Friday, February 24, 2017

AOA Book Reviews

I. American Politics and Presidents
1    George Washington by Flexner
2    Washington’s Pivotal Year by McCullough
3    John Quincy Adams
4    Alexander Hamilton
5    Harry Truman
6    LBJ and McCarthy by Caro
7    LBJ by Caro
8    God and Ronald Reagan by Kengor
9    Nelson Rockefeller
10  Norman Borlaug, Slayer of Famine
11  Samuel Morse
12  Robert Moses
13  Battle of New Orleans (Jan 8)
14  Catton and Appomattox
15  Ridgeway and Korea
16  Christopher Columbus
17  Bonds of Affection
18  Stone of Hope: Prophecy and Civil Rights
19  Harry Jaffa
20  Republicanism vs. Monarchy Foreign Policy in Civil War
21  Taking Land: Kelo and Eminent Domain
22  Jason Riley, Black Conservative
23  Dinesh D’Souza 9/11 and the Cultural Left
         24 Robert Nisbet: In Quest for Community

II. American Religion
1  Whitefield and Asbury: American Evangelists
2  Calvin and Geneva: Light for the City

III. American Culture, Literature, and Art
1    Moby Dick
2    Uncle Tom’s Cabin
3    Huck Finn
4    All the King’s Men
5    The Great American Novel: Our Picks
6    Our Town: A Sneaky Little Play
7    Shopcraft as Soulcraft
8    The Wright Brothers
9    Lewis and Clark
10  Five Painters of Early America
11  Lombardi
12  Phillip Rief and the Jew of Culture
13  Phillip Rief and Charisma - the Great “No”
14  Tom Wolfe – Back to Blood
          15 Captains Courageous: Esolen and Rudyard Kipling
          16 Flannery O'Connor-one wise country gal

 IV. Men and Nations
1    Deng Xiaoping 
2    Surviving China’s Red Guards 
3    Rethinking Chiang Kai-Shek
4    Lee Kuan Yew Interviews
5    Japan - The First Modern Asian Nation
6    The Collapse of Saigon
7    How the Central Powers Saw WWI
8    Armenia: The Calvary of the First Christian Nation
9    Yemen with Gregory Johnsen
10  Saudi Kingdom and Jihad
11  Spiritual Ignorance: Ignoring the Saudis
12 Pakistan: Five Books  
13  Afghanistan: Charlie Wilson’s War 
14  Iran
15  US and Israel by Oren
16  Christianity, Islam, and Atheism
17  Seeing Africa
18  Let Russia be Russia
19  Stalingrad
20  Spain and Empire
21  Bolivar
22  Napoleon
          23 Japan's Holy War 
          24 A Short History of England by GK Chesterton
          25 Oliver O'Donovan: The Desire of the Nations
          26 Adrian Hastings. The Construction of Nationhood: Ethnicity, Religion and Nationalism.
          27 Hitler's Religion by Weikart and AOA the Armed Darwin

V. Catholicism
1  Pope Francis: The Great Reformer
2  Archbishop Gomez: Nation, Citizen, Immigrant
3  Archbishop Ireland: Two Fisted Irish
4  God or Nothing: Cardinal Sara
5  Von Hildebrand’s Defense of Purity
6  Aquinas on Emotions
7  Padre Pio
8  Charles Peguy
          9 Augusto Del Noce The Age of Secularization 
         10 The Church and the Culture War: Joyce Little on Sacred Order and Sexual Anarchy 
          11 Who Decided the Books of the Bible?

VI. Christianity
1  Dawson: Movement of World Revolution
2  Dawson: Judgment of Nations
3  Alexander Schmemann and Liturgical Theology
4  Grassroots Asian Theology - Chan

VII. Christian Literature
1  Silence by Endo 
2  Everlasting Man by Chesterton
3  Graham Greene and the Whiskey Priest
4  A Jesuit in Soviet Prison
5  Brideshead Revisited
6  Auden on Lord of the Rings
7  Hopkins on Christ the King
8  Dante
9  Mark Twain on Joan of Arc
          10 The Heliand: The Saxon Gospel

VIII. Russian Literature
1  Solzhenitsyn
2  Tolstoy and Anna Karenina I
3  Tolstoy and Anna Karenina II
4  Dr. Zhivago
5  Crime and Punishment I
6  Crime and Punishment II
7  Russian Composer Shostakovich

IX. Literature and Art
1  Arthur Conan Doyle and Medieval Chivalry
2  Recessional by Kipling
3  Dr. Johnson
4  Bleak House by Dickens
5  Roethke: Poetry Alive
6  A Torah Teacher is Gathered to the Fathers

X. Philosophy and Science
1  Remi Brague on the Structure of World and Man
2  Aristotle’s Children

                                                          XI. Books with Blonigen    
           1  Reviewing the Reformation: Five New Books
           2  You are a Priest Forever: Four Recent Books
           3 The Heroic Quest of Jordan Peterson: 12 Rules for Life
           4 Why Liberalism Failed? Patrick Deneen 
           5 From 1947& 2017: Books on Catholicism by Henri de Lubac S.J and Thomas White OP
           6 How God Became King by N. T.  Wright.

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