Saturday, February 19, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 19

by A. Joseph Lynch


INVALID BAPTISMS: A priest under Bishop Olmstead in the Diocese of Phoenix has resigned from his parish after botching baptisms for decades. The baptisms were celebrated using the invalid form, "we" baptize you rather than "I" baptize you. Now this is one case where using the wrong pronouns counts. While it's said to think that Catholics are so poorly catechized that no one noticed the error for decades, we wonder what bright and well-educated Catholic caught the error and started asking questions? 

CATHOLIC CHARITIES SCAM? What role is Catholic Charities playing in human smuggling across our southern border? More from Church Militant.

BENEDICT'S FINGERPRINTS: Church Militant reminds us that the bishops and cardinals warring against the orthodox faith didn't receive their high status from Francis alone - they were elevated to power by John Paul II and Benedict XVI.


SPYING ON TRUMP: The Durham investigation has finally provided us the smoking gun evidence that Trump was not only spied as a candidate, but even after he was elected and in office. Now most Democrats want Hillary to be investigated. It appears as though a tech director named Rodney Joffe worked under Jake Sullivan (now Biden's NSA) to hack into Trump Tower - during the campaign - and the White house - during the Trump administration - in an attempt to link Trump to Russia. Trump says such acts in earlier times would carry the death penalty. It's no wonder why Sullivan is trying to distract us all with more lies about Russia. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

BIDEN SINKING: Biden only has positive marks in four states (Hawaii, Maryland, and Massachusetts) - and only in one of them (Vermont) did he reach 50% with the voters. We really hope he runs for re-election in 2024.

BLM ASSASSIN? Quintez Brown, who once appeared on TV with Joy Reid, is now accused of an attempted assassination of a Jewish congressmen. What's worse is that BLM paid $100,000 to bail him out. Meanwhile, financial scandal has so rocked BLM that Amazon has removed the organization from its charity program. And over at Civiqs, BLM support among Americans has plummeted from 52% to 43% - now tied with its disapproval number.

RECESSION COMING? Biden says war with Ukraine will hurt the US economy, but argues thay the cost is worth it. What is more likely is that Biden knows the looming interest rate hikes will halt or contract the US economy. It might be best in his mind to go to war with Russia and blame our economic woes on Putin.


WORKING MEN FIGHT BACK: One aspect of the Freedom Convoy left out of the news is the fact that their protest is at its core built up by working class men. The  men who provide us with our food and supplies are standing up to tyranny - and it's largely worked! Not only are more parts of Canada lifting their mandates, but even blue states in the US are following suits. What's more, men the world over are staging convoys in Israel, Scotland, France, Belgium, and the Netherlands. And the men of America will soon make their way to Washington

CANADA THE DICTATORSHIP: Justin Trudeau in 2012: "When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is when it's rapidly losing its moral authority." Nice word. Sadly they were spoken by a lying, hypocritical coward. The Canadian dictator, Justin Trudeau, cowardly ran from the men of Canada just days ago. But in a new act of cowardice, Trudeau has spit on his nation's constitution and effectively declared martial law. The courts have been sidelined as Trudeau uses emergency wartime powers to make himself Canada's dictator-in-chief. Using his powers he has dispatched forces to Ottawa to brutally assault his own citizens. Some of  his thugs used horses to trample peaceful protesters while reports emerge that at least one journalist was brutally beaten. Bounce houses, once filled filled with the children of truckers, have been burst and the children stolen and placed into child "protective" custody. The Ottawa Police are posting arrest numbers like they're keeping the score of a football game. Trudeau now threatens tow companies with arrest if they do not assist in towing away the trucks owned by the men they help on a regular basis. It appears that tow trucks have been seized by the government for use in Trudeau's assault. In the wake of Trudeau's assault on democracy, the premiers of Alberta, Manitoba, Quebec, and Saskatchewan have come out in opposition to his move. Canada's civil liberties organization says it will sue Trudeau over his unlawful and unconstitutional acts. Oddly enough, much of what the Freedom Convoy has demanded have been given - but since Trudeau is a weak man and cannot appear to have lost, he will go far beyond the typical crackdown acts many expected and go full totalitarians on his own citizens. All this is a great reminder that "the West" didn't defeat the Soviet Empire - it succeeded it.

GIVESENDGO HACKED: The Christian crowdfunding site GiveSendGo was hacked over its role in supporting the Freedom Convoy. What's more, those donating have had their private information revealed and some are facing harassments, threats of physical violence, and termination from their jobs. Interestingly enough, the hacker proudly identified himself online despite the obvious risk of lawsuit and arrest. Rumor has it he's worked for the US government and thus fears no reprisal. More from Jimmy Dore (possible language warning).  

NO INVASION OF UKRAINE: Although newsmen claimed to know the date and time that Russia would invade Ukraine - 1 am, February 16 - no attack happened. As Biden presses for war, are Americans in support? A recent CBS poll found that American's under 65 want to keep us out of war over Ukraine. Those over 65? 61% favored war while 39% opposed. 

JAPAN-AUSTRALIA PACT: Last month, after a year of talks, Japan and Australia signed a defense pact that may see Australian military deployments to Japan. In fact, Australia now becomes the second nation - aside from the US - to have permission for a Japan deployment. The move is clearly aimed at China, but can a Japanese-Australian alliance really stop a determined China?

NO IRON DOME FOR UKRAINE: Ukraine asked the US for the "Iron Dome" missile shield technology used by Israel. America was happy to oblige. Israel? Not so much. Israel is in a tense relationship with Russia right now over Syria. Russia recently flew its first air patrol with Syrian aircraft and criticized Israel for its aggressive violations of Syria's territorial integrity. What's more, Israel depends on resources from Ukraine - especially in the territories likely to become part of Russia if war breaks out. Handing Ukraine the "Iron Dome" might be precipitate war, not prevent it. 

AFGHAN FUNDS STOLEN: The US has decided to steal Afghanistan's national assets and allow Afghani women and children to starve. The Washington Post calls it the further weaponization of global finance. It reminds us of US actions against Iran, Canada's actions against the bank accounts of peaceful protesters, and what many hope to do to Russia in the days and weeks ahead. While the US has tried to cover itself by donating half to the families of the 9/11 attacks, the other half is going to enrich the friends of the deep state through handouts to NGOs. American nepotism at its finest.


MASKLESS CELEBRITIES: Politicians and celebrities crammed together to watch the Super Bowl in Los Angeles, California - and very few wore masks. Meanwhile children in California are still forced to wear masks and are denied their bodily autonomy as it pertains to the controversial coronavirus vaccines. It makes you want to laugh or cry. We suggest some laughter from the Babylon Bee

PAYOUTS TO CRT SPEAKER: "Critical Race Theorist" Ibram X. Kendi made $32,500 for giving a speech at the University of Virginia. Racist grifters like Kendi use enrich themselves off taxpayer dollars while feeding lies to young minds. It is a travesty.

"FREEDOM" IS FAR RIGHT: The MSM has decided that "Freedom" is now a term of the far right as the truckers demand freedom from Trudeau's tyranny. Whatever happened to liberals loving liberty - the very synonym for freedom? It turns out that conservatives are the new freedom lover while liberals have become the totalitarians. They say the parties "switched" back in the 1960s. It appears a real shift is happening once more.

CRITICAL MILITARY THEORY: Forget critical race theory in the US armed forces. A retired Marine 3-star general explains why we need to embrace a critical military theory. Sounds common sensical - but common sense does seem harm to come by these days.

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