Saturday, April 24, 2021

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, APRIL 24

by A. Joseph Lynch


NO CHANGE WITHOUT PRAYER: Pope Francis condemned any attempt to change the Church without the guiding hand of prayer. It was a clear rebuke to liberal activists within the Church and a call to prayer with and in the Church, while asking for guidance from Almighty God. Once again, he referenced the Devil. The Pope, while certainly not perfect, is operating from a much firmer foundation than most conservative Catholics give him credit for.

FR. RUTLER ACCUSED: A female security guard has accused conservative priest Fr. Rutler of in appropriate touching after she says she witnessed him watching homosexual pornography on his office computer. Video she took of the porn viewing has been released to the press. While Rutler has stated no in appropriate touching took place, his most recent statements did not appear to deny the accusation that he viewed homosexual pornography. While we pray this is not the case, the homosexual roots run deep in among Catholic priests - both liberal and conservative.


CHAUVIN GUILTY? The big news of the week was the stunning guilty verdict handed down against Officer Chauvin over the death of George Floyd. The jury spent a mere 10 hours deliberating before reaching their conclusion to find Chauvin guilty on all three counts. The conviction, however, came after the jurors were inundated with news of new riots and even veiled threats from Rep. Maxine Waters. Following Waters' comments, the judge in the Chauvin case took the highly unusual act of vocally stating Chauvin now had a good case for an appeal. Meanwhile in a recent interview a jury alternate has come forward stating that: "...I was concerned about people coming to my house if they were not happy with the verdict." These words will be undoubtedly used in an appeal that argues the jury was under mob pressure to convict, not seek true justice. Indeed, it appeared the defense made its case against conviction. The quick verdict seems, in our opinion, based in fear not fact. 

SICKNICK'S CAUSE OF DEATH: It's finally official: the Trump-supporting DC policeman Brian Sicknick, who died the day of the Capitol riot on January 6, died from a stroke. He was never beaten to death by rioters with a fire extinguisher. Through officials knew this for some time, their silence allowed the fake narrative to persist. They even went so far as to roll out his cremated corpse, placing it in the Capitol rotunda to honor the man supposedly murdered by the "Trump insurrectionists". Using a dead man's remains to score partisan points has to be a new low for the Democrats and establishment cronies who run this country.

ARIZONA RECOUNT: Georgia has passed election reform yet much work is needed to uncover what took place during the presidential and senate elections that saw Democrats somehow sweep the state. Meanwhile in Arizona, it appears as though a full audit of the ballots and voting machines will move forward. We hope they reveal the irregularities that many expect them to find.


AFGHAN WITHDRAWL? While the remaining 2,000 US troops will soon be withdrawn from Afghanistan, it's being reported that a privatized army of some 18,000 mercenaries, special forces, and intelligence operatives will remain in Afghanistan. So much for withdrawing from the troubled landlocked nation. Caspian Report's piece on Afghanistan's mineral wealth might be a major reason for privatized US forces remaining. 

LE PEN RISING: While Dr. Steve Turley revels at the news that Marine Le Pen has risen 10 points in the polls against Macron, we continue to have our doubts about the "far right" leader. As the late Dr. Pence wrote almost four years ago:
In many ways Ms. Le Pen is much more like Hillary Clinton of an old party than the Donald Trump of a new national movement. Three reasons why she was not really the Donald Trump of France. Donald Trump said he would protect Christians here and abroad. Le Pen is militantly atheist. She is as much against the public cross as the veil of Muslims (so much for Christianity which is the soul of both France and America). Donald Trump loves his father. Ms. Le Pen betrayed her dad (so much for patriarchy and filial piety). Mr. Trump fought his way to the top. Ms. Le Pen inherited a party from her father and got hold of it by siding with opportunists of her own generation willing to sacrifice the old man without ceremony (so much for true leadership). A non-inspiring female driven by personal ambition made her way up the party hierarchy by way of familial ties -- whose profile is that?
RUSSIA STEPS BACK: Russian saber rattling is coming to an end this week as troops begin to withdraw from the Ukrainian border. More on the current tensions from Caspian Report.


DOXING HYPOCRISY: A black journalist was shut down by Twitter for disclosing the rank hypocrisy of a BLM co-founder and self-claimed Marxist. Twitter claimed he "doxed" the home information of the BLM co-founder, Patrisse Cullors, who spent tens of thousands of dollars to buy herself luxurious properties. While the journalist found himself blocked, nothing was done to stop the doxing of private donors to Kyle Rittenhouse's defense following his self-defense shooting in the Kenosha riots. One police officer in Virginia lost his job over a measly $25 dollar donation. And speaking of hypocrisy, there was never any fall out on Kamala Harris or other liberals who advocated for donations to bail out last summer's rioters.

GAY FLAGS AT US EMBASSIES: Blinken is restoring the Obama era practice of shoving gay "pride" flags down the throats of everyone around the world. If America is trying to win allies overseas, it would do well to understand that most people and nations do not support the upending of the natural sexual order. Flying that flag alongside the US flag is a sign to the nations that America is guilty of what Pope Francis calls ideological recolonization.

INSTRUCTIONS TO WHITE PEOPLE: The area of Minneapolis no known as George Floyd Square, located near the place where Floyd died, has posted a sign to white people telling them how to behave when visiting. The idea that people of a specific race need a sign regarding their actions and behaviors is sadly reminiscent to the signs that barred blacks from certain bathrooms and drinking fountains. Critical race theory - or "anti-racism" - is a return to the very racism that the Black Civil Rights leaders fought so hard to eliminate. 

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