Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The case for the imperfect Mr. Trump

by David Pence  


Mr. Trump is not Cicero. Neither was Andrew Jackson. In 1828, President Jackson broke the monopoly over the nation’s top office that had been held by Virginia gentlemen and New England's Adams family for our first half century. The hero of New Orleans had a different walk than they. His voice was that of one who gave commands outdoors. His gentry foes were most shocked by his temperament which they were sure disqualified him for office. His countrymen judged otherwise. As surely as the governing elite found him unthinkably unfit, the fighting men of the militias and the working men of the farms and towns knew him as their own. Not every era produces a George Washington. Some cultures become so corrupt that only an eccentricity of that culture can gain the traction to disrupt it. In 1964 the boxer who pulled the heavyweight crown away from the mobsters who had surrounded Sonny Liston was a brash know-it-all who proclaimed he was "the greatest." He joined the most openly racist religion in America. We came to love him... and he saved boxing.

The wife of the first baby-boomer president seeks now to become our nation’s first female president. In February 1999, just after the Senate voted not to convict Mr. Clinton who had been impeached by the House, Mrs. Clinton publicly began organizing her run for the New York Senate seat as First Lady. Her toughest opponent, Mayor Rudy Giuliani, would later drop from the race because of his messy personal life. Resignations to spare public life from the tawdry distractions of personal scandal have been a part of the Clinton story since she was allowed to take her boyfriend’s place on the Watergate staff to investigate Richard Nixon. Resigning office, though, always played out in their lives as an act of the guilt-ridden opposition. It was never a consideration for their own private-public syndicate. Since her husband left office, she has built a resume meant to culminate in the presidency. In every foreign policy dispute she opted for the exercise of military force so that no one could call her too feminine to govern. She was preparing her resume. For a large cohort of baby boomers, a female commander of chief is in itself an ultimate act of retribution and justice against a republic built on the Christian bonds of patriarchy and fraternity. Who wouldn’t want to make such history?

Smash the patriarchy, break up the brotherhood! The sexual left was no longer aiming to integrate countrymen under God. Reverend King’s dream of a table of brotherhood and the masculine nationalism of Kennedy were not their causes. The power couple would emerge; a new sin called sexism was declared. Older sins -- unspeakable transgressions against nature -- were declared medical care or marriage. Organizing protection was no longer the political goal in our cities or foreign policy. It was not why one sought office. The brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God was no longer a public ideal for our cities and continents, but a despicable plot for privilege and oppression. Altering human nature was now smugly affirmed as "being on the right side of history." Politics was not building public fraternity across class and racial lines but finding jobs for careerist power couples. A decade after the Bob Dole vs. Bill Clinton presidential election, both their wives were U.S. Senators. The working men, black and white, were told to man up and learn to be knowledge workers. Colleges were massively subsidized while teaching the tactile skills of shop was removed from high school life. Other lands would do production. Immigrant men would swell our labor force to minimize the wages of the manual worker. We stopped making things as a nation. Thousands of black and white men no longer had a path through their own labor to become breadwinners. The college-educated whites were still the educators and government bureaucrats. Building and maintaining the physical infrastructure of cities and countryside  filled less and less of the workday of government employees. It wasn’t really their skill set. New paying roles for feminists and diversity experts were added. College-educated couples now had two incomes. The inequality gap between households widened. The working man lost his job. Much worse, he lost his old champion in public life: the Democratic Party.

The power couple plan was disrupted in 2008 by young Barack Obama. He hadn’t received the memo. He had a stronger diversity card to play then she did, though, and he thwarted the burning ambition of the white queen bee. But he was his mother’s son and it turned out his revolution was against protective sex roles, not racism. He had no interest in bringing black men into the brotherhood of city protection. He had no interest in uniting black and white Christians to foster fatherhood. He was no Joshua. He felt no affinity with African Christians who pleaded with the rich Americans to stop what the Pope called "the new colonization of gender ideology." The black Africans were deemed primitive and backward. The Latinos he left in limbo, not risking his first-term majorities to bind them as fellow citizens. They called him the mulatto who speaks for his mother. He condemned patriarchy by name. The feminists got the Supreme Court and military leadership. The white homosexuals got marriage. The black men got homicide and Al Sharpton for seven years and a "get out of jail" card at the end. Compared to the government-sponsored achievements of wealthy white feminists, it seemed that black lives didn’t matter. Even the three most prominent governmental black females (Cheryl Mills, Susan Rice and Loretta Lynch) would find their own achievements polluted by their roles in defending the white woman’s criminal syndicate.
A cultural pattern emerged. Call it the matured narrative of political correctness. Small offenses became major crimes. Infrequent acts were evidence of systemic injustice. Abominations evoked no emotion but there was outrage everywhere against husbands for domestic violence, celibate priests for pedophilia, military officers for sexual harassment, city policemen for murder. Blame the protector, break up the protectors. The inversion had started 50 years ago with ungrateful crowds chanting that the men who went to Vietnam were baby killers. It culminated when the females running underground abortion clinics were called freedom fighters. As the sexual revolutionaries came to power in education, government, and the dying WASP churches, the speech life of a nation changed. No one dared speak truthfully about men, women, and nature -- especially in the military and government agencies. Reverence for God disappeared from public life while taking His Name in vain was everywhere. Only on shock-jock radio could one hear men talk like males and that was marinated in pornographic imagery. In New York, Hillary Clinton’s feminist meta-narrative and the tired rhetoric of the Black Grievance industry kept a bridle on civic speech while Howard Stern’s morning show let a thousand gutters bloom. Soon, there were no knights left to fight the bullies. But the unanswered violence was growing.

