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Religion, Nattons and Geopolitics Review: Saturday October 6


White Girl Privilege and Toxic Feminism: 
 Lessons Learned &Truths Observed  
Senator John Kennedy of Louisiana called the Senate deliberations ending with today's 50-48 approval  of Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court "an intergalactic freak show." Here are seven   sightings to confirm his description.
The most  coherent display of manly outrage was given by Lindsey Graham...Lindsey Graham.

The most eloquent display of Senator as Statesman was the analysis of the hearings and the legal principles of Judge Kavanaugh's jurisprudence given in an hour long speech by Senator Susan Collins from Maine.

The one Senator whose vote could cost her reelection was Susan Collins. She( like Kavanaugh)  is deeply tied to the old uppercrust country club Republicans of the East Coast. They are both good friends of the Bushes. Senator Collins adheres to a class code much more firmly than a ideological feminism. She found the mobs in her office and blackmail threats about  campaign funds to be unseemly. Fairness and propriety trumped female solidarity for her. The street feminists now call her "a rape apologist". The Bushes will recognize her as "a class act".  

The First Feminists

Fifty years ago, upper class Republican women were  pitted against Catholic working class  Democrats on battles about "family planning."   Now the feminist Democrats are the party of abortion. Two upperclass Republican women whose fathers preceded them in office uphold the pro abortion position of the wealthy family connected Republican ladies who were the first feminists. Both pro abortion Republican women (Collins who voted yea  and Murkowski who voted nea) agreed that based on extensive discussions with  Judge Kavanaugh, he would not vote to overturn Roe vs Wade.

All Male Catholic Schools : From Character to Careerism

The lavenderized teachers at Jesuit Catholic boys schools encourage students to study hard to get into a top college. They construct rigorous classes which meet the toughest of secular academic standards.   They segregate students by academic ability so their top boys get disciplined high standard class experiences. The schools are advertised as college prep for the college bound.  Catholic masculine maturation("forging Catholic men") for both blue collar and white collar Catholic males was an ethos of a past age. While the high tuition college oriented schools have driven out the poor and working class, the emphasis on serving the poor and disadvantaged has become a prime directive. Service projects help the resume but even more importantly they constitute the highest forms of virtue signaling.  There is no teaching of the duty of males to protect females and little emphasis on purity as a desirable or achievable virtue in either males or females. There is no teaching of the particular male civic duty to protect the country in the military.  There is a strong teaching that males and females are equals and that free choice is paramount. Marian devotion and the cultivation of women as sacred temples is considered medieval. Entrance to the female sacred temple was once tied to courtship and a formal exchange of freely given vows in the sacred space of the sanctuary in front of many witnesses after several weeks of posting "banns of marriage" announcing the sacred event. Having dismissed the notion of woman as sacred temple, the route to consent is female free consent to alcohol and drugs which lubricates the more difficult task of getting female consent to sexual intimacy.   The old adult warnings to teenagers that females may experience sexual encounters differently than males are no longer relayed. The notion that honorable men would prevent the deflowering of an inebriated female is considered a relic of patriarchy and knighthood. There are few cultural reminders of a sense of the sacred as reverent  liturgies are rare. The interior life is subsumed in study. It is taboo to use racial epithets but the f-- word and God's name are freely and vainly employed. The Fatherhood of God and all male character of Jesuits and the priesthood are accepted as traditions but never coherently advocated. There is a real brotherhood and loyalty but it is not sacralized nor tied to a code of honor.  God, Country and Marriage were replaced by Service, Resume and Career as the transcendent goods to be achieved. The soldier Jesuits had been replaced by the homosexual Jesuits and their emasculated and desacralized approach to males and females was reflected in the cultures of all male schools from the 1970's until today. When a man's character is maligned in this new order, he cannot appeal to a code of honor in which he was always known as a protector and defender of female purity. His GPA and service project resume become his defense.

