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Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 26



The time for diplomacy has ended. War has come. But what led to the war and what is its purpose? The events that led to war - what Russia is calling a military intervention - are many. In hindsight we should have expected this.

In the days leading up the war, President Macron of France promised Russia an endless number of diplomatic meetings - but couldn't promise that any of them would address Russia's security concerns much less reach an agreement in their regard. Olaf Scholz, the new chancellor in Germany, came to Moscow where he joked about genocide and refused to take Russia's position on Ukrainian neutrality seriously. 

Amid the failed diplomacy, it appears the US and its allies cheered Ukraine on as it ceaselessly shelled the Donbas. President Zelensky - a man who is not only a comedian but also a joke - seemed to believe the lies of the United States that Ukraine would join NATO. What's more, he spent his time at the recent Munich security conference talking about Ukraine's desire to obtain nuclear weapons which it could use against Russia. European leaders - and even Kamala Harris herself - sat quietly as Zelensky gave Russia more reason to fight. What is Russia to do with a belligerent neighbor dead set on nuclear weapons while no one in "the West" is willing to stop them? Given all this, Russia officially recognized the independence of the people's republics in the Donbas. As part of that recognition, Russia warned Ukraine to stop the shelling.

Ukraine refused to comply. It poked the bear for the last time.

In a last attempt to negotiate peace, Russia planned to meet with Antony Blinken, the worst Secretary of State in US history, on Thursday, February 24. But Mr. Blinken abruptly cancelled the meeting the less than 24 hours before the planned meeting. 

War thus became inevitable.

In the early hours of Thursday morning, air and missile strikes began to fall upon military targets across Ukraine. Reports surfaced of Russian attacks on the Ukrainian surface fleet at Odessa. With Russian support, the militias of the people's republics began to advance. Russian troops started marching north from Crimea, west towards Kharkov from Russia, and south towards Kiev from Belarus. It appears as though Russia plans a pincer move in the east, encircling the large Ukrainian army on the border of the Donbas, melting it away in what the Russian's military calls a "cauldron." 

There is now word that Kiev is all but encircled.

Meanwhile Zelensky leads his people into complete defeat. He is handing out assault rifles to civilians - who have used them to settle scores with each other and loot parts of Kiev. One family was gunned down in their SUV less than two hours after the weapons were distributed - because they were mistaken for Russians. Ukrainian air defenses have shot down at least one of their own fighters, and a Ukrainian anti-air tank ran over a hapless Ukrainian driver in Kiev. Ukrainian artillery have also been placed in residential areas of Kiev. It seems as though Zelensky wants civilians killed.

Zelensky and his Western partners are doing their best to push war propaganda. Claims of Ukrainian soldiers fighting to the death, blowing themselves up on brides, and shooting down Russian airplanes have either proven untrue or are unverified. For example, it is said that Ukraine shot down two large paratrooper planes with upwards of 100 soldiers aboard. Thus far no images of any large Russian plane wrecks have surfaced.

Fighting slowed down during the day on Friday as Zelensky expressed his desire to reach a peace deal. It was either a lie, or his Americans overlords denied him his desires. Either way, the war has resumed and Russia is sending more forces to the fight. 

It's also worth noting that the rapid Russian advances to this point were accomplished with a mere 30-40,000 troops. Compare this to the US war in Iraq. Iraq is a small nation, yet it took the United States with 300,000 troops several weeks to arrive at Baghdad. It took a further six days to conquer the city. Russia is already encircling Kiev - and that was with a pause in fighting on Friday. 

But what is Russia's end game? In his "empire of lies" speech that launched the war, Vladimir Putin described the West, led by the United States, as an empire of lies:
Incidentally, US politicians, political scientists and journalists write and say that a veritable “empire of lies” has been created inside the United States in recent years. It is hard to disagree with this – it is really so. But one should not be modest about it: the United States is still a great country and a system-forming power. All its satellites not only humbly and obediently say yes to and parrot it at the slightest pretext but also imitate its behavior and enthusiastically accept the rules it is offering them. Therefore, one can say with good reason and confidence that the whole so-called Western bloc formed by the United States in its own image and likeness is, in its entirety, the very same “empire of lies.”
Putin went on to describe how the West sought to destroy Russia after the Cold War:
As for our country, after the disintegration of the USSR, given the entire unprecedented openness of the new, modern Russia, its readiness to work honestly with the United States and other Western partners, and its practically unilateral disarmament, they immediately tried to put the final squeeze on us, finish us off, and utterly destroy us. This is how it was in the 1990s and the early 2000s, when the so-called collective West was actively supporting separatism and gangs of mercenaries in southern Russia. What victims, what losses we had to sustain and what trials we had to go through at that time before we broke the back of international terrorism in the Caucasus! We remember this and will never forget.
Putin reminds us that the West not only sought to attack Russia through economic and military means, but in an even worse and more subversive way: through what Pope Francis calls ideological colonization.
Properly speaking, the attempts to use us in their own interests never ceased until quite recently: they sought to destroy our traditional values and force on us their false values that would erode us, our people from within, the attitudes they have been aggressively imposing on their countries, attitudes that are directly leading to degradation and degeneration, because they are contrary to human nature. This is not going to happen. No one has ever succeeded in doing this, nor will they succeed now.
What Russia is now doing is standing up to the atheist West. What's more, it is revealing that the wizard behind the curtain is not nearly as strong as he appears. It's what we've long suggested at AoA: the infestation of our institutions by radical Leftists are not as strong we think. When they are confronted, they run away. Russia is revealing the truth about Western leaders: they used their power to enrich themselves and spread a self-defeating ideology. As Putin said, what Left-wing leaders in the West are  trying to do "are contrary to human nature... [they've] [n]ever succeeded... nor will they succeed now." 

