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Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JUNE 19

by A. Joseph Lynch


Joe Biden is an unmitigated disaster. In his major trip to meet with the G7 and first public meeting with Vladimir Putin, Biden's dementia could not be hidden from the world at large. The friendly US press corps could not cover for him abroad, there was no tight schedule to allow Biden's staff to hide his deteriorating mental state, and no teleprompters to read from during live televised meetings with foreign leaders. 

Biden began his "European vacation" by saying how excited "Jill and I and Joe" were to visit American troops in Europe. Not long after he spoke of America's "sacred obligation" to defend Europe. Apparently in his advanced mental decline he still thinks the Soviet Union exists, the Berlin Wall still stands, and Europe faces an existential threat from the east. At the summit, Biden stumbled into a tent of people and had to be rescued by his wife amid the laughter of onlookers. He cut off Boris Johnson to introduce a world leader... who Johnson had just introduced. And in what could have become an international crisis, Biden confused Syria and Libya three times within the context of war. 

His dementia was so patently obvious that Canadian leader, Justin Trudeau, was overheard saying that he fully expected Kamala Harris in the Oval Office by the end of 2022. The thought of a Kamala-Pelosi administration is the one, stark reason to pray ardently for Biden's health. 

Seriously, kneel down and pray.

Biden was hailed by French leader Immanuel Macron, who was glad that Biden - unlike Trump - was "part of the club" (though polls show respect for the US in France and Germany have not increased). No, Biden is exactly the kind of American leader that the Europeans love: a blathering, senile, globalist pushover who will put the good of globalists elites over what's best for ordinary American citizens. Indeed, Macron showed the world what he meant when he publicly berated Biden in front of the cameras. Biden sat and took it, clearly unable to defend himself or America's reputation.

French President Macron berates the globalist "club member" Biden, the kind of pushover American leader Europeans love.

In his meeting with Putin, it was clear who was in charge. Putin addressed reporters by name and spoke confidently with quick-witted answers. Biden was a word salad mess, who couldn't get through the meeting without flash cards. Meanwhile the Russian military staged a massive wargame that sent F-22 fighters scrambling from Hawaii (of course this could also be a response to the NATO wargames in the Black Sea region). 

When asked if he trusted Putin, Biden nodded in agreement.

As Biden returns to the US, his agenda is in tatters, the crisis at the border continues, inflation soars, and his poll numbers are falling. Nevertheless, we hope and pray he can make it through to 2024.


CARDINAL PELL & VATICAN SCANDALS: The scandals Cardinal Pell suspected have been coming to the light - but what other scandals might soon arise?

CARDINAL MARX REMAINS: In an appearance of show theater, Cardinal Marx of Cologne, Germany submitted his resignation to Pope Francis - only to have that resignation rejected. Marx, one of the leading liberals in the hierarchy, will remain at his post. But could it be that more devastating scandals in Germany might soon arise? If so, it could be that Francis is not allowing him to sneak away before the storm arrives. Only time will tell.

AMERICAN PROTESTANT LEADERS: The Southern Baptists have elected a new head - a moderate named Ed Litton - who defeated the two leading candidates in the denomination's election. Litton won by a slim margin, but his election signals a middle path between two wings within the Southern Baptists. Meanwhile liberal mainline Lutherans in the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran Church of America - the largest Lutheran denomination in the US) have elected their first transgendered bishop. "Megan" Rohrer represents the continued Leftward march being made by America's mainline Protestant denominations. 


BIDEN AGENDA COLLAPSE: Democrats in Washington are worrying and filled with anxiety as Biden's far-Left agenda grinds to halt. The man who is saving the nation is no Republican, but rather a Democrat from West Virginia named Joe Manchin - a man who Pat Buchanan believes acts as a profile in courage.

