Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Catholic Sociobiology: The Fundamental Categories

This schema is printed here to outline the basic categories we use in integrating our teaching of the Physical World, Natural History, and the Human Organism to Catholic Sociobiology.


These categories used to organize our exploration of the physical world lead us to the deeper distinctions and categories which complete the Catholic syntax :

The Spiritual and the Material as well as Masculine and Feminine and finally  The Sacral, the Profane, and the Abomination

The deepest harmony of the Spiritual is Masculine and Feminine. The feminine is hidden.  The masculine interpersonal love of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit  is the highest revealed form of communion. This reality of interpersonal communion existed before there were the  categories of time and space. Masculinity (and Femininity?) precede the creation of matter.
The highest forms of material life are masculine and feminine persons.
Humans are a eusocial species meant to be integrated as a single interpersonal organism in the Body of Christ.
Masculine communion is patriarchal,  fraternal, territorial and integrates all men. Male-female communion is particular bonding:  Mother-son, Father-daughter, and husband-wife in marital monogamy. The highest female form is virgin-Mother.

Angels are created spiritual persons who have already been divided into the saved and the damned in a previous conflict. Their final separation from other living beings has not yet occurred. The spiritual contest to effect their ongoing judgment and casting out is integral to the original mission of Adam and the destiny of the human species. Their final expulsion is known as the Last Judgment. All men and an elected part of the material world are called to be conformed to the Holy. It seems that many men do not choose life. They will surely die that second death. Most of matter is being expelled outward into desolation and cold. This is a sign of what will happen to the mighty angels turned from God. The law of matter apart from Life  is the law of dissipation and entropy.  Building the Kingdom of God is integrating humans and physical goods into the sacred realm-into a state of Grace-a share in God's life and love.
There are Spiritual beings and material realities which are presently in the grasp of Lucifer. We are obligated to cast these abominations out and sever the attractive hold they exercise on humans in this era of contest. The final tribulation and judgment is a fiery and terrible separation which culminates in the Everlasting Communal Integration of the Living known as Heaven and the perpetual isolation of those lost to the second death known as Hell. The attractive force of Satan--the terrible gravitational reach of the Evil black hole will be burnt away in the final tribulation. Satan's Hell like the Hell of all the damned will be in utter loneliness and isolation.

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