While no one wants war, the appalling lack of leadership in the atheist West has led us to this day. They sought conflict with Russia, and Russia will bring it to a dramatic end.

What we're now seeing is the last gasps of American-led globalism. The Left sought the "great reset" - a plan to dominate the world. It appears there has indeed been a "great reset" - but it has come from Russia and the world will never be the same again.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

February 22: The Feast of the Chair of Peter. Pope Francis and the leadership lessons of Lincoln

Chair of St Peter. A wooden chair given to a Pope by an Emperor in 875 AD. Gilded in bronze in 1647. 

On the birthday of America's founding patriarch (see Feb 22 below), the Church dedicates a Feast Day to celebrate a Chair given as a gift from an Emperor to a Pope.  We are meant to contemplate this symbol of authority and the Petrine office. Community demands Authority. Pope John Paul II asked all Christians to  suggest how this office should be lived to bring Christian Unity. Pope Francis has called together all the heads of Bishop Conferences and heads of religious orders to a summit in Rome "to listen to the cries of the little ones." A major theme of the Pope for episcopal and priestly reform is the necessity of synodal governance of the Church.(His address on 50th anniversary of Bishop Synods)  He called the February 2019 gathering to show the Church in a synodal form addressing abuse of minors. He is at all times keeping in mind the bishops of the Orthodox tradition and the need for unity with them so the Church can "breathe with two lungs". He has strongly resisted the American desire to insert lay people into Church governance. He has called the Apostles together to confront the pain of the victims and assert their every bishop and bishop's conference must go back to their home territories and show mercy by ruling justly. His gathering of the leaders is to insure that the sins of some do not diminish the authority of the Apostolic whole. His war against clericalism is not a war against the sacral Apostolic character of priestly identity. Unlike his predecessors, Pope Francis has shown any individual can be stripped of his rank to purify the priestly bond. The dramatic reduction of Theodore McCarrick the big spending, high flying American to the lay state is a vivid reminder that the old days of gentle whispers are over. The communal whole is greater than the wealthy maverick.

In this conference he is pointedly not addressing  homosexuality in the priesthood as a root cause of the crisis. This does not mean other bishops and free flowing press conferences cannot forcefully make the connections. Rather the Pope is mustering the authorities in the ecclesial form of the corporate brotherhood in prayer and parrhesia(fearless speech).  This is the antidote to the lobbyists, the magnified little men behind the curtains of media, the secret intriguers who fill the chanceries and Curia, the "homosexual parish" that shapes Catholic clericalism. He draws bishops together as he expects them to assemble their priests---in public, face-to-face, man-to-man encounters of fraternity under the Father. He has always emphasized that in synodal gatherings the bishops meet with (cum) the Pope and under (sub) the Pope. The problem with the Church is not an all male clergy. It is an emasculated clergy that has lost its sacral identity as a fraternity of fathers.

 Pope Francis knows the clerical rot is deep and he will need many new men and groups of men rising within the  diocesan and national gatherings of the ordained. He sees the synod in the Church the way he sees fraternity among the world religions and the nations. Fatherhood and brotherhood are the antidotes to spiritual incest. These are built in the many communal forms of the priesthood and episcopacy.  The Holy Father always starts with the whole before the part. He has written about this for decades (see The Mind of Pope Francis) 

President Abraham Lincoln faced the division of the American nation as he assumed the Presidency in 1860. Slavery was the fundamental sin which could not be reconciled with the Declaration of Independence though it was allowed in the Constitution. Many abolitionists demanded he build his campaign and Presidency on condemning the evil of slavery. But Lincoln understood he must hold together the Union or he would never have the authority to end slavery. He built his Presidency and  his Second Inaugural on expanding the civic brotherhood upon which the nation was founded.   The Pope is acting like Lincoln and many of us critics (self included) are playing the abolitionist. We should pause to see the whole and respect the Chair. ( There may be a lesson from the world of motorcycling explained in Matthew Crawford's book on The World Outside Your Head. He says when you are walking, you keep your eyes on a hazard ahead to avoid it. But if you are on a high speed motorcycle you must deliberately keep your focus on the clear road ahead not the hazard. )From the beginning of his papacy the Pope has said he will not focus on "contraception, gay marriage and abortion". He is not an individual writing a blog entry.  He is on a very fast and dangerous motorcycle, directing a global Church. His vision and words must inspire millions of poor fathers trying to find work in the megacities before placating hundreds of western elites debating their abominable perversions.

