Saturday, May 18, 2019

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: Saturday May 18

by A. Joseph Lynch and Dr. David Pence


The debate about religion, sex and politics is getting clearer (see Abortion Laws below). The American nation has been deeply compromised from within by the elevation of individual rights and autonomy as the highest social good. The United States is a religious nation based on an assertion that there is a Sovereign God and a sacred order which our nation must submit to if we are to endure. The God who made the Universe made humans as males and females capable of producing future life. Every male is made of millions of cells with 46 chromosomes of DNA. One kind of cell-his sperm has 23 chromosomes and is made to join with a female egg (also only 23 chromosomes and incapable of life alone) to make a new cell. That new cell (zygote) conceived in the fallopian tube seeks the uterine environment to implant and develop into a new person with a new set of tissues and organs made up of cells with a new combination of 46 chromosomes. It is the miracle of femininity that her body is not her own but she is the home and bread for another soul. Christian culture holds that the gift of human life comes not only from the union of the sperm and egg but also from the permissive touch of the hand of God. How a man and his culture treats his sacred seed and how well a woman and her culture protect her sacred interior are hallmarks of Christianity. Every human soul is uniquely called into life by God and is utterly dependent on the sacrificial and nutritive love of woman. The cultivation of a Christian female personality whose honor code elevates virginity and the protective duties of motherhood is most clearly manifested in the Catholic cult of Mary-the Blessed Virgin and Mother.
The cultivation of a masculine personality who is chaste and a social protector is the Christian knight, the faithful husband, the loving brother, the citizen soldier. Men are not male mothers. The way we protect our offspring is by establishing territorial agreement with other males to establish a larger territorial community of order, protection and provisions. This is the noble and high form of masculine public love (phileo adelphos-brotherly love) known as citizenship, civics or politics (politikos-a participating male member of the polis-city). In the political structure of the American nation, men bind in local units called cities and counties to provide police protection and in larger state units to establish criminal and civil law. This notion of a republic of brothers is as old as Israel but it was a rediscovered political insight of the Protestant Reformation lived out dramatically in the New World settlements of English, Dutch and Scottish colonials.
All of the movements of the last fifty years that elevated individual autonomy significantly undermined the authority of local citizens functioning as communities in policing and law making. In every instance the Protestant Covenant gave way to the despotic individualism of the Enlightenment. Much of this damage happened because the sexual autonomy movements masqueraded as the natural heirs of the Christian and nationalist civil rights movement.
The American interracial civil rights movement was an extension of political accord linking men as fellow citizens in towns, cities and the nation. Reverend Ralph Abernathy and Rev. Martin Luther King plotted their Beloved Community as fellow Baptist preachers in a southern city with a virile civic identity.   In Christian culture, men bind as brothers in a common city, state, or nation. Black men were not allowed to share in the duties of citizenship. This violation of the Christian command of  brotherly love  and the Declaration's assertion of natural law was a contradiction that could not endure.
 The Christian interracial movement was not just public and political. It always implied that men and women of different skin color could bind in holy marriage. It is a horrible betrayal and desecration of that movement when white males compare their acts of sodomy with interracial marriage. That is both a moral insult and a category error in logic. It is not "gay" but a sign of deep confusion when males mistake the digestive tract of another male for the interior of a female. Pleasure can be simulated if one is morally numb enough to countenance the act. But neither our language nor our marital laws have to "respect" this disoriented delusion. Such acts are more akin to incest than marriage. They are not remotely comparable to marriage. They deeply offend virtue and masculinity which is why so many cultures cannot even speak of the deed much less hold parades to celebrate.
Fatherhood, sonship and fraternity--those are the blood ties that men make holy by consecrating their  kinship to the higher spiritual claims of the priesthood and the polis. Male maturation develops wide radius trust not selective intimacy. Every Jewish male has  already shed blood for the larger group in his first month of life.  "Let all men count with you but none too much." said Kipling.  The Christian personality of a chaste man obeying the Father by living out the public brotherhood of his own nation in fraternity with the other nations is the carrier of Christian culture. Such a man is not only meant to build his own nation but speak for fraternal order among all the nations. Jesus wept especially for Jerusalem but he suffered and died for all mankind. Nationalism joining black, brown and white men in the public brotherhood of citizenship is the real son of the civil rights movement. The republic of brothers is as old as Israel but as Christian political theory was the insight of the Protestant Reformation.  If you want peace, build civic order among the adult males. "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God." The template of the nation as a fraternity of duty is Our Lord Jesus Christ who founded "a holy nation, a royal priesthood" with his Apostles. He was a loyal son of Israel. He was crucified as the King of the Jews and that was inscribed in three languages so no-one missed the point. The ultimate good of  Patriarchy-the rule of the Father was restored by the obedience of the Son. Sacred Patriarchy will be established "on earth as it is in heaven" by ordered brotherly love- the baptism of the nations. This is the Christian reality that makes America great but only when she actually lives out  the bonds of affection and ordered loves of a Christian nation.
Our children are utterly confused by the breakdown of the authoritative sexual distinctions and roles that safeguard a culture of life. They cry out for an adult culture which protects life through those distinct matured personalities of civic fathers and familial mothers. Just look at the purple haired "transgender girl/boy" who has now joined the Darwinian slayer at Columbine as a teen murderer in the drug haven of Colorado. Her plea should be "criminal insanity"--of Colorado and American baby boomer culture. God has given us the gift of life and natures meant to participate in life, love and protection.  We owe it to God, our ancestors and our children to repeal the sexual revolution and restore the civic and cultural order that reflects the Sacred Order. We are not just asking for rights to think differently than the gender confused media and educational establishment. We are proposing that the life of our nation depends on a renewed lived out Christian culture that in custom and in law downplays class and color differences but sharpens and consecrates the distinctions and duties of men and women. 