WUHAN LAB LEAK THEORY: Through the election season the media and big tech shut down any discussion of a Chinese lab leak coronavirus origin. It seemed likely at the time as it does now. The only difference is that they needed Trump gone so they kept the obvious under wraps until the President was removed. Even still the most in the media are trying to downplay the lab leak hypothesis - which is why Left-wing news comedian, Jon Stewart's forceful promotion of the lab leak theory on Colbert's late night show was so amazing and well worth the watch. Ric Grenell came forward to say intelligence presented the lab leak theory to Trump in April 2020 - and we're told it was Biden who initially quashed the investigation into the lab leak theory (before changing his mind). As the lab leak theory looks less and less like a theory, the real competing theories pertain to why it was never more prominent until now. There are likely three reasons: 1) to further the outright removal President Trump; 2) fear and hatred of President Trump among America's scientists; and, 3) fear of top scientists and doctors (like Dr. Fauci) being connected to "gain of function" - or biological weaponization - research in China.

TRUMP VINDICATED FROM FAKE NEWS: A government watchdog has verified what we already knew: President Trump did not use the police to disperse a crowd of riotous protestors so he could stand defiant with the Bible in front of the burned out church the rioters had attacked. Of course, thinking back to those dark days last summer, we are all the more disheartened that the DOJ could level thousands of charges against the handful of protesters in the Capitol riot yet could hardly muster a single charge against the thousands of people threatening the White House and the duly elected President. Where were the charges of sedition back then?


THE FALL OF NETANYAHU: Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel, has fallen from power. In a stunning deal brokered between a fledgling nationalist party and political centrists, the nationalist Naftali Bennett will act as prime minister until September 2023 and then will stand aside to allow Yair Lapid, a centrist party leader, to take over. Though he describes himself as farther to the right than Netanyahu, Bennet appears to be so only in terms of foreign policy while seeming to be more center-left in terms of domestic policy. In other words, expect more unnecessary conflict with Iran and more leftward move in terms of Israel's culture and religion. This is not an improvement. More on Bennet.


RUSSIAN GAS TO GERMANY: Pat Buchanan explains why the Germans are happy to accept Russian gas - and why Russia is not the scary monster we're constantly told it is. 

NEW HUNGARY BAN: Hungary has banned the promotion of homosexuality in schools and shows or movies children may see. Hungarian leader Orban continues to foster a Catholic culture in the small yet fierce Catholic nation. Despite their ethnic and religious differences, a common Christianity culture makes for deep inroads between men like Orban and Putin.


BLACK MAN TARGETS WHITES: A story few have heard but would have been all the rage had the headline been reversed. Justin Tyran Roberts, a 39 year old black man, specifically targeted innocent white people for shooting in a racially motivated crime wave. At Yale a speaking black psychiatrist talked of fantasizing about killing white people. In Missouri, a black woman fired into a car carrying a family of six. Another woman in California went into full critical race theory mode by assaulting a 67 year old for not checking her white privilege. Contrary to critical race theory dogma, a black person can be just as racist as anyone else. Meanwhile in Georgia, Atlanta police have done nothing to fight even drive by shootings because the mayor has banned police pursuits. America's cities are crumbling and we have critical race theory to blame for it. 

WHITENESS IS A CONDITION? A research article in a peer-reviewed medical journal argued that "whiteness" is a "malignant, parasitic-like condition." Change "whiteness" with any other ethnicity or skin color and you know cries of "racism" would sound day and night. "Reverse racism" is still racism. Whenever you hear someone attempt to defend critical race theory as teachings about racism, remind them that the "teaching" of CRT is itself racist.

WOKENESS IN THE MILITARY: While the enlisted men in the US military are largely conservative, the top officers have been educated and indoctrinated to be as woke as woke can be. It's no surprise that the military is now moving to include transgenders (and even pay for their "transitions") while now allowing women to wear pony tails. What many rank and file soldiers have feared may soon come to pass: a US military no longer concerned with national defense but rather with being America's woke guinea pig. 

ENCOURAGED TO SNITCH: In a situation eerily similar to those that took place in the Soviet Union, Massachusetts youth are being encouraged to anonymously snitch on their teachers and peers for "microaggressions" like saying something is "crazy" or referring to the "China" virus. What's worse, how long before students or faculty begin falsely accusing others they simply don't like? That happened in the Soviet Union too.