Another Man who understood the Authority of His Chair

All those who have taken this crisis as an opportunity to strike at the liturgy of the Novus Ordo, the validity of the Second Vatican Council, and the papacy of Pope Francis should consider the whole. They are in very dangerous waters playing the Accuser in trying to discredit the true agents of the Holy Spirit. They do the Accuser's work more efficiently than enemies who display no veneer of "faithful Catholics' to fool the faithful. They recoil with righteous indignation when they and their fraudulent clerical heroes (Vigano and Burke) are exposed for helping the Serpent who wants a headless Church. Those two same Chief Pharisees were quick to accuse the women in adultery after the Papal Amoris document but were not so authoritarian as they let two notorious homosexual bishops (Nienstedt and Apuron) slip through their perfumed hands of mercy. So stringent with the lady in the back pew with her kids; so gentle and accompanying with the predator clerics. Those polluted priests have done much more to desacralize the Eucharist from the priest side of the altar than any lady reaching through the crowd to touch Christ's garment. As Pope Francis says, there is something of the Black Mass with the predator priests. "The sacrifice of the wicked is an abomination to the Lord." It is not the Novus Ordo that desacralizes the Mass. That is another smokescreen from diabolos. It is the Nienstedts and Apurons and McCarricks and Spellmans. It is not the sins of the laity which threaten our liturgical life--it is the priestly pollution.
The "traddies" and "resistance" should be mindful. Their momentary  media bubble is a glass house built on sand. As the traffic generated by their hysteria recedes, they will have time to remember the first rule of regicide. Be sure you kill the  king, if you are going to shoot at him.
For those of us who want to help the Father clean the filth we must reassert the whole with Pope Francis.  Vatican II is "rereading of the Gospels in a concrete historical situation." The event of Vatican II and especially the liturgical reform is the biblical answer to modernity not the fruit of modernism.  The renewed Church of Vatican II will be composed of synodal brotherhoods not the hidden clerical cliques of chancery, Curia, and "the lavender parish".

 One principal storyline of the Francis papacy is restoring the Papacy  as Shepherd-Ruler after the papacies of the philosopher-prophet and the theologian-priest. The journey Pope Francis is walking with us cannot be interrupted for you tube monologues contrasting two American queens like Raymond Burke and James Martin. We must think much bigger to think with Francis who is not the provincial that American neoconservatives label him.

It is not only the Church but the nations which constitute Christendom and humanity. Pope Francis understands the Church must go 'to the periphery" to baptize the nations or the Church forfeits her mission. Pope Francis is calling together the Apostolic Church as a Synodal fraternity to reform herself and function as a template for humanity. He is leading the biblical People of God amidst the nations. He is showing us the public fruits of Vatican Two are still maturing while the twisted fruits of hidden clericalism are rotting.  Following the true Spirit of the Second Vatican Council, he has initiated his unique diplomacy of fraternity to Confucian China and Islam. He answered the beheading of the Coptic martyrs on the shores of the Mediterranean with public Mass on the sands of Arabia. Synodal brotherhood in the Church and fraternity amidst the religions and nations of mankind may just be the wholistic approach that will best isolate the lavender Judas in the Vatican and the  salafist Cain in Mecca. Let us pray for Our Holy Father on this feast day and honor that Holy Chair.  He has a large plan and we can all agree he has not yet  found his General Grant.  

Monday, February 21, 2022

President George Washington: All Praise the Patriarch

by David Pence

This Monday’s federal holiday officially commemorates the birthday of our first president George Washington (b. Feb 22, 1732). In many states this is called Presidents Day and is meant to both commemorate the men who were presidents and honor the office which they held. In five states (including our own Minnesota) those February Presidents Lincoln and Washington are the special objects of our civic honor.

Patriarchy means rule of the father. A patriarch can also refer especially to the beginning father or the founding father. Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel) are called the patriarchs of Judaism. Christianity is deeply patriarchal with the model prayer taught by Jesus petitioning that  God our Father will extend His rule in heaven over all the earth. Americans have always referred to Washington as a founding father, and our most affectionate name for Lincoln came from the black tradition: 'Father Abraham.'

We honor George Washington today (Read this AOA profile as your civic duty for the holiday)  for leading our first national army to victory in winning independence from the British, for acting 8 years as our first president under the 1787 Constitution, and for giving up the office of authority establishing a tradition of peaceful succession for the commander-in-chief of the military. "First in war, first in peace, first in the hearts of his countrymen." In Washington’s farewell address to his troops, he prayed that the brotherly bonds of affection forged in war would animate the bonds of citizenship in the new republic. Men who believed in republics rather than monarchy still believed in authority, fatherhood, and God. They knew that men in protective and productive civic groups needed strong leaders with considerable discretion to act for the group. As Washington wrote:

"It is impossible to govern the world without God. It is the duty of all nations to acknowledge the Providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits and humbly implore his protection and favor."