HOMOSEXUALS IN BRAZIL SEMINARIESA problem still, and a large one.

TO REFORM THE CHURCH, ABOLISH THE PRIESTHOOD: Ex-priest James Carroll reiterates the strategy of the Protestant Reformation. What is good about his article is that it might force some Catholics to understand that abolishing the male only patriarchal priesthood is abolishing the Eucharistic Church. Pope Francis has directly rejected this by centering reform on a deepening of the authority of bishops. Four Strategies are before us:
1)Renew and Reform Apostolic Fraternity: defending the consecrated fatherhood and fraternity of a priesthood centered on the presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the authority of the Bishop in the local Church(diocese).
2) Lay Empowerment and Clericalism: Self-absorbed careerism and homosexual cliques remain in key positions of parish finances and chancery job assignments. Meanwhile promote  liturgical and teaching that strips the priesthood and altar of its deepest sacral and masculine character. The careerist priest is well paid and asked to do very little. Most of day to day parish life is assigned to his overwhelming female staff and liturgical ministers. Father is hard to reach and gone a lot.
3)Become Protestants: The James Carroll "liberal Catholics" approach. 4)Traditionalist/Rejectionist Model: Resist! Resist the Holy Father! Embrace! Embrace the You Tube purists!  Pope Francis is a heretic. The Second Vatican Counxil was a horrific failure not inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Novus Ordo is not really the Holy Mass but a desacralization of the Eucharist--avoid it. Cardinal Burke is the paragon of the masculine priesthood and Bishop Vigano is a self sacrificing truth teller.

ECUMENICAL WARFARE: The Vatican has opened its classes on Satan and exorcisms to non-Catholic clergy. This is the kind of ecumenism we need. The "ecumenism of blood" unites Christians in martyrdom while a "ecumenical warfare" unites us in combat against the Evil One.



PRAYER IN THE AMERICAN CLASSROOM: A rabbi who was shot during a synagogue shooting last month is not denouncing guns but rather calling Americans back to prayer, particularly in schools. The rabbi believes that "children when they start their day should take a moment of silence to think about themselves and to realize that they are children of God, that they have a soul, that they are created in the image of God, to value life, and to value more of life than just the materialism, that there's a spiritual dimension to life." It's not guns we should fear but rather people who don't pray and have no conception of the spiritual order.


NETANYAHU ON NECESSITY FOR US TO ATTACK IRAQ BECAUSE OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS - FROM 2002VIDEO - He testified to the US Congress as "a private citizen".

