Saturday, January 18, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JANUARY 18

by A. Joseph Lynch


David Lynch (left). Dr. David Pence with our daughter, Eliana. 

A few hours after the posting of last week's R&G came the birth of my son. In honor of Dr. David Pence, mentor, friend, and driving force behind this blog, my wife and I named our son David. He came during a Kansas City snow storm and was delivered in the hospital elevator. When our two year old daughter saw him for the first time she thought he was baby Jesus. We are proud - if also sleepy - parents. With Dr. Pence as his namesake, little David has a great deal to live up to. 

Needless to say, due to the events of the week the R&G this weekend will be a bit limited. We appreciate your prayers as we give thanks for our son and thanks for the gift of Dr. David Pence.


NANCY'S PENS: Were the impeachment articles delayed because a late January impeachment trial would take Sanders, Warren, and Klobuchar off the campaign trail ahead of the Iowa caucuses? Or were they perhaps delayed so that Nancy Pelosi's commemorative pens could be produced and presented on a silver platter?

IMPARTIAL JURORS? Donald Trump was impeached because it was thought improper for him to have anything to do with an investigation that could hurt a political rival (i.e. Joe Biden via Hunter in Ukraine). Yet Senators Warren, Sanders, and Klobuchar both seek to displace Trump in the White House and are jurors in a trial that could remove him. Where are the calls for their recusal?

BERNIE THE SEXIST? CNN has been blasted for its debate questions surrounding Warren's claim that Sanders didn't believe a woman could be elected president. Immediately after Sanders denied Warren's claim, Warren was asked what she thought when Sanders did what she claimed he did. The question disregarded Sanders' denial and assumed he did what he denied doing.

What Bernie should have said and what Trump would have said.

WHY LIBERALISM FAILED: Patrick Deneen gives an excellent talk about his book, Why Liberalism Failed. Deneen argues that liberalism (both in conservative free market economics and in liberal big government programs) depersonalizes economics and politics, ultimately alienating a nation's citizenry. Fukuyama, a key defender of liberal democracy, may disagree but the depersonalizing forces of liberalism could be a major factor to the loss of social capital in many "western" nations. See our AoA book review of Deneen's book.

BENEDICT'S NAME REMOVED: Pope Benedict XVI's name has been removed from an upcoming book co-authored by Cardinal Sarah. The book is being branded as anti-Pope Francis we are told Benedict requested his name's removal as a result. The press is spinning the story as Sarah manipulating Francis, but the reverse could be just as true. Vatican insiders didn't like the book, so they pressed for Benedict's name removal. Benedict's chapter on priestly celibacy, however, will remain.

UNDERMINING THE GOSPEL: Cardinal Marx of Germany has declared: "Wherever someone spreads fear - of hell or whatever - the Gospel cannot have any effect." The Gospel is being undermined, but not by the proclamation of Hell's existence. Let us not forget that Jesus preached more about Hell than anyone else in the New Testament - and He used gave Hell many colorful and horrific images for the mind to contemplate.

FEMALE ORDINATION DEFEATED...: the laity, not the bishop. The fact that Bishop Barry Knestout of Richmond, VA was content to allow a woman's ordination in a Catholic parish church is telling. It is all too clear that his "ecumenical" move was no defense of the patriarchal brotherhood that is Holy Orders. A full defense of the male character of Holy Orders must begin with the cultivation of a deep-rooted sense of brotherhood within the ranks of deacons, priests, and bishops. Until then, expect to see more bishops giving tacit approval of women's ordination.

STAR WARS FEMINISM: The original plot plans for Stat Wars Episode 9 were leaked this week, revealing the key role planned for the late Carrie Fisher. Her death required a bigger role for Luke Skywalker yet Lucasfilm CEO Kathleen Kennedy, intent on destroying the patriarchal story of the Skywalkers, went ahead with killing off Luke in Episode 8. This led to the Episode 9 writer-director to quit and the JJ Abram's recent mess of Episode 9, The Rise of Skywalker. In the end, the woke feminist agenda won and Star Wars suffered.

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