There is in our land a hatred of the father and a rebellion against authority which destroys community. It is a repudiation of God the Father and disrespect for authority figures from the local policeman to the President. Abraham Lincoln in one of his first public speeches as a young man to the Young Men’s Lyceum of Springfield decried the mobs and hate and violence that were infecting public life and replacing the civic bonds of affection that come from men living under God and the Law together. (See Matthew Holland’s Bonds of Affection describing the twofold love of American civic life.) President Trump reminded us in his inaugural that the loyalty of patriotism by its very nature deepens the loyalty of Americans to one another. (AOA on our current President)

There can be no community if there is no authority and respect for law. The baby boomers were wrong and that disastrous party is now over. The adolescent death yelp we are hearing across the nation is a primal recognition that a certain kind of partying is coming to an end. There can be no civic peace in our cities unless there is a renewal of fatherhood in our families. But we do not have to wait a generation for the  spiritual renewal of marriage and good dads. There are city fathers in blue patrolling every city in America. A great blessing of American civic life is the republican tradition of local universal male protective duty expressed in the militia tradition and policing as a local responsibility. The local male citizens in every city, town and county can offer to young males the identity and status which comes from taking up our shared duty of protection. This is the classic definition of that much abused form of male bonding-politics. 

If the criminals are getting the upper hand in certain neighborhoods, then there are American fathers garbed in blue who can come in and take care of our spiritual widows and orphans. Politics is the communal strategy of making fatherhood available to all young males in the territory.  The anti-political forces are a strange combination of brutish predators, violence prone adolescent anarchists,  and effeminate careerists. They all would undermine a civic presence of masculine protectors. Patriarchy and fraternity are not the problems -- they are the solution. Fathers know we need a brotherhood of fathers to protect a nation or a city. We know fatherhood and duty are not based on color but they are entirely dependent on gender. We know the household is not safe if the city is not strong. The great Presidents and Patriarchs called men and their sons into a common identity as American citizens.  The founding fathers who shaped the initial bond of American citizenship and the brave men who secured that Union under Lincoln have bequeathed to American men of every color a template for civic brotherhood under the Fatherhood of God.  

Let us build our country. Let us thank our God. Let us teach our sons. Let us honor our fathers.   

Saturday, February 19, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 19

by A. Joseph Lynch


INVALID BAPTISMS: A priest under Bishop Olmstead in the Diocese of Phoenix has resigned from his parish after botching baptisms for decades. The baptisms were celebrated using the invalid form, "we" baptize you rather than "I" baptize you. Now this is one case where using the wrong pronouns counts. While it's said to think that Catholics are so poorly catechized that no one noticed the error for decades, we wonder what bright and well-educated Catholic caught the error and started asking questions? 

CATHOLIC CHARITIES SCAM? What role is Catholic Charities playing in human smuggling across our southern border? More from Church Militant.

BENEDICT'S FINGERPRINTS: Church Militant reminds us that the bishops and cardinals warring against the orthodox faith didn't receive their high status from Francis alone - they were elevated to power by John Paul II and Benedict XVI.


SPYING ON TRUMP: The Durham investigation has finally provided us the smoking gun evidence that Trump was not only spied as a candidate, but even after he was elected and in office. Now most Democrats want Hillary to be investigated. It appears as though a tech director named Rodney Joffe worked under Jake Sullivan (now Biden's NSA) to hack into Trump Tower - during the campaign - and the White house - during the Trump administration - in an attempt to link Trump to Russia. Trump says such acts in earlier times would carry the death penalty. It's no wonder why Sullivan is trying to distract us all with more lies about Russia. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

BIDEN SINKING: Biden only has positive marks in four states (Hawaii, Maryland, and Massachusetts) - and only in one of them (Vermont) did he reach 50% with the voters. We really hope he runs for re-election in 2024.

BLM ASSASSIN? Quintez Brown, who once appeared on TV with Joy Reid, is now accused of an attempted assassination of a Jewish congressmen. What's worse is that BLM paid $100,000 to bail him out. Meanwhile, financial scandal has so rocked BLM that Amazon has removed the organization from its charity program. And over at Civiqs, BLM support among Americans has plummeted from 52% to 43% - now tied with its disapproval number.

RECESSION COMING? Biden says war with Ukraine will hurt the US economy, but argues thay the cost is worth it. What is more likely is that Biden knows the looming interest rate hikes will halt or contract the US economy. It might be best in his mind to go to war with Russia and blame our economic woes on Putin.


