Saturday, July 13, 2019

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JULY 13

by A. Joseph Lynch
& Past Commentary of Dr. David Pence


Before we address the Weekly Brief, today is the one month anniversary of the burial of our friend, mentor, and spirit behind the Anthropology of Accord: Dr. David Pence. As we here at AoA give thanks for the gift and man that he was, we invite all our readers to join us this morning in prayer for the repose of his soul. We also invite you to listen to the outstanding eulogy delivered by his son, Cain, at his wake. Both he and his brother, Mike, were the strongest men at their father's funeral. 

Dr. Pence is gone, but never forgotten. His words ring as true today regarding Jeffery Epstein as they were when he wrote them regarding Harvey Weinstein:
Harvey Weinstein is just the tip of the atheist Hollywood pornography cult. Exploiting actresses in this inverted cult is actually less common than the young male meat market. But who will write that story?  Like the overwhelming homosexual nature of Catholic clergy abuse--the journalists of the sexual left cannot face that huge group of chicken hawks who dominate so much of Catholic social services and so much of the predominantly Jewish porn industry. Cardinal Bernadine of Chicago, Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee and still prancing Uncle Ted Cardinal McCarrick of Washington DC could give Hollywood's Weinstein and the porn racketeers a run for their money in gross depravity. There is a sick male dominated libido cult in our country that hates God, the flag of brotherhood, the purity of feminine virginity and the sanctity of motherhood. This cult is represented in public not by male homosexuals and porn millionaires but by feminist careerists, many Republican but most Democrat. They entered  the big league by showing they would kill for the gang--they championed abortion. They have insured that the term domestic violence never includes the deliberate killing of an unborn baby by her mom. Don't let it matter that there is nothing so violent as killing and nothing so domestic as a mother's womb. In the fake news world of the sexual left, taking God's Name in vain is free speech, abortion is women's liberation and sodomy is marriage. What if that strange trifecta of lies was linked and exposed? Is that over the top or is it about time?

The atheist nature of the sexual left, its Aztecan approach to child sacrifice, and its despoiling the flag of brotherhood with the stench of Sodom is a house of cards more vulnerable than the good name of Harvey Weinstein. Just a little light will scatter the predators once it is shined in just the right direction.
The billionaire Epstein was a mega-Democrat donor. Beginning around 2002, Bill Clinton rode on Epstein's plane - the so-called Lolita Express - over twenty times, and it appears he may have intentionally left his secret service detail at home during some of them. Like McCarrick, stories about Epstein have circulated for years and he even did some limited time for what should have been life in prison. It wasn't until someone discovered that President Trump said something nice about Epstein decades ago, and perhaps rode once on his plane, that the story received massive media attention. Nancy Pelosi's daughter indicated that many favorites of the Democrats might go down with Epstein. But that's the price of trying to take down the president. Time will tell what comes of this story. We are reminded, however, of the crisis of masculinity in our nation and in our Church. We must shed light on the evil and raise up a warrior brotherhood to cast it out.


BISHOP BRANSFIELD - THE PLOT DEEPENS: More details have emerged regarding the Bishop Bransfield controversy. Bransfield, who reached the canonical retirement age of seventy-five last September, is under investigation after credible allegations were made of financial impropriety and homosexual harassment of priests, seminarians, and young men. Pope Francis directed Baltimore's Archbishop Lori to lead the investigation. Lori discovered that Bransfield has gifted - or paid off - many high-ranking Church prelates to the tune of $350,000. Although Lori named names in his official report to Rome, they were redacted when the report went to the public. Leaked details of Lori's report, however, revealed some troubling, if not unexpected, recipients of Bransfield's "gifts" - among others, Archbishop Vigano, Cardinal Burke, and Archbishop Lori himself. Why these three men? A bribe to Vigano kept the Vatican from investigating, a bribe to Burke kept the Catholic judiciary from investigating, and a bribe to Lori kept his provincial archbishop from investigating. Lori's chancery had known about Bransfield since 2012 but conveniently said he lacked authority to do anything about it. Let us not forget that during the sexual abuse reforms of 2002 it was Lori who replaced "clerics" with only deacons and priests. The bishops were to be immune from the reforms. In any case, we at AoA want to shed light once more on the fact that the corruption includes both conservatives and liberals - including the supposed bastions of orthodoxy, Vigano and Burke. They are wolves in shepherds clothing.

VATICAN DOCUMENT ON GENDER: The Vatican has released a document for schools on gender, Male and Female He created them. More AoA analysis is forthcoming. For now we suggest our readers look it over.

AMERICANS RARELY CONSULT CLERGY: A new study in the U.S. revealed that Americans, even frequent church-goers, rarely consult clergy when making important decisions. Speaking from the Catholic perspective, there seems to be an increasing disconnect between Catholic clergy and parishioners. This may in part be due to the number of clergy relative to his parishioners. It may also stem from clergy who do well in a crowd but intentionally keep themselves from interacting with small groups or individuals. Many clergy are afraid of being falsely accused of misconduct. Too many do their sacramental duties and check out. In any case, the personal connection between shepherds and flocks is increasingly tenuous. When you meet a shepherd, does he smell like his sheep?