NOT THE RIGHT MINORITY: The NFL has gone so far off the BLM deep end, that claims are arising of racial profiling against non-black minorities. The case of Eugene Chung not being the "right minority" for a coaching job.

"APPETITE FOR WAR AND KILLING": The head of Google's diversity division claimed that Jews have an "insatiable appetite for war and killing." The anti-Semitic comments were revealed as Israel faced a new conflict with Palestinians (who were blindly lobbing bombs into Israel). The comments come as a sad reminder that while conservatives are called racist it is actually those on the Left who often make the most racist comments. For the leftist, any words are justified when spoken against the "enemy".  

ALL-MALE DRAFT REMAINS... FOR NOW: The US Supreme Court will not take up a case from a men's rights group allied with the ACLU regarding the male-only draft. Justices Sotomayor, Breyer, and... Brett Kavanaugh appeared willing to force women into the draft. Though the courts have rejected adding women to the draft, it appears as though liberal and neocon "feminists" are ready to force our daughters to war rather than admit that men and women are different and that they have different responsibilities and duties.

Friday, June 11, 2021

From Personal Piety to the Social Kingship of Christ: The Ordered Loves of the Sacred Heart

Originally posted June 8, 2018 by David Pence

2019 Update: June is not "Pride" month but the month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus is celebrated liturgically on the Friday following the second Sunday after Pentecost with the Immaculate Heart of Mary honored the Saturday after. We invite you to keep Catholic time with us today as we reflect on this solemnity - the highest and holiest liturgical celebrations - with the words of the late Dr. David Pence. -A.J.L. 

- - -

"There are others who reckon this same devotion burdensome and of little or no use to men who are fighting in the army of the divine King... [they] see it rather a type of piety nourished not by the soul and mind but by the senses and consequently more suited to the use of women, since it seems to them something not quite suitable for educated men."
(Leo XIII 1899 encyclical Consecrating the Whole Human Race to the Most Sacred Heart)

Pope Francis says to trust the practices of the faithful people. "Reality is more important than ideas." But Really! All these bleeding hearts and pierced sides, talking angels and burning souls and then the secrets of a beautiful lady sealed by the miracle of the Sun. The Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the white and red lights of Divine Mercy from the wounded side of Christ, "entering the wounds to reach the heart," the promise of Fatima, the conversion of Russia, and the Kingship of Christ. Do we really have to treat this mish-mash of peasant practices and apparitions as  reality?  Could these disparate peasant devotions instruct an army which awaits the general orders for the day?  Men should not run away... a convergence is appearing from the ruins of the bloody 20th century.  The messages come from children and virginal young women. Old ladies have long heeded them. Blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see God.

Kaki Katsuhiko (1872-1961), in preaching the Shinto nationalism that would propel Japan against the western imperialists colonizing Asia, gave speeches to the military called "One Heart, One Body." He was a law professor and a scholar of Shinto classics as well as a professor at the Japanese Naval  Academy for the 25 years before Pearl Harbor. He was the major intellectual/spiritual force who  welded law, statecraft, religion and military identity together to forge the Japanese people into that incredible social organism that defeated China and then Russia before expelling the British from Hong Kong and Singapore.  "One Heart, One Body, One Head." That is exactly the language he had taught. American soldiers learned to respect the resolve of that one heart as a fighting force, while Chinese civilians grew to hate the "Japanese devils" for their unspeakable barbarism. But no man can look at the history of the 20th century and fail to see there was some fundamental spiritual difference between the "Mystical Body of Japan" and those other bloody 20th-century forces of Soviet scientific socialism and the armed Darwinism of the German Reich. No man should hear the language of the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart and One Body and dismiss these categories as the sentimentality of old ladies. There lurks a Serpent much more devious and horrible than any of the armies of the world wars. A great Heart beats and a Mystical Body is stirring to expel that monster.

