Saturday, April 17, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, APRIL 17

by A. Joseph Lynch


MN BISHOP SACKED: Crookston, Minnesota Bishop Michael Hoeppner has been removed from his diocese by Pope Francis due to the cover up of homosexual predator priest. More from Church Militant

THE TWELVE APOSTLES: Ever wonder what happened to the twelve Apostles following the events of the Resurrection? Watch the newest video from Religion, Sex, and Politics to learn about the journeys of all twelve Apostles. 

AFGHAN DRAW DOWN: President Trump fought bi-partisan efforts to end the war in Afghanistan, eventually winning a troop draw down that would begin on May 1. Despite appearing to renege on Trump's negotiated peace, Biden announced the US would move forward with the war's conclusion. Pat Buchanan now rhetorically asks, "Will they soon start calling Biden an isolationist?" Don't count on it.

TASER MISTAKE: A woman police officer in Minnesota shot and killed a man wanted for a gun violation when she mistook her handgun for her taser. Naturally riots have ensued - and it's hard not to think it may impact the Floyd jury as it heads into deliberations. What has been left out of the news is the issue of women in the police and armed services. Men in particular are tasked with a protective duty. Is not unreasonable to suspect Daunte Wright might still be alive had a man been conducting that arrest?

JUSTICE FOR BABBITT? It appears that Ashli Babbitt will not be receiving any justice following her tragic killing at the hands of a Capitol Police officer on January 6. Not only will no charges be brought against the police officer for firing blindly into an unarmed crowd, but we will never know the name of the police officer who fired the bullet. We can be sure that had it been a BLM riot with a black victim, the police officer would be behind bars waiting for trial. Despite media claims that the "insurrection" was "deadly" they fail to point out that Babbitt was the only person directly killed that day. 

CLEESE MOCKS AZARIA: Voice actor Hank Azaria took political correctness to a whole new level when he recently apologized for voicing an Indian character when he himself is white. Comedian John Cleese is doing the world a favor by mercilessly mocking him.

RACIST MASCOT? A high school in Portland is struggling to find a school mascot that isn't racist. It turns out that with enough thought almost anything can be given the racist label. The school thought they had found the safest, blandest mascot - an evergreen tree - before someone pointed out that trees were once used to hang black people. The final mascot vote has now been postponed

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