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Religion, Nations, and Geopolitics Review: Saturday November 10

Weekly Brief
Civility, Fraternity and Nationalism--Masculine Political Bonds vs Party Faction
Political parties are coalitions of citizen volunteers, paid consultants, big donors, special interests, and aspiring candidates who act together to win elections. Party caucuses in legislative bodies also play roles in combining together to win institutional offices like committee chairmanships and the Speaker of the House.  This is how our system has developed though there is no mention of party in the original Constitution. The founding fathers spoke in a negative tone about faction vs healthy politics and citizenship. A remarkable tribute to the party system was the ability of a non partisan like Donald Trump to enter the Republican primaries as a citizen (like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson-a very rich citizen) and become the Party nominee. Parties and partisanship are necessary for the civic rituals of election battles. They become deadly to political concord if they are the sole lens of governance and policy.
It is a symptom of our desacralized and emasculated language that "politics" has become a word meaning  deviousness and self interest. Substitute "partisanship", "faction", "party intrigue" or "self serving careerism"  whenever we hear "politics." That will bring our language much closer to the truth and allow us to once again remember the high communal calling of politics, civics, citizenship, civility, and politeness. Politics means member of a polis-the Greek word for city. The Police are the guardians of the city. Civics, citizen and civility are all derived from the Latin word civitas which is the city as a social group of men with the same status and duties--they form the res publica the public relationship of male citizens which distinguishes a republic from a monarchy. A renewal of this bond will bring peace to our large cities, civility to our discourse, national identity to our spiritual malaise, and national interest to our disastrous foreign policy of imperial wars.
Even though men belong to different parties, our deeper political loyalties are as fellow citizens with obligations to fight for each other and die for the group if necessary. All fathers know we cannot protect our families and homes unless we have developed the institutional protection of city police, county sheriffs, vigilant neighbor men, and national armies. We are civil to each other because we know we are bound together at a deeper level than the divisions engendered by any single election. Like boxers in a ring, we are meant to punch as hard as possible on fight night and then respect each other after the battle. (A very good way to understand Donald Trump is to think of him as a white Muhammed Ali).
Even if women vote and hold office, the most fundamental bond that holds the city and nation together is the agreement of men to protect each other and all the women and children in our common national territory. There is no similar relationship in history among adult women of such  shared territorial  duty and communal identity.  In fact biologically the maternal disputes between females and their hyper particularity in picking and rejecting males has never fostered  a culture of  sharp conflict followed by concord. One would have to be culturally blind to miss that adding more females to all male institutions has not leavened us with love but divided us with distrust.  The history of male group dynamics is harsh conflict followed by concord  that we know so well in sports and war and how we made friends as little boys. The shared territorial identity of nationalism can overcome the real but limited loyalties we know as fellow Democrats or Republicans. That is civility.
Suburban white women(who are electorally defined not by their geography but their marketplace roles in  health, government, corporate, and education bureaucracies) will continue to  jockey back and forth between the two parties as they seek the status of office holding. The political work of nationalists is not to chase after the "suburban woman" but to seek out our shamefully neglected brother-the inner city male. The political task is to build a renewed brotherhood among white, black, and Latino males. After the Trump presidency (in two years or six years or in an irregular year determined by violence), either party with the right male leader could unify our interracial country in the name of Christian nationalism and brotherhood under our common Patriarch in heaven.  Jackson, FDR and JFK led America through the Democrats. Lincoln, Eisenhower and Reagan led our nation through the Republicans. Political Parties are vehicles not destinations. We await the man and party  who can best evoke the loyalty and shared duty of brother citizens to renew the American nation under God.


NEW REPORT ON HOMOSEXUAL PRIESTSSullins report on homosexuality in priesthood as major contributor to sex abuse. A new rise in cases? Interview with Fr Sullins and link to report itself.

HISTORY REPEATS ITSELFSt. Peter Damien tried to reform rampant homosexuality in the priesthood. Some lessons.

