Saturday, August 29, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, AUGUST 29

by A. Joseph Lynch


A SISTER SPEAKS OUT: Sister Dede Byrne of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary spoke at the RNC this week in favor of President Trump's re-election. As both a physician and a religious sister, she gave a very powerful speech. Watch her speech here.

MINISTERS SUPPORT BIDEN: Over 350 ministers of varying denominations have endorsed Joe Biden for president. These ministers unsurprisingly represent the mostly liberal wing of Protestant Christianity in America. As the neo-con, war-hawk, realists of the "swamp" have recently likewise endorsed Biden, the ministers who have endorsed Biden remind us that the "swamp" can be found in Christianity as well as in the deep state.

GOD NOT ALLOWED: During the DNC neither the LGBT caucus nor the Muslim caucus included "under God" in their recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. While this does not surprise us from the LGBT caucus, one would think the Muslim caucus would want God included. A good reporter might as the Muslims of the caucus why they would remove God. It would be most interesting to know what kind of Muslims the Democrats are attracting to their party.

POMEO'S FAITH IS "PROBLEMATIC": Susan Rice, who almost became Biden's running mate, has denounced Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for allowing faith to play a role in American foreign policy. Susan Rice - who would likely become Secretary of State if Biden is elected - is emblematic of the atheists running the State Department and shaping US foreign policy. If America is to carry out God's plan for it in the world, we should pray Mike Pompeo remains at his post for as long as possible.


A TALE OF TWO COMMITTEES: The digital DNC was as near a disaster as one could imagine. Viewership plummeted as the cringe-filled convention offered little vision for what Biden or the Democrats would bring to the nation should they win in November. We later found out that over 1000 DNC delegates voted against the party platform. Aesthetically speaking, the DNC's visuals appeared to be designed by a high school student. Polls showed that neither the VP selection of Kamala Harris nor the DNC itself amounted to a bump in the polls for Biden. In every way the RNC blew the DNC out of the water. Not only has the president united the party, but the RNC announced the party platform would be the Trump agenda itself. The speeches given were inspiring (watch Madison Cawthorn, Alice Johnson), emotionally moving and tearful (watch the speech from Kayla Mueller's parents, the speech from the widow of slain retired St. Louis police Capt. David Dorn, and Cuban immigrant Maximo Alvarez), and patriotic (watch the speeches from Mike Pompeo and Richard Grennell). Athlete Herschel Walker and coach Lou Holtz also gave tremendous speeches for the president. President Trump brought the convention to a close, speaking before a large audience on the White House lawn. The president's speech was around four times longer than Biden's and much more substantive and energetic. The convention came to an explosive end with patriotic fireworks around the Washington Monument and the operatic singing of Christopher Macchio, which included a beautiful rendition of Ave Maria. The RNC's grandeur, message, and powerful speakers absolutely dwarfed the DNC.

RIOTS, LOOTING CONTINUES: Kenosha, Wisconsin has become the next site of riots, looting, and arson as BLM extremism spreads. Police shot Jacob Blake, wanted for felony domestic violence and sexual assault, after re-entering the home of the assault victim while she slept. Blake was shot following a fight with police, who twice attempted to taser him. Blake, who told police he had a knife his car, was reaching into his car when he was shot. The police say Blake grabbed the knife, and one black witness reported hearing the police yell, “Drop the knife! Drop the knife!” just before he was shot. Despite the evidence, and the fact that Blake was not killed, both Wisconsin's Democrat governor, Tony Evers, and Joe Biden have condemned the police. To their credit, Blake's parents have condemned the violence and Blake's mother even apologized to President Trump. In Minneapolis, a fresh wave of riots broke out after a murder suspect killed himself. Thankfully the Minneapolis police have made nearly 20 arrests. Sadly Minneapolis city council Democrats will soon remove these police protectors from their city.

TEEN ARRESTED: Two men were killed and another injured after assaulting a 17 year old in Kenosha, Wisconsin. The teen, Kyle Rittenhouse, was in Kenosha as a lifeguard who stayed afer work to clean graffiti and helping those affected by the riots. He volunteered to help protect a local business and was given a rifle by the owner for self defense - which he sadly was forced to use after it appears he was shot at first. The boy has been charged. His lawyer, John Pierce (also with the help of Lin Wood, who also successfully represented Nick Sandman), is arguing the clear case of self defense. Facts continue to come in, but here are the fullest details as we have them.

BOLTON LIED: According to retired Army Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg, John Bolton lied to President Trump and almost got America into an armed conflict with Iran. Usually President Trump has pretty good instincts, but bringing Bolton into the Administration was a mistake from the start. Kellogg says: "I saw him when he fabricated information and nearly caused us to commence military operations in Iran because of the loss of a drone that we knew he had incorrect information and he passed that incorrect information to the president. I saw him on several occasions do that.”


NEEDED - CATHOLIC MANHOOD: The Choice We Face offered this excellent talk on Catholic manhood. As the nation reels from riots, looting, and murder, more Catholic men are needed to step up. This talk is a rousing call for Catholic men to do so.

"LOOTING IS REPARATIONS": According to Chicago BLM activist Ariel Atkins, looting is a form of "reparations" for slavery and racism. It should be no surprise that opposition to Black Lives Matter continues to rise. Meanwhile, Mayor Lori Lightfoot has said she will arrest any protesters on her city block - now known as Fort Lori. The hypocrisy is appalling.

BLM TERRORIZES IN DC: A brave DC woman - who had previously marched in support of BLM - was heckled, harassed, and intimidated by BLM extremists when she refused to raise a fist in support of BLM while dining out with a friend. Other BLM extremists terrorized Senator Rand Paul, his wife, and friends, as they made their way to a hotel following President Trump's Thursday night convention speech. Watch an interview with Rand Paul.

ATHLETES CANCEL THEMSELVES: In the era of "cancel culture" professional athletes have effectively canceled themselves in protest over the shooting of Jacob Blake. As NBA playoff viewership has declined nearly 40%, one might think the NBA would back away from the overtly partisan support of BLM. Instead, many NBA players went on strike. Meanwhile MLB teams walked off the field and NFL teams refused to practice.

CHANGE OF LAW: As Democrats continue to abandon law and order, Virginia Democrats have passed a bill that makes assaulting a police officer a mere misdemeanor that carries no jail time.

PUNCHING A MASS READER: Video captured the brutal punching of a lay reader during Mass at the Cathedral of Philadelphia. Although she was arrested, the black woman's name has not been released and we don't know if the attack came as part of a BLM protest. The statement from Archbishop Perez - who succeeded the now-retired Chaput early this year - was very weak. The fraternal gathering of the Church's bishops at Vatican II was a clarion call for a fraternal sanctuary - sadly no men came to the reader's defense. The archbishop is making no plans to protect the sanctuary going forward, and city officials will not charge the woman for her violent assault. We expect this kind of behavior will only lead to an even steeper decline in viewership ahead.

"PEACEFUL" PROTESTS: The screen capture of CNN's coverage of the riots encapsulates the mainstream media's approach to story. Cities are burning but "mostly peaceful protests" are the headline.

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