Feminism: The Ideology of White Girl Privilege 

 The triumph of feminist culture in the University, the media and the legal profession was on full display.  The grotesque asymmetry of moral culpability between men and women as reparations for millennia of patriarchy was never so obvious. In a frenzy to safeguard the ability of women to kill their own children, the sins of males are magnified. If a woman came home and told her husband she had just aborted their 4 month old twins and he slapped her several times, he would be arrested for Domestic Violence. He would lose his right to firearms in some states and lose his job in a host of industries. Women as women are allowed life and death power over their unborn children. A woman who has killed her own child is actually allowed entrance in both the legal and medical professions. Females are presumed to be telling the truth in any accusations against males of sexual harassment or assault. The "I believe her " crowd not only doesn't wait to hear the man's story; they don't need to hear the female's charges.   Trying to establish the credibility of an individual woman by questioning  her sexual or criminal history is considered blaming the victim. Trying to ascertain consent or sexual signaling in sexual encounters is considered "slut-shaming."  All of these cultural triumphs of the sexual revolution were on full display. When President Trump said he didn't believe the lady accuser he was defamed by his enemies and allies alike in the media and Senate. The deplorables at home cheered, "its about time."

The Continued Incoherence of the Feminist Pro-life Movement 

The pro-life movement continues to teach that women are as much victims as their babies in elective abortions. Advocating some kind of punishment for women who abort is taboo to the pro-woman philosophy of the pro life movement. The "feminist pro life movement " will never slay Goliath for they are dressed and constricted by the Saul's armor which they feel compelled to wear.  Considering women capable of deceit, treachery or moral agency is considered bad form among both pro abortion and pro-life activists. From Eve to Christine--the serpent has found his weapon.

a)Within the first two years of Justice Kavanaugh's time on the Supreme Court he will side with liberals in some case involving women's rights or abortion. This will not be a regular habit but will happen at least once to demonstrate how wrong his critics were in questioning his judicial temperament and impartiality.
    b) Within two months Christine Ford will be convincingly exposed as mentally unstable or morally corrupt.

From Diane Feinstein to Christine Ford to Susan Collins, the bizarre world of white women rule will continue as Brett Kavanaugh mentors his record setting four female clerks at the Supreme Court. The old fear of black men that whatever the white lady accuser may say overrules his word now applies to white college boys, whatever their age. Again we see that feminism is not a continuation of the civil rights movement but the replacement  of a Christian movement of love with an atheist celebration of vice and license for upper class females and their gelded male supporters. The feminist invasion of the Senate and Law Schools has removed the old rules and procedures governing conflict among fellow male citizens. In sports and war, males have developed elaborate rituals of conflict followed by agreements from handshakes to formal treaties. This male ability to combine conflict and fellowship was much more developed when the Senate was an all male group with a gentleman's honor code.   The male public world of an occasional cane beating (See the 1856 Brookes-Sumner affair) embedded in a general civility has given way to a relentless destructive partisanship fueled by an insatiable craving of feminist careerists for status. Just as the adults in China eventually repudiated and reversed the Chinese cultural revolution, American men and women must repudiate the sexual revolution which has so destroyed our American religious culture of properly ordered loves and duties of men and women under God.