The disciplines of the First Fridays and First Saturdays are deeply Eucharistic. We should remember that in 1673 (St Margaret Mary Alacoque) and 1879 (Sister Mary of the Divine Heart), frequent and early reception of Holy Communion was not common. A profound culture of love has been formed by the monthly devotions to what Pope John Paul II called "the alliance of the hearts." Buttressed by the liturgical reforms and sensibilities of the early twentieth century, these devotions set a rhythmic metronome for the practice of Catholic parish life: daily Mass and Communion, monthly confession, and daily meditation on the life of Christ through the Rosary. The Catholic week is centered on Sunday when the Father created the heavens and the earth, the Son rose from the dead and the Spirit inflamed the hearts of the faithful. Catholics devote Friday to acts of Penance and the Passion. Thursdays recall the institution of the Eucharist and that pivotal struggle in the Garden of Gethsemane. Saturdays are Marian -- a day of faithful anticipation that the Tomb will become a womb bringing forth the first-born of creation. The renewal of the liturgical year in the last century was preceded by the renewal of the Catholic week by the devotions of the hearts. Those disciplines started out as monthly prayer practices, but they led to the daily and weekly keeping of Catholic time that would mark strong parish life. The centrality of the bishop and the Eucharist in the local Church emphasized at Vatican II was prepared for by setting hearts aflame for the Heart of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. It is hard to convey the Real Presence in words; it is hard to miss His Presence in a church, quiet and full, during Thursday Holy Hour. The binding of the peoples' hearts with the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary draws our thoughts to think with the mind of the Church and our wills to carry out the Will of the Father. This Christocentric culture consolidates and renews a worldwide community of shared attention and memory in the synchronous practices of local parish life.

These devotions linking the heart of the believer with the heart of Christ were meant to draw all of humanity into the human heart of Jesus. This targeting of humanity and not just particular souls as the recipient of grace was not always the emphasis of the Church. It was considered noteworthy that the Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) Encyclical of Pope John XXIII in 1963 as well as  the opening statement of the Bishops at the Second Vatican Council were addressed not only to bishops and Catholics, but to all men of good will. Indeed, Pacem in Terris was much more about the harmony and order that is at the root of reality than a plea for "no more war." It opened: "That a marvelous order predominates in the world of living Beings and in the forces of nature is the plain lesson of modern research." Against the ontological conflict and violence inherent in the western ideologies of Marxism and Social Darwinism, the Catholics threw their lot in with the great philosophies and cultures of primordial order and harmony. Love made the Universe. Love called forth man in creation. And in thousands of chapels across the world, mostly women pondered the love of God in the loving hearts of Mary and Jesus. Countering the shadowy ether of practical atheism, the daily and weekly practices of Catholics held up the Body of Christ offered to the Father. Amidst the rubble of the great wars, the sanctuary lamps in parishes across the globe lit up the faces of the faithful reciting  more prayers, kneeling for more confessions, attending more Masses and receiving more Holy Communions. Attention and Piety were centered not upon a thousand different village saints but focused through the Mass and the Rosary on the central reality of Christ in nature and history.  The physical sinews for the theology of Communio were being drawn taut. When the young virgin asked the Supreme Pontiff (the Holy Father) to consecrate all of humanity to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, there were years of pause. Popes had spoken often to fellow bishop-apostles and other times to the whole Catholic faithful. The pope and his priests were used to speaking definitively with effect to a specific target. They repeated the words of Christ in special sacramental settings --"This is my Body", "Go, your sins are forgiven." The pope was careful with his words. Generally the Church invited people as individuals to enter her sacramental life and be consecrated. The Church was one kind of society; the world was another. What should be said to humanity? What could be said to all of mankind? The pope balked at the consecration of humanity. But the realization grew deeper as the Church reflected on her identity as Church. The sons of Adam and the descendants of Noah needed to hear a call from the Ark. Humanity is the Church in potential. In the Vatican Council's reflection on the Church (Lumen Gentium), the term "People of God" was used  at different times to describe three different corporate realities: the Jews, the whole Church, and mankind from the beginning.

Pope Leo XIII did consecrate mankind to the Sacred Heart of Jesus in 1899. Pope Pius XII consecrated the whole world to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1942, one year before his encyclical on the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ. Henri de Lubac and the Communio theologians would remind us that the Church could not be fully the Body of Christ without embracing her mission as fulfilling the destiny of mankind. The nations apart from the Church were parts of the Body not yet awakened to their identity as members. Uniting ourselves with the Heart of Jesus shapes the whole human race into the eusocial species that we were meant to be from the beginning. This clarity about the Church's message to humanity as a whole emerged in the century that humanity organized a level of technological murder through ideologies and racial empires and nation states which dwarfed the acts of Cain through the previous millennia.