WORKING MEN FIGHT BACK: One aspect of the Freedom Convoy left out of the news is the fact that their protest is at its core built up by working class men. The  men who provide us with our food and supplies are standing up to tyranny - and it's largely worked! Not only are more parts of Canada lifting their mandates, but even blue states in the US are following suits. What's more, men the world over are staging convoys in Israel, Scotland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. And the men of America will soon make their way to Washington

CANADA THE DICTATORSHIP: Justin Trudeau in 2012: "When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is when it's rapidly losing its moral authority." Nice word. Sadly they were spoken by a lying, hypocritical coward. The Canadian dictator, Justin Trudeau, cowardly ran from the men of Canada just days ago. But in a new act of cowardice, Trudeau has spit on his nation's constitution and effectively declared martial law. The courts have been sidelined as Trudeau uses emergency wartime powers to make himself Canada's dictator-in-chief. Using his powers he has dispatched forces to Ottawa to brutally assault his own citizens. Some of  his thugs used horses to trample peaceful protesters while reports emerge that at least one journalist was brutally beaten. Bounce houses, once filled filled with the children of truckers, have been burst and the children stolen and placed into child "protective" custody. The Ottawa Police are posting arrest numbers like they're keeping the score of a football game. Trudeau now threatens tow companies with arrest if they do not assist in towing away the trucks owned by the men they help on a regular basis. It appears that tow trucks have been seized by the government for use in Trudeau's assault. In the wake of Trudeau's assault on democracy, the premiers of Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, and Saskatchewan have come out in opposition to his move. Canada's civil liberties organization says it will sue Trudeau over his unlawful and unconstitutional acts. Oddly enough, much of what the Freedom Convoy has demanded have been given - but since Trudeau is a weak man and cannot appear to have lost, he will go far beyond the typical crackdown acts many expected and go full totalitarians on his own citizens. All this is a great reminder that "the West" didn't defeat the Soviet Empire - it succeeded it.

GIVESENDGO HACKED: The Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo was hacked over its role in supporting the Freedom Convoy. What's more, those donating have had their private information revealed and some are facing harassments, threats of physical violence, and termination from their jobs. Interestingly enough, the hacker proudly identified himself online despite the obvious risk of lawsuit and arrest. Rumor has it he's worked for the US government and thus fears no reprisal. More from Jimmy Dore (possible language warning).  

NO INVASION OF UKRAINE: Although newsmen claimed to know the date and time that Russia would invade Ukraine - 1 am, February 16 - no attack happened. As Biden presses for war, are Americans in support? A recent CBS poll found that American's under 65 want to keep us out of war over Ukraine. Those over 65? 61% favored war while 39% opposed. 

JAPAN-AUSTRALIA PACT: Last month, after a year of talks, Japan and Australia signed a defense pact that may see Australian military deployments to Japan. In fact, Australia now becomes the second nation - aside from the US - to have permission for a Japan deployment. The move is clearly aimed at China, but can a Japanese-Australian alliance really stop a determined China?

NO IRON DOME FOR UKRAINE: Ukraine asked the US for the "Iron Dome" missile shield technology used by Israel. America was happy to oblige. Israel? Not so much. Israel is in a tense relationship with Russia right now over Syria. Russia recently flew its first air patrol with Syrian aircraft and criticized Israel for its aggressive violations of Syria's territorial integrity. What's more, Israel depends on resources from Ukraine - especially in the territories likely to become part of Russia if war breaks out. Handing Ukraine the "Iron Dome" might be precipitate war, not prevent it. 

AFGHAN FUNDS STOLEN: The US has decided to steal Afghanistan's national assets and allow Afghani women and children to starve. The Washington Post calls it the further weaponization of global finance. It reminds us of US actions against Iran, Canada's actions against the bank accounts of peaceful protesters, and what many hope to do to Russia in the days and weeks ahead. While the US has tried to cover itself by donating half to the families of the 9/11 attacks, the other half is going to enrich the friends of the deep state through handouts to NGOs. American nepotism at its finest.


MASKLESS CELEBRITIES: Politicians and celebrities crammed together to watch the Super Bowl in Los Angeles, California - and very few wore masks. Meanwhile children in California are still forced to wear masks and are denied their bodily autonomy as it pertains to the controversial coronavirus vaccines. It makes you want to laugh or cry. We suggest some laughter from the Babylon Bee

PAYOUTS TO CRT SPEAKER: "Critical Race Theorist" Ibram X. Kendi made $32,500 for giving a speech at the University of Virginia. Racist grifters like Kendi use enrich themselves off taxpayer dollars while feeding lies to young minds. It is a travesty.

"FREEDOM" IS FAR RIGHT: The MSM has decided that "Freedom" is now a term of the far right as the truckers demand freedom from Trudeau's tyranny. Whatever happened to liberals loving liberty - the very synonym for freedom? It turns out that conservatives are the new freedom lover while liberals have become the totalitarians. They say the parties "switched" back in the 1960s. It appears a real shift is happening once more.

CRITICAL MILITARY THEORY: Forget critical race theory in the US armed forces. A retired Marine 3-star general explains why we need to embrace a critical military theory. Sounds common sensical - but common sense does seem harm to come by these days.

Saturday, February 12, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 12

by A. Joseph Lynch


FR. STU TRAILER: Devout Catholics, Mark Wahlberg and Mel Gibson, star in Fr. Stu, a film based on the remarkable story of an unlikely man's journey to priestly ordination. Fr. Stu comes out at Easter and we recommend you check out the new trailer.  

ATHEISM AND THE WEST: Over on Religion, Sex, and Politics, our own A. Joseph Lynch has posted a video presentation on the rise of atheism as a foundation of Western Civilization. It's a unique take on the topic, and one worth checking out.

