Saturday, June 13, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JUNE 13

by A. Joseph Lynch


Unrest over the unjust murder of George Floyd on May 25 has rapidly spiraled out of control, with the far Left doing it best to hand America over to a mob. What has taken place in the past two weeks began with calls for police reforms but soon became riots and demands for defunding and abolishing the police altogether.

AoA will be unpacking these events in future R&G's along with more stand alone articles. We invite readers to keep their eyes open to more as we post it.

Americans who gleeful converted to the rising Black Lives Matter religion are waking up to see how far the radical Left is attempting to change America. Some may wonder what the murder of George Floyd has to do with tearing down statues of Christopher Columbus, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson - even Abraham Lincoln. Or why the monument to the 54th Massachusetts - the famed first African American regiment in the US history - was so viciously assailed by the mob. Why did Dallas have to remove its innocuous statue to the historic Texas Rangers from their international airport? And if the Texas Rangers are now evil racists, will the eponymous baseball team located in the same city need to change its name now, too?

Average Americans may wonder why Disney is being asked to re-theme Splash Mountain and why HBO Max threatened to ban Gone with the Wind, the film that gave America its first black female Academy award winner. It's no surprise that the film's sales jumped to #1 on Amazon following HBO's announcement. Why does a kid's show like Paw Patrol need to be condemned for having a dog dressed in a police uniform? Why do shows like COPS Live PD need to be cancelled? And why is the Washington Post demanding that all police-themed movies and TV shows be shut down?

Why does Lady Antebellum need to change its name to Lady A? Is the term "antebellum" racist now, too? Yet even the change to Lady A is attacked as racist. Why? It's apparently the name of a black female musician. Oh the irony.

The same liberals who denounced religion as anti-math and anti-science have pulled out their pitchforks and declared STEM education racist, too. Will we now need to include social justice and trigger warnings before teaching our children geometry in the classroom?

Speaking of children, why is it all of a sudden trendy for children to be praised for denouncing their parents on social media like TikTok? Why is the New York Times telling us to dissociate from family and friends who don't support this radical agenda? They say we must tell them that we "will not be visiting them or answering phone calls until they take significant action supporting black lives either through protest or financial contributions." The average American may wonder, as we at AoA do, why the party of tolerance and inclusion is being so intolerant and exclusive?

Has big business gone too far when a corporation like Wal-Mart has told it's employees that they "are expected to truly, authentically, and more deeply embrace inclusion"? If you're deemed not inclusive enough you will be excluded from a job. Does it make any sense that a black restaurant owner is effectively being labeled a racist and losing GoFundMe donations because she criticized Black Lives Matter?

Americans are now scared. Many now too scared to speak up. They need to find their voice and we at AoA will do all we can to help them find one.


BENDING THE KNEE: Black Lives Matter has appropriated the body of language of religion: genuflection and prostration. Genuflection (bending the knee to the ground) symbolizes our worship of God and prostration (laying facedown on the ground) symbolizes our complete submission to the God. As more Americans - and even law enforcement officers - hand over these symbols to the mob, we must not forget their meaning and understand what their appropriation means. One black state trooper in Georgia understood this, telling protesters he only kneels for one person - God.

BISHOPS BEND THE KNEEBishop Seitz of El Paso, Texas, has bent the knee. We hope it was just in prayer, but the media are happy to co-opt it for their own ends. Archbishop Gregory of DC understands religious symbolism - that's why he ordered all his priests to protest the president wearing cassocks.

ROBERTS' CLOSES CHURCHES: As liberal protesters jam up streets in cites across the nation, Chief Justice John Roberts has joined the liberals on the Court to keep church's all but closed during the pandemic. The selective protections of Americans' First Amendment rights are growing more appalling by the day.

DC ARCHBISHOP LYING: Archbishop Wilton Gregory's "surprise" response to President Trump's visit to the John Paul II memorial was anything but. Through he claimed he didn't know the president was visiting, Gregory had turned down an invitation to join the president only week before. The president fittingly visited the shrine ahead signing his new executive order on advancing international religious freedom.


DEFUND THE POLICE? Though only 16% of Americans want it, Black Lives Matter mobs are demanding it. The mayor of Minneapolis - the pathetic loser who allowed the mobs to burn down one of his city's police precincts - was booed and made to take the walk of shame for refusing to disband the local police. Joe Biden says he won't defund the police and even socialist Bernie Sanders agrees with him. Yet the Black Lives Matter DC denounced liberal pandering as "performative distraction" and declared "Black Lives Matters means defund the police." Wearing Kente cloths, renaming streets, and tearing down statues is not enough for BLM - the police must go. If the "Defund/Abolish" movement becomes a litmus test around the necks of Democrats in November it could spell their doom at the ballot box.

