Saturday, June 27, 2020

Religion, Nations, and Geopolitical Review: SATURDAY, JUNE 27

by A. Joseph Lynch


WHAT IS RELIGION? AoA's own A. Joseph Lynch has launched YouTube channel inspired by the thought of Dr. David Pence entitled Religion, Sex, and Politics. We invite our readers to watch the channel's first video: What is Religion Really About?

CHRISTIANITY UNDER SIEGE: While statues dedicated to St. Junipero Serra in Los Angeles and San Francisco were desecrated by angry mobs in California, a prominent Black Live Matter leader, Shaun King, has called for all statues, paintings, and stain glass windows of Jesus and Mary be destroyed. For the most part, the bishops are silent. Talyor Marshall chimes in on the episcopal silence.

CONDEMNING RELIGIOUS NATIONALISM: A Vatican publication is denouncing religious nationalism. The writer, a Jesuit priest from India, argues that religion and national identity should never be brought together. As is the case with all anti-nationalists, the author "straw man's" nationalism by framing it with a pejorative definition so that it can be contrasted unfavorable with patriotism.  It is clear that this Indian Catholic isn't a fan of Prime Minister Modi, whose Hindu nationalist party is the largest political party governing the world's largest democracy. More from Church Militant.

A CHAPLAIN RESIGNS: A Catholic priest and chaplain at MIT has resigned for saying that George Floyd had not lived a virtuous life. Floyd in fact had a mile long criminal record - including the home invasion of a pregnant women who he robbed at gunpoint (the gun was pressed into her pregnant belly - a threat to both her and her baby and an attack on motherhood).


AMERICA UNDER SIEGE: As the far Left continues to riot, the mob attacks statues of Christopher Columbus, our nation's Founding Fathers (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Francis Scott Key), war hero and president, Andrew Jackson, pro-abolition Civil War leaders Lincoln, Grant, and Hans Christian Heg, and later leaders like Teddy Roosevelt. And because St. Louis was once a crusader, the city must be renamed to affirm Muslims. All this represents an ideological assault on America. What isn't burned down with literal fire must razed from our memory and history books so that a new America is made.

HOLLYWOOD STATUES: Ben Stiller wants the statue of Teddy Roosevelt in front of NYC's Museum of Natural History to be replaced by a statue of Robin Williams. The arrogance, narcissism, and smugness of Hollywood know no bounds. Tear down American history and replace it with monuments to themselves. Stiller and Williams co-stared in A Night at the Museum during which Robin Williams played the come-to-life statue of Roosevelt now being removed. T.R. must be rolling in his grave.

RENAMING YALE: The utter hypocrisy of the Left becomes more unbearable by the day. Conservatives have demanded consistency from the Left by demanding Yale University - named after the slave trader Elihu Yale - be renamed. The lack of consistency is not mere hypocrisy, however. As Tucker Carlson has reminded us, the Left only attacks institutions they do not control. This is why big tech, the FBI, and the US military are not under attack but the police, American history, and religion are. That's also why famous Democrats like Japanese-interning president FDR remain immune from the mob.

NO COVID TRACKING: Reports are saying that the Black Lives Matter protests are miraculously not spreading the coronavirus. The truth, however, is far less miraculous. It turns out that contact tracers, who track the whereabouts of infected patients, have been told NOT to ask if they have been to any protests. As a result, spread via protest will look much lower than it actually is. The fact that this is taking place in NYC, ground zero of the virus, is absolutely unconscionable.

NAMES AND REPARATIONS: A new poll reveals that 56% of Americans oppose renaming military bases while 73% oppose making slavery reparations to black Americans. So much of the BLM demands are unpopular among Americans - would that Republicans capitalize on that.

BIDEN'S DEMENTIA: A recent Zogby poll shows that 55% of Americans believe Joe Biden is suffering from early onset dementia. One may wonder why the Democrats would nominate a candidate such as this. It's likely they realized his election was a long shot, but if it was successful he could be easily controlled by the far Left wing of the party.

GOP WINS AGAIN: Republican Chris Jacobs won a New York state House seat on Tuesday with nearly 70% of the vote. Liberals said it would be close, but the GOP wins its latest string of victories. Meanwhile, the far Left continues to nominate and renominate extremists like AOC.

TRUMP RALLY: Liberals mocked President Trump for a smaller turn out at his Tulsa rally last week. They forget to mention that the rally netted FoxNews a new Saturday record for viewers and that anywhere from 10-13 million watched the rally online. Biden's online presence, according to the Left-leaning Atlantic, is a disaster. His live audiences are not much better. Compare Trump's rally photo to Biden - who do you think is winning?


SCOTUS CAVES TO THE SEXUAL LEFT: Trump's own appointed Justice Gorsuch redefined "sex" to no longer mean gender but also homosexuality and transgenderism. No matter how much he tried to limit the ruling, there is no doubt that the impact of this will be wide-reaching. More on the story from Church Militant. Gorsuch is a textualist, not an originalist, and he used his judicial philosophy to read his opinion into the civil rights law rather than read the law as it was originally written. What America needs is not justices rooted in textualism or originalism but rather rooted first and foremost in the natural law.

"WHITE LIVES DON'T MATTER": Dr Priyamvada Gopal, a Caimbridge professor, has tweeted that "White lives don't matter" and called to "abolish whiteness." The racism of her language was clear, yet the university not only defended her, it promoted her.

ALL LIVES MATTER POLL: Rasmussen has completed a poll regarding American preferences for Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter. The results should not be surprising. A majority 59% of voters preferred All Lives Matter. Those who favored Black Lives Matter were usually wealth college educated - indoctrinated may be a better word - elites.

FED TO THE LIONS: Enamored with a the Lefist sexual libertarian "sexologist" Helmut Kentler, for thirty years the German government placed orphans in the homes of pedophiles. This thirty years war on children left the nation with countless victims of the sexual revolution run amok. 

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