Saturday, November 20, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 20

by A. Joseph Lynch


INTRO TO WORLD RELIGIONS: If you haven't watched, don't miss out on the livestreams over at Religion, Sex, & Politics from our very own A. Joseph Lynch. This past week Lynch hosted a livestream on world religions - the first in an eight-part series that not only examines the major religions of the world, but also places these religions within the context of geopolitics and the plan of divine providence.

VATICAN LOSING MONEY: The Vatican took a loss of $135 million on a scandal-plagued London property deal. The lost money of course comes from charitable donations by the faithful who never intended their donation to go to shady property deals. The scandal has already seen the indictment of ten, including one cardinal.

WOMEN WEARING VEILS: An excellent defense of women veiling in church from Dr. Taylor Marshall.


NOT GUILTY - RITTENHOUSE RELEASED: After a tense courtroom battle that included an astounding number of alleged acts of prosecutorial misconduct and a potential rogue juror or two, Kyle Rittenhouse - who had killed two in self-defense and wounded a third during last year's Kenosha riots - was found not guilty on all counts. Most reasonable lawyers believed this case should never have been brought, especially when video evidence clearly shows his innocence. Yet the far left has weaponized the office of district attorney throughout much of our nation, meaning more and more cases like Kyle's will be brought. One expert self-defense attorney is now recommending states pass "Kyle's Law", a law that will help restrict DA's from weaponizing their prosecutorial powers for partisan witch hunts. 

PARTISAN WITCH HUNT: Speaking of partisan witch hunts, as the Left implodes in the polls, all they can do is double down on their partisan witch hunt aimed at President Trump. The congressional commission on January 6 - a total joke of a commission - has now arrested Steve Bannon. Does anyone else remember when the Left warned Trump against legally pursuing Hilary Clinton, arguing it would make America a third-world dictatorship that weaponized the state to wage war on one's political opponents? 

BIDEN-HARRIS UNPOULARITY: The left-leaning polling outlets Quinnipiac and USA Today are giving poor marks to Biden and Harris. According to Quinnipiac, Biden now stands at a dismal 36% approval, while USA Today reports that Harris' approval is much worse at a mere 28%. Harris is the most unpopular vice president in decades, fairing worse than Dick Cheney. Now that's saying something. Meanwhile, "Big Tech" is seeking to prop up their partisan allies by hiding dislikes on Biden's WH YouTube videos (which receive massive "ratios" of dislike-to-likes).

US ECONOMIC WOES: Inflation in the US is skyrocketing. Projections for October predicted an inflation rate of about 5.9% in comparison to October 2020. The number was actually 6.2% - and many believe the number is much higher than that. It was the highest increase in decades. It's now said that the new infrastructure bill will ensure inflation continues through the midterms next year.  Meanwhile Pete Buttigieg - the homosexual transportation secretary who has no experience in transportation or commerce and is just now returning from a two month vacation - plans to focus on the "racism" built into America's infrastructure while admitting supply shortages will continue. And the woes continue at the pump as gas prices climb higher while Biden considers "helping the environment" by closing yet another pipeline. Prices are skyrocketing and shelves are emptying, but rather than fix America's economic woes, Biden and Buttigieg can do nothing but print more money, complain about racism, and place environmentalism above the needs of ordinary citizens. It's not so much that they seek to directly harm America, but rather that they can only think in terms of these economic and social categories. Ideology limits one's vision and reduces his conception of reality. Biden and Buttigieg are clearly held captive by their ideologies.


WAR ON RUSSIA CONTINUES: Although members of the GOP have a better plan for US domestic policy, they are still totally off base when it comes to Russia. Republican war hawks are demanding the US send troops and weapons to Ukraine - an act certain to cross a Russian "red line" - and sanction the new Russian pipeline to Germany (partly at the behest of Ukraine). The pipeline gives Russia the ability to bypass Ukraine, which will ultimately destroy Ukraine's economy as it depends on Russian energy transit fees for cash while siphoning off gas from the pipelines for energy. Europe, however, is dependent on Russia natural gas and depleting its reserves as the new Russian pipeline sits empty awaiting the EU's (delayed) approval. Any US sanctions or further EU delays put the people of Europe in jeopardy as the harsh winter approaches. It should be no wonder why France announced it will resume building nuclear power plants. Meanwhile the US has reactivated its hypersonic missiles in Europe for the first time in decades while indicating that in a future war with Russia the US will go nuclear more quickly than in the past. Why the belligerence against Russia? NATO (and Secretary of State Antony Blinken) claims the Russians are building up forces in preparation for a Ukrainian invasion. The problem is that both the Russians and the Ukrainians are denying any such build up!

