Saturday, February 15, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 15

by A. Joseph Lynch


POST-SYNOD EXHORTATION: Pope Francis has promulgated Querida Amazonia, his post-Amazon synod apostolic exhortation. While all expected the "liberal" Francis to officially allow married priests in the Amazon and perhaps even announce deaconesses in the Church, liberals were once again disappointed. Perhaps conservatives were disappointed as well. A Francis who upholds tradition fits neither the liberal nor conservative narrative. While the document may not be perfect, it's a far cry from the abandonment of Catholic tradition on Orders that both liberals and conservatives were expecting.

DECLINE IN IRISH PRIESTS: Ireland's Association of Catholic Priests, a censured organization seeking to end priestly celibacy and allow women's ordination, is warning of declining vocations in Ireland. The island nation, they say, could be without priests in twenty years. While the problem is legitimate, their proposed solutions are not. Irish Catholic men must renew their sense of fraternity and mission. Only then will young men be drawn to their ranks.

FORMER FBI HEAD INVESTIGATES BISHOP: Louis Freeh, who headed the FBI from 1993-2001 (he was succeeded by the infamous Robert Mueller), will investigate homosexual child rape claims against Brooklyn bishop, Nicholas DiMarzio. Freeh is also known for his investigation at Penn State into Jerry Sandusky, the homosexual predator who rapped dozens of boys. The new investigation seems to be in good hands.

400 SHRINES TO MARY: Lay Catholics in Argentina plan to erect 400 small shrines to Mary across. When it comes to conversions, hammers and rosaries often do more good than new theological treatises.


NEW HAMPSHIRE PRIMARY: Sanders, who won the popular vote but lost the delegate vote in Iowa pulled out a win in America's first primary state of New Hampshire. As of today, the delegate count stands at: Buttigieg (23), Sanders (21), Warren (8), Klobuchar (7), and Biden (6). A candidate must win 1,991 of the total 3,979 pledged delegates in order to win in the first round of voting at the DNC next summer. 1,357 delegates are up for grabs on Super Tuesday (March 3).

LYING DOG-FACED PONY SOLDIER: Every time Biden opens his mouth (or loses another primary) we are reminded of how ludicrous it was for Democrats to impeach Trump over fears he was digging dirt on Biden because Biden was such a threatening presidential contender. After calling a female voter a "lying dog-faced pony soldier," Biden's plummet in the polls continues (he's dropped 10 points in a little more than two weeks).

DEMOCRAT FOR LIFE NO MORE: Charles Camosy, a Catholic theologian on the board of Democrats for Life is leaving the board and the party. As the party moves harder Left, room for pro-life Democrats is shrinking. Democrat front-runner Bernie Sanders has already said as much: "...being pro-choice is an absolutely essential part of being a Democrat." According to Gallup, 59% of Democrats believe abortion should either be illegal (14%) or under some legal restrictions (45%). Only 39% of Democrats hold the extreme views of the party elites and current party presidential hopefuls. As the woke Left pushes the party to new extremes, expect more sane Democrats to follow Camosy out of the party.

VIOLENT TRUMP DERANGEMENT: As Trump continues to win, violent extremes of Trump Derangement Syndrome emerge. One man plowed his van through a GOP voter registration tent Florida while a Bernie Sanders supporter attempted to burn down a GOP office in California.


SCANDAVIAN OIKOPHOBIA: Scandinavian Airlines released a shockingly "oikophobic" commercial that denied the reality of anything unique or "Scandinavian" about Scandinavia. Oikophobia refers to a kind of self-hatred of one's own nation or countrymen. It is the natural result of a globalist mindset that must deny one's own nation in order to embrace the world.

PUTIN RULES OUT GAY MARRIAGE: As Ukrainian bishops contend with European bishops more "Western" than Catholic, their separated brethren to the east are led by a man who continues to uphold gender and marriage sanity.

MERKEL'S SUCCESSOR QUITS: Agela Merkel's successor has called it quits, perhaps paving the way for political change in Germany.

SINN FEIN WINS IRELAND: Sinn Fein, the far Left party historically tied to the Irish Republican Army, won in the popular vote Irish elections. Though branded a nationalist party, Sinn Fein's leftist agenda leaves it open to the globalist vision of the EU. What their win means is a weakening of the political center and an opening for a stronger nationalist party to emerge in Ireland.

CORONA VIRUS SPURS NATIONALISM: The outbreak of the corona virus has put the spotlight on the need for strong national borders. More from Dr. Steve Turley.


NAMING NAMES: Former child actors, Corey Feldman and Corey Haim, were as children by at least one predator homosexual in Hollywood. His new documentary, My Truth: The Rape of Two Coreys, will name names. He's hired 24-hour protection ahead of the documentary's release.
We suspect that homosexual predation in Hollywood is much bigger than the male-female focus of the "Me Too" movement. Perhaps this documentary will be a first domino to fall.

SANCTUARIES FOR THE UNBORN: Small towns in Texas are declaring themselves sanctuary cities for the unborn. The move parallels gun rights sanctuary cities, which is itself a response to sanctuary cities for illegal immigrants. As the Trump Administration moves against liberal sanctuary cities, the sanctuary cities of the conservative bent may likewise end up in court. Time will tell how this plays out.

FAIR PLAY: Three brave young women in Connecticut are suing to keep transgendered players off of female sports teams. Enacting sane policy shouldn't require a lawsuit.

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