Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mr. Trump is far from vanquished

by David Pence

In cataloging the sins of Donald Trump, the most grievous of his sins is adultery. He has publicly bragged about his relations with married women long before he ran for president. The moral guardians of the media insist on hyperventilating about all touching initiatives as "sexual assault," while passing on the moral turpitude of adultery since it is between consenting adults. Mr. Trump should recognize the gravity of his sins in terms of basic loyalties. He should repent and reform. But until the media is given the powers of absolution, he is under no obligation to confess to them.

If he were ever shot by an aggrieved husband, an honorable man would vote to acquit the assailant since Trump committed a capital crime against the man and the social order. At the same time, an honorable American man is pressed to vote for Trump as president because he is the one public figure among Democrats and Republicans who will stop treating Russia as America's enemy and build an alliance with them. Christian Russia is our most logical ally  against the demonic jihadists who are killing both Shia Muslims and Christians. Some Russian experts say we are as close to war with Russia as we were during the Cuban missile crisis. This incredible turn of affairs with a country who should be our ally could only happen to a country fleeing from God.

To realign a Christian-led alliance of many nations including India, Iran, and Israel against the real centers of jihad in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan is the most important public issue in the federal election. Reconstituting a Supreme Court respectful of the laws of nature and the limits of the Constitution is the second. Mr. Trump is the only candidate who will accomplish both of these goals. Like King David, he is burdened by his crimes of adultery. He should repent so he can better lead our country. 

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