Saturday, May 2, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, MAY 2

May 2, 2020
by A. Joseph Lynch 

FUNDING WUHAN LAB: As President Trump indicates he has seen evidence that the coronavirus was inadvertantly leaked from a virolgy lab in Wuhan, reports indicate the United States, under President Obama, gave around $3 million to the lab in question.

LEAKED VIRUS INTEL: We've been less than enthused by the "Five Eyes" intelligence community composed of the US with the old white dominions of the British Empire.

READE CORROBORATION: We now have infinitely more evidence to support Tara Reade's allegation againt Joe Biden than the allegation made against Justice Kavanaugh by Christine Blasey Ford. Recall that Ford's allegation, which involved no intimate sexual contact, couldn't remember when the incident took place or where it took place, nor was there a single person who could recall her talking about until recent years. We now have evidence that Tara's mother called in on CNN to talk it Larry King about it (though the video has mysteriously disappeared from Google Play), and several other have come forward to say that Tara told them about it around the time it happened.

BIDEN ON DEFENSE: Joe Biden took to MSNBC to defend himself against Reade's allegation. The results were less than stellar. Biden refused to allow his Senate records to be examined, was utterly speachless when questioned about a limited search of the files, and then referred journalists and investigators to a place where no Senate records related to sexual assaults would be held. He had to quickly walk back a comment about believing all women until it's "proved" they are lying. The interview went so poorly that today the New York Times has called for a DNC invesitigation into the Biden allegation.

DEATH OF ME TOO: "I believe Biden" has now replaced "I believe her." We're glad to see that Democrats have finally rediscovered the need for due process. We at AoA have never supported the radical positions of the "Me Too" movement, epsecially in its disregard for due process. Even President Trump has come to Biden's defense. Yet the fact remains that this moement of Democrat hypocrisy may torpedo Joe Biden's candidacy. We hope that this brings about a return to sanity in relation to baseless sexual allegations in the future.

BYE-BYE AMBASSADOR: Ambassador Bill Taylor, whose hawkish stance on Ukraine led him to participate in the soft coup against the president, is stepping down. Given how badly Taylor's argument was dismantled by Rep. Jim Jordan in November, we're surprised this didn't happen sooner.

ITALEXIT: Italy's version of Brexit seems to be moving forward. According to Salvini, the leader of Italy's religious nationalists: “This [EU]  isn’t a ‘union.’ This is a nest of snakes and jackals.... First we defeat the virus, then we have a rethink about Europe. If it helps, we say goodbye. Without even a thank you.”

KISSINGER CRITIQUE: AoA has a great deal of respect for Henry Kissinger, especially in his work - and book - on China. Yet Kissinger has many blindspots. Pat Buchanan points out some of them.

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