RESURGENCE OF RELIGION: Dr. Steve Turley mostly comments on politics, but he is a huge champion of global Christianity and the rise of religion the world over. In this video he introduces us to Japan and the centrality of Shintoism. Japan is a living example of a nation that is both scientific and religious. The two are not opposed.


BIDEN KILLS MORE KIDS: Biden's hit on an ISIS leader in Turkish-occupied Syria feels very similar to the botched American bombing in Kabul which killed an innocent Afghan family. The administration attempted to blame the deaths of women and children on the leader's suicide bombing, yet questions remain about how the women and children were killed in the latest attack.

EDITS TO SUCCESS? A former clerk of a black woman contender for the coveted position on the supreme court took extraordinary - and in our opinion, disqualifying - steps to ensure success. The clerk, Matteo Godi, not only began editing the Wikipedia page of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson in order to make her look better, but she also edited the pages of Jackson's opponents in order to make them look worse. Is petty behavior like this really what we want to see from the clerks of our supreme court justices?

SPYING ON CONSERVATIVE CONGRESSMEN: The Capitol Police are embroiled in yet another scandal. The police unit - the only US law enforcement body not under the executive branch but rather under Congressional leaders - is now accused of spying on a conservative congressman. The Capitol Police claim they entered Congressman Troy Nehl's office only because his door was left wide open - but a video released by Nehls clearly shows the door is self-closing. It's time for serious reform of the Capitol Police. 

INFLATION AT 40 YEAR HIGH: Inflation is now at its highest point since 1982, a full 40 years ago. Yet the inflation in 1982 was declining from the highs set by Jimmy Carter. Joe Biden appears eager to break his predecessor's record. According to reports, gas is up 40%, utility gas up 24%, furniture up 20%, eggs up 13%, and chicken is up 10%. Another report says that Americans had to pay an extra  $3500 in 2021 to buy the same products they purchased in 2020. It's no wonder why on 24 hours after the bombshell numbers came out that Biden began telling the world a Russian invasion of Ukraine was imminent. Can anyone say wag the dog?  


PUTIN AND XI MEET: As China's year of the Black Water Tiger begins, the Tiger and the Bear - Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin - met in person for the first time since the coronavirus outbreak. The two discussed the state of their alliance, with Russia defending China's claims on Taiwan and China defending Russia's security demands in Europe. The two nations are now in lockstep - and with the Ukraine quagmire ongoing, the US "pivot to Asia" gets more and more difficult with each passing day.

ARGENTINA AND RUSSIA - AND CHINA: Argentina's President Alberto Fernandez travelled to Moscow to meet with Vladimir Putin in hopes of building a stronger relationship between their nations. Fernandez publicly stated his hopes for Argentina to be a gateway for Russia into Latin America while noting his nation's dependency on the United Sates has not been beneficial - in fact, he blamed the relationship with the US for Argentina's debt woes with the IMF. As the US continues to anger potential allies, isolate itself from the nations, and pick fights with powers it cannot defeat, Russia continues to win victories. It also turns out that China is involved in the new deal as well, with Argentina joining China's Belt and Road Initiative. The American hand is getting weaker.

INDIVISIBILITY OF SECURITY: Russia has long decried the US and NATO failure to keep their word concerning the expansion of NATO following the fall of the Soviet Union. This alone has given Russia cause to demand legally binding security guarantees. Despite this, Russia has made a legal argument against the expansion of NATO. This argument may be dubbed "the argument from the indivisibility of security" - and it's legal basis lies upon the foundations of the Istanbul Declaration of 1999 and the Astana Declaration of 2010. These declarations, binding upon the members of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), rejects the idea of security as a zero-sum game - i.e. increasing my security at the cost of yours. Instead security is defined as "indivisible" - and as such any expansion of NATO towards Russia's borders violates the principle of the indivisibility of security which America and NATO have agreed to. And while the aforementioned declarations do state that nations have the right to choose their alliances, such an argument cannot be applied to any Ukrainian desire to join NATO as NATO's own charter does not allow nations to simply join NATO. Instead, NATO itself must pursue new member states and may only invite a nation to its ranks through a unanimous vote by all current NATO member states. In other words, Russia has a tight legal argument behind its demands.

COORDINATING WITH RUSSIA'S MILITARY: The US revealed it coordinated its recent attack in Turkish-occupied Syria with Russia. Was Turkey in the loop? And why was the leader so close to Turkish units without Turkey knowing? Sounds a lot like bin Laden in Pakistan. And speaking of coordination with Russia, Syrian and Russian aircraft made their first coordinated patrol of Syria's borders along the Golan Heights - a clear sign to Israel that Russia will not tolerate its aggressive airstrikes on its Syrian ally. 

UKRANIAN RESISTANCE: Despite widespread claims that an invasion of Ukraine would be costly to Russia, Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Join Chiefs of Staff, told Congress in a closed door briefing that should war break out, 15,0000 Ukrainian soldiers would die and Kiev would fall in 72 hours while Russia would suffer a meager 4,000 causalities. Congress was also warned that war would also result in thousands of refugees flooding westward. While the neocon-laden State Department tells itself that Ukraine can be a new Afghanistan for Russia, it's clear the Pentagon sees Ukraine as another Afghanistan for America; a debacle we cannot win. Lucky for Ukraine, Russia has no intention of invading. 