BELARUS-POLAND BORDER CRISIS AND THE UK: The West recently attempted to overthrow the pro-Russian government in Belarus (a coup attempt seemingly organized by the US and UK). Given this it comes as no surprise that Belarus is taking advantage of the EU's pro-immigrant stance by attempting to release some 3,000 migrants into the EU via Poland. Poland is up in arms (literally) and perhaps rightfully so. Meanwhile the Russia-hating Boris Johnson of the UK - who foolishly asked the British people to sacrifice their winter heat and power in order to help Ukraine - has accused Russia of attempting to destabilize the EU and has sent UK troops to help "defend" Poland. This come as thousands upon thousands of migrants illegally enter the UK by crossing the English Channel from France (last week over 1,000 crossed illegally in just one day). Where are the troops to defend the UK? Where are the calls to punish France for "destabilizing" the UK through weaponizing its migrants? 

BOSNIAN SERB INDEPENDENCE? The leader of Bosnia's Serb region of Republika Srpska, Milorad Dodik, is calling for greater independence of his people and closer ties with Serbia and Russia. War-torn Bosnia was once a part of Yugoslavia and is to this day divided into three ethno-religious groups: Croat Catholics, Bosnian Serbs, and Bosnian Muslims (known as Bosniacs). On paper each group has its own semi-autonomous powers but all three have largely let federal control exercise these powers. Dodik, however, is calling for Bosnia to follow the laws as written - and he has the backing of Serbia and Russia. It's no longer the 1990s. Strong, Orthodox Russia will play a role to defend its Orthodox allies in the Balkans.


LEGITIMIZING PEDOPHILA: A "nonbinary" university professor in Virginia recently argued that "minor attraction" (also called pedophilia) isn't always immoral. She's currently been placed on leave following righteous outrage at her remarks. This is but the latest attempt to legitimize pedophilia - and sadly it will not be the last.

NO-NONSENSE IN RUSSIA: Russia continues to show it's serious about protecting the sacred in Russia. A couple has been sentenced to ten-months in prison for photographing themselves performing a simulated sex act with Moscow's grand Cathedral of Christ the Savior in the background. The Russians understand that a culture of life is a culture of protection - and the first thing to protect is the sacred.

NO CONTEST: A "gender-fluid" teenager in Virginia has pled no contest to a second allegation against him of sexual assault in a girl's bathroom. The case marks renewed calls to protect young girls from boys entering their bathrooms under the protection of "trans" rights. As we saw in the bogus prosecution of Kyle Rittenhouse, leftist control of state powers is used not to protect the innocent but rather to ensure the innocent can be preyed upon by allies of the left. Further proof of this weaponization of political power and institutions came as an FBI whistleblower revealed the DOJ activated its counterterrorism division against parents who protest matters like "trans" teens preying on their daughters. Everything the Left falsely accused Trump of doing is in reality being done by the Left. The midterms can't get here quick enough.

PROJECT VERITAS VS THE FBI AND THE NYT: Project Veritas - perhaps the only true investigative reporting outlet in the country - is in the middle of a lawsuit against the New York Times for defamation. It appears there is some collusion between leftist partisans in the US Government and the New York Times as the FBI recently raided Project Veritas and subsequently someone in the government leaked private communications between Project Veritas and its legal team. Would it be at all surprising for leftwing members of Biden's Department of Justice to use a bogus investigation to take information from Project Veritas and give it to the leftwing NYT? The lawyer for Project Veritas thinks it quite possible. Again we see the weaponization of state institutions to favor the Left and its allies.

NO PFIZER VACCINE DATA UNTIL 2076? The FDA wants to wait to release Pfizer's vaccine data... until 2076. Hiding data for the next 55 years makes us doubt this will make people feel better about getting the jab.

BUTCHERED DURING BLACK MAGIC RITUAL: A man turned to black magic after his wife left him not long after their wedding. But during the dark ritual the man was butchered by the occult practitioner whose help the man had sought. One might describe it as "black magic gone wrong" - but the reality is that black magic can never go right.

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