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Religion, Nations, Geopolitics Review: Saturday Oct 27

                                                                 Weekly Brief

                                                           MULTIPLE CHOICE:      
A large group of well trained Saudi males enter a foreign territory and carry out a coordinated diabolical murder.  Two parts to the question:

1)For which event did the Saudi government give this excuse? 

        "It was a rogue operation. The Saudi government knew nothing  of it."

2)For which event did the FBI, American press and federal government accept this explanation?  

        "It was a rogue operation. The Saudi government knew nothing  of it."

A)The killing off Jamal Kashoggi
B) The Twin Towers and Pentagon Bombing of Sept 11, 2001
C) Both

This is a pretty complicated  quiz format so here is the Answer Key.  

Question 1: C=Both

Question 2: B=  911 

                                                   I  The Pope and the Church

Many of the worst clerical abusers have never been removed from the priesthood. Pope Francis is changing this inexcusable pollution of the priesthood in a radical way. Of course he gets almost no credit for this with some observers calling these particular laicizations "picking low fruit." One of his most persistent critics complained about the need for canonical trials even for a proven forced sodomites. Look ahead--many many priests are going to have to go and go with great speed when sodomy is shown. No priesthood and no pension--this is punishment not retirement. The Eucharist must be protected from any further defilement. Should Marciel Maciella really have been allowed to include saying Mass in his "life of penance and prayer"?  Those who downplay the significance of these punitive papal acts fail to understand the pollution--purification nature of the priestly/Eucharistic  crisis.
Karadima stayed a priest-not with Francis.
  A Chilean national hero was not spared. 
Two bishops are removed from the priesthood not just asked to move out of their local dioceses  (Cardinal Ray Burke's not so heavy hammer approach for Apuron of Guam )

This will happen in January of 2019 and it is here that the bishops must confront each other and say that any man  among them who has  desecrated the Eucharistic altar and office of the priesthood by committing an act of sodomy must be removed from the priesthood. A sodomite saying Mass is a Black Mass. The bishops form a body together--they must wash the corporate body clean-not all of them for "all of you are not unclean." That is the aim of a retreat as a body of bishops--to confront the corporate part of themselves that has been allowed to pollute the rest and despoil the sheep. Protectors are not judged by whether they exploited their dependents. That's a pretty low bar for the apostolic successors.  The question is did you protect them and feed them...and you is a singular and plural pronoun.
 Bishops should bring evidence to the retreat in making accusations and allow a time when men can accuse in private and face to face. If the bishops do  not voluntarily resign their offices as a preliminary step, the accusation must be made in public.  This is the right forum-the brothers face to face.  Do not invite lay advisers. Do not be transparent to the press. Put yourselves in the presence of the Holy Spirit and clean the American Episcopacy. This is going to be the synodal model for reform  more than  visitations from the Vatican. We had our fraudulent visitation (Sept 2005-May 2006 headed by Archbishop Edwin OBrien--a notorious homosexual himself)  to clean out the homosexuals in the seminary. This shows the papal problem. Who should the Pope send?  How many men can he trust in the Vatican?  The Popes needs the help of local clergy and bishops to expose the artists of deceit that make their way up the episcopal hierarchy. Bishops must clean out their local diocese and the true bishops in every national or regional conference must openly accuse the many bishops in their own countries.  The problem is not James Martin giving talks about homosexuality. It si hundreds of bishops and priest BEING homosexuals. The Catholic conservative media should start helping by naming names in New York and Chicago--name names in America. There are lots of stories to tell.
After the local meeting and confrontation among American bishops,  a report can be given to the Congregation of Bishops and Holy Father for formal actions only they can do.  Fraternal correction will reform homosexual clericalism.  Loyalty to individuals as individuals must give way to loyalty to the sacral priesthood which includes the Apostles and so many martyrs.
Laymen can help tremendously by initiating investigations with overt or covert help of priests to make dossiers on bishops with strong evidence of homosexual behavior. Rembert Weakland should be presented to the Vatican for laicization. He will know a lot of others who should go with him and he's the type of guy who might tell a lot. Laymen should be close brothers with the clerics trying to do their duty. We should never ask in any way to be inserted in the clerical chain of command. That break in apostolic and priestly fraternity and authority is what the devil wants. We need a unified strong episcopacy because the final exorcism which they must lead is not from the priesthood but from the whole earth.

