Saturday, May 29, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, MAY 29

by A. Joseph Lynch


PFLEGER CLEARED: Michael Pfleger, the woke social justice warrior priest in Chicago has been cleared after two men accused him of homosexual child sex abuse. Cardinal Cupich was happy to reinstate the controversial priest and racist mayor, Lori Lightfoot, also applauded his return. Meanwhile fellow Chicago priest, Fr. Paul Kalchik, remains out of action because he dared burn a gay pride flag

FR. ALTMAN'S REMOVAL: In the nearby Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin, popular priest Fr. Altman has been asked to resign as pastor of his parish. His sins? Being an outspoken critic of the Democrat pro-abortion platform and questioning issues pertaining to virus lockdowns and vaccines. Although Altman is accused of being too political, watch Church Militant's coverage of Pfleger's vindication speech and ask yourself which priest is the true partisan?

US BISHOPS DIVIDED: It seems as though the political and religious divides in America run all the way up to the US Catholic bishops. It is reported that more than sixty bishops have written the USCCB head, Archbishop Jose Gomez, requesting that nothing be done concerning Biden and other pro-abortion Democrats receiving Communion. Will we be in for some fireworks when the bishops hold their meeting next month? And at the local level, while Fr. Altman's bishop wants him gone, Bishop Strickland of Tyler, Texas, is calling upon Catholics to support him.

NEW LITURGY HEAD: English Archbishop Arthur Roche has been appointed to succeed Cardinal Sarah as the prefect for the Congregation of Divine Worship. Roche has a history of work with the congregation since 2012, having been appointed to it by Pope Benedict XVI. He was also president of the International Commission on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) from 2002 to 2012. More from the National Catholic Register.

CHINA LAB LEAK? The vindication of President Trump seems to be a regular occurrence over the past several months. First it was revealed that Sicknick died of natural causes, then we learned that the supposed Russian bounty program on American troops in Afghanistan was a lie. No it's being reported that the coronavirus might have been leaked from the Wuhan lab after all. Even Fauci is backtracking on his former statements to the contrary. YouTube political commentator, Tim Pool, reviews the changing narrative and how the media is editing  early reports that "debunked" the Wuhan lab "conspiracy theory."

NO JANUARY 6 COMMISSION: Democrats in the US Senate failed to reach the 60 vote threshold to create what would be a very partisan commission to "investigate" the Capitol riot of January 6. Sadly six Republican senators joined with 35 House Republicans to vote in favor of the commission: Mitt Romney, Susan Collins, Bill Cassidy, Rob Portman, Lisa Murkowski, and Ben Sasse. Nine more Republican senators failed to vote, including Pat Toomey who said he would have voted with the Democrats. If the Republican Party is to become the party of the patriot and the worker, these neocon establishment RINOs must be voted out and replaced with nationalist populists. President Trump has a lot of work ahead of him.

FLORIDA VS. BIG TECH: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has signed a new Florida law that cracks down on Big Tech censorship. More from Dr. Steve Turley.

EMMA - THE CALLING: The US Army has released a woke advertisement that featured clear nods to feminism and homosexuality seemingly in hopes of attracting more woke candidates to the US military. Thankfully the video has received nearly twenty-five times the number of dislikes to likes. And while the US bishops remain silent on matters such as these, we are reminded anew why faithful Muslims despise America.

Saturday, May 22, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, MAY 22

by A. Joseph Lynch


ANOTHER SWORD DISCARDED: As the Knights of Columbus have tossed the sword, so also has the prestigious Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem. The cardinal who made the decision is replacing the sword used in the investiture ceremony with the crozier - because he believes the crozier (which symbolizes the weapon of the shepherd) is less violent and because it can be used to intuition both men (as knights) and women (as dames) into the order. A pacifist cardinal cowtowing to feminist equality demanded men lose the historic symbol of knighthood. More from Church Militant

WORSHIPPING FEMINISM: An English church may soon be quite literally worshipping at the altar of feminism. It is being reported that in the name of "battling inequality and injustice" old sacred art in the church will be replaced with figures of women who represent feminism. No saints, no reference to God. True religion replaced with atheist-feminist humanism.

BIDEN COMMUNION SHOW DOWN: We await a final decision from the USCCB regarding Biden's illicit reception of the Eucharist, but it appears that the pro-Biden liberals in the US have received some firepower from the CDF. Cardinal Ladaria, the head of the CDF, wrote the USCCB to say that even if they called for a Communion ban, each bishop has a right to decide whether or not he would enforce it. Although we sometimes think this issue only impacts Americans, Rome would find itself in a pickle when US bishops crack down on pro-abortion Catholic politicians while nothing is down about the same kinds of politicians in Europe. In any case, we'll soon see which bishops will speak up against the "Catholic" man in the White House who supports abortion and refuses to mention God on the national day of prayer.  