In 1925, Pius XI said that the annual consecration of the world to the Sacred Heart would be done each year on the Feast of Christ the King which he established in that encyclical. The empires of the Romanovs, Hapsburgs, and Ottomans had fallen in WWI. The Papal States had been taken 50 years before that. In Catholic Mexico and Catholic Spain the forces of Communism which had butchered the Orthodox clergy in Russia were now killing the Catholic priests. The war against clerics and the priestly Eucharistic authority of Christ had taken a bloody turn. Yet it was just then the pope established a Sunday every year to reassert the one monarchy that would never fall. The empires deposed their rulers, the mobs killed their priests, and just then the pope reminded us that mankind still had a monarch. The pope crowned the liturgical year with the Kingship of Christ, not simply to announce his regal return in the end times but to reassert the Church's life is meant to build His Kingdom on this earth.  Five decades later,  a new decade of the rosary was dedicated to that truth of building the kingdom of God. Catholics began to hear for the first time that same charge in the Pater Noster- an old prayer they had said all their lives. The Holy Father said every faculty of man -- intellect, will, and body -- owed allegiance to the King. There was no square inch of social life or earthly territory that wasn't His.

A century later our allegiance abides in Christ the King. Christ as the Head of a Body with a beating Heart makes a King's claim on our hearts. The loss of Papal States and the passing of Christian monarchs has actually cleared our field of vision to see how we might better institute Christ's Social Kingship. The Soviet Union is no more but Holy Russia reappears. The Roman Empire has disappeared but Israel is a nation. The Church was torn asunder but Christian nations are on every continent. The world of politics, of war and peace, of poverty and development is not immune to His rule. We dare not say, "the business of the Church is souls; we leave the life of nations in the bloody fangs of Social Darwinists".  How then shall we bring public life in concordance with the rules of love?

Political men must love the Father and love mankind as the Heart of Jesus does. This filial love for the Father invigorates and disciplines our special ardor for our countrymen and nation. Brotherhood under a Father is the public love of priests and bishops forming the living foundation stones for the Church. That is the Apostolic template that Christ loved into existence. Public brotherhoods of protective duty in defined territories under legitimate authorities constitute the form of love that makes the nations. Christ ordered his apostles not to reject the nations but to baptize them. He had been incorporated and instructed about his male duties in the Jewish nation by his father Joseph who came from the House of David (ed:2/2019)
    Losing this Christian fraternal sense of patriotism has been disastrous for American social life. The rejection of color-blind Christian brotherhood as the means and goal of civic life has destroyed our urban black communities. Ignoring the tough purity and work codes of Christian manhood has turned our white working-class neighborhoods into drug ridden spiritual wastelands. Renewing a public Christian code of manhood and brotherhood cuts across the debilitating battle lines of color and class. Forging the Christian alliance of hearts can reverse our cultural disintegration and we can reverse it quickly. We are commanded as men to participate in the public brotherhood of protection and work. This is one of the ordered loves of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. His brotherhood of protection and work was the Apostolic Church-a holy nation of priests.  Civic publics are spiritual communal bodies. To build the Kingship of Christ there must be authoritative male bodies in specific cities and countries living out this Christian natural pattern of love. Christ's heart wept for Jerusalem not Damascus. He ordained a band of Galilean working men (not an audience of ladies and gentlemen) into a public corporate body. Kingdoms require knights and they are established in homelands. The feast of the Sacred Heart reminds us that "all you need is love," but it is the structured love of religion, nation, and brotherhood that makes peace on earth.

Ordered masculine love is the way to peace. It is the antidote to murder and war. It is not to be trifled with. Masculine love is not erotic -- that is fake news. Incest destroys the family unit. Homosexuality destroys the public nature of civic and ecclesial brotherhoods. Its kiss is no more innocent than the kiss of Judas. Masculine love is a public brotherhood of fathers defined by laws and lands. It is high and noble. It allows us to meet the Russians and Chinese and Iranians as brothers in their own neighboring communities with their own customs and rules of law and leadership.

