Tuesday, January 23, 2018

President Trump and American Culture

I. The Presidency
  1. President George Washington: All praise the Patriarch
  2. Moses, Joshua, and Barak
  3. John Kennedy and the Maturation of American Manhood

II. The Argument for Donald Trump as President During the Election
  1. America’s new President: A Compilation of our Arguments
  2. Donald Trump’s Presidency: An Interview on the Win
  3. The Playboy and the Feminist: Lessons from the Chinese Cultural Revolution
  4. Sacred Goods and Protective Force: A Christian Defense of Donald Trump
  5. Summing Up Donald Trump: Our Argument for his Election
  6. The Dying WASPS have their Candidate and it Isn’t Donald Trump
  7. Religious Sociobiology: Catholic Men, the Queen Bee, and the Democratic Party
  8. President Trump Triumphs, Intellectuals Stay Pure, Fishermen and Workers get Busy. Prayer Whips the Talking Heads

III. Nationalism and Foreign Policy-Small Steps Toward A Big Change
  1. Trump Strategy to Protect Christians, Ally with the Russians, Win the War in Syria, and Destroy ISIS
  2. The Defeat of Territorial ISIS
  3. A Strategy for Afghanistan and American nationalism
  4. The Stakes in North Korea
  5. Asia, the Armistice, and the Nations
  6. Saudi Arabia, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, and the Vatican. Trump, Religion and Foreign Policy
  7. President Trump in Saudi Arabia with the Sunnis
  8. Will Iran be President Trump’s Bay of Pigs?
  9. One State, Two State Israel Policy
  10. Jerusalem 
  11. Trump at the UN: Woodrow Wilson and Nikita Khrushchev
  12. Nationalism and Foreign Policy in a Trump Administration
  13. Nationalist Foreign Policy: Bandwagon Regional Powers, Don’t Encircle Them
  14. Russia, Putin and the Significance of a New Relationship
  15. A Nationalist President and his Globalist Generals
  16. The Nationalism of President Trump: Citizens as Protectors and Producers
  17. A Nationalist Policy in the Mideast
  18. Hatred for President Trump makes it harder to oppose his Saudi/Israel /Iran policy. 
  19. Helsinki--Two nationalists meet. Consider the bandwagon.  
  20. British officials and intelligence oppose President Trump and his proposed Russia-US alliance. Their intelligence men used the anti-Trump Republicans and Intelligence agencies for their goals. Beware of white skinned English speaking allies whose national policies are not your own.  
  21. The Reckonings: The Pope and Homosexual Clerics. The President and the Wahhabi Sauds
  22. Nationalism, Patriotism and Empire: President Trump or President Macron?
  23. President Trump, General Mattis and a Nationalist Foreign Policy
  24. Compound Errors: The same US Intelligence officials who ignored the Saudis role  in 9/11/2001 fabricated the role of Russians in the 2016 election. 
V. Trump, American Identity and National Culture
  1. Charlottesville and Race: Is Nationalism the Problem or the Solution?
  2. The Trumpet of American Brotherhood is not a Dog Whistle for Racism 
  3. Culture of Protection: Donald Trump Builds the Culture of Life
  4. Pro-Life Professionals Jump on Trump: Why he had to be Punished 
  5. Ted and Carly, McCain and Palin: Why the Republican establishment lost the Culture War
  6. Tecumseh and Trump: American Men off the Reservation 
  7. American Identity and Immigration Reform
  8. A Threat to the President and the Need for a Cultural Restoration Front to Protect Him
  9. Neoconservatives and "Never Trump" Republicans are in on the Dossier 
  10. Feminism in an Evening Dress. Journalism in a Clown Suit. Saturday Night with The White House Press.
  11. The hammer needs his anvil. A Nationalist President needs nationalist allies or we will lose our foreign policy to foreign nations
  12. The anti semites hate Trump; the media hate him more. The ordered love of nationalism under God will triumph. 
  13. Jussie Smollett and the Hoax of the Sexual Revolution
  14. Coherence in Culture: Politics as Protection: Abortion and a Culture of Life
  15. When the right side of history is on the wrong side of nature...

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