IRAN AND US FINANCIAL WARS OF GEORGE BUSH AND NUCLEAR NEGOTIATIONS OF BARACK OBAMA: This is the major foreign policy difference which should be discussed in the Senate now and the Presidential election of 2020. Jay Solomon author of Spy Games, Bank Battles and the Secret Negotiations that Reshaped the Mideast is no fan of the nuclear agreement but he describes it well. He gives a clear recount of 2006-2016 US-Iran relations from the intense banking wars directed by Treasury officials in the Bush White House to the "secret negotiations" which left out "allies" like the Saudis and UAE. A very clear speaker. Worth the 45 minute listen. We do not agree with his hostility toward the nature of the Iranian state but he is a very good reporter/historian/ teacher.

IRAQ AND THE SHIITE MILITIAS: When ISIS took Mosul, the Shiites of Iraq formed their own militias to protect the Shiite Holy Places (Karbala and Samarra). They welcomed Iraq Sunnis fighting against the mostly foreign Sunnis in ISIS. Iranians (90% Shiite) have a deep religious connection with the holy sites in Iraq. They come to Karbala to pray. Many extra governmental  Iraqi Shiite militias formed to fight against the Sunni targeting of their holy places, Often they would come in conflict with American troops trying to put down "sectarian violence." Without the Shiite militias(which were independent but better fighters than Iraq government troops) major portions of Shiite regions around Baghdad and Karbala would have fallen. The Iranians were effective and significant allies in defending the holy places from ISIS. Now the Shiite miltias of Iraq are being called "proxies of Iran"  just as the Houthis of Yemen have been bombed for the same crime. The Shiites of Iraq do not want the US to go to war against their closest ally. They certainly don't want to be attacked for staying loyal to the one nation with co religionists who shed blood so they could defeat the salafist jihadists who were destroying their holy sites. Making these distinctions seems beyond American policymakers and journalists. Let's keep trying to include religious literacy in the discussion.

WHO WANTS WAR WITH IRAN: It will not help the US or Iran but others push our countries. Pat Buchanan.

DUTERTE WINS BIG IN PHILLIPINESTough on Crime. Chinese ally; not the US. The People Vote Yes! 

ORBAN AND HUNGARYLaw and Liberty essay on the substance of politics, religion and nation vs. the procedures, individualism and trans nationalism of the EU. Why Viktor Orban of Hungary and those nations of Eastern Europe demand a more substantive basis for their public life.

BOLSONARO AND BRAZILVery different foreign policy from popular but corrupt leftist "Lulu".


Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, and Mississippi have all passed laws outlawing abortion after a heartbeat is heard. These states have reasserted their traditional legislative and police powers which were usurped by the federal judiciary in the 1973 Roe vs Wade decision.  In Georgia, if pregnancy is from a rape or incest (verified by charges filed) abortion is allowed until week 20. In Alabama, all abortions except those to save the life of a mother or involving an ectopic pregnancy are banned with no time limits. The doctor in such a case is the only person charged with a crime-Class A felony punishable by 10-99 years in prison.
Any law that takes effect at 6 weeks, 8 weeks or heartbeat detection allows a woman time to abort after an act of intercourse in which she does not want a child. Within 6-8 days after ovulation for a blood test and 12-14 days for a urine test the presence of a hormone produced by the fetus becomes detectable. Women who know they have had intercourse and know that they don't want to have a baby can detect the presence of the new life within three weeks of the act of intercourse in well over 90% of pregnancies.  
Should a woman be punished for securing an abortion? In the law she is treated the way we treat attempted suicides. An attempted suicide is an attempted murder but the law treats self inflicted violence in a different category. The woman is like a woman who cuts off her own arm hoping to bleed to death. Will she be charged with murder? No . Will she be punished? For the rest of her life, she has no arm.
The role of  the medical profession in not banning abortion through professional ethics has been a disgrace. The consumer model of medicine in which the paying customer dictates what the "provider " shall provide has desacralized the healing profession. Medical standards dropped through the basement while medical costs went through the roof. Doctors much more than politicians are to blame for the carnage of abortion. They were supposed to be the guardians against abortion on demand. They turned it into fee for service. May good Christian statesmen overturn the doctors' money tables. Felony charges are not too severe for a shepherd who morphs into a cross between wolf and hireling.

ABANDONING DARWINThe biological argument - good synthesis of why the untenable theory will soon collapse, by David Gerlenter.

A RUGBY PLAYER IN AUSTRALIA AND A PRESIDENT IN AMERICA: Two positions on homosexuals. The country's top rugby player (Israel Folau) loses 4 million dollars for upholding Christian teaching in a text message. The county's commander in chief (President Trump) says "great" to "gay marriage".

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