When a Cain picks up his weapon, the brotherhood moves to stop him. But when an Esau sets up his separate territory, Jacob respects his brother's border. Pope Francis says the high calling of politics is to establish fraternity. Civic fraternity is meant to rule, to exercise authority. The Sixties are over. The centuries of revolution are over. It is time to accept the duties of adulthood, the exercise of authority, and the public ordered love of territorial fraternity.

The Sacred Heart gives a physical form to the greatest of all loves -- the love of Christ for the Father and the love of Christ for humanity through his particular loves for His mother and His apostolic brothers.  The Church enters into this love through a very definite form: the Eucharistic Liturgy. All of the devotions of the Hearts, Fatima, and Divine Mercy have led to a deeper Eucharistic sensibility. Masculine brotherhood and male-female love also have defined physical forms within which they are expressed. The nation and marriage are these forms of covenant love. The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Kingship of Our Lord are deeply entwined. All of humanity is being drawn into a kind of force-field defined by the Trinitarian template of ordered love. Public territorial boundaries of nations for men are foreshadowed by the territorial divisions of the diocesan Church. The paired love of man and woman in the unity of marriage is a sacrament of Christ and His Church. The wide encompassing waters of mercy that wash all of mankind come by way of a narrow wound in his side. The widest of loves are possible only if we conform to the limiting liberation of the fundamental resonating communal forms of ordered love.

John Eudes (1601-1680) a saint priest of France fostered devotion to the Sacred Hearts but never emphasized that above all "Jesus loves you." Fr. Eudes knew that above all ( and this cannot be repeated too often) Jesus loves His Father. Putting on Christ means putting on His loves and while that includes each of us, only the moderns think it starts there.  Eudes emphasized that putting on the heart of Jesus is "considering that the Lord Jesus  Christ is your true head and that you are a member of His body...He desires that whatever is in Him may live and rule in you, as the head lives and rules in the body...(let) these words be fulfilled in you: Glorify God and bear him in your body, that the life of Jesus may be made manifest in you.. He earnestly desires that you serve and glorify the Father by using all your faculties as if they were His." The good priest also grounded this devotion in the sacramental life of the church and 300 years before the present Catechism, he explained the sacraments of initiation: "These great gifts in the follower of Christ originate from Baptism. They are increased and strengthened through Confirmation and by making good use of other graces that are given by God. Through the Holy Eucharist, they are brought to perfection."

The forms of Christ's love are not restricted to the sacraments but are most manifest in them. Every man does not have to be baptized and confirmed as a Catholic for the Christian template of love to order the bonds of mankind. Christ has established forms of order. Conforming the "holy things" of matter and person in the sacraments exerts a field effect in cultures shaped by Christianity. The Catholic plan for politics is not a Catholic monarch in every country, though we have a special fondness for a good Catholic king. The bishops at the Second Vatican Council asked the leaders of the world to see them as a template. Their interracial brotherhood under the Fatherhood of God was a sign of how the nations could be. The Council Fathers established a sacral formation within which the great Spirit movement of Pentecostalism could be made incarnate.  The Marxists were wrong that class conflict was the driving force of human history. The capitalists and Darwinists were wrong that the nations, races, and men must be in perpetual conflict. Nations can be fraternities and live in fraternity. Man is meant for community. Men are meant to be brothers, as surely as man and woman are meant to be spouses. National flags are not above the altar, but they are found in churches, because the flags of nations are as fundamental signs of love and loyalty as the wedding bands of spouses.