Something much worse than playground bullies had come to town. The Wahhabi nation attacked us. For 15 years, because of the smog of misdirection (not the fog of war) we not only failed to declare war on them, we fought their battles for them against their Shiite enemies from Syria to Yemen. When someone named the Saudis as the epicenter of the jihadists, up went the smokescreen of 'Islamophobia.'

Another sacrifice that bespeaks the ancient Aztecs continues in our midst. One third of our children are terminated by their own mothers and none dare call it domestic violence. To suggest that such a vile murder deserved even as mild a punishment as corrective counseling is called misogynist. The will of the individual female had been enshrined as the Goddess Choice. Real blood sustains her and draws the nation’s women into complicity with her reign. They cannot be forgiven for no one will call them criminals. The victim has been killed, a child is missing, and her slayer plays the victim. They wash their hands but the blood will not go away. They must sense, maybe they pray, the missing children will return when we learn to speak the truth again. The shrieking about the venial sins of men may soon subside but not the mothers’ wailing. This smokescreen of feminist outrage and aggrievance -- this feminist implant rewiring a nation’s brain -- conceals the worst of sins, and thus must be sustained with the most outrageous attack against the Protectors. The God we call Our Father must be destroyed. Smash the rule of the Father! Smash the Patriarchy!

When homosexuals took over Catholic seminaries and much of the priesthood in the West, they abused thousands of teen-age males. Up went the smokescreen. It was the structure of the Catholic patriarchy. That was to blame. It was celibacy and the all-male nature of the sacred brotherhood bond that fostered the abomination. No matter that it was celibacy that the modern libertines had profaned. They had broken down the purity code that welded a brotherhood of fathers. The outraged secular media blamed "the institutional Church." The journalistic brave-hearts never could quite tell the story of the lavender clique who betrayed the Church, the sacred Apostolic fraternity, and the young males who trusted them. The smokescreen remains.

Black criminals killed thousands of black men in our inner cities but it was protector policemen who were called pigs. To say that black men are not being socialized into the protective roles of fellow citizens and fathers is deemed racist. That is the religious-political problem but the BLM smokescreen has been raised. Once again the protectors were blamed. They paid in blood. They still are targets.

Then a man came whom we thought was all bombast. He didn’t seem a prophet -- he was none too holy. He didn’t seem a statesman -- he didn’t talk like them. He called himself the greatest. He charged like a bull and beat the other bulls. So they called him a bully.  He said we should ally with Russia and attack our real enemies. He said he would defend the nation against the globalists. He didn’t talk like a Republican. The neo-cons hated him. The intellectuals judged him unfit. The pro-lifers said he wasn’t one of them. He did not organize men around conservative principles, but he told us the judges he would name and they were all men of the Law.
He evoked an ancient code of conduct. "They are cutting off the heads of Christians," he yelled, "We will stop them." The "official Christians" said he wasn’t Christian enough.
He said, "If you have no borders, you have no country." He sang  the same fundamental life song of every cell and every living organism. For that too, he was called a racist.

"Let us be Christians and Americans together again," says Mr. Trump. So said John Kennedy. So said Martin Luther King. But the Scotsman from New York? For such a traditional call to religious and patriotic unity, they call him a racist. He assembles us as Americans -- by territory, not color. He talks like a man. He is calling for a culture of protection and love of our nation and love of one another. He thinks our inner cities can be safe again. He thinks our flag a holy cloth. His was an ancient call that TV experts could not hear. But other men who work with their hands -- they heard his call of duty. Other men who had worked for the Irish brotherhood of the Kennedys had heard that voice before. All saw his love of manual work and respect for the men who do it. They saw his faith that we can produce our way out of the debt that left unpaid will enslave our children. Mr. Trump was able to assemble a new body of men  -- these good men who had given up on public life were now assembled as a civic body ready to do a civic act. Let us join them. Strengthened by an alliance none of us would have imagined, we are escaping the reservation of political correctness to restore our culture. Under God and recognizing how mysterious are His ways, let us help make America great again.  

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