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Religion and Geopolitics Review: Saturday, September 22


Foreign Collusion in 2016 Presidential Election: 
British Intelligence tries to prevent a new relationship between 
Russia and US under President Trump. They had lots of help in the US. 
"In England, Steele kept cranking out memos, but he was growing anxious about the lack of response from the F.B.I. As the summer wore on, he confided in an American friend, Jonathan Winer, a Democratic lawyer and foreign-policy specialist who was working at the State Department. Steele told him that Orbis sources had come across unsettling information about Trump’s ties to Russia. Winer recalls Steele saying that he “was more certain of it than about any information he’d gotten before in his life.” Winer told me, “Chris was deeply disturbed that the Kremlin was infecting our country. By hacking our computers and using WikiLeaks to disseminate the information—it was an infection. He thought it would have really bad consequences for the U.S. and the U.K., for starters. He thought it would destabilize these countries. He wanted the U.S. government to know. He’s a very institution-oriented person.”

Former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele did his most serious damage to the United States and our elected President after the election. His conduit was not the defeated Democrats but another man as anti-Russian as himself. The Russians themselves were actually very minor players used by more powerful agents in this plot. The men who knew what they were doing were Christopher Steele for Britain and John McCain for the "pre-Trump American establishment."  Each of these men acted against Trump who they believed was a danger to the groups they were loyal to. McCain was loyal to Establishment Washington who he believed represented America against the buffoon Donald Trump. Steele was no longer formally working for his country but he was advancing their interests against the enemy he had fought for an entire career - Russia. They had lots of company. There is a huge body of NATO officials and members of the Five Eyes Intelligence consortium (FVEY) who saw the Donald Trump electoral victory as a disaster for the national security of their respective countries. These high ranking intelligence and national security officials for the "West" are much more important and effective players than the shell shocked and demoralized remnants of the Hillary Clinton campaign. The last thing globalists want  to see is their international courts and entangling alliances bypassed by two strong male nationalists conceiving of  a new path to peace and order. There are many interests that want to prevent this.
 Is it foreign collusion when a white English speaking "ally" tries to frustrate American policy to favor British interests? The Russians buy Facebook ads. The British have relationships. The Brits are pretty good at getting bigger countries to help them in their foreign policy goals. Christopher Steele acted for his country against his country's enemy (Russia). He is loyal to his countrymen. The problem for a lot of us Americans with Mr Steele is that we elected Donald Trump who favored a policy of  making substantial changes in our policy toward Russia. Most British intelligence and government officials (in and out of government) see an American Russian alliance as very bad for Britain. Mr. Steele has tapped into the hatred of Donald Trump by the Democratic Party, the neocon wing of the Republican Party, and Intelligence officials who share the Anglo-American transatlantic vision of international relations. Those wellsprings of energy serve the foreign agent and the home grown resistance quite well. It comes as no surprise that "our allies" don't want too much about the Russian dossier to go public. Beware of white men speaking English who "look like us" but are serving another nation.


All bishops are now in communion with Rome. This will be one of the two most important achievements of the Francis papacy. Francis understands the importance of treating China as a nation and a great civilization. To understand China is to understand their great fear of disorder and their historical tendency to consider religious practice and loyalties as  a source of rebellion. Of course the Pope's  masterful diplomacy has been criticized by the individualistic writers of the "West". They know not of what they speak. This is an essential form of public fraternity which is a fruit of Christian brotherhood. People with no memory of the Taiping Rebellion and the bloody wars of the 20th century have no appreciation of the importance of representatives of nations and the Church making institutional agreements. May this serve as a template for agreements among Americans, Russians, and the Chinese as nations. The tired voices that criticize Pope Francis for enacting the "failed policies of Ostpolitik" do not understand that the initiatives of Pope John Paul II rested on the previous conciliatory work of OstPolitik and Vatican II. There is a similar cartoon history of how the US won the Cold War which downplays the significant contribution of Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski  as well as the Nixon-Kissinger China opening that anti Communist conservatives bitterly opposed.  From all the tired voices, the  least reflective criticism comes from George Weigel who wrote a great biography of John Paul II.
The great war against Satan is the war of ordered loves vs chaos. The Vatican-China accord is a huge step toward ordered love. (Analysis from the Vatican)