                                             II AMERICAN FOREIGN POLICY                                


The  Scapegoat Dilemna for Muhammed bin Salman by  Bruce Reidel


What if the Muslim Brotherhood is a force for republican government and the Saudi Wahhabis are for Salafist violence? What if that's why Kashoggi  died? What if he is less a journalist but more a serious Muslim international  political thinker who favors the new brotherhood political movements of Sunni Islam over the Cleric-Monarch deal of MbS ? What if he saw the Saudi Israeli alliance as bad for Arabs?  What if blockaded Qatar is the "Wahhabis of the Sea" who are willing to work with Shia and Christians while the Sauds are the "Wahhabis of the Land" who must kill their foes to maintain their rule?
What if Turkey and Pakistan can live with Iran...only the Sauds and Israelis want regime change? What if killing the Shia of Yemen is just that and calling them Iran proxies is like calling local black civil rights workers "agents of outside Communists."  What if 911 was a  Saudi operation and George Bush and Robert Mueller the chief of his FBI missed the big picture while over investigating the smaller crimes?
What if our friends are our enemies and our enemies can be our allies? What if we had 100 statesmen (twenty would suffice) in our Senate and ten journalists in our media(three would do)  and they debated these questions?

Saudi Involvement.  FBI and CIA Non-involvement in 911.

Several journalists and the families of 911 victims as well as prominent members of the 911 Commission believe the Saudi role in the 911 attack was deliberately covered up to pursue other foreign policy objectives of the George Bush White House. Many thought the election of Donald Trump would lead to a reevaluation of our alliance with Saudis  and possibly a reopening of the 911 investigations to determine the real enemy "who hates us so ".
Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan are clearly not the perpetrators.
28 pages of the original 911 report (released December 2002) were redacted because they implicated members of the Saudi government and royal family in the crime. After years of wrangling, the pages were released(July 15, 2016).They showed significant connections that begged for further study.
With amazing chutzpah several officials said the pages showed the Saudis were clean.
John Brennan, head of CIA, in an interview from June 2016,  just before the pages were released was effusive in his praise of Saudis and dismissive of their involvement. He said it was good the 28 pages would be released. It would prove their innocence.
Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir who is today's face of Muhammed bin Salman telling us the Royal Family is innocent of the "rogue" killing of Jamal Kashoggi.
He said the same when the 28 pages were released.  The 28 pages "exonerated the Saudis" and the matter "is now finished", he proclaimed.
The head of the FBI a week before 911 and for the decade following has a shown little interest in this line of inquiry. He has always been a tenacious righteous investigator of peripheral problems while showing an obtuse indifference to the larger crimes right before his face. Robert Mueller was a significant obstacle to investigating the Saudi role in 911  

George Papadopoulos Interview
As he pieces more and more together he sees he was set up "by Western intelligence agencies." In the world of globalism, there is no American foreign policy---there is a Western policy with a big role for Britain. President Trump was a huge threat top the British establishment. Did they meddle? Are they a foreign government though they are white and speak English?

Secretary of Defense Mattis is a Marine. President Trump 35 years after Beirut bombing. This one of deep hostilities which drives American foreign policy. The Saudis have not killed a lot of soldiers on battlefields like Irtanians have in Iraq and Lebanon because the Saudis don't show up on battlefields as Sauds. .
                                                                 III The Nations

Led by a great athlete and new nationalist. Imran Khan is culturally English and Muslim. His greatest ally is China. He is Sunni but he wants good relations with Shia Iran. Pakistan is 5-20% Shia and has not supported the Saudi bombing of Yemen. Pakistan holds the only Muslim bomb. Another new  and interesting nation man at work.