GERMANS BLESS GAYS: In a stunning act of revolt against Pope Francis and the recent teaching of the Church concerning the blessings of gay couples, about 100 churches across Germany began bestowing the blessings anyway. It's been 500 years since the wayward German priest, Martin Luther, led a revolt against the Church - it appears another revolution is afoot. Sadly only crickets have been heard thus far from the Vatican.


REPUBLICANS AND REDISTRICTING: Politico sums up a good 2020 election year at the state level for Republicans - who now control state redistricting going into a likely GOP landslide in 2022.

VOTING FOR RICE: Former President George W. Bush told the world who he voted for in 2020:  Condoleezza Rice. This comes as no surprise as Bush always favored the careerist Rice over veteran men like Colin Powell. The neocon Bush, ever happy to plunge the US into needless war and foster the aims of globalism, cannot understand nationalist leaders like Trump and Putin. It's no surprise he struck out against the modern Trump-led GOP. A globalist establishment Republican like Bush (or Romney) can only through false labels at the America First policy, they can never understand it.

AMERICA FIRST CAUCUS: Speaking of America First, even proponents of an American First policy don't always have a handle on its meaning. It was recently reported that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene sought to create an America First Caucus in Congress - and it would support "Anglo-Saxon political traditions" and condemn immigration. The reports easily be mistaken, but it would not surprise us at all if some people in Congress took America First in a direction Trump would not have intended.


BOKU HARAM LEADER DEAD? It is being reported that the leader of Boku Haram - the dominant Wahhabi terrorist group in central Africa - has died in a suicide explosion. The explosion appeared to take place as he was about to be captured - not by government forces but by an Islamic State terrorist group seeking to steal Boku Haram's dominance in the region. Time will tell which terror organization emerges victorious, but this may be the twilight of Boku Haram's hegemony in the region. 

COAST GUARD VS. IRAN: A US Coast Guard ship recently fired warning shots at an Iranian ship in the Persian Gulf. But why isn't anyone asking why a US Coast Guard ship was operating the Persian Gulf?

MORE TROOPS TO GERMANY: Biden's Defense Secretary has performed a 180 on President Trump's plans to cut troops from Germany. Now the US is sending more. Does anyone ever ask why we need to be sending troops to Europe in the first place?


WOKE DISNEY TRAINING: Disney couldn't help but jump on the woke bandwagon as it is reported that new employee training would teach that America was founded on systemic racism and even give white employees a "white privilege" checklist. We're not surprised that Disney reported second quarter loss of $600 million. Get woke, go broke.

RELIEVED OF COMMAND: A Space Force commander has been relieved of his command and is now under IG investigation over public comments regarding his new book, which claims that Marxism is slowly infecting the US military. All this came after the military told him his book did not need further DoD review ahead of publication. We're glad to say that the book, Irresistible Revolution: Marxism's Goal of Conquest & the Unmaking of the American Military, became the #1 best seller on Amazon.

SOCIAL DISTANCING EFFECTIVE? A recent MIT study cast doubts on the efficacy of social distancing.

Saturday, May 15, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, MAY 15

by A. Joseph Lynch


THE CATHOLIC PALETTE: We're excited to announce the publication of our book, The Catholic Palette. The book (available in print or as an eBook) was written by myself and the late Dr. David Pence. It's written for Catholic educators and parents to better help them form a clear picture of our faith - a picture that includes all the vibrant colors of the Catholic paint palette. For a full preview, please watch this video from our YouTube channel Religion, Sex, and Politics.

MINISTRY OF CATECHISTS: Back in January, Pope Francis issued the motu proprio Spiritus Domini, which granted women full access to the ministries of acolyte and lector - two ministries effectively denies to lay men for decades (nay centuries). This error paved the way for another step in the wrong direction in the Pope's newest motu proprio, Antiquum Ministerium, which has invented a new ministry altogether (and of course have it open to women as well). What Francis doesn't understand is that the instituted ministries of the Church were always connected to the liturgy first and foremost. This is why there was never any ministry of the catechist. Rather, that "ministry" would have been found in connection to the lector, who not only proclaimed the word of God in the liturgy but also taught the word of God a a catechist. Rather than invent a new ministry - and we fear many useless instituted ministries will soon follow - the Pope should have beefed up the lector by declaring one must be a catechist before installation as permanent lector. He could have also beefed up the acolyte by declaring all extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion must be acolytes (as Canon Law suggests). And most important of all, he should beef up the role of lay men in the liturgy by rescinding Spiritus Domini

BIDEN'S HUNDRED DAYS: Biden's first hundred days are over and in this time he's given us a slew of shady and un-American executive orders while allowing a series of crises to overcome the nation and the globe: a border crisis, an oil crisis, an inflation crisis, and now a Mideast crisis. As he outsources more and more of his duties to Harris, it's clear there is no one at the wheel of state.