THE BISHOP OF ROME AND THE SYNOD OF BISHOPS: The long term goal of Church reform by Pope Francis is a strengthening of Bishops in Synod over the serpentine careerist bureaucracy of the Curia. His Episcopalis Communio (Episcopal Communion) is a signature reform establishing the Apostolic fraternity of brother bishops over the court intrigue of the Curial  dicasteries.
Await English Translation.

Priestly reform must come from bishops, each in his own diocese and together in synod with the Pope and in fraternity with fellow bishops of the different conferences. Men who are not up to the cleansing should resign. A new personality is needed and thus many resignations will not be for malfeasance but for inability to perform the duties of the office. In many ways that is the story of  Pope Benedict XVI.  A failure of fatherhood must be answered with a renewal of fatherhood not a committee of lay people.  The meeting of Bishops will be Feb 21-24, 2019.  That is not too far away.  The bishops are not ready to meet yet. Our public conversation has not matured enough about the nature of the scandal and the essential reforms needed.  What is needed from now until then is a crystallization of thinking and discussion to be sure the right things are discussed by our shepherds. If they discuss "procedures and protocols to protect minors" then we failed in our public dialogue to set the right agenda.
 The Council of Nine (assembled by Pope Francis to help him in governance and to propose Curial reforms) ends their five year terms this year. His junta is a clear expression of his desire for fraternal governance. The character of the men on his C9 shows how deeply corruption and impotence has penetrated the cardinals and bishops of the Church.  They will meet again at the Vatican from Dec10-12. Changes in that group will be important indicators of the Pope's directions in clergy reform.
The protection of minors and the purification of the priesthood are now the same issue. We will see how clearly that is articulated. The role of laymen is first and foremost to pray and fast. Pope Francis reminded us this is to bring our minds and hearts in consonance with Christ and the Church. The necessity and fruitfulness of this filial state of souls must not be dismissed by the cynical. Emerging from the desert or an evening of prayer, then we are to tell the truth. There are many truths that laymen will see more clearly than our clergy. We must speak, write, criticize, expose  and dialogue. Most reform will be done in the diocese. The most accurate investigations in a diocese will be done by a combination of lay and clerical faithful who know the local terrain and "players."  Laymen must not be tempted by the corruption and weakness of our clergy. We are NOT TO RULE.  The remedy for corrupt priests and impotent bishops is not to eliminate patriarchy and the male priesthood. The remedy is deeper fraternity, more perfect fatherhood. The remedy is holy priests and bishops who can rule. There are many roles for laymen under episcopal and priestly authority. This is not the Protestant Reformation. Do not break the chain of command!!

Pope Francis to priests: don't live double lives!!

Compilation of Church prohibitions on homosexuals in seminary. It is very clear! If homosexuals  don't belong in the seminaries, they certainly don't belong in the Consistory of Cardinals for the next papal election. One key indicator of reform will be the announcement that there is some committee of pure bishops who will investigate the eligible cardinals for sodomitic activity or psychological homosexual identity (Remember in the Catholic lexicon,  a homosexual identity is a manifestation of psychosis.) We know there has been an infiltration of the priestly bond by cliques of self serving self pasturing homosexuals. These pretenders should have no role in picking our next pontiff. The best way to safeguard minors is to purify the protectors.

McCarrick in China - not clear who he represents.

St Cornelius (Pope) and St Cyprian (Bishop of Carthage) - brothers in Christ and martyrs. This is the relationship in which Jesus entrusted His Presence.

