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A working strategy to rid the Catholic Priesthood of Predator Wolves and Pretender Shepherds.

                                                                                                         Beheading of John the Baptist, 2018

Fast every Friday.

We urge priests not to discuss these matters from pulpits during Mass where there are children. Discuss the betrayal and the reform away from the sanctuary and liturgy. Hold meetings for adults only and sometimes for men only. Usually what is said from the pulpit is too much for kids to hear and not enough for adults who want to know the real truth. Parents need to explain this to their children in the way they know best for each child.
Every bishop in every diocese should appoint a Promoter of Justice (a cleric) who will investigate active and retired clergy for fitness of the office. He will be aided in his work by laymen who can investigate and hunt. Any priest who has committed sodomy as a priest will be immediately suspended from presenting himself as a priest or performing any sacraments. The act itself divorces him from the fraternal communion of priests. The act itself desacralizes him so he can never again approach the priest's side of the Eucharistic altar. He has irrevocably desecrated the Father-Son bond which he sacramentally represents. Proceedings (tribunal or petitions) for a formal degradation from the clerical state and loss of all benefices (pensions, health benefits, and special housing) should follow as soon as possible. Pedophilia and incest should be considered as crimes in the same category.

Jesus cleanses the priesthood. Pope Francis and his brother bishops must do likewise.
Every Religious Superior should initiate a mechanism to examine the fitness of all in their charge and expel any members without benefices who have engaged in sodomy or pedophilia.

The bishop of every diocese shall determine if religious orders are carrying out their purification in an honest manner. If they are not, the religious order will be suppressed in that diocese. The internal authority of the religious orders is to be respected. Obstinate Corruption will lead to a Public Shaming Exile of the order or house from the diocesan jurisdiction. Someone from the diocese will be assigned the duty of informing on the group wherever they go.

A Committee of Inquisition should  be appointed by the NCCB to investigate and process complaints against all bishops. This committee will aggressively inquire and not act on a complaint only initiative. The committee will employ lay men who can investigate and hunt. Complaints against local Promoters of Justice and bishops frustrating local reforms will also be investigated by this committee. This committee will be an investigative body that will recommend to a ruling bishop which bishops or priests should resign or be degraded. If the accused bishop does not resign, all information will be sent to the Vatican requesting  removal. Any acts of sodomy or promotion of sodomites will lead to a recommendation to Rome that the bishop also  undergo degradation of episcopal and priestly office with all benefices (health, pension and housing)  stripped as well.

Any deacon, priest or bishop who claims, admits to or has claimed to hold a homosexual inclination will be considered to have an impediment to the office. The local bishop will prevent him from any further exercise of his office and any clerical act. If homosexuals are not to be admitted to the seminary, then they cannot corrupt a religious community or diocesan presbytery either. They certainly should not be allowed to enter a conclave of cardinals to elect a Pope. It should be a major priority of Rome and others to thoroughly investigate the present consistory of cardinals to insure no psychological homosexuals or sodomites participate in the next conclave.  
The homosexual priest must be laicized because the very term is an oxymoron. Homosexual priests should never be sent to hospitals to confuse the sick and dying. Promoters of Justice or the Bishop’s Committee will send these cases to the proper Vatican office for laicization and /or degradation. Those who say that homosexuality itself is not a sin are absolutely correct. It is a mental illness-a significant psychological disordering of the affections. The priesthood is a brotherhood ordered in love to the Father, to the Church and to the nations of all humanity. It is the sacramental template of public ordered masculine love. Thus, this particular affectional disorder strikes at the very heart of priestly identity. This mental illness is utterly incompatible with the sacral brotherhood and it doesn't go away with a good confession.

Let us not be confused by those who say every reform must come from the Vatican. That is a recipe for paralysis by swamping. Only the Pope can remove a recalcitrant bishop but anyone-an investigative reporter, a grand jury, an honest laymen, a Promoter of Justice, a hired P.I., a bishop's committee of inquiry...  can investigate. People closest to home can investigate best. Think the subsidiary principle of detectives. It is also true that clerics closest to home have the most to hide and obfuscate--think coverups and false flags. Local investigation can uncover the deepest roots of corruption. It also can be manipulated by the local clique to yield the most poison fruit. Investigate and Be Wary. Keep pushing until we get a real Shepherd who safeguards the Eucharist by purifying a local priesthood in some diocese to show the way. This will be one of the great fruits of the Vatican II
teachings on the Eucharist and Episcopacy.
Any bishop whose personality is incapable of his oversight duties should resign as a bishop. If public evidence and pressure does not lead him to resign, the Committee will determine if his resignation shall be requested. If the bishop refuses their request, the Committee will forward their recommendation and findings to Rome.  They will also consider the degradation of his episcopal and/or priestly office and recommend the punishment to Rome if fitting. There are many bishops and priests who have committed spectacular sins of omission. They can show why they should not resign by fearless investigation and pruning of local cabals of unfaithful priests and corrupt bishops.  Sometime a military commander must resign after a lost battle. Many times a poor commander becomes a good leader by learning from his errors (often grievous errors). The chastened soldier becomes the best warrior of all. In terms of "what I have failed to do..", all bishops in their oversight (episkopos) office share in guilt. However, we must leave room for a converted Paul to add to the flock by tenfold those he betrayed. If sodomites reform, they must do so outside the priesthood.