WAR MONGER IN CHIEF: As President Trump planned to withdraw American forces from fighting more needless wars, Biden plans to outspend Trump in military spending. Get ready for more war. America's retired generals and admirals know this and more than 120 of them have written an open letter questioning the 2020 election and Biden's mental fitness to act as commander in chief.

US CENSUS AND ELECTIONS: Last week we posted on the US Census' odd underestimation of the vote turn out in 2020. Here's an article with more information. And if you find this intriguing, you may be interested in learning more about a Dominion-related lawsuit in Michigan that alleges evidence of voter fraud.

LIZ CHENEY OUT: In a sign that President Trump is steering to control the GOP, the neoconservative Trump-hating daughter of Dick Cheney has been voted out of her GOP Congressional leadership role and replaced with a Trump supporter. This is a good move for President Trump, who is readying new rallies for the summer. We hope this bodes well for 2022.

ISRAELI-PALESTINIAN CONFLICT: Israel has begun a military incursion into the Gaza Strip as Palestinian fire rockets into Israel. What started the conflict and why has it escalated? More on this from Caspian Report

DEFENDING FRENCH LANGUAGE: While many conservatives wrongly fear the influence of Islam in France, the French nation sees America's woke culture a much greater danger. The US may tolerate "gender neutral" language, but the French state has now banned anew the neutering of the French language in schools. France, whose Frankophone civilization spans many nations, will not allow the spread of America's cultural imperialism to threaten French heritage and identity.

MASKS OFF: The CDC is calling for an end to masks and social distancing among those who are vaccinated. Despite the recommendations from scientists and medical experts, Democrats are still insisting on masks as a CNN anchor chokes back tears. Meanwhile Wal-Mart has announced it will end  its mask policy later this month. 

BUILDING ON TRUMP: It would seem Joe Biden doesn't believe American heroes as he officially jettisoned President Trump's plan to build a Garden of Heroes. As leftists tore down America's statues, President Trump boldly sought to build even more. Biden, it appears, will only continue the Leftist purge of American history. At the same time, the border crisis is such that Biden may continue building parts of Trump's border wall. These facts alone should be proof enough of the crisis engulfing our southern border at this time. But if that isn't convincing enough, even the New York Times is calling on Biden to finish the wall.

Saturday, May 8, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, MAY 8

by A. Joseph Lynch


PRIEST'S MYSTICAL EXPERIENCE: A priest in Columbia recently entered into a deep mystical experience during Mass and came out of the experience with a message: no more Communion on the hand. Video of what took place has gone viral in Latin America. We hope it becomes a watershed moment leading to a renewed devotion to the Real Presence. As Latin America is the current "source church" for global Catholicism, her love of Christ in the Eucharist could wash over the whole Church.

US BISHOPS, BIDEN, & COMMUNION: Will the bishops ban Joe Biden from receiving Communion? Perhaps. The real question is: why did they wait so long? Even the severe criticism of Biden by Archbishop Naumann came far too late to play any role in forming Catholic consciences ahead of the 2020 election. And where are the bishops concerning Biden on homosexuality? Biden brags that he pushed Obama to accept gay marriage, and Biden himself even officiated a gay marriage. When it comes to homosexuality, there Biden doesn't even attempt the "Cuomo defense" ("I'm personally opposed to this, but don't want to impose my beliefs on others"). But of course when it comes to homosexuality and feminism (e.g. women in combat or women on the altar), the bishops are silent. 

US BISHOPS AND REFUGEES: The US Bishops showed their support for an increase in the number of refugees into the US this year. What is left out of their statement is how much money they rake in from the federal government in assisting these refugees once they're in the country. 


DESK OF DONALD TRUMP: President Trump has created a new way to reach readers via a twitter-like feed called From the Desk of Donald Trump. Follow the link to keep up to date on his announcements. 

