Saturday, February 5, 2022

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 5

by A. Joseph Lynch


PAPAL WOES: Pope Benedict has apologized for his role in clerical sex abuse while Pope Francis seems to embrace a Catholic form of "once saved, always saved" theology. Taylor Marshall is, of course, freaking out. Yet Dr. Marshall failed to consider other quotes from Francis on the reality of Hell. For example: "Convert, there is still time for not ending up in hell. It is what is waiting for you if you continue on this path." That doesn't sound like "once saved, always saved" theology to me.

WOMEN LECTORS, CATECHISTS: While Taylor Marshall freaks out over Francis' off-the-cuff remarks during a papal audience, he failed to address the real disaster that Pope Francis has unleashed  upon the Church: female lectors and catechists. The old "minor orders" were lay male fraternities open to vocations to higher orders. In allowing women to be lectors and acolytes, Francis has undermined the "resourcement" of Vatican II and only takes steps toward a further decline in men's participation in the liturgy and vocations. 

UPDATE ON THE CATECHIST: The "ministry" of the Catechist - an invention of Pope Francis - is proving to be a travesty in itself (and not merely because it is open to women in addition to men). The "catechist" appears to be an amalgamation of duties performed by lectors, acolytes, and even exorcists(!) as they will not only teach (though for some bizarre reason, actual school teachers are not allowed to become catechists), but also lead prayer services, and even perform minor exorcisms. It seems to be a lay "catch all" that rolls up the vast majority of what the old minor orders did. They might as well just call the "catechist" a subdeacon and be done with it. Francis has created a Frankenstein's monster and the shocking thing is that no one is talking about it. Where's Taylor Marshall on this?


#RELEASETHETRANSCRIPT: Many are demanding that Biden release the transcript of his recent call with Ukraine's leader, Volodymyr Zelensky (and the debacle has even pulled in CNN in yet another scandal). Apparently the two shared a heated conversation as Biden insisted without evidence that a Russian attack was "imminent". Zelensky reminded Biden that the US was causing a panic in Ukraine by insisting the Russians were about to attack and that American citizens needed to leave the country. Indeed, it seems as though Biden is doing more harm to Ukraine's economy than the Russians ever could, as his hysteria has lead to panic buying and money hording in Ukraine. It sure would be nice to hear what was said in that phone call. We're sure it wasn't perfect. What we do know is that the US is no longer using the term "imminent" in regards to any conflict with Russia. 

FALSE FLAG? As soon as the US backed off on its claims of an "imminent" attack by Russia on Ukraine, the neocons in the state department began pushing another unsubstantiated claim about Russia. This time they said that Russia plans to stage a "false flag" attack on the Donbas in order to justify an invasion. When State Department spokesmen, Ned Price, insisted his own word was all the evidence the media needed for proof, reporter Matt Lee tore Price apart and even went so far as to say that "This is Alex Jones territory!" It's bad news for Biden when even the media is starting to ask real questions now.

BREYER TO RETIRE: In a sign that Democrats are in for a bloody red wave in November, Justice Breyer is taking advantage of a Democrat-held Senate under a Democrat President to retire. Biden is coming under fire for pledging to replace him with a black woman. Despite this it is very likely that his nominee will pass with ease while conservatives note that little will change in the court given a swap of a liberal for a liberal.

"REFORMING" ELECTION CERTIFICATION: Although Mike Pence agreed with the Democrats that he lacked the authority to send back questionable election results back to their respective state legislatures (as the Constitution requires), Democrats are pushing a "reform" of the role that the vice president plays in during the final certification of federal elections in Congress. It certainly seems to us - and President Trump - that Pence did indeed have the power to save us four years of Joe Biden's senility. 

WAKING A SLEEPING GIANT: It seems as though the COVID restrictions pushed by Democrats are turning Democrat parents against them.


ORBAN VISITS MOSCOW: Hungary's Viktor Orban responded to Biden's request to host American troops in opposition to Russia responded... by meeting with Putin in Moscow. For Orban, America's fake war with Russia in Ukraine wasn't what mattered most to Hungary. What mattered most was securing the energy needed for Hungarians to power and heat their homes. And so Orban went to Moscow and negotiated a natural gas contract with Russia through 2036 in which Hungary will pay five times less than the average European nation. Orban's re-election in April is now all but sealed.

RUSSIA'S MODERN MILITARY: According to the NY Times, Russia's military has undergone a rapid transformation over the past thirty years. We now hear not only of nuclear armed drone submarines capable of applying pressure on America's coasts, but also of the Burevestnik missile - a nuclear powered cruise missile capable of flying under the radar at high speeds, striking any target on the globe, and perhaps capable of staying in flight for days on end. If the US and its NATO allies don't make a deal, Russia has many alternatives to keep the pressure on.

CANADIAN FREEDOM CONVOY: The truckers that bring us food are now bringing us freedom. As the men who drive Canada's trucks were confronted with undue vaccination requirements - and perhaps even harsh taxation if they aren't vaccinated - they decided to flood the capital and shut down the city. Trudeau revealed what a coward he is by first claiming COVID exposure before fleeing the city (he must have caught the "convoy variant"). He later decided to label the peaceful protesters racists. But despite Trudeau's attacks - and the support he's received from Go Fund Me and Facebook - the tide seems to be turning against him. A wave of Canadian provinces - and nations around the world - are backing away from the harsh restrictions. And we have the brotherhood trucking men to thank for it. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

NO SWIFT, NO GAS: While the neocons in the US and UK are pushing to remove Russia from SWIFT - the interbank communications software - Europeans are freaked out by the economic catastrophe it bring upon them should they be unable to pay for Russian goods. Now Russia is reminding them of just this problem. It's no wonder why French leader Emmanuel Macron plans to visit Moscow and why Olaf Scholz - the new German chancellor - will soon follow him.


WHO RUNS BLM? The organization has $60 million in the back and full tax exempt status, yet no one knows who actually runs BLM since its leader, Patrisse Cullors resigned almost six months ago. Is it time for an IRS audit? 

NO CLEAR BENEFIT: As Democrats seek to impose COVID vaccination on children, Sweden is rejecting such injections. According to their scientists - who trust the science - there's no "clear benefit" of injecting children with experimental drugs when they are far more likely to die of the common flu than from COVID.

THE STUDY SHOWS: A new study from Johns Hopkins has revealed that lockdowns prevented a whopping 0.2% of COVID deaths. Naturally this study was not reported by the mainstream media.

TUCKER AND DORE: Tucker Carlson is clearly the best the conservative movement has on television these days. He not only speaks with common sense, but he's willing to reach across the aisle to speak with other men of good will. We recommend our readers check out a recent longform interview he did with left wing activist-comedian, Jimmy Dore. It was a respectful conversation between two men with entirely different worldviews and a reminder to us of just how refreshing it is to see two men who disagree share a real conversation and even find some agreement.

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