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Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: Saturday Feb 23

 by A. Joseph Lynch and Dr. David Pence

    Hoax Upon Hoax. From Selma to Sodom. From Jackie Robinson to  Jussie Smollet
In the discussion of religion sex and politics in America there is no greater hoax than the hijacking of the moral capital of the American Christian movement against racism by the media promotion of homosexuality as a positive good. The Fox TV drama Empire with homosexual director Lee Daniels and rising star Jussie Smollett were major propagandists trying to breakdown the "black community's homophobia". CNN commentator Van Jones astutely informed his white listeners that Smollett was "the Jackie Robinson" of integrating likable gay characters into African-American popular culture. This of course aims to eradicate traditional black masculinity and the black Christian Church in favor of the modern Democratic Party's bizarre alliance of older political white feminists, younger light skin gay male media stars, and rich male predators in the background.
Charles Barkley had some advice for the light skin fellow who didn't really know the neighborhood or certain basics in the life of crime. "America, first rule in crime: Don't write a check." "Don't hire two black guys" to pretend they are lynching you. If the theme is MAGA country violence, get out of Chicago and go "to   Liam Neeson's neighborhood."  Hilarious!  (Add: Another dissection of Smollett  by Victor Davis Hanson) Devastating!

 Christianity and nationalism are two great communal identities that draw black and white men together as matured brothers and fathers. It was the Christian nationalism of America that embraced Jews as free citizens from the beginning and black men as citizens after a horrible civil war. What a despicable hoax to blame the red hats who seek to share the brotherhood of an interracial multi religious TERRITORIAL NATIONAL CITIZENSHIP  for this self mutilation by a confused young male not fully black nor indelibly homosexual. Young Smollett should get his due but let's agree he was socialized by an inverted culture: upside down about God the Father, the interracial brotherhood of the American nation and the sanctity of married sexual love. Adults should discipline not scapegoat our latest confused young male emerging in full media glare from the twisted ruins of the Sexual Revolution we bequeathed him. The sexual revolution has been a disaster for black Americans lionizing sexual degeneracy for males and widespread abortion by black mothers. This ain't no freedom train and Jussie Smollett is nobody's Jackie Robinson.  


THE FACE-TO-FACE PATRIARCHAL FRATERNITY OF SYNODAL CATHOLICISM. SODOMY IS A SACRILEGE AGAINST THE PRIESTLY SYNOD NOT MARRIAGE: The public truthful brotherhoods of an honest monastery, a presbytery under a real bishop, a Bishops' Conference where bishops stand up and speak truthfully about how many bishops should resign, a College of Cardinals cleaned of homosexuals, a synod of bishops under an honest Pope--these are the masculine fraternal forms the Pope is setting up for new leaders and shepherds to emerge. Listen to victims who come before you-Do not dismiss them!! That is the major institutional point of the gathering of 100 bishops in Rome Feb 21-24, 2019. Pray together, repent together, listen to the abused, let fathers emerge!  Instead of complaining about the Pope it would be helpful if some bishops would speak honestly about the massive infiltration of the priesthood by homosexuals, active and psychological, and a strategy for cleansing the priestly temple. Why did the bishops stop being protectors and fathers? Because they became desacralized and inbred by the narcissism of a homosexual dominated group-think. Father-faithful fraternity must replace this homosexual clericalism.    This has to happen diocese by diocese, monastery by monastery, bishops' conference by bishops' conference.  Before that we must emphasize the whole-the communion, the apostolic fraternity which will eventually turn out Judas. Before Lincoln turned on slavery, he had to secure the unity of the Union! Let us understand the paths of governance are different than the cries of protest and outrage. (21 procedural points)