A canon lawyer nay says the possibility of bishop-bishop investigation. There has been a similar position at the CDF (see Cardinal Mueller interview EWTN October, 2018) saying the CDF could only investigate a bishop if the Pope gave permission. This Pope obviously believes there must be many more initiatives by local bishops, bishop conferences, and ongoing Church-wide synods as the proper way to govern the Church. Investigation and Inquisition is part of governance. It was very obvious in the EWTN interview with Cardinal Mueller that  he does not share the Pope Francis vision. Maybe that is why he didn't stay at CDF rather than the latest slander against the Holy Father that Mueller was removed because he was too aggressive in punishing priest abusers. The Pope sees synods and priestly fraternity (parrhesia - manly talk, face-to-face) as the ultimate antidote to homosexual careerism and clericalism. The progressives who favor "collegiality" are steeped in homosexuality as an ideology. The conservatives who are suspicious of synods and investigative roles for local bodies are ideologically opposed to homosexual networks but personally entwined much more than most will admit. The Pope's strategy to thwart the private whisperings of cliques is to promote the public discussion of synods, diocesan presbyteral conferences, and national/regional bishop conferences. He doesn't have a lot of loyal sons explaining his approach. Few conservative critics of the Pope distinguish between the repellent opening homosexualist documents of the Synod on the Family (2015) and the final statements which were purified by parrhesia. The pope's final statement was very negative about homosexuality. He is not a James Martin Jesuit but Rome is full of such men and they were all here long before Francis came. As usual the "never Francis" crowd cannot make these distinctions.  We will see if the final statements of the synod on youth employ the same LGBTQ categories favored by the homosexual "adult" organizers of the conference. Insightful bishops like Chaput of Philadelphia should  take on his fellow bishops face-to-face. That will prepare Archbishop Chaput for an even more turbulent face-to-face discussion he needs to have with the deeply corrupted priests of his local church in Pennsylvania.

A lay group disagrees about the authority to investigate:" We will investigate every cardinal slated for the consistory of cardinals." Their website - well organized brothers. God love them.

Randy Engel on Vigano role in Archbishop Nienstedt investigationVigano sends a second shot - The pope is the enemy. Let us hope that Archbishop Vigano's animus toward Pope Francis does not overshadow his stunning and accurate exposition of the deep corruption of the Vatican during the papacies of John Paul II (1978-2005) and Pope Benedict XVI (2005-2013). The "prophet-philosopher pope" and the "priest-theologian pope" were holy and orthodox. But There was no apostolic orthopraxy in their governance personnel. They left our apostolic church deeply compromised by clerical corruption. The depth of the homosexual penetration during the John Paul II and Benedict XVI papacies (which long preceded the Pope from Argentina) warrants a much more serious reflection and exposure.  The fact that Pope Francis is not ordering an apostolic visitation over Cardinal McCarrick is not "a cover up" by the Pope. The US Bishops should find one honest bishop or priest to lead that investigation. He can fill his investigative team with sharp laymen. There is no-one who Francis knows in Rome who could find out what we Americans can discover. Don't tell anyone but there is no Eliot Ness SWAT team in Rome ready to cross the oceans to fight homosexuality in the priesthood. The Pope has a very weak bench to pick from and is repeating the habits of his predecessors in filling key positions with Christ's enemies who pose as Papal friends. The anti papal hysteria of the rich American conservatives is facilitating this masquerade. Once we have a well documented report then the Bishop's conference can ask the Pope for multiple specific disciplinary actions.

He thinks laicizing a clergyman as a punishment is an insult to the laity. 
Only a 20th century American reared in Protestantism and marinated in  feminist groupthink  could come up with this. This truly great man and brother in Christ  has always had too high a view of marriage and family and too low a view of the masculine corporate nature of ordination and the sacral femininity of the virgin-mothers in religious life.

Within one or two months the two great accusers Archbishop Vigano against Pope Francis  and Christine Ford against Judge Kavanaugh will prove to be deeply flawed. She will be deemed not credible. He will be shown to have self serving motives and deep animosity toward the Pope. Unfortunately Vigano's most important critique of the homosexual careerists amidst Vatican insiders during the John Paul and Benedict papacies might get lost. His animus toward the Pope and the animus toward Vigano by progressive pretenders around the Pope may obscure the truth he revealed. Hatred and deceit drive out the truth. Those of us who do not approve of the Vigano attack on Francis must not obscure or fail to appreciate the dynamic contribution of his truth telling analysis of the Rome he knows so well. (Addendum Oct 7: A scorching Letter to Archbishop Vigano from Cardinal Ouellet)