BIDEN SPEECH FALLS FLAT: Biden's first speech to Congress was down nearly 50% from President's Trump first speech four years ago. In an attempt to spin the disaster to the vast majority of American's who tuned out, one new outlet claimed 85% of Americans approved of the speech. To this even the Leftist fact-checking site Snopes had to shoot this blatantly false stat down. If we want to see what Americans really thought of the speech, see this picture that shows the likes to dislikes from major outlets streaming the speech online.

CENSUS AND ELECTION: Richard Baris and Robert Barnes recently discussed the US Census predications for election turn out, noting their predictions are known as the most accurate. Yet somehow the Census was off by five million votes - where did these votes come from? For more on this, see the 12:45 mark of their discussion. And speaking of the census, the results are in and seven congressional seats will be moving - and five of these seats will be given to red states. 

RAIDING GIULIANI: Remember when Trump was warned not to "retaliate" on Hillary Clinton once he won the White House? How only a dictator would seek retribution on his political opponents? The recent raid on Rudy Giuliani, Trump's lawyer, is proof that only Republicans must play by the rules. The politically liberal attorney, Alan Dershowitz, called the raid unconstitutional as the govern seized private communications between Giuliani and President Trump, despite these communications being under attorney-client privilege. How soon before these communications begin being leaked to the press? In another twist, Giuliani revealed that the Hunter Biden hard drive - containing evidence of real crimes - was left behind by the  FBI

STEELE'S SECOND DOSSIER?  As Schumer once said regarding President Trump and the intelligence community: " take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday to get back at you." Once again we are reminded of just how badly the intelligence community wanted to get rid of President Trump as it was revealed that Steele worked up a second Trump dossier during the Trump administration. It is not yet known if the dossier was used by the FBI in any investigation (but we wouldn't be surprised if it was).

CHAUVIN MISTRIAL? Despite his conviction it appears that Derek Chauvin might be headed to a new trial. This week it was revealed that a juror lied on his pre-trial questionarre regarding his activism as a picture was found of him at a BLM rally wearing a shirt connected to George Floyd's death. As election lawyer Robert Barnes has argued, we need to know the names of jurors during trial. It's not always possible for a defense attorney to find evidence of juror bias without some assistance from the general public. Social media sleuths found evidence of bias  in a few days, imagine what bias we'll find on the eleven other jurors if only we knew who they were.  


NO BOUNTIES AFTER ALL: The intelligence community is no longer insisting that Russia offered bounties to kill US soldiers in Afghanistan. The fake story was all the rage last summer, and Biden continued to hammer it all the way to Election Day (see the 2 minute mark from this presidential debate clip). It's all but clear that anti-Trump members of the intelligence community pushed the fake story out in order to damage the president, and now that they got what they wanted the "intelligence" is being "corrected". 

ARMENIAN GENOCIDE: The US government has officially recognized the mass killings of Armenians by the Turks in 1915 for what it was: a genocide. Though the declaration brings renewed tensions between the US and Turkey, it was a truth of history worth recognizing. Turkey and Armenia had been working to bury the hatchet until negotiations broke down in 2018. Turkey subsequently backed Azerbaijan in a brief war against Armenia - a war in which Armenia was all but defeated. 

CHRUCH MILITANT BLUNDERS: Church Militant may be an excellent source for news regarding the scandalous behavior of clergy in the Church, but they need to find a better person for their foreign policy videos. In a recent video, Church Militant labeled Russia, Iran, and China as "anti-Catholic foreign powers".  Okay we understand the partisan divide on Iran and China, but Russia? Did Church Militant follow anything Trump said or did concerning Russia these past four years?


BLM-BIG TECH HYPOCRISY: Big Tech worked to censor news stories that investigated a BLM co-founder and avowed Marxist, Patrisse Khan-Cullors, who has spent millions to buy properties across the country. It turns out that the same Big Tech censors donated $7.5 million to groups controlled by Cullors. Cullors, like all other far Left race-baiting leaders, are grifters and hypocrites.

IVY LEAGUE BLACK EDUCATOR SPEAKS OUT: Dr. Glenn Loury, a black ivy league educator, is going viral in his rejections of (racist) critical race theory. Listen to his discussion on the plague of critical race theory in our schools.

PRIVATE SECTOR REGULATION: In the latest example of Big Government colluding with Big Business, the White House plans to let the private sector dictate the fate of unvaccinated Americans. The government would certainly find itself in court if it enacted a strict vaccine policy, but what about the major corporations that will undoubtedly force Americans into the vaccine if they are to enter the marketplace? We suspect lawsuits will follow, but this act is a clear sign of how Big Government liberals are using Big Business liberals to push their agenda.