The Pope has "notorious homosexuals" close to him--this is true. They must go--not him. Expose and exorcize. This is a demonic war amidst the sacral caste--there will be many misfirings before we get traction in the right direction. What is very clear is that Pope Francis and Cardinal Parolin were much more successful in ridding the priesthood of Mr McCarrick than Pope Benedict and Archbishop Vigano.  They are building the face to face brotherhoods which will expel the smiling faces with viper hearts.  It was Italian media criticism of the ineffectual role of Vigano as American papal nuncio in relation to McCarrick that drove Vigano to his publishing alliance with anti Francis Italian journalist Marco Tosatti. (Tosatti reveals Vigano's real motivations in an interview with Taylor Marshall-another good man gone mad with Francis frenzy).  Coupled with Vigano's exposition of the homosexual rot throughout the Vatican States of Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI was his call for the resignation of Pope Francis for elevating the role of  McCarrick after Benedict era sanctions. While Vigano's Vatican expose was long overdue and very helpful, his assessment of McCarrick's new status and influence under Francis was wildly off base. Francis has a lot of very bad advisors especially related to North America.  Many are deeply embedded in the "lavender parish"  but McCarrick was not one of them. Cardinal Ouelette's letter to Vigano is a Pope Francis approved refutation of the Accuser. Pope Francis knew McCarrick was corrupt long before Vigano told him. That's why he asked Vigano "What do you think of McCarrick?"  Frederic Martel gets this wrong also in saying Francis was not too upset by McCarrick abusing adult male seminarians. That is preposterous for anyone who knows how Pope Francis dealt with the founder of the IVE Argentine religious order which had deep ties to McCarrick.
 Pope Francis acted too slowly for all the white media rich American Catholics who despise the Argentine and his southern ways. He acted much more definitively than any of his Western approved predecessors but such details are not part of the anti Francis narrative.  Let us quit shooting at the Father. Let us expose and exorcize the real enemies within that Archbishop Vigano and homosexual activist Frederic Martel have so helpfully exposed. Why isn't homosexuality being talked about at the Conference? Two disappointing duplicitous answers. Cupich  and Scicluna .  But let us remember. This week started with the irrevocable laicization of the American Episcopacy's homo in chief. It was a great way to begin a worldwide conference of Shepherds intermixed with wolves and hirelings. One big wolf down, now root out his pack and don't ask the Pope to do the investigation for you.


A LETTER TO AN ASPIRING PRIESTReally beautiful by Thomas White O.P. whom we have reviewed before. A comparative review of his book on Catholicism and deLubac's. His essay on Lumen Gentium and a reflection on the "People of God" as humanity, the Jews and the Church.

CANON LAWYER ED PETERSExcellent distinction of sexual sins by consecrated persons especially the acts against nature - in terms of SACRILEGE.

HOMOSEXUAL PRIESTS, NOT PEDOPHILIA, IS THE PROBLEMThe role of McCarrick in reframing the issue.

GAY PRIESTS WHININGNot pretty, not new.


THE VATICAN AS SODOMAn Excerpt from new blockbuster book on homosexuality in Vatican. The best reporters on the deep seated homosexuality in the clergy will be homosexual priests or accomplices who are part of the "parish".  We must let them talk. Let them tell their stories of "suffering in the closet" and encourage them to tell names.  This is no time to silence the likes of James Martin.  The duplicity is killing us - the homosexuals will agree on that so lets end the duplicity. They think there are so many of them that the Church cannot live without them. Encourage that thought as they come out to show their numbers.

After we have plenty of names and tearful narcissist confessions and exposes, the apostolic fishermen can announce that "By the Act" any priest who has committed sodomy shall be defrocked. The McCarrick example is an excellent start. That is the right punishment. Now we have to agree how severe a crime is sodomy by a Catholic priest. ...or is it only a defrocking crime if it is with a "minor"?

REVIEW IN AMERICAGood summary of author's take on JPII,  Benedict, and Francis.  It rings true to me(dp). Also the most manipulative of all the actors was Cardinal Angelo Sodano. That also seems true from many converging stories. Sodano was always an enemy of Pope Francis. Archbishop Vigano covered for conservative homosexual Nienstedt. We know his story well from Minneapolis.  Burke covered for Apuron in Guam. Apuron was truly despicable and the fact that he and Nienstedt are still saying Mass should be credited with those heroes of correct doctrine-Vigano and Burke.    These findings  go with Martel narrative as well. The fact that the mob who wants Pope Francis to resign are still loyal followers of Archbishop Vigano and Cardinal Burke is evidence against their "in the know" reputations. The author of this book is absolutely right that  many of these revelations could only be written from "inside the parish". He is very wrong about his assumption that Pope Francis did not care about McCarick's homosexual acts with seminarians. That is part of the author's wish list not the pope's agenda. The very few pages I have read so far have a deep ring of truth (like most of Archbishop Vigano's statements about Vatican culture under JPII and Benedict). Turn on the lights--the party's not over yet but a huge change is brewing.


JD VANCE AND TUCKER CARLSON: On the working class people who don't go to college, serve in the military, want single earner families. Absolutely terrific.

