Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Doc Pence on why we build cities and countries on the shared loves of men

A mother looks 'inward' and loves her child, and a man loves what?

Pence:  Woman was made out of a person, but man was made of the physical stuff of the universe. Man is meant to order the physical world by his assigned portion. In the Acts of the Apostles we learn that God "...has made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and has determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation."
 A man is called to have a public gaze, to love his country, and bind with other men looking out on the same landscape with that peculiar male perspective called patriotism.

Why did Christ command his Twelve to go baptize all the nations?

Pence:  The Apostles are a hierarchical masculine community -- they are the men of Galilee -- a territorial body of mostly outdoorsmen who are assigned a new set of nets to become "fishers of men." There are twelve of them in the beginning to show that Christ has restored Israel, which had been split apart since the sons of Solomon. The fishermen of Galilee were not pole fishermen getting one fish at a time. They used nets and brought in schools of fish to the boat. Christ recognized that men lived under civil authority in communal groups: 'gens,' tribe, nation. Men were not being asked to surrender their allegiance to their 'polis' or their nation. Like the marriages of man and woman, the political communities of men under law or leader were to be sacralized and brought into the wider community of the human species. The signs of this are the Eucharist centered territorial dioceses of the Church, the Body of Christ. Every diocese has their own men of Galilee. Every nation must be like the Israelites of old.  Christ did not say: "Go, save each of their souls." He said, "Go, baptize the nations!" Our nations as surely as our families are spiritual organisms that  have some appointed role to play in the Divine Drama.

Ireland, in voting to approve homosexual marriage, is an emblem of what?
Pence:  Let's wake up and do a little honest reporting. The Catholic hierarchy, priests and male religious orders in Ireland, Germany, Italy, and the United States have been deeply compromised by sexually corrupted seminaries and priestly culture for a half century. Listen to some of the Irish bishops almost in glee over the revolution. Gay marriage in Ireland and the German bishops' organizing coup against the Synod on the Family are fruits of priestly corruption just as the teenage male abuse scandal was. Ireland's bishops and priests are among the most corrupt in the world. The big Irish dominated dioceses of America fell in the same way: to some unholy mixture of a loss of the sacred, a decline in daily prayer, heavy alcoholism and then sexual depravity. It is hard for the secular press to follow the narrative  that the primary institutions of the Catholic Church in these countries have been deeply compromised and corrupted by a decades-old "gay culture" among priests and brothers. This has been complemented by the ideology of feminism in the majority of our North American and European religious communities of sisters. It's hard for the secular media to get at the spiritual roots of this problem. They have been explaining that the solution for the Catholics is to embrace the sexual revolution. Little do they know; our clergy and chanceries and convents were way ahead of them. The desacralized employees of the Catholic Church embraced the sexual revolution before the Catholic laity ever knew what hit us. The Catholic Church has the most extensive network of rich, propertied single-sex institutions in the world. These institutions (especially in the white North) have been hijacked by the careerists of the sexual Left. They need to be cleansed, but they cannot be cleansed if we do not answer the apostles' query to Christ: "Which of us has betrayed you, Lord?" It is the lavender kiss of the modern Judas which betrayed the Apostolic Church, and it is the feminist ideology which has betrayed the Marian.  The Judas priests must be washed from the brotherhood as surely as the feminist implant must be extracted from the sisters. Only then can we sing praise and glory to the Father as His servants and handmaids.  

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