REFORMING THE REFORMPope's C9 Council: Is a reform of the reform needed? First and foremost Cardinal Oscar Maradiaga of Honduras has deceived him and betrayed the Church. In June 2018 - the tales of financial corruption. In July 2019, seminarians in Honduras blew the whistle on the homosexual subculture running the clergy and seminary. There is a honeycomb of closets and the C9 as constituted is utterly incapable of looking at them.

 Pope Francis had a great initial idea how to reform the Vatican.  He couldn't do it alone so he formed a junta - a council of Cardinals with global representation and perspective to help him counter the bureaucratic, Italian, gay mafia of the Curia.  But everywhere he turned, it was deceivers who befriended him. The large conservative English speaking media became his enemy and the English speaking homosexual friendly "progressive"  media became his defenders. Like his two papal predecessors he seems particularly unable to discern homosexual pretenders unless they wear the traditionalist/right wing costume.  As Cardinal Mueller said when he left the CDF: "The Pope thinks his enemies are his friends and treats his true friends as his enemies."


PRESIDENT TRUMP ON THE ELECTIONS: President Trump's post election news conference on November 7 after the Republicans won the Senate and the Democrats took the House had a number of fascinating insights and exchanges. The  rudeness of a CNN reporter who would not sit down or give up the microphone after the President did not take his follow up questions was particularly glaring. Only Trump would list several Republicans who lost and "didn't accept his policies or support". But his most interesting insight was that this configuration of Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the Democratic majority House might be much better for breaking gridlock than a Republican majority with one or a two-vote edge.

The Republican majority includes the very conservative/libertarian "Freedom Caucus". A few members can block almost any legislation in areas needing compromise like infrastructure, healthcare, or immigration. Also "principled individuals" like to virtue signal  as the last real conservative and self inflated careerists like to  "grandstand " as the last moral man.  When the margin is so thin, it plays to  the obstructionist. It will be interesting how many reporters understand what the President was saying. His first two years he saw firsthand how "principled conservatives" and "one grandstander" can make legislation impossible when Republicans held a razor thin majority. He alluded to John McCain's final act of grandstanding to block the repeal of Obamacare without mentioning the deceased Senator by name. The more President Trump thought about it, the more it struck him this could be a much better configuration than a one-vote Republican hold on the House. The fact that a Democratic majority puts many committees in the hands of some of the most tenured, most wacky, most "investigation-not-legislation" prone of the Democrats is the downside.

When a PBS reporter asked if saying he was a nationalist meant he was comforting white nationalists, he answered by saying the question was offensive and very racist -"very racist". He was right. America as a nation is a territorial community including whites, browns, and blacks. Territorial communities with definable borders define citizenship the way sports teams do--its all about your home town and country. Nationalism is the antidote to racism not its cause.

The Racism of White Globalists against our Interracial Nation. 

The real "racist dog whistle" is among the globalist cliques who are overwhelmingly White Educated Industrialized, Rich, Democratic (the WEIRDS who don't believe in God, binary sexes or nations). It is peculiar that the race conscious media never notes that it is the white English speaking Brits who most interfered with our election. The white European elite hates to see our multicolored nation break away from the Anglo Atlantic Alliance. Washington reporters are so filled with hate toward President Trump, they cannot see the real enemies of our nation who have stopped the President from making peace with Russia.  The foreign policy establishment and Western intelligence agencies have been very successful in preventing  a new nationalist foreign policy. Our enemies are disguised as our allies and they are painted in whiteface.     