None of these reforms will work if the promoters of justice in each diocese and the Committee of Inquisition are not headed by men HUNGERING for justice. The reformers must not be afraid of the sodomites or oblivious to their network. The infidelity is not simply sodomy and the widespread psychological emasculation that comes from living at peace with such a degradation of fatherhood and fraternity. Atheism and agnosticism are widespread. Satanism is present. Reformers must be wary of those with "experience in treating priest abusers".  It was because predators took over the oversight  committees, set up the revenue generating cottage industries of counseling and seminar giving, and became the expert priest psychologists that the Satanic deception lived so long. The St. Luke’s Institute and priestly formation gang in Washington DC should not be asked to head any clean up squads. There is no policy nor procedure that can survive the corruption of key personnel. To fight the principalities and powers we will need a different kind of man in the episcopacy.  That is why we must respond to the Holy Father’s strategy of beginning by prayer and fasting.  If many bishops and priests  do not resign; if some bishops do not radically repent and reform; if new men do not rise in leadership as bishops; then we will know there has been no reform.

                                               What We Are Not Going To Do

We are not going to change the hierarchical all male nature of the priesthood. We are not going to interpose lay committees inside the apostolic priestly chain of command. We are not going to lose our heads while all about us are losing theirs and blaming it on us. We are not going to label Vatican II a work of Satan; we are not going to apologize for the Novus Ordo. We are not going to demand that Pope Francis resign. It is not patriarchy-the rule of fathers that is the problem. It is not synods of bishops talking man to man that will confuse us. It is not wearing collars and cassocks  and using titles and last names that is clericalism. Apostolic priestly fraternity is the antidote to clericalism.
If we let many voices of many bishops speak, we will hear heresy promoted as progress and filth posing as light. Of course we will. Large numbers of our clergy are corrupted-- especially by the gender ideology of feminism and homosexuality. Let them make their case--get their names. Debate them --don't' stop them from speaking. Act like men against the males who know not manhood. The Pope who speaks freely and encourages parrhesia is our leader in this Spiritual combat. Honest men, good men who have been repelled by the demise of the Church they love are in grievous error that the Pope is their foe.  It is the incestuous corruption of fatherhood and brotherhood that is our foe.  It is the clericalism of men in their luxurious apartments, dining at fancy restaurants, cultivating the rich and famous, treating a young man as a sex toy and not a son--that is clericalism and indeed it is our foe. It has been our foe since Judas used the common purse for his own entertainment. What twisting of good men's minds could make so many reject the evil of clericalism? Was it because it was the language of Pope Francis? What twisting of the mind could say the one Pope who brought the Perverted American Emperor-Cardinal down should resign because he knew there was evil but did not nail the predator soon enough? Shall we apply some fitting punishment to the Pope before him? Francis, "the dictator Pope", was able to take down a satanic figure who mocked his predecessors as papal impotents. Shall we clamor that he resign or encourage more boldness?  Shall we give him an anvil for his hammer or pull away his standing place? Is to know something and not act right away the same as "a cover-up"?   Why are so many good men so confused? Let us love each other in an orderly way. Let us not join the modern mob of modernism. Their chants have poisoned several centuries: Kill the King, Strangle the Prince with the bowels of the last Priest, Murder the Czar, change the regime, impeach the President, reject the Patriarchy...and now the Pope.
 The Pope and the Sacrifice of the Mass(in its many beautiful forms) are the solution. Priestly identity is the solution. Patriarchy and Fraternity are the solutions. These sacred forms of male love are the ontological realities that tie us to the Trinity. Let us reform and reassert what has been deformed and desacralized. For in God's plan, it is the sacred brotherhood who is to expel the Evil One and baptize the nations.
                            A Few Necessary Duties for Rome, Most for Local Dioceses, 
                                              Religious Orders and Bishop Conferences

Only Rome can depose a recalcitrant bishop and formally laicize and assign degradation as punishments to clerics. Only Rome can establish an instrument of inquiry to ensure no man who has committed sodomy, pedophilia or incest will enter the consistory of cardinals to elect the next Pope. {Oct 2018 UPDATE: A lay committee has formed to begin an investigation of all cardinals eligible for the next consistory. While the group appears to have an animus against Pope Francis, its laser focus on the electors is brilliant. Any papal committee of inquiry to purify the Cardinals should be very interested in their work and will benefit from their initiative}. But the instigator of every reform will be the Holy Spirit acting locally among laymen and priests and bishops who seek to end homosexual clericalism and renew the apostolic priesthood. Bishops, priests and laymen should form informal local juntas, councils, brotherhoods, adelphos meals and prayer meetings to make clear a new public relationship of brotherhood is rising to cleanse the Church (and the nation) of Satan’s demonic gender ideology.  The predators and pretenders will infiltrate these reform mechanisms in certain religious orders and dioceses. We are no longer surprised by the masquerade. There are many lights to shine upon them. Their time has passed. Our  different forms of informal brotherhoods(some public; some to become public) will expose them.

