Saturday, February 13, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 13

by A. Joseph Lynch


MARSHALL ON ST. PAUL: Taylor Marshall recently launched a new video series on St. Paul and the Letter to the Galatians. It feels like old-school Marshall, teaching the faithful solid theology packed with scripture. Well worth checking out.

EUCHARIST PEZ DISPENSER: The coronavirus provides ever new ideas for those seeking to desecrate the Eucharist. Now for sale is a Eucharist "pez dispenser" which allows Communion distribution to be touchless through trigger drop mechanism. The only thing more appalling than the idea of such a contraption is the fact that it's actually on the market for sale.

THE LIMITS OF SCOTT HAHN: We invite our readers to check out the preview for an upcoming Religion, Sex, and Politics channel video on Scott Hahn and his theological/political limitations.

WINNING ON THE MERITS: A recent study of President Trump's election cases revealed that around half of the cases were rejected without examining the merits of the case, but in the court rulings in which the merits were examined, Trump won 2/3 of the cases. Imagine if every case had been heard on the merits. 

GOP RETIREMENTS: Senators Shelby (AL), Portman (OH), Toomey (PA), and Burr (NC), none of which supported the President on January 6, are seeking reelection. This is certainly an opportunity for President Trump to reshape the GOP in the Senate. If not, 70% of Republicans are willing to join Trump in a new third party.

BIDEN BLOCKED: A federal judge has ruled against Biden's plan to block deportations. As Biden settles in, we expect Trump-appointed judges to step up and begin making rulings against him. And with the Senate tied down in a sham trial, what exactly will Biden accomplish in his first 100 days?

HOW DID HE DIE? While we are daily bombarded in the news with the "fact" that five people were killed in the Capitol Riots of January 6, details on the deaths are scant. It appears that all but one was died of natural causes. The police officer, Brian Sicknick, is said to have died from being hit with a fire extinguisher - but it appears he exchanged text messages with family after the riot and that he really died from a stroke. To this day we are still awaiting autopsy results.

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