SETTING UP GEORGE? Interview with George Papadopoulos who convincingly argues that he was set up by several intelligence communities trying to discredit President Trump. This was not a plot by Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party. This was above their pay grade.  If Donald Trump rebuilt America foreign policy on nation to nation agreements, this would greatly aid Russia and greatly reduce the influence of Britain. British patriots in the Five Eyes consortium have been Trump's foreign enemies since he emerged as a Republican spoiler. Unfortunately the anti Hillary anti Democratic Party analysis of so many good media investigators is blinding them to the foreign influence of "Western English speaking whites". Democratic Party money and impetus is part of this for sure but they were not colluding with Russia but anti Russian globalists in interlocking western intelligence agencies. Fox News has been the leader in really investigating these crimes but they are still so much the voice of the white West they can't see the Canadian and Australian and British conservatives who frame the news  are NOT American nationalists. They dont want an American great power alliance of the US, Russia, China, and Brazil. They want the old Cold War alliance which boosts the status of the nations of the old British Empire. So far they have been very successful in preventing the new nationalist alliances favored by President Trump.


THE TALKS CONTINUEChina-US talks - structures for real dialogue. China and the US will hold the second round of Diplomatic and Security Dialogues (DSD) in Washington DC Nov 9, 2018.  It is a "two plus two" meeting. Secretary of State Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mattis on the US side. Yag Jiechi Director of Chinese Communist Party Office of Foreign Affairs and Defense Minister Wei Fenge for China. In April 2017 President Trump and President Xi Jingpig announced four dialogue pillars for the two countries. DSD is one of them,.

ILLNESS IN CUBA: Cuba and Havanna Syndrome - what we know and what we don't about the American illnesses.

SAUDI MONEY IN AMERICAThe New York Times and Washington Post have run major stories on the lobbying, think tank and University penetration by Saudis in US foreign policy debates. This dwarves any efforts by the Russians. The success of our enemies to pose as our allies is stunning. American Conservative on Saudi money machine.

VENEZUELA AND BRAZIL: What happened in Venezuela? A good 10-minute video. Brazil and Venezuela from article in Foreign Affairs by Roberto Simon and Robert Winter:
“Under the [leftist] Workers’ Party, Brazil was a strategic ally to Venezuela’s former presidents, Hugo Chávez and Nicolás Maduro. Yet following Rousseff’s impeachment in 2016, diplomatic coziness between the two governments gave way to overt antagonism, as her more conservative successor Michel Temer took a somewhat harder line. Now Venezuelan refugees are pouring across Brazil’s northern border—37,000 have requested asylum since January— and the crisis in Venezuela has entered Brazilian domestic politics and become critical for public opinion.

"Under Temer’s tougher approach, Brazil played an important role in the creation of the Lima Group, an informal alliance of Latin American countries committed to reestablishing democracy in Venezuela. The country contributed to regional efforts at the OAS and elsewhere to isolate the Maduro regime. At the same time, Brazil refused to support any U.S. or European sanctions against Venezuela or Venezuelan authorities, sticking to its decades-long principle that only the United Nations Security Council can impose such penalties. When Trump publicly flirted with the idea of taking military action against Maduro or supporting a military coup in Caracas, Brazil made clear that it would never support such actions.

"But under Bolsonaro, ‘never’ is a big word. The far-right candidate favors imposing sanctions and establishing refugee camps for Venezuelans along the border. Speaking with voters from the state of Roraima, where most of Venezuelan refugees are, he made a promise: “You can count on me, I will do whatever is necessary to defeat that government.” In the first round of voting on October 7, Bolsonaro received almost 70 percent of the votes in the state capital of Roraima, Boa Vista. The Workers’ Party got only ten percent. The possibility of Brazilian support for, or even participation in, military action against Venezuela—unthinkable until recently—will be on the table under Bolsonaro."

One of our contributors has a confession to make. He said as long as there is a Senate majority to confirm judges he would rather see a bisexual Democratic female carry the Democratic Party banner in Arizona than a "female fighter pilot" pose as the new face of the  Republican warrior-senator. Arizona has produced two strangely delusional national role models,  Jeff Flake and John McCain,  for too many years. Senator-elect  Krysten Sinema is a better representative of the  truth in packaging we need to clarify the American conversation.

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