Large groups of men in armed agreement should not evoke an image of Nazis. Large groups of men in armed agreement describes the form of love and loyalty that defeated the Nazis. It was religious men in arms and the nations at war which ended the brutal rule of scientific socialists. It was Catholic movements like the Cristeros and Catholic leaders like Franco, de Gaulle, Kennedy, and Diem who played their roles as armed Catholic nation-men in the fight against the atheist ideologies of their century. May a hundred such men and a hundred such nations emerge in this century to work in harmony with the Church in pursuit of peace. The nations are not meant to war with one another, but sometimes only a just war will bring a true peace. We must make peace with one another. Our only permanent enemy is the Devil.
The devotions to the Sacred Heart deepen our sensibility of being one with humanity in the Body of Christ. In the soul, in the parish, and in the the celebration of the Mass, the acts of personal piety link us in our common humanity united in the Heart and Body of Christ. (ed:2019 When we love in the same order that Christ loved we carry out the anthropological imperative of mimetic desire which Rene Girard discusses. We desire what Christ desires--He is a good man to mimic).   The Eucharist sends us out to incorporate the rest of humanity into this deep bond which is our common ultimate destiny. On the way to that perfection of the Mystical Body, we form the other fundamental societies and love covenants that radiate out from the core love. They are shaped by a field effect from the electromagnetic bonds of Trinitarian and sacramental life. Civic and marital bonds feed back by providing a culture for the present age that allows the ecclesial culture of eternity to be expressed in worship. The loves we live out in the rhythms of daily, weekly, and yearly Catholic Eucharistic culture are stronger, more truthful, and more full of joy than the disintegrating self-absorption of the modern west and the hateful violence of the jihadists. From our simple parish cultures of prayer and praise let us build the Kingdom of God. Let our hearts burn with the love of the Father and the bond of brotherhood in the priesthood. Let our love for the interiority of the Virgin and the practical kindness of the Mother lead us to the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.  Let our love of God be made manifest in the unified hearts of our marriages and domestic life. Let our love of God be manifest in our love of countrymen and reverence for our flag. Let our nation seek fraternity with the other nations reflecting the Heart of Christ for all mankind. Let our loves be His loves. He taught us His loves on the cross. Above all,  He loved His Father and obeyed His Will unto death. He loved His Blessed Mother and His priestly brotherhood. He looked down from the Cross and bequeathed them to each other. He loved the poor and outcast of humanity at the periphery. He looked to His side and promised Paradise to the repentant thief. He loved his country, telling the women of Jerusalem to save their tears for the beloved city of his countrymen. He too had wept for the city to be leveled a few decades after  the King of the Jews (as Pilate authoritatively inscribed) was lifted up.  Let us unite ourselves in the loves of the Sacred Heart of Jesus as we build the Kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

The Prayers of D-Day: June 6,1944

I am honored to say I knew the man pictured at center above Eisenhower's thumb, Private Sherman Oiler from Kansas. When I knew him in the late 90s, he could still fit into the uniform from this picture. -AJL

In remembrance of the men who fought and died during the D-Day invasion of Nazi-controlled France, we remember the words and prayers of our civic and military leaders, President FDR and General Eisenhower, as the invasion was underway. (Here is transcript of Eisenhower order of the day. You will see that the movie-audio version we link to strangely leaves out the last line which made it a prayer.) Listening to Walter Cronkite interview with Eisenhower 20 years later at Normandy is another good way to remember this day.

"Almighty God: Our sons, pride of our nation, this day have set upon a mighty endeavor, a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization, and to set free a suffering humanity." FDR D-Day Prayer. 

June 6, 2019 Update: These above words were quoted by President Donald Trump during his trip to England on June 5, 2019 - on the eve of the 75th anniversary of the invasion (AJL). Read President Trump's incredible anniversary speech from June 6, 2019 here.

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JUNE 5

by A. Joseph Lynch


WOMEN'S ORDINATION AND EXCOMMUNICATION: Despite the label of "liberal" pope, Francis has condemned the blessing of homosexual couples and has now revised canon law to not only automatically excommunicate any woman attempting to be ordained to the diaconate, presbyterate, or episcopate, but any clerics involved as well. Remission of the excommunication, furthermore, is reserved to Rome and cannot be sacramentally forgiven by a priest or local bishop. It may very well be that the move comes in order to stop the German bishops from "ordaining" deaconesses - as the Pope's condemnation of gay blessings is being disregarded among the rebellious German clergy.