Sodomy and abortion—these twin assaults on Fatherhood and Motherhood are deeply intertwined. Just as Abortion “by the act” incurs excommunication so clerical sodomy “by the act” should incur excommunication and degradation of the priestly office. Abortion is the ultimate domestic violence in which the loving nurturing womb of the mother becomes its opposite. Sodomy is spiritual incest by a Priest-Father in which he substitutes the grotesque violence of a bodily pollution for the fatherly embrace and example that draws a son into shared manhood. These acts are so horrific there will come time we will barely speak of them for fear of conjuring them as realities even in our minds. This is the nature of the deepest taboos and abominations which are so central to the maintenance of purity codes and the safeguarding of the sacred.   If the sacred brotherhood of fathers is not reformed, the loving purity of virgins and protective ferocity of mothers will not flourish. Our Catholic ties run deep -we are integrated like no other social organism. We are the Body of Christ sealed together in the sacraments. That is why there is so much trust among us. That is why the betrayal was greatest wherever we were most dominate as a culture.

The Second Vatican Council First Exacerbated, then Exposed a Corruption Already Present. Now the true Spirt of Vatican II--the Holy Spirit-- will Reform the Masculine Fraternity of the Apostolic Priesthood, Renew the Eucharistic Rule of Bishops, and Restore the Patriarchy of God.   

We hear the cries of the innocent. As Pope Francis said, their pain will not go away; their cries have been heard. The great fraternal renewal promised at the global Pentecost of Fathers at the Second Vatican Council has been stymied long enough. Satan had his day of interpretation. Men squabbled about their own theories. Now it is the Great and Holy Conspirator’s turn. It was the Holy  Spirit conspiring with Christ who led Him into the desert to confront the Evil One after the Father  manifested the Son at His Baptism. May the same Spirit lead us into battle against the Liar who so confused the Churchmen and our daughters after the Spiritual Awakening of Vatican Two.  May the Sons of the Spirit and the Men of Galilee answer the Holy Father’s call and combat this demonic evil as a united Church. Pope Francis has ordered us to do this as a People. Where will new men come from to clean the temple?  Maybe a particular diocese or small country or religious house will produce a hundred men who will all be called as bishops to lead the reform. Jesus seemed quite partial to the fishing region of Galilee. Strong men will rise up where communities of men flourish. Where strong brotherhoods form, strong men available for universal service will emerge.
The ordered fraternity of the church is so needed at this time of opportunity for peace among nations  after the wars of the 20th century. The internal confusion caused by the Judas Kiss against the Alpha Male  is preventing us from our ecclesial mission as a light to the nations.  Allying with Orthodox Russia, entering a new China looking for its mission, helping Christian America revoke the sexual revolution, supporting the resurgence of Christian nations in atheist Europe, giving liturgical structure to the Christian explosion in Africa, aiding the renaissance of Catholic nations in Latin America --all of these opportunities need a masculine far seeing authoritative approach to international relations. This was the episcopal dream of John XXIII. A renewed brotherhood of nation men inspired by the Spirit could leaven the countries squared off against each other with nuclear weapons in their holsters. Could the Council reconcile Joseph and his brothers or would Cain once again strike at Abel?  This time he is armed with more than a club.  Caring for the environment, feeding the poor, securing stable communities who can integrate the immigrants,  finding  land and labor for the poor, providing the ordered loves of Church, nation and family--these are kingdom  building  tasks of Christ's Church. They are left eclipsed  because the shepherds pastured themselves with unspeakable vileness. May our outward seeking pontiffs turn an authoritative gaze back inward to right the ship so She may sail the seas. A purified priesthood is necessary for the Church to carry out her sacral role-to make Christ present in the Eucharist, to forgive sins, to cast our Satan, to baptize the nations, to preach the Good News that God has become man and mankind can be reunited with God.

The Lord will hear the call of the lowly and lift them up. He will scatter the proud in their conceit and cast down the mighty from their thrones. Let us join the one Holy Conspiracy that gives Life and Light. Rise up O men of God! Bring in the day of brotherhood and end the night of wrong.


From the opening statement of the council: "This very councilor congress of ours so impressive in the diversity of races, nations, and languages—does it not bear witness to a community of brotherly love and shine as a visible sign of it? We are giving witness that all men are brothers whatever their race or nation." 

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  1. Dr. Pence,

    Thank you for speaking so directly to the problem the Church is facing. This is a dire time for all men of faith. God bless you for your inspiring words. It will take direct action to right the wrongs done by disordered clergy. Sadly, the actions of the sodomites have tainted the many wonderful Priests that serve us. The sodomites must be identified and you so eloquently propose. God bless you and the work you are doing.