidence that must be investigated. More from Zerohedge.

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