Any New Nuclear Arms Treaties should include US Russia China and Pakistan. The world is not bipolar. Why US needed out.  The Russians did not seem so offended.
Putin to Bolton:

Meanwhile, in a bit of dark humor that underscored the moment, Putin referred to Washington’s announced withdrawal from the INF and then quipped about the balance between peace and force represented by the Great Seal of the United States.
“As far as I can remember, the U.S. seal depicts an eagle on one side holding 13 arrows and on the other side an olive branch with 13 olives,” Putin said, sitting across from Bolton at talks before the news conference. “Here’s the question: Did your eagle already eat all the olives and only the arrows are left?”
“Hopefully I’ll have some answers for you,” Bolton replied. “But I didn’t bring any more olives.”
“That’s what I thought,” Putin said, provoking laughter from Bolton. —

President Trump likes John Bolton's ability to articulate an argument. Bolton has shown he knows who is President and who works for whom. There is nothing better in the education of John Bolton than sitting across the table from a statesman like Putin instead of in a conference room with the editors of Weekly Standard.


We don't agree with author's conclusions but his reporting on this key dispute is very revealing. 

The youngest Chancellor is a nationalist.   Austria has 8.5 million people, 70% Catholic. Germany has  82 million people; 60% Christian, 1/2 Catholic.

Sebastian Kurz is also Catholic 

                                                   III Patriarchy and Culture

The Patriarchy of God the Father, the Brotherhood of the Nations--the masculine personality of the citizen-warrior.
The most important cultural front in the war of Patriarchy and fraternity against feminists and fruitcakes is not "gay marriage". It is the breakdown of all male protective groups in military units and service academies. What kind of society do we want to live in? What kind of people do we want to be?  When Cardinal Wuerl, of Washington DC was asked what the Catholic Church thought of the decision to allow women in all combat positions in the US military (announced in January 2013 by departing Secretary of the Defense  Catholic Leon Panetta) the homosexual cleric said the Catholic Church had no position on the issue. Wuerl has spent a lifetime undermining an all male religious protective group known as the Catholic priesthood. In his cold pinched heart, he saw this civic corruption as progress.   General Mattis and the Male Military

Cain in Mecca and Judas Priests in Rome
Is it not striking that the two of the three great monotheistic capitals are overrun with toxic contradictory male spirits.  Both Mecca and Rome are presently undisciplined by the patriarchy and fraternity which marks the movements coming from the Spirit. In Mecca, the most violent sadistic cult of Cain now predominates in the Saudi form of Wahhabism.  In Rome, the clergy(cardinals, bishops and priests) is overrun with a plague of males betraying and polluting with a kiss. This does not include the Pope who will lead us in cleansing this plague even as lesser men blame him for the  corruption. Our public institutions -Church, mosque synagogue and the nations must return to patriarchy and fraternity. This means following the perfect Father in heaven and adopting a filial posture to our imperfect fathers on earth as together we move toward greater accord and ordered love.

The Rejection of Patriarchy is both a rejection of a perfect Living God the Father and a rejection of the living imperfect fathers from whom we come and who rule our civic and ecclesial common lives. There is no community without authority, no authority without real men in charge, no real men without faults. The tendency in the Church and political life to frame every issue  as a father failure by the Pope or President is a manifestation of the anti authority, anti father cult of the sexual revolution. It is a poison.

"Why, we don't even know what living means now, what it is, and what it is called? Leave us alone without books and we shall be lost and in confusion at once. We shall not know what to join on to, what to cling to, what to love and what to hate, what to respect and what to despise. We are oppressed at being men—men with a real individual body and blood, we are ashamed of it, we think it a disgrace and try to contrive to be some sort of impossible generalised man. We are stillborn, and for generations past have been begotten, not by living fathers, and that suits us better and better. We are developing a taste for it. Soon we shall contrive to be born somehow from an idea."

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