Monday, February 27, 2017

MAPS ON MONDAY: An Outline of AOA Maps

I. Global Perspectives
1    Religious Civilizations of Samuel Huntington
2    The Communal Loyalties That Rule Most of the World
3    The Christian Nations of the World
4    Ten Most Populous Christian Nations
5    The Territorial Organization of the Catholic Church
6    The Anglican Church
7    Ten Most Populous Muslim Nations
8    America's Unified Combatant Commands
9    Geostrategic Choke Points
10  Nations with Nuclear Weapons and Geography of Nuclear Testing Sites
11  Sixteen Rare Earth Metals
12  Mapping Schools of law in Islam to locate the epicenter of terror 
13  The World's Five Military Empires
14  The Nations and Their Exports

II. The Middle East
1    The Spread of Islam to AD 750
2    The Sunni Arab States
3    The Sunni Turkic Peoples
4    Persia and Shia Islam
5    Twin Threats: Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

6   The Gulf States
7    Saudi Arabia
8    Pakistan
9    Syria        9a Nov 2017 Military Control Update of Syria and Iraq
10  Yemen
11  Turkey
12  Iran
13  Egypt
14  Jordan
15  Israel From Joshua to Jesus
16. Mapping Holy Week in Jerusalem

III. Russia
1  Russia's Physical Ecology: Natural Resources, Physical Geography of Russia
2  Russia's Communal Loyalties: History, Ethnicity, Language, and Religion
3  Russia's Geopolitics: The Political Geography and Foreign Policy of Russia
4  Nations of the Caucasus          
5 Russia's Opening to the Baltic: The Gulf of Finland

IV. Asia
1     East Asian Demography
2     Southeast Asia
3     The South China Sea
4     Militaries of the South China Sea
5     China
6A  India     
6b   India as an ally

7     The Philippines
8     Bangladesh
9     Japan
10   Malaysia and Singapore
11   Vietnam
12   Indonesia
13   Korea
14   Mongolia
          15 Burma 

V. Europe
1  WWI Redraws Europe's Boundaries
2  Mapping Great Britain
3  The British Empire
4  The Spanish and Portuguese Empires
5  The Francophone Nations
6  Gibraltar

VI. Africa
1  Nigeria
2  Kenya
3  The Horn of Africa
4  African Salafist Terror Groups

VII. The Americas
1  The Rise of South American Nations
2  South America's Nations of the North
3  The Nations of Central America
4  Argentina
5  Brazil

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