GOFUNDME INVESITIGATIONS: GoFundMe is under fire over its handling of the Freedom Convoy. Recall that GoFundMe had no problems fundraising for the CHAZ - a real insurrectionist and occupation of Seattle back in 2020 that led to murder and mayhem.  

TEACHER BURN OUT: A new survey reveals the pandemic burn out affecting America's teachers as more than half say they are looking to quit

RACIST APOLOGIES: In other classroom news, a teacher and school district have come under fire for segregating white students and forcing them to apologize for being born white.  

DEMOCRATS WATCH TUCKER: As CNN continues its freefall, Tucker Carlson is dominating cable news. What's more, he's even drawing in the Democrats. Right now more Democrats watch Tucker than watch CNN or MSNBC. Tucker is the best thing FoxNews has ever had on its airwaves.

Saturday, February 5, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5

by A. Joseph Lynch


PAPAL WOES: Pope Benedict has apologized for his role in clerical sex abuse while Pope Francis seems to embrace a Catholic form of "once saved, always saved" theology. Taylor Marshall is, of course, freaking out. Yet Dr. Marshall failed to consider other quotes from Francis on the reality of Hell. For example: "Convert, there is still time for not ending up in hell. It is what is waiting for you if you continue on this path." That doesn't sound like "once saved, always saved" theology to me.

WOMEN LECTORS, CATECHISTS: While Taylor Marshall freaks out over Francis' off-the-cuff remarks during a papal audience, he failed to address the real disaster that Pope Francis has unleashed  upon the Church: female lectors and catechists. The old "minor orders" were lay male fraternities open to vocations to higher orders. In allowing women to be lectors and acolytes, Francis has undermined the "resourcement" of Vatican II and only takes steps toward a further decline in men's participation in the liturgy and vocations. 

UPDATE ON THE CATECHIST: The "ministry" of the Catechist - an invention of Pope Francis - is proving to be a travesty in itself (and not merely because it is open to women in addition to men). The "catechist" appears to be an amalgamation of duties performed by lectors, acolytes, and even exorcists(!) as they will not only teach (though for some bizarre reason, actual school teachers are not allowed to become catechists), but also lead prayer services, and even perform minor exorcisms. It seems to be a lay "catch all" that rolls up the vast majority of what the old minor orders did. They might as well just call the "catechist" a subdeacon and be done with it. Francis has created a Frankenstein's monster and the shocking thing is that no one is talking about it. Where's Taylor Marshall on this?


#RELEASETHETRANSCRIPT: Many are demanding that Biden release the transcript of his recent call with Ukraine's leader, Volodymyr Zelensky (and the debacle has even pulled in CNN in yet another scandal). Apparently the two shared a heated conversation as Biden insisted without evidence that a Russian attack was "imminent". Zelensky reminded Biden that the US was causing a panic in Ukraine by insisting the Russians were about to attack and that American citizens needed to leave the country. Indeed, it seems as though Biden is doing more harm to Ukraine's economy than the Russians ever could, as his hysteria has lead to panic buying and money hording in Ukraine. It sure would be nice to hear what was said in that phone call. We're sure it wasn't perfect. What we do know is that the US is no longer using the term "imminent" in regards to any conflict with Russia. 

FALSE FLAG? As soon as the US backed off on its claims of an "imminent" attack by Russia on Ukraine, the neocons in the state department began pushing another unsubstantiated claim about Russia. This time they said that Russia plans to stage a "false flag" attack on the Donbas in order to justify an invasion. When State Department spokesmen, Ned Price, insisted his own word was all the evidence the media needed for proof, reporter Matt Lee tore Price apart and even went so far as to say that "This is Alex Jones territory!" It's bad news for Biden when even the media is starting to ask real questions now.

BREYER TO RETIRE: In a sign that Democrats are in for a bloody red wave in November, Justice Breyer is taking advantage of a Democrat-held Senate under a Democrat President to retire. Biden is coming under fire for pledging to replace him with a black woman. Despite this it is very likely that his nominee will pass with ease while conservatives note that little will change in the court given a swap of a liberal for a liberal.

"REFORMING" ELECTION CERTIFICATION: Although Mike Pence agreed with the Democrats that he lacked the authority to send back questionable election results back to their respective state legislatures (as the Constitution requires), Democrats are pushing a "reform" of the role that the vice president plays in during the final certification of federal elections in Congress. It certainly seems to us - and President Trump - that Pence did indeed have the power to save us four years of Joe Biden's senility. 

WAKING A SLEEPING GIANT: It seems as though the COVID restrictions pushed by Democrats are turning Democrat parents against them.


ORBAN VISITS MOSCOW: Hungary's Viktor Orban responded to Biden's request to host American troops in opposition to Russia responded... by meeting with Putin in Moscow. For Orban, America's fake war with Russia in Ukraine wasn't what mattered most to Hungary. What mattered most was securing the energy needed for Hungarians to power and heat their homes. And so Orban went to Moscow and negotiated a natural gas contract with Russia through 2036 in which Hungary will pay five times less than the average European nation. Orban's re-election in April is now all but sealed.