DEFUND POLICE BY THE NUMBERS: This article offers a good chart on the opposition to defunding the police. Guess who is most likely to support it? Post-grad Democrats under the age of 30. When only 29% of blacks support defunding the police, we can be clear that this agenda is being pushed by college-educated liberal elites who live in their safe suburban homes or Hollywood mansions.

A CASE STUDY IN DEFUNDING POLICE: Chicago, known for its high murder rates, saw its deadliest day in sixty years during the riots. LA saw it's murder rate spike 250% in one week and NYC's major crimes rose by 12%. Yet both Los Angeles and New York City plan to cut funds to their police. The San Francisco police chief says he's "open" to defunding his own police force. No wonder the well-off citizens of both San Francisco and New York City are leaving in droves. Readers who have Netflix should consider watching the documentary, Flint Town. It documents what happens when a crime-ridden city cuts police funds. According to a review from The New Yorker only two years ago: "Flint went broke and could no longer afford its police. To save money, the city shuttered its police academy and cut its police force in half. Crime, naturally, doubled." When you cut police in half and crime doubles what do you think will happen when the police are disbanded? Common sense has not kept the New York Times from running the op-ed: "Yes, we mean literally abolish the police (because reform won't happen)."

DEFUNDING POLICE AND TRUCKERS: A poll of truckers has revealed that 77% of truck drivers will not make deliveries to cities that have either defunded or abolished their police forces. How much will goods cost when the number of truck delivers slows to a trickle?

CHAZ - ANTIFA'S FIRST VICTORY: "You are now leaving the USA," a sign reads as you enter a downtown Seattle. Antifa may or may not be running the secessionist territory calling itself the Capital Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), yet it is unarguably a victory for the Antifa cause. Members from the John Brown Gun Club - a radical Leftist organization - are providing "protection" from law enforcement. It was a member of the John Brown Gun Club and Antifa loyalist who attacked an ICE detention center in Washington state last year. The women in charge of the city (Jenny Dukren) and the surrendered police precinct (Carmen Best) have revealed their inability to govern and protect their streets. The Governor, Jay Inslee, is so inept a leader that he didn't know a chunk of his state had declared independence. CHAZ is now led by an armed warlord, is forcing businesses to pay "taxes," and has started its own "new police" force that is threatening violence on its "citizens." Absolutley none of this is legal. yet Washington's Democrats refuse to restore law and order to CHAZ. Meanwhile the media describes CHAZ as both a place of peace and love but warns authorities from going in because it could lead to bloodshed. So which is it, an occupied warzone or a utopia? Given their call for more supplies of vegan food, we don't suspect it would take much to clear out the secessionists - yet who can expect the cow-towing leftists governing Washington and Seattle to end this while their (supposedly anti-nationalist) liberal media warn Trump to leave the new "nation" alone.


WERE THE LOCK DOWNS A JOKE? Healthcare workers were hailed as heroes for denouncing - even blocking - lock down protesters only weeks ago. Democrat governors and mayors were happy to arrest anyone for leaving their homes or going to work. Yet protesting for Black Lives Matter was given the green light to break all social distancing norms so rigorously enforced on normal citizens. In a stunning act of hypocrisy, over 1000 NYC health workers have signed a letter effectively saying that all protests with the sole exception BLM will spread coronavirus and must be banned: "We can show that support by facilitating safest protesting practices without detracting from demonstrators' ability to gather and demand change. This should not be confused with a permissive stance on all gatherings, particularly protests against stay-home orders." As coronavirus numbers seem to rise, the media is somehow blaming Memorial Day celebrations rather than the thousands of protesters atop one another in city streets.

PROTEST RACE: The Democrat governor of North Carolina banned outdoor gatherings above 25 people. Thankfully a local car race worked around the restrictions by declaring itself a "Peaceful Protest of Injustice and Inequality Everywhere." Over 2,000 were thus able to attend.

NORTH CAROLINA DOUBLE STANDARD: Despite restricting outdoor gatherings to 25 people, Black Lives Matter protesters by the hundreds marched freely in North Carolina. During the lock down Americans were not allowed to bury their dead, yet George Floyd received not one but three funerals. His North Carolina funeral was packed with hundreds of participants. Yet the governor would not allow President Trump to hold the Republican National Convention there in August.