SUMMARY OF BISHOPS SYNOD ON YOUTHSome facts and players.   A discussion by bishops about socializing our youth should use Catholic categories. We should ground the discussion in our sacramental life--especially the relationship of Confirmation, the Eucharist and Confession.  We should have multiple separate discussions about the moral, physical and spiritual development of males and females as men and women. Our spirit should be--Grow up--we need you in the fight! Extended immaturity and teen age debauchery is not our way. Above all the synod should treat young people seriously. Treating them seriously means inviting them to adulthood not exaggerating their immaturity as "the voice of youth." Christ spoke in the temple at thirteen. The voice of his youth was put to service by proclaiming in public the Word of God.  Mary conceived of the Holy Spirit by the time she was fifteen.
Purity and protectiveness are the missing traits of secular adolescence--they are fundamental in Catholic socialization. Recently canonized Jose Sanchez del Rio of Mexico was 15 when he was martyred by Mexican atheists. He had joined  the Cristeros fighting for Christ the King. Saint Jose  was captured after a firefight in which he gave his horse to an officer to escape. When his atheist foes asked why he had quit shooting, he replied, " I ran out of bullets." He is a model for the young male as Christian protector. Maria Goretti was killed preserving her virginity at  the age of twelve. She is a model for young women in this cesspool of sexual violence aimed against the virgin and feminine. Men must be pure as a knight and women are the first line of protection for life in the womb and home. But the primary icon of purity which allows an atheist world to see God is the feminine virgin and the primary icon of protection is the masculine citizen, policeman, or soldier who keeps every place safe because he is present (and he is ready to fight). This is our Catholic culture. It is a great shame so many of the adult conference organizers are so obsessed by their own sexual diosorders that they cannot lift up in song, plays, and prayer the matured male female icons of our Church. While an official LGBT booth was not allowed, it may prove even more dangerous that multiple homosexually dominated male religious orders are allowed full access for recruitment of our young Catholic males. No-one should be comforted that the usual strategy is to groom until 18 and then initiate.
 It is great so many bishops have gathered to talk about the youth! Let's talk!

PERSONALISM AND COMMUNIO - TILLICH ON AUGUSTINE AND AQUINASA fascinating argument by Paul Tyson (bio). We see this interpersonal metaphysics as a key to our argument that the sacramental male priesthood is an icon of the Trinity and a template for the love of all men as brothers in Christ. Building a philosophy on a concept of the person as an "individual substance of a rational nature" (Aquinas, Boethius, Aristotle) leads to certain insights and formulations. A more trinitarian and embedded personalist ontology which Tillich says was a hallmark of Augustine will lead to other insights including the nature of interpersonal masculine communion at the heart of the apostolic church.

An excerpt from Dr. Tyson's argument:
"In contrast, Tillich maintains that the cosmological philosophy of religion views, in a nominalist manner, both human and divine persons as autonomous individual entities. To this outlook all persons, including God, exist as essentially self-contained beings who can only know each other indirectly through reason and the senses (apart from the participatory internal relations of the Trinity). The nominalists rejected the immediate participatory dependence of human being on the divine Being of God and set about mapping the cosmos in terms of what could be known by autonomous human reason and perception, as complimented by a separate category of divinely revealed truths that must be blindly and unquestioningly believed. Thus deference to the authority of the church to tell us truths about God we could know no other way becomes the knowledge of faith, and thus the knowledge of faith and the knowledge of reason are methodologically and ontologically delineated. This is the beginning of secular reason. Yet, at this birth of secular reason the nominalists expected that there would be a neat coalescence between the super-rational authority of the church and the rational and empirical authority of our ‘natural’ epistemological powers.

As significant as nominalists like William of Ockham and Duns Scotus were in dislodging Augustinian personalist ontology from its place of eminence in Western culture, Tillich notes how important Aquinas’ Aristotelian epistemology is in furthering the cosmological philosophy of religion. Whilst Aquinas did not reject Augustinian ontology in doctrine (see Summa Theologica I,8,1), Tillich maintains that Aquinas did reject any significant and any ordinary role for Augustinian personalist epistemology in the realm of sapientia."

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