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Christian Realism: An Outline of the AOA Argument

I. An Introduction to Christian Realism
1  What is Christian Realism in Foreign Policy?
2  What is Realism in Foreign Policy? Social Darwinism Posing as Reality
3  Three Geostrategic Thinkers: Mahan, Mackinder and Spykman
4  Religion, Men, and Nations
          5 The 20th Century: Religious Men and Nations Win their Wars against Racism and Atheism.  Baby boomer Power Couples Wage Their War Against Nature.
II. The Thought of Christopher Dawson
1  The religious roots of culture and history
2  Russell Hittinger on Dawson
3  The Judgment of the Nations 
4  European Nations, World Nations: Dawson on the Movement of World Revolutions
5  Dawson, Aquinas, and Dante
III. Thinkers on Global Order
1  Samuel Huntington: The Clash of Civilizations and Remaking of World Order
2  Samuel Huntington: Learning from Huntington while teaching him Religion
3  Francis Fukyama: An honest man without God (Part One)
4  Francis Fukyama: An honest man without God (Part Two)
5  Henry Kissinger (TBA)
6  Timothy Snyder: Insights and Blindspots—Learning from Timothy Snyder  
7  Pacem in Terris: Pope John XXIII on Peace and Order  by Russell Hittinger
          8 Earthly Powers and Sacred Causes: Religion and Politics by Michael Burleigh

IV. Thinkers on the Nature of the Polity
1  Christian Realism and Sacral Order: How Sex Roles Protect Life
2  The Emasculation and Fragmentation of Political Thought 
3  American Nation as Brotherhood under God—Beyond Race and Class
4  Catholic Social Thought: Fraternity, and Nations—the Deficit (TBA)
5  Pierre Manent on Nations as Covenants
6  Daniel Mahoney: On Manent, Solzhenitsyn, and DeGaulle
7  Russell Hittinger: Understandingthe Polity in Catholic Thought
8  Kuyper on Holy Nations and Pillarization (TBA)
9  Richard  Neihbur on America, Christian Realism and the Kingdom of God    
10 Adrian Hastings and the Construction of Nationhood: Religion. Language, Ethnicity. 
          11 Fraternity as a Political Category        11a  Renan on the Nation as Spiritual Principal
          12 Oliver O'Donovan, The Desire of the Nations, the Kingship of Christ and Political Authority
          13 Shain on the Myth of American Individualism and the Protestant
                Origin of American Political Thought
          14  Noah and his Sons: Natural Law and the Nations
          15  Hannah Arendt: Public man; Political man; Speaking man from The Human Condition
          16  Pope John Paul II: Memory and Identity on Native Land, Nation and State
          17  Machiavelli and Republicanism: Florence, England, America
          18 The Civic Fruit of the Protestant Reformation: the American Nation as  Christian Republic.
          19 A Short History of England by GK Chesterton
          20 Augustine and the City of God
          21  Robert Nisbet: The Quest for Community
          22  Michael  Novak:  Christian Roots of the American Founding
          23 Thomas Kidd: The God of Liberty. America's Public Religion
          24 American Nationalism is Christian Nationalism

V. The Twentieth Century and the Revolt Against God
1  The Fall of Imperial Britain-from Protestant colonies to the racial empire of  English Speaking Anglo Saxons
2  The Mystical Body of Japan
3  Darwin Armed: Hitler as a Realist    3a Hitler's Religion by Weikart
4  Atheistic Science of Communism: Soviets, Chinese and National Wars of Liberation (TBA)
5  Atheistic Nationalism:  Ataturk and Turkey. Armenian Genocide, Caliph Removed (TBA)
6  Atheistic Feminism: Postwar Europe, America, and Gender Ideology (TBA)

VI. The Return of Religion and the Rise of Nations
1  Fall of the Empires and Rise of Nations (TBA)
2  Religion and Nations in the World Wars (TBA)
3  Religion and Nations in the Fight Against Communism (TBA)
4  The Restoration of Israel (TBA)
5  Noah and the Nations: The Peace of the Rainbow (TBA)
           6  Sacred Order; Sexual Order
           7 Russia Consecrated and the Return to Christ
           8 Biblical Personalism: Beyond Conservative Philosophers and Progressive Liberators