CARDINAL MARX OUT? It is being reported that the rabidly liberal German prelate, Cardinal Marx, submitted his resignation to Pope Francis on May 21. Although he claims it is done in solidarity with those who have been abused at the hands of clerics, Taylor Marshall wonders if Marx isn't jumping ship ahead of a major scandal soon to break in Germany.

CALLING FOR A COUP? General Flynn, the disgraced former National Security Advisor to President Trump, seemingly called for a Myanmar-style military coup to take place here in the United States. His words came during a conference that boasted strong ties to the QAnon conspiracy. The "Q" source is likely a Democrat operative within the deep state feeding false information to Trump supporters - which makes one wonder why anyone on the right is still promoting it. Taken together, Michael Flynn might have been pardoned, but he belongs no where near a future Trump second term.

MORE MINNESOTA RIOTS: Rioters loot and burn once more in Minneapolis after police kill a man who had reportedly fired a weapon. Once more we see that no matter how justified, many supporters of BLM and Antifa will only keep the violence going. Has Biden done anything to restore race relations in this country?   

"BRAIN DEAD" NATO: Under pressure from the populist right, Macron has justifiably launched a criticism of "brain dead" NATO. The French president questions funding the organization as it created to fight the Soviet Union - an "evil empire" that hasn't existed for thirty years. Regardless who wins the French presidency, we hope this is one step closer to the breakup of NATO. 

Friday, June 4, 2021

On the Passing of Dr. David Pence

Today marks two years since the passing of Dr. David Pence. His loss continues to be deeply felt. So much has changed since June 4, 2019. Be it in regards to the coronavirus pandemic, the riots that plagued cities like Minneapolis, or the murky results of the 2020 election, our favorite M.D. oncologist  would have so much to say. Yet we also know how it would pain him to see the fires of race hate continue decimating the areas just north of his final resting place. Perhaps it’s best that virus-sickened citizens and collapsing Minneapolis have a prayer warrior M.D. among the saints.

Nevertheless, the voice and vision, friendship and comradery of Dr. David Pence is missed beyond measure.

Much has also changed for me these past twenty-four months. I am very proud to say that we’ve kept Dr. Pence’s request to continue AoA’s regular posting of R&G’s, along with our sacred and civic time articles. Our book, The Catholic Palette is now available in both print and eBook editions. This past year I spent a good deal of time bringing the ideas of Dr. Pence to the world of video by launching the YouTube channel Religion, Sex, and Politics. Today there are over thirty videos available for viewing and the channel is ahead of schedule in terms of its growth.

Two years without frequent phone calls and emails with Dr. Pence is almost unfathomable. I've been blessed, however, by spending so much of this time editing our book and re-reading so many of his past blog posts. In some way it's all kept me in a dialogue of sorts with my "secondary" father.

This idea of a “secondary father” comes from Joseph Campbell. Chuck Palahniuk, the author of Fight Club, spoke of it in an interview with Joe Rogan:
“Joseph Campbell’s idea of that there needs to be a secondary father in men’s lives. You’re born – if you’re lucky – with a biological father that you do not choose,” but each man needs “to choose a new father. That father by choice typically is a minister or a teacher or a drill sergeant or a coach… and you put yourself in apprenticeship to the secondary father. And you have to consign your life to the secondary father, and agree to learn what he is going to teach you.

“Whether you apprentice yourself to a fighting coach or to a metallurgist or to a welder or to a bricklayer or to a mason, you are apprenticing yourself to somebody that you’re going to do all this grunt work for but in exchange you’re going to learn to a master skill at something. And so it’s a way of mastering yourself as you master this other thing.

“There is that existential moment when you realize that you have to sacrifice your youth for something. You’re not going to live forever… you have to become a being-towards-death… and you’ve got to give your life to something.”
I would have loved to discuss this idea of a secondary father with Dr. Pence, but I know he’d hear it and say, “I’m hip!” No young male can mature into a man without undergoing a process of socialization both by a group of men and through the guiding influence of a secondary father. As we mourn the anniversary of his passing, I know that no man could have a better “secondary” father than Dr. David Pence. God love you, Dr. Pence, you are missed! The work – the project – continues.