Saturday, November 16, 2019

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 16

by A. Joseph Lynch


We are now two days into the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. Thus far the Democrats have rolled out three supposed star witnesses, none of whom are eye witnesses to any wrongdoing.

On Thursday we heard from George Kent and William Taylor. Kent, a career member of the State Department and former diplomat at the US embassy in Ukraine, disagreed with the president's policy in the eastern European nation. While he had no direct evidence of any impeachable offense, he was asked about his warnings to Biden's staff about a potential conflict of interest regarding Hunter Biden's bizarre business dealings in Ukraine. In the end, Kent agreed that an investigation into Biden might be warranted after all. Yet congressional Democrats believe that any investigation called for by President Trump - the nation's chief law enforcement officer - is somehow impeachable.

William Taylor's testimony drew much more attention, though not in ways favorable to the Democrats' impeachment efforts. Taylor is the acting ambassador to Ukraine since the firing of Marie Yovanovitch. In a fiery exchange with Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Jordan eviscerated Taylor's testimony. It was revealed that in his three meetings with Zelensky, the president of Ukraine, never once was any quid pro quo mentioned. Jordan also pointed out that Taylor's "clear understanding" of a quid pro quo arrangement was based on hearsay of hearsay. If this were a court of law, Taylor's testimony would have been thrown out. Indeed, Talyor could only smile and nod his head as Jordan asked: "And you're their star witness?"

Yesterday's testimony from Marie Yovanovitch, the former ambassador to Ukraine, was more lackluster. She had no direct dealings with President Trump, who removed her from her position in May 2019, long before he had his controversial phone call with Zelensky. Yovanovitch had absolutely nothing to add to the inquiry beyond sharing the same concerns as George Kent regarding potential Biden corruption. When during a decisive cross examination by Rep. Chris Stewart she was asked outright if she knew if President Trump committed any crime, her response in the negative should have earned her an immediate dismissal from testimony. What we learned was that she is a bureaucratic careerist and disgruntled former employee who is upset with President Trump for her termination. While she acknowledged ambassadors serve at the will of the president, who requires no reason to end their service, the reporting of John Solomon reveals many good reasons to dismiss Yovanovitch, including potential violations of Geneva Convention rules surrounding foreign interference in a nation's political life.

Bloomberg News best summed up the real reason for the impeachment investigation. In a recent headline, the news agency declared that President Trump's team was guilty of undermining the bureaucrats in the State Department, going against what the careerists and the elites believe is the best course of action. How dare he think he has a right to steer the ship of state as the elected President of the Unites States!

There's no evidence of an actual impeachable offense. The real question is not about impeachment but rather who makes decisions about America's place in the world: elected officials or the bureaucratic elites?


NEW USCCB LEADERSHIP: The USCCB has two new leaders. Archbishop Jose Gomez has been elected as the new President of the USCCB. We have written about his little masterpiece on immigration - worth the read. Archbishop Vigneron is a much more troubling choice. He has a mixed record in Detroit and is likely to be the new USCCB President in 2022.

USCCB & GUN CONTROL: The USCCB is pushing for new laws on guns in America. One danger the bishops will always face is the temptation to make itself into a kind of congressional sub-committee on morality. While the bishops must speak on political issues when necessary, they have much, much work to do in their own back yard.

USCCB WANTS MCCARICK UPDATE: In a request for an update on the investigation into ex-Cardinal McCarrick, Cardinal O'Malley says news may come by Christmas or shortly into the New Year.


NO CONDITIONS: President Trump has released another transcript of a call with the president of Ukraine, Zelensky. The phone call was the first between the two men and and it concerned a potential meeting between the two presidents. Surprise, surprise, there were no conditions attached to the meeting.

MODERATE DEMOCRATS: The current congressional math shows that Democrats can only lose 16 defectors and still pass articles of impeachment. Two days into the inquiry with nothing to show for it is now putting pressure on the thirty or so Democrats who won in Trump districts. How they vote may effect control of Congress in 2020.

TLAIB INVESTIGATION: The far Left "Squad" member is under investigation for breaking campaign finance rules.

NEW WHISTLE BLOWER COMPLAINT: An actual "whistle blower" complaint has now been filed with the ICIG (Intelligence Community Inspector General) against the hearsay whistle blower, suspected to be Eric Ciaramella, over a Go Fund Me account.

MORE ON BIDEN: We suspect more evidence of Biden corruption to be forthcoming in the weeks ahead. We already know George Kent feared possible Biden corruption. Now we know that others in 2014 attempted to raise a warning flag as well.


NATIONALISTS IN SPAIN: The Vox nationalist party in Spain has now jumped to third place in recent Spanish elections, more than doubling the representation it had going into the election.

NO BREXIT-CONSERVATIVE PACT: In more troubling news, Britain's conservatives of Boris Johnson and the new Brexit Party of Nigel Farage, were unable to reach a deal going into December's elections. The hope was that Brexit would compete in areas that the conservatives couldn't win while the conservatives competed in areas unlikely to be taken by Brexit. The fear now is that the two will split many key votes, this giving pro-EU liberals a chance to block Brexit after the elections.

BLACK SEA CRUISE CANCELLED: Trump cancelled a Black Sea patrol cruise by the US Navy for being seen as hostile to Russia. When we imagine the Russians sending their navy to patrol our Gulf coast, we know Trump made the right call.

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