DALLAS DOUBLE STANDARD: The mayor of Dallas was happy to arrest a salon owner who stayed open during the coronavirus lock down so that she could feed her children. Dallas' female police chief, however, was pleased to announce no charges would be placed for the nearly 700 protesters she arrested. The next day the mob demanded her resignation and the defunding of the Dallas PD. In neighboring Fort Worth, the police chief announced all rioting charges were being dropped.

LEAVING MINNEAPOLIS: The president of 7-Sigma Inc., a manufacturing company razed during the Minneapolis riots, has announced the company will be leaving Minneapolis after 33 years. The Democrats running the city "don't care about my business," president Kris Wyrobek said to reporters. "They didn't protect our people. We were all on our own." The riots are costing the city dozens of employees and tax revenues. Was all this really worth it?

MAKING BLACK LIVES BETTER: During the Trump presidency, black-owned business grew by 400% and the minority share of small businesses climbed from a meager 15% to an astounding 45%. Sadly the Democrat-pushed hard lock downs have resulted in the the decimation of 41% of black owned businesses. The rioters didn't mind burning down what was left - like the restaurant owned by a retired black firefighter. A combination of a booming economy with a restoration of Christian masculine protective culture in the inner cities will do much more than looting, rioting, and even protesting George Floyd's unjust murder.

REPLACING JARED KUSHNER: Trump's power couple, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner, have long been an albatross around his neck. They represent the globalist, feminist, crony capitalist positions that Trump has long stood against. It's believed Kushner has been responsible for keeping the president from implementing many of the conservative nationalist-populist policies he said he'd enact. Rumor has it Trump is listening to Tucker Carlson and Kushner might be going. We hope so.


US REMOVING TROOPS: Almost 10,000 troops will be coming home from Germany. A good move by the president, but sadly 25,000 troops will remain.

BLM IN UK: Statues are under assault in the UK as Black Lives Matter spreads across the pond. Locals have taken up protection of some statues while others have come down. Shockingly statues to both Churchill and Boy Scout founder Robert Baden-Powell are in the mob's cross-hairs.

POLES RESIST IDEOLOGY: The Polish president has compared the LGBT agenda to Soviet indoctrination. Pope Francis calls it ideological colonization. Both men are correct.


"IT'S NOT ENOUGH!" These words were screamed by the mob at a police chief who shamed himself and his profession as flung himself in prostration before the crowd. Our athletes are learning the same message. Drew Brees has done nothing but apologize for loving the flag. He even forced his wife to cave to the mob. Does the man have any manhood left? A pro-soccer player from Ukraine player faced graver consequences after his wife was critical of Black Lives Matter on Instagram. Though she wrote in Ukrainian from Chicago while he practiced with his team in LA, he was forced to apologize twice, publicly denounce her, and pledge support for BLM. After all that the team fired him anyway. Nothing these people do will ever be enough. Apologizing only gives them ammo to do more harm. "It's not enough!" is a phrase we must all remember before we bend the knee and acknowledge our supposed privilege.

Denouncing the flag and shaming law enforcement will not heal the wounds we face as nation. Honoring the flag and protecting our nation, states, and cities together as brothers under a common Father is the only solution.  

KNEELING NO MORE: Cops are starting to stand up and push back against the mob. One cop has apologized for bending the knee and acknowledged his shame for doing so. Chicago's police union has now said it will ban members who bend the knee in uniform. The NYPD union head gave a rousing defense of police, and another said it will sue rioters who were let off the hook by Democrat city rulers.

CULTURAL APPROPRIATION: Democrats are under fire for wearing the Kente cloth as they bent the knee to Black Lives Matter. It has also been said that the pattern on the cloth represents an African tribe known for selling defeated enemies to European slavers centuries ago.

MORE CELEBRITY CRINGE: We all remember the tone deaf, mansion-dwelling celebrities who brought us the cringe-worthy singing of Imagine with its call to end possessions, borders, and religions. The celebrities are at it again, now calling out white people for their "privilege." It's no wonder a recent Morning Consult poll revealed that American trust in Hollywood stands at 4% - behind trust in Wallstreet (5%) and the U.S. government (7%).

ARRESTING NYC PROTESTERS: The NYPD has finally arrested two black women for protesting without social distancing. Sadly they were pro-lifers protesting outside a NYC abortion clinic. The thousands of BLM protesters not social distancing down the street continued unabated.

EMPOWERING WOMEN: The leftist-backed shutdowns are bringing more and more people into poverty. Some women are turning to sex work to make ends meet. The website "OnlyFans" claims it's empowering these desperate women. Nothing could be further from the truth.

THE COMPANY: A good video on the military unit, the size of which makes it a natural formation of men.

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