VII. Islam
1  Ibn Khalid and Islamic History (TBA)
2  Islam and the British Empire (TBA)
3  Jihad against the Soviets (TBA)
4  Iran—A Shia Nation (TBA)
5  Salafists and States: Egypt and Indonesia (TBA)
6  Ummah, Caliphate, Ethnicity, and State (TBA)
7  Islam and Orthodox Christians: Living Together (TBA)
8  Muslim, Hindu, Sikh: The Great Partition (TBA)  
9  The Spiritual Nature of ISIS
          10 Mapping the Schools of Islamic law to locate the epicenter of terror 

VIII. Christianity
1  The Biblical Narrative of Fatherhood, Filiation and Fraternity
2  Bonaventure and History
3  Global Christianity and the Nations: The New Christendom
4  Grassroots Asian Theology
5  Finding the Elder Brother in China
          6 Perfecting the Body of Christ: Missionary Andrew Walls on the recurrent renewal of the
                                 Church from the periphery and NT Wright on the Kingdom and the Pleroma.
          7 The Heliand: The Saxon Gospel
          8 Orthodoxy Renewed: Learning from Fr. Alexander Schmemann

IX. Christian Movements for World Order in the 20th Century
1  The World Council of Churches (TBA)
2  The Spirit in the 20th Century: Pentecostalism, the Civil Rights Movement  and the Second Vatican Council 
3  Four Christian Americans: Woodrow Wilson, FDR, John Foster Dulles, JFK (TBA)
4  The Return of Christian Russia and Lev Gumilev
          5  Billy Graham and Global Christianity

X. The Failure of the West as a Common Cause
1  America’s Strategic Dilemma: Religious Nations against the Atheist West
2  Plato to NATO: Christianity and Civilization Not the West against the Rest 
          3 Capitalism, Democracy, Communism, Feminism: Four Faces of a Godless West.

XI. Applying Christian Realism
1  Rethinking Allies and Enemies
2  The Mideast: Isolating the Demonic Jihadists of Wahhabi Salafism
          2a A nationalist policy in the Mideast

3  Protecting Christians Globally
4  Awakening the Latin Church of South America (TBA)
5  European Nations of the East: An interview with Peter Rieth
          5a To Protect Europe, Build a Fraternity of Armed Nations 
6  A New Paradigm for China 
7 The Russian Soul: Europe, Asia and Lev Gumilev 
          7a The Krushchev Speech that Shook the Communist Tyrants  
8 Bandwagon with dominant regional powers.  Reject balancing policy of  "the three  encirclements".   A nationalist foreign policy that respects the civilizational nations
          9 Buddhism, Muslims and Myanmar
          10 Asia and the Revival of the Nations
          11 Notes on Africa: The religious fault line; many tribes, few nations; Francophones and
                                           linguistic identity. The Leader, the Law, and the Land.
          12 The Restoration of Sexual Order in Political Life: Fraternity as Foreign Policy
          13 A Fellowship of Christian Nations and the Symphony of Civilizations
          14 A Pictorial Depiction of the Culture of Life vs the Cult of Death 
          15 Understanding the 20th Century: Religion, Men, Nations and the Baby Boomers
          16 The Intelligence Failure Compounded: Same officials who ignored the Saudi role in
                                                    9/11/2001 fabricated the role of Russians in the 2016 election

Christianity and American Foreign Policy: Five Book Reviews 
1  Sword of Faith, Shield of the Spirit (TBA)
2  Redeemer Nation (TBA)
3  America’s God (TBA)
4  Promised Land, Crusader State (TBA)
5  Special Providence: American Foreign Policy (TBA)

Anthropology of Accord has more articles on Christian Realism not outlined above. To browse and read all of our articles on Christian Realism, please follow this link: AOA on Christian Realism.

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