REVIEW OF JOHN JUDIS BOOK ON NATIONALISM: Judas is a left liberal but he sees the nation as the only communal force that can protect workers from the predation and inequality of global capitalism. Very interesting argument. His book is called The Nationalist Revival: Trade Immigration and the Revolt against Globalization 

EUROPEAN/BRITISH ALLIES AND US INTERVENTION IN LIBYA: Two of the most disastrous regime change interventions by the US in the last 15 years were in  Libya and Syria. Iraq has a functioning government that represents its Shiite citizens much better than Saddam Hussein who waged the bloodiest war of the last three decades in his assault on Iran. Libya is a failed state and the US backed rebellion in Syria has left Assad in power, thousands dead and millions refugees. The Libyan intervention was orchestrated by European allies who frankly were much stronger personalities than the Obama "women to the front" foreign policy establishment. How would Hillary ever be president if she didn't make war and peace decisions in foreign policy? So there she was way over her head. The diplomat grownups swamped her. The linked article reminds us it is our allies who get us in trouble--especially those most fluent in English. Meanwhile the intervention that established a standing national government in Iraq  may now have to acknowledge the sovereignty of that government and recognize its desire to be an ally to Iran not a base for attacks.

FREEDOM FOR HOMOSEXUALS AS AN INTERNATIONAL CAUSEA Trump initiative.  Coupled with our alliance with the salafist Saudis, we can only pray these incoherent contradictory impulses may collide. One reason for this initiative was that an earlier vote in the UN against the death penalty was opposed by the US and then construed as a call to execute homosexuals. 

THE MUELLER CASE : Roger Stone, Wikileaks and Paul Manafort--there will be enough here for the anti-Trump forces. Here we see the the outline of the Mueller argumentA very believable interview with FBI Andrew McCabe. He could not fathom a US President developing a relationship with Vladimir Putin. He felt Trump must be compromised so he worked to get an investigation set up that would survive his own firing. There were many career diplomats who felt similar feelings about President Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev meetings. They didn't think Reagan was compromised but too senile and gullible in the interaction. McCabe could not believe what he was seeing and for a moment (after the Comey firing) he was in charge. He thought he was saving the country by establishing a mechanism to bring down President Trump who he thought was giving aid to our enemy. He opened a counterintelligence investigation against Trump and he told the "gang of eight" the bipartisan representatives of both parties that this was happening. No-one objected. The counter intelligence investigation was not primarily asking if Russia interfered with the election but if Trump was somehow compromised or in league with the Russians. The Steele Dossier which was a major source multiple times of information was not so much about Russian attempts to influence voters (interfere with the election). It was an attempt to paint Trump as a seriously compromised candidate who would have to do the Russians' bidding if he became President.


July 5, 2016  James Comey exonerates Hillary Clinton
June 2016 Christopher Steele ex M16 British agent(worked the Russia desk) with deep fear of implications of Trump presidency for US- Russia- British relations is hired by GPS to do opposition research on Donald Trump.   June 20 first detailed report by Steele to GPS. Within a month says Carter Page meeting with Russians.
July and October 2016  Steele meets with different FBI in London and Rome to tell about Trump findings. He speaks as a fellow defender of the West against that old and clever foe now compromising  rump. Passes "Russian dossier" to old FBI colleague
Oct 2016 US Intelligence agencies say Russians interfering and sowing discord in US elections in favor of Jill Stein, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  This confirmed by DNI (Clapper head) in Jan 2017
Oct 21, 2016   FBI gets FISA approval to wiretap Cater Page in Trump campaign as "foreign agent"
                        Trump not warned that "foreigners" had infiltrated his campaign.
Nov-Dec 2016 (after election)  John McCain receives the "Russian dossier" from ex British
                                                  ambassador and gives to FBI head.
Jan 20,2017 Trump inaugurated
Feb 8 Sessions confirmed Atty General
Mar 3, 2017 Session recuses himself from Russia investigation
Mar 20, 2017 FBI director Comey tells House Intelligent Committee there is a continued investigation of Trump-Russian connections
April 25, 2017 Rosenstein approved 94-6 in Senate as Deputy Atty General with power over Russian investigation because he saw "no reason to recuse himself". He had assured Senator Schumer he would appoint special prosecutor if necessary.
May 9, 2017 Comey fired
May 10-17 2017  McCabe--Trump meeting about Comey. It didn't go well. "Next day" McCabe meets with FBI investigators of Russia-Flynn-etc.  (ADDENDUM ADDED--more evidence in this May period McCabe led FBI reaches out again to Christopher Steele) Two investigations opened by McCabe: a)was firing of Comey an obstruction of Justice  and b)counterintelligence investigation opened to ask if there is an inappropriate relation of President with Russia. (From Feb 2019 Scott Pelley interview. Pelley: " Are you saying the President is in league with Russia?" McCabe: I am saying the FBI had reason to investigate that." The counter intelligence investigation was not limited to election meddling as much as the intention of the President to forge a new relation with "our most fearsome enemy"(Russia).)  Multiple Discussions with McCabe and Rosenstein and FBI General Counsel James Baker. Rod Rosenstein was troubled by Trump request for mention of Russia probe in firing Comey. He didn't want that in the firing explanation because he thought it would implicate himself(Rosenstein) in trying to stop the Russian investigation.  Trump was clear that Russian witch hunt was a ruse and had asked those investigations be wrapped up. Trump had no problem saying he wanted his FBI man to stop following the planted documents of British intelligence and Democratic Party opposition research. This seemed like obstruction of justice to McCabe hiding Trump's purported special relationship with the Russians. 
May 17 2017 Rosenstein as acting Attorney General appoints Mueller as special counsel to investigate "any links and/or  coordination between  Russian government and individuals associated with the Trump campaign." This was to insure "a full investigation of the Russian government's efforts to interfere in the 2016 Presidential election."  The letter about election interference could cover proving Trump in league with the Russians without specifically saying it.