RUSSIA'S MODERN MILITARY: According to the NY Times, Russia's military has undergone a rapid transformation over the past thirty years. We now hear not only of nuclear armed drone submarines capable of applying pressure on America's coasts, but also of the Burevestnik missile - a nuclear powered cruise missile capable of flying under the radar at high speeds, striking any target on the globe, and perhaps capable of staying in flight for days on end. If the US and its NATO allies don't make a deal, Russia has many alternatives to keep the pressure on.

CANADIAN FREEDOM CONVOY: The truckers that bring us food are now bringing us freedom. As the men who drive Canada's trucks were confronted with undue vaccination requirements - and perhaps even harsh taxation if they aren't vaccinated - they decided to flood the capital and shut down the city. Trudeau revealed what a coward he is by first claiming COVID exposure before fleeing the city (he must have caught the "convoy variant"). He later decided to label the peaceful protesters racists. But despite Trudeau's attacks - and the support he's received from Go Fund Me and Facebook - the tide seems to be turning against him. A wave of Canadian provinces - and nations around the world - are backing away from the harsh restrictions. And we have the brotherhood trucking men to thank for it. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

NO SWIFT, NO GAS: While the neocons in the US and UK are pushing to remove Russia from SWIFT - the interbank communications software - Europeans are freaked out by the economic catastrophe it bring upon them should they be unable to pay for Russian goods. Now Russia is reminding them of just this problem. It's no wonder why French leader Emmanuel Macron plans to visit Moscow and why Olaf Scholz - the new German chancellor - will soon follow him.


WHO RUNS BLM? The organization has $60 million in the back and full tax exempt status, yet no one knows who actually runs BLM since its leader, Patrisse Cullors resigned almost six months ago. Is it time for an IRS audit? 

NO CLEAR BENEFIT: As Democrats seek to impose COVID vaccination on children, Sweden is rejecting such injections. According to their scientists - who trust the science - there's no "clear benefit" of injecting children with experimental drugs when they are far more likely to die of the common flu than from COVID.

THE STUDY SHOWS: A new study from Johns Hopkins has revealed that lockdowns prevented a whopping 0.2% of COVID deaths. Naturally this study was not reported by the mainstream media.

TUCKER AND DORE: Tucker Carlson is clearly the best the conservative movement has on television these days. He not only speaks with common sense, but he's willing to reach across the aisle to speak with other men of good will. We recommend our readers check out a recent longform interview he did with left wing activist-comedian, Jimmy Dore. It was a respectful conversation between two men with entirely different worldviews and a reminder to us of just how refreshing it is to see two men who disagree share a real conversation and even find some agreement.

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

February 2: Candlemas -- A Light to the Nations

by David Pence

It was ordered that forty days after a "son opens the womb",  he must be consecrated to God. Jewish males had been spared on the night of the first Passover in Egypt 1500 years before the birth of Christ. Jewish parents acknowledged that their first born sons were not their own and they presented them in the Temple to God. For millennia the Pidyon haben (redemption of the first-born son) has been performed. In present day Judaism, this custom is now seen as ransoming the boy from his duties as priest. Thus, a Kohen is often paid in his stead.

When Jesus was brought to the temple for this offering, an old man who had been promised that he would see the Messiah before his death, greeted Mary and Joseph and took the boy in his arms and gave thanks to God. Simeon spoke this short song or canticle which is now prayed daily by priests and religious in the official night prayer of the Church.

"Lord now let your servant go in peace;
your word has been fulfilled;
My own eyes have seen the salvation
which you have prepared in the sight of every people
A light to reveal you to the nations
and the glory of your people Israel."

Jesus revealed the glory of Israel through His mother Mary. The God of the Universe chose Israel  among all the nations of the earth and His Son was born to a Jewish Virgin-mother. Thirty years later as a man, Jesus would draw twelve Jewish males into the apostolic brotherhood of the Church. That sacred fraternity would be a template for the territorial nations in which men live bound together as fellow countrymen under a law and leader. The Church and the nations are meant to form the ordered biblical pattern of male agreement in the Kingdom of God. The 2500 bishops and patriarchs during the Second Vatican Council (1961-1965) put forth the Catholic Church's interracial and international priestly brotherhood as such a template for the nations. Their document on the Church was called Lumen Gentium: a light for the nations. On this 40th day after Christmas, every February 2, candles are lit in memory and fulfillment of Simeon's words. The love by which Christ bound his apostles has formed the living foundation stones for the Church. An analogous public love binds men as citizens in nations from Ireland to China. This kind of Love is like Light -- public and emanating by its very nature. Interlocking sacral patriarchal fraternities constituting the Church and the nations are meant to order the public loves of mankind into a single Body under God. Thirty three years after Simeon said that Christ would reveal God to the nations, Christ completed his offering as the Beloved Son. His words fulfilled the promise made at His Presentation in the Temple: "Father, into your hands I commend my Spirit."