Raw decline in Anglican membership.
CHRISTIANITY DYING IN THE UK: A British Social Attitudes survey reveals a steep decline in Christianity in Great Britain. Most reports will say that "religion" is dying. But this is not the case. While 52% of Brits now identify as non-religious, Islam has doubled its numbers over the past ten years. As Christianity continues to bow to radical feminism and gender ideology, more and more people will continue to leave (see charts at right and below). If this happens, men will turn to another religion - Islam - for man needs religion. The spirit abhors a vacuum.

Anglican church attendance decline as the church embraces the sexual left. 


THE PASSING OF ROSS PEROT: The third-party candidate of the 1992 presidential election has passed. It is likely his name on the ballet story just enough votes from George H.W. Bush to cost him the election and bring Bill Clinton to office. His candidacy paved the way for another president: Donald Trump. Both Perot and Trump have billionaire backgrounds and a strong populist, limited foreign policy message. James Carville went so far as to call Perot the "John the Baptist" figure paving the path for Trump. We shouldn't be surprised that just before his death, Perot donated to the Trump re-election campaign.

EX-GOVERNOR WELD - HALF RIGHT: Former Republican governor of Massachusetts, Bill Weld, in four tweets is called out President Trump over tensions between the U.S. and Iran. Two tweets were accurate. It is true that (pt. 1) President Trump's withdrawal from the nuclear deal is what first got us into the current mess; and (pt. 2) the withdrawal was "a colossal blunder" which got us nothing in return. His assertions that (pt. 3) Trump's foreign policy as a whole is a "disaster," and (pt. 4) "Time for new leadership in Washington!" Trump has made mistakes on Iran, we pray his hesitation on air strikes helps him hesitate to wage needless war.

AMASH WAS A WASH: Justin Amash, the first Republican Congressman to call for Trump's impeachment, has left the GOP. With Trump we hail it as "great news." As Trump remakes the GOP, many will need to go. The 2018 election did this in the Senate. Never Trumpers left and were replaced. This needs to continue in both houses of Congress in 2020. For now we applaud when men like Amash leave early.

EXECUTIVE ORDER ON CITIZENSHIP: Trump's plan to add a citizenship question to the census, a question that had been once been part of the census, has come up short. His new executive order hopes to gain more information on the number of immigrants in America.


BOLSONARO PRAYS WITH 3 MILLION BRAZILIANS: Dr. Steve Turley explains its impact and places it within the context of global Christianity.

MORE LIES ON IRAN: Calls for attacking Iran crept into the news cycle this week after reports that Iran attacked a British oil tanker in the Persian Gulf. What when unreported is that the British seized an Iranian oil tanker as it made its way into the Mediterranean. We pray a war does not break out over a tit-for-tat oil tanker feud.

MERKEL GOING DOWN?: Angela Merkel has suffered her third public bout of uncontrolled shaking in something reminiscent of Hilary Clinton's near collapse during the 2016 campaign. We will not be surprised if Germany will get a change of leadership sooner than planned.


BIOLOGISTS AGREE - LIFE BEGINS AT CONCEPTION: A recent study by Steven Jacobs first asked average (though slightly more left-leaning) folks who could best determine when human life begins. Around 80% said biologists. So Jacobs polled over 5,000 biologists from across the globe.  Two-thirds of them described themselves as non-religious and nine-tenths as liberal. 85% supported abortion. Despite this, 96% agreed that life begins when the sperm fertilizes the egg. Side note: Jacobs sought to conduct a test among pro-life and pro-abortion law students but it was a non-starter as he could not even get them to agree on the common definition of a fetus... We at AoA are not surprised.

FIRST FEMALE PASTOR REMOVED: The first female pastor of the renowned liberal bastion of Riverside Church in NYC has been ousted. Amy Butler was removed after taking two other pastors, one female and the other a gay male, to a sex store in Minneapolis and attempting to buy them sex toys. Spending $200 on one sex toy, she wondered aloud if she could charge it to the church as work expense. An article about the firing also describes her "cushy five-year contract, which... paid her a $250,000 annual salary, an $8,000-a-month housing allowance and more than $55,000 in yearly pension contributions..." This is what happens when sexual depravity and careerism are married. We are not surprised in the slightest by this story.

CARJACKER BEATEN TO DEATH: A would-be car thief was beaten to death after driving off with a woman's car - with her three children still in it. The woman stepped out of her running car to visit her boyfriend (the father of two of the children) when the carjacker jumped in her car and took off. The father, with other neighborhood men, caught him and rescued the children. While the carjacker's death is unfortunate, it's good to see a group of men performing their duty to work and protect.

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