YOM KIPPUR: September 18-19, 2018. The holiest day of the Jewish Year. Let us pray that America's Jews return to God who chose them. Here is a rabbi's reflection in the Vatican newspaper of the meaning of this Sabbath of the Sabbaths: 

L'Osservatore Romano, 19-20 September 2018

By Rabbi Abraham Skorka 

Two expressions define the essence of Yom Kippur, the day of atonement. One is qodesh ha-qodashim, the "holy of holies," the place in the temple of Jerusalem where there was the Ark of the Covenant which contained, according to the wise authors of the Talmud, the fragments of the first Tablets of the law together with the second Tables. The first had been carved and written by God himself and Moses let them fall when he saw the people dancing around the golden calf. The latter were carved by Moses and written by God after having forgiven the sons of Israel on the Day of Atonement, which remained so for all generations, always according to the wise ones.

The only day of the year when the high priest could enter the sacred precinct was Yom Kippur, to lift incense toward God, as part of the ritual by which the atonement was obtained. That day was defined in the Torah by a special expression, shabbat shabbaton, which, as we said at the beginning, together with qodesh ha-qodashim, forms its so special essence. In Leviticus 16:31 and 23:32, Yom Kippur is called shabbat shabbaton ["Sabbath of Sabbaths," "Sabbath of Complete Rest"] which is the second expression that defines the essence of this special time.

According to Ibn Ezra (in his commentary on the first of the quoted verses), the two terms should be interpreted as synonyms and emphasized the concept of the prohibition of carrying out work on that day. The Bible uses the same expression (Exodus, 31:15, 35:2, Leviticus, 23:3), to define sabbatical rest and in Leviticus 25:4 to designate the jubilee year.

The Jubilee, says the verse, is to make the earth rest, the Sabbath is for God (Exodus, 16:25), since, refraining from working on the seventh day, man bears witness to a creation ex nihilo by God, who finished his work on that day. The shabbat shabbaton, which refers to the day of atonement, as the aforementioned verses make clear, it is for man. It is the man's shabbat ["rest"]. It is the day of holiness that God grants to man.

The day when one human being is allowed, representing all the members of his people, to go into a place that bears witness to the presence of God in human reality, the qodesh ha-qodashim [the "holy of holies"]. God expiates ["atones for"] the sins of the Benei Israel ["Children of Israel"], so that they may find themselves in purity next to Him. In Berakhot 7 we are told: "Rabbi Yishmael the son of Elisha said: Once I entered the innermost part to offer incense and I saw Akatrie-l K-ah, the Holy One of Hosts, seated on a high and exalted throne. He said to me: "Yishmael, my son, bless me." I said: "May Your will be that Your mercy will overcome your anger and that Your mercy prevails over all other attributes, and that you treat your children with the attribute of mercy, and that you treat them beyond the letter of the law." And he made a sign of assent with his head [nodding]."

Every day the Jew goes in search of God at the moment of prayer. A Shabbat creates a special space to feel His presence in a superlative way. At Yom Kippur, it is God who goes in search of the Jew, but, as in all affective relationships, he who is being sought must allow himself to be found.


PERSIAN LANGUAGEFarsi in Iran, Dari in Afghanistan, Tajik in Tajikistan. The Afghan Pushtans don't like it.

IRAQ AND IRANSorting out candidates as Iraqi nationalism asserts self

ISRAEL WAR AGAINST IRAN-200 SORTIES INTO SYRIAThe Iran-Israel war has a very hot front in Syria. Trump's nationalist policy and Israel's nationalist policy are not in congruence here unless the US decides to join the Israelis in a war with Iran. We would see this as a disaster. Israel is our ally-not our State Department. We can help both nations more by finding a way to end the Israeli-Iran war than joining it.




EUROPE VS. HUNGARY AND POLAND. MACRON VS. ORBAN: This is a Catholic nation against the atheist West but that is not the way people write about it.

OUR TAKEReligious nations against the globalist "West".

MOSCOW AND CONSTANTINOPLE SPLITOn the right of the Ukraine to be autocephalous.


A NEW FOREIGN POLICY NEEDED - WHY DEMOCRATS SHOULD NOT BECOME WAR HAWKSDon't let animosity toward  Donald Trump obscure the need of a real foreign policy debate.

AMERICA AROUND THE WORLDUnsustainable - Pat Buchanan.


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