March 16, 2018 McCabe fired one day before retirement
Feb 2019 Interview with McCabe described by interviewer Scott Pelley as "a Republican" though McCabe wife received millions from DNC  running for office as Democrat. Note McCabe animus to Trump for calling his wife a "loser"(Trump denies this) .    Compelling interview.

Steele was hired in June 2016  by GPS. By June 20, the first explosive memo was in and within 50 days 7 more would be produced.
McCabe Timeline Clinton Email Investigation
March 2015 Clinton private server becomes publicly known
May 2015 McCabe wife announces for state senate of Virginia
                  She receives $500-700, 000 from Gov McCauliffe PAC. He is a close Clinton ally.
Nov 2015  She loses close race
July 2015 formal FBI investigation of Clinton emails ensues--McCabe not involved.
Feb 2016 McCabe appointed by Comey as Deputy Director of FBI and thus is in charge of Clinton email investigation. He does not consider recusal for Clinton investigations.
June 2016 Bill Clinton meets with Loretta Lynch-Atty General compromising her. She says she will accept whatever FBI says in Clinton case.
July 5 2016 Comey statement to press--"careless but no charges" against Clinton
Sept 28 2016 McCabe gets news of more emails found on Anthony Weiner computer
Oct 28            McCabe tells Comey about Weiner emails. Comey immediately reopens investigation.
Nov 1 McCabe recuses himself from any more Clinton investigations
Nov 6 2016 Comey says no new classified emails found on Weiner laptop. Peter Strzok helps sift through them.
Nov 8 2016 Trump wins election


A peculiar aspect of the China Africa story. They came to build infrastructure . They leave with social capital.

FIVE SPANISH MEN FOR GOD, SPAIN AND TRADITIONA report from Spain by Rod Dreher. The kindling is there for a fire. It would be very helpful if Mr Dreher would see that one of the elements missing in his Benedict Option is what was central to Saint Benedict. The patron saint of Europe was about men forming fraternity in a local place devoted to a cosmic religious reality. Dreher's excellent report shows us once again it is not the "West"  we are trying to save. It is Christendom that is being revived and the many swords of Christendom are going to be carried by NATIONALISTS. That is true in Catholic Spain, Orthodox Russia, and Protestant America.

SUNNI JIHAD GOES LOCALAn important trend by Hassan Hassan.

EURASIAN ALLIANCE OF RUSSIA AND CHINARevisiting the geopolitical thesis of Halford  MacKinder and applying it to the post Cold War mistakes of baby boomer Presidents. Russia is the Eurasian land nation. We need them as our allies. Candidate Trump understood this instinctually. President Trump has never been allowed to reformulate our alliances in terms of the the two great nations of Eurasia-Russia and China. He was stopped by the FBI's Andrew McCabe who saw Russia as our greatest enemy  and by Britain's Christopher Steele who saw how a Russian US alliance would set the sun on British influence in a world dominated by the Anglo West.  {AOA on Mahon, MacKinder and Spykman as Geostrategic Thinkers}

Mackinder's Map

MEN WHO ACTThe rise of autocrats.


ADAM AND EVEMitochondrial Eve and one Y - interesting review.

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