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Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: Saturday May 25

                                                   by A. Joseph Lynch and Dr. David Pence

                                                                   WEEKLY BRIEF

Always bet on nature to issue her correction! American public culture and foreign policy is paralyzed by two fabrications. The atheist sexual revolution is not the child of the Christian American civil rights movement. The nation of Iran is not the center of world terrorism. At a very deep level we are not thinking clearly. A milieu of deceit always points to Murder. Satan first lied and then the good son was murdered. Journalists from Fox News to the mainstream media cannot seem to get at these fundamental fault lines. This inability to tell the truth will cost us in the blood of young males. Let us return to God in public prayer and to one another in mature public dialogue. A combination of spiritual blindness, sexual confusion, religious illiteracy, and partisan hatred besets our republic. This week let us remember the blood sacrifices demanded by the sex roles of our Patriarchal Sacral Order. Let us give thanks for the masculine character of young men who for 250 years sacrificed their lives in response to their nation's call to do their sacred duty of community protection.      


SARAH ON ABUSE AND GOD'S ABSENCE: Cardinal Robert Sarah  May 14, 2019 in Rome on Benedict XVI's response to Pope Francis' summit of worldwide bishop leaders:
“...this evening I will not talk about this book {Sara's new book} at all.” “...the fundamental ideas that I develop in it were illustrated, presented, and demonstrated brilliantly last April by Pope Benedict XVI in the ‘notes’ that he had composed in view of the summit of the presidents of the episcopal conferences on sexual abuse convened in Rome by Pope Francis from February 21 to 24.”

“I would therefore like us this evening to allow ourselves to be enlightened by this demanding and luminous thought of his. How could we summarize the thesis of Benedict XVI? Allow me to simply cite him: ‘Why has pedophilia reached such proportions? In the final analysis, the reason is the absence of God.’ This is the architectonic principle of the entire reflection of the pope emeritus. This is the conclusion of his long argumentation. This must be the starting point of every investigation of the scandal of sexual abuse committed by priests, in order to propose an effective solution.

“The crisis of pedophilia in the Church, the scandalous and distressing multiplication of abuse has one and only one ultimate cause: the absence of God. Benedict XVI summarizes it in another formula that is also clear. I quote: ‘It is only where faith no longer determines the actions of man that such crimes are possible.’

“The theological genius of Joseph Ratzinger here touches not only upon his experience as pastor of souls and as bishop, as father of his priests, but also upon his personal, spiritual, and mystical experience. He goes back to the fundamental cause, he allows us to understand what the only way can be for getting out of the frightening and humiliating scandal of pedophilia. The crisis of sexual abuse is the symptom of a deeper crisis: the crisis of faith, the crisis of the sense of God.”

Cardinal Sarah ratified Ratzinger's emphasis: Without a profound respect for the “Eucharistic body of the Lord” there is no longer any respect for “the pure and innocent bodies of children.”

“To conclude, I say to you again with Pope Benedict: yes, the Church is full of sinners. But it is not in crisis, we are the ones who are in crisis. The devil wants to make us doubt. He wants to make us believe that God abandons his Church. But no, this is always ‘the field of God. There are not only the weeds but also the good wheat of God. To proclaim these two aspects with insistence does not stem at all from a false apologetics: it is a service that it is necessary to render to the truth,’ says Benedict XVI. He proves it, his prayerful and teaching presence in our midst, in the heart of the Church, in Rome, he confirms it for us. Yes, in our midst is the good wheat of God."

“Thank you, dear Pope Benedict, for being according to your motto a cooperator with the truth, a servant of the truth."


RELIGIOUS NATIONALISTS SWEEP IN INDIA: Narenda Modi is habitually depicted as the divisive Hindu leader of the BJP party in India. The world's largest democracy overwhelmingly returned him to office - the voters must not be reading the mainstream British and American press and think tanks. The history of Indian elections has been hundreds of parties and split decisions coordinated by the Nehru/Ghandi Congress Party in leading the government. ("Indians don't vote their party - they vote their caste" is an old saying describing the fragmentation.) That all ended in 2014 with the ascent of Modi and the Hindu nationalists of the BJP party. Modi has now emphatically confirmed his popularity  with an even larger majority for his party in the Presidency and Parliament. This is Modi, the great divider.
FROM BBC MAY 23, 2019. As the day draws to a close in India, we are ending our live coverage of this historic general election. Here's what you need to know:
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi has secured another five-year term after his Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) won a crushing victory
  • Results so far show the party is set to win about 300 of the 543 seats in parliament, exceeding expectations and building on the commanding majority it achieved in 2014
  • The main opposition alliance, headed by Rahul Gandhi's Congress party, has admitted defeat. Congress is set to win fewer than 60 seats
  • Mr Gandhi has also lost his Amethi seat in Uttar Pradesh. He has held it since 2004 and it is considered a stronghold of Congress and the Gandhi family in particular
  • The re-election of Mr Modi brings to a close the largest election the world has ever seen. More than 600 million people voted in the marathon six-week contest

Prime Minister Narendra Modi receives his mother's blessing before voting
QATAR - OUR REAL ALLY? The country Saudi Arabia wants blockaded to death houses our military and talks with all players in the Mideast. They were expelled as Wahhabis by the Saudi Wahhabi establishment before they were blockaded. That sounds like an endorsement for those of us who think the Saudi Salafist religious establishment is the real heart of darkness in fomenting terror as religious jihad. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson was one of the calming influences when Qatar was being isolated. An illuminating article.

EGYPT LEAVES THE SUNNI ALLIANCE: Now we are left with the Saudis and UAE (two of the only three countries in the world who recognized the Taliban as a legitimate government in September, 2001.) This article is an Israeli saying Israel must reconsider its increasingly isolating alliance with Saudi Arabia. This warning goes double for the US.

IN EUROPEThe nations are coming.

RWANDACatholics and Ethnic Hatred.

AUSTRALIAA coal region and workers desert the party of the Diversity professors. See below as well on Australia.

SAUDI ARABIA CALLS MAY 30 MEETING FOR SUNNI COALITION TO DISCUSS IRAN "PROVOCATIONS" - JIHADIST RELEASED FROM AMERICAN PRISON TO FIGHT AGAIN, THIS TIME AS A HERO: This meeting is another attempt by the UAE and the Saudis to depict every resistance by Shiites against foreign or Sunni rule as Iran-sponsored terrorism. They continue to confuse and misdirect American efforts in the religious war on terrorism. Liberals in America see terrorism as unrelated to religion. Conservatives have mistaken multi-national Shiite movements instead of Wahhabi Salafists as the "greatest terror threats in the world". Treating the war on terror as a matter of criminal law has led to the insanity of releasing Michael Lind to fight us again.

PHILLIPINESDuterte family and allies win huge victories in local and legislative elections.


HUMAN RESOURCE DEPARTMENTS, JOB SECURITY, AND THE SEXUAL LEFT: The most effective weapon in the cultural ascendancy of the sexual left has been the definition of traditional views on sex roles as an impediment to working together in the workplace, This was most devastating in the US military and Catholic priesthood where belief in single male sex command chains meant a man could not lead the new diverse army or parish. The road to being an officer and being a priest was a commitment to sexual fluidity. In large corporations any traditional views that some jobs should be limited by gender or marriage was a heterosexual phenomenon are firing evidence that an employee is creating an "inhospitable work environment." Australia's surprise election results are uncovering the same strategy there. (Australia - 25 million people; 50% Christian; 22% Catholic; ETHNIC: 67% British, 20% European 4% Chinese 4% indigenous).

ABORTION AND ETHNIC CLEANSING: Almost half of black pregnancies are aborted. This is three times the rate for white women. Alabama's new abortion law could be represented by two slogans:  Stop Domestic Violence; End Abortion. or Black Lives Matter; End Abortion. The welcome voice of the retired Sheriff Clarke.

GOD AND MAN AT YALEA rememberance of William Buckley's terrific book from 1951. Here are key Buckley sentences which tell a great truth and yet contain the seeds of destruction now manifest in so many writers at National Review and "on the right"

“I myself believe that the duel between Christianity and atheism is the most important in the world. I further believe that the struggle between individualism and collectivism is the same struggle reproduced on another level.” 

The struggle of Christianity against atheism is truly the central struggle. The baby boomers never understood why we fought and how we won the Cold War. That is why from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama they "lost the peace." There is a new line of stasis separating the Christian combatants from their atheist foe. The battle line now is: The globalist bureaucracies of Atheistic individualism vs. the religious nations. The fact that the modern atheistic West often fashions itself as the defender of Judaeo-Christian values is as much a smokescreen as Yale's presenting itself as a safeguard of Christian patrimony to its donor class. The "West " is soulless - an Anglo Empire in decadence. Christianity and the civilizational nations are living organisms maturing to come into a new harmony. It is Christianity and the Christian nations - Brazil, the US, Russia, the Philippines, and Hungary who have the depth of character to make peace with the civilization nations - China, India, and Japan.
Let us applaud and reiterate the 25 year old Buckley's first sentence. Let the second sentence remind us that 25 year old intellectuals